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It was unusual night, we with acquaintances returned from restaurant, today there was a holiday therefore all were tipsy. We some time sat at a table, but soon came it is time to go to bed, and in one apartment of places wouldn't be enough for all. We had flat keys of neighbors — those went to the dacha and as always lodged keys. So left that I appeared in this apartment, in the separate room. Besides me to other room one more familiar girl came to sleep with mother and when I came into the apartment, they already slept as came before me. And here I lay on a bed in the separate room in the certain apartment and reflected. This girl prior to the beginning of a holiday showed to me attention and now I wanted her, she was more senior than me for a year and wasn't a beauty, but to me was all the same, under alcohol the criterion of beauty disappears absolutely, there is desire. However she slept in the room with mother therefore I couldn't just come to them. Mothers of the girl was for 50, she was full and even less attractive, than the daughter therefore even under alcohol I didn't want her. Desire raged with might and main therefore I undressed completely and walked so round the apartment, however into the female room was afraid to come still. After that I laid down on the bed again and began to jerk off slowly not to cum. Suddenly I heard rustle from the female room then steps and a scratch of a door were heard. I couldn't know someone it was — mother or the daughter, but decided to risk, having continued the study at an open door that passing noticed it. Steps slowly reached an open door of my room and stopped, now it is possible not to doubt that woken up me I noticed. I decided to close eyes not to learn who exactly it was, and the woman silently came meanwhile into my room and approached a bed. I held breath and felt as the female hand fell by my dick. (Especially for) Then I ceased to jerk off — having provided woken up freedom of action. And at once my dick was clasped by a gentle female hand and slowly began to move. Later some time the silent girlfriend took away a hand, rustle was heard — entered it seems took off from herself a night dress, and I still didn't open eyes to add excitement and an intrigue. When rustle ended I felt that the woman got on a bed and sat down on knees, nestling on my legs then she began to creep slowly above and above, yet didn't reach a dick. Woken up I took my dick a hand and I began to drive on the perineum, making horney myself. Desire to jump and enter her was big, but I decided to restrain. Soon I felt as on a dick and a pubis liquid began to drip and I understood — the girlfriend began to flow. Now the woman sent my dick straight to the vagina and began to sit down on me. When I entirely appeared in her the girlfriend stopped, settling more conveniently, and I put hands to her on hips. And here the stranger began to move, gradually accelerating, the bed creaked and I knew that I long won't sustain as was already on a limit. And here I began to lower directly in her. The woman having felt it silently it was spread against the stop and I stood. Suddenly from the room rustle and steps was heard. And here on a threshold the second woman appeared and at once I told: "mothers, how you could?". Here I opened eyes and saw that on me the girl's mother sits, moreover several moments ago I in her terminated. Such picture surprisingly brought me again, but I was struck by the words of mother of the girl: "do you want to try too?". I looked at the girlfriend, she transferred a view from mother of me, it was even visible as excitement overflows her and she agreed, having nodded and having reddened. Then the woman at last released my dick from prison, on me her juice alternately with a cum flowed out that also got. Having got out of a bed mother of the girl told me: "only with the daughter so passively it won't turn out, she has no experience" then she went to a shower. The girlfriend approached my bed, without looking away from my dick, then I got up and began to undress slowly her, the girl didn't resist. When I saw her body, understood the mistake — it was fine, an ideal form a breast, the shaved pubis, all this got very strongly. I seated the girl on a bed, itself kneelt before her, parted her legs and began to crawl slowly language on her pubis. The girlfriend panted, I began to rumple hands her breasts, sticking into her rose a mouth meanwhile. At first I fingered language her clitoris then I began to enter inside. The girl moaned and hands pressed my head more densely to herself. The hands I didn't release her breasts, rumpling them, slightly squeezing and delaying nipples fingers from time to time. The girlfriend began to flow very quickly and I felt taste of her lubricant, without stopping the occupation and accelerating. As a result I brought the girl to an orgasm language, feeling reductions of her vagina and all body, at this moment on me the whole streams of women's allocations began to flow, filling in a face, I swallowed what got into a mouth and finished the caress as it was the best moment for a defloration. Now the girl laid down along a bed on the center and I came very close to her all over, bringing a dick to her virgin pussy. I carried some time it at the edges, concerning a clitoris then began to enter slowly her, piercing a pleva and getting into her against the stop. The girl at the first moment was I screamed, but then I stopped — pain passed or became weaker, the girl embraced me hands and clasped with legs, helping my movements, and in general it was always pleasant to me when girls clasp you with legs, so to speak fix sex. I began to accelerate gradually, from our allocations all loudly squelched, getting even stronger and after a while I felt proximity of the end. And here I entered it against the stop and stopped, having begun to pump up the girlfriend the cum. The girl began to cum meanwhile too and I felt how her vagina milks my dick, exhausting from him all to a drop. It was the instant of unforgettable pleasure of two for us. After that we together descended in a shower and dispersed on the rooms and quietly fell asleep. dating websites australia free date synonym site mapMain Page