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... The guy slept. The stomach hurt, heat - thirst-heat-fatigue... Now evening? Night? Well, time darkly — means not morning. Even from wide open the cracked window to the room the night cool didn't break. I seemed that the day heat didn't abandon us and at night. Some time I fought between two rushes — on - to nestle on the guy more gently or to get up and approach a balcony — to recover the breath from the carried-out orgy... To get up — it would be necessary to warm up-stretch and get through the guy. Well, so it also turned out. I stretched, but my hand, first of all, reached for the dick. The dick, there was all in stiffened both a cum and lubricants, but in a semi-horney state. On bigger than to rinse a big finger a bridle on a dickhead at me of forces and wasn't enough. I failed in a dream again. Dreamed me that I caress a dick of the son, Seryozhechki. And at the same time I felt to myself the girl, well as if we with him one age. We sit at a lesson together with the Earring in an embrace. It so cool began to touch me on thighs. And it has hands not nurseries — strong, I reflex moved apart legs and somehow at the same time we directly at a lesson merged in kisses; and right there I groped his dick in trousers. As it is pleasant to kiss and I will kiss on a step I grope a bridle on a dickhead. Also it will break. I thought, and the dick from trousers took out. The dick right there became erektirovanny. But I one hand caress all his trunk. And the second hand I hold a dickhead and big fingers rotary motions I continue to make horney it. I continue exactly until as a lightning, all my body, razrazit excitement from the fact that it fingers roughly developed my sexual sponges under panties. I offered the son — all I so can't on a break now any more we go to a toilet. In a dream I looked, as well as it is necessary in Soviet period in a classical Soviet school uniform for senior pupils. The truth at modern school at which my son — such forms already studies and don't carry. And therefore as soon as I appeared with him in a toilet the first that I also heard, someone from seniors in a toilet smoked it and delightfully told — Seryoga — this прикид at your davalochka, it that you have a fetishist? It isn't pleasant — don't fuck thriftily my adult son embraced me and it is indicative I lifted a short skirt, and on me those drawers (almost to knees with a pile). Well and the antiques — reacted that senior, and at him the cigarette fell to the spat floor. Seryoga you as want, but my dick will break off trousers now and he got the sledge hammer. Seryozhechka continued to lift not just a skirt of mine a dress meanwhile, but also pulled a dress upward. And in general I took off all dress through the head. While he covered with fabric of a dress to me the face, to my brain hundreds of the diverse plots flashed: when I on the course of growing of the son caught myself on thoughts, what dick at the son? What girls at the school does he fuck? I remembered all that the son is impossible get to talking on a subject: whether he has a girl? And so forth other other. Just like that not to take off a dress — I to it helped to take off it through the head. But Seryozhechka — in passing took off also a brassiere and lowered my breeches with a pile on the shoes. So that so far I pulled together from myself a dress, in fact, was at once naked. My flesh asked the dick. And therefore as soon as the second guy pushed the hand to me between legs, my legs so willingly divorced and clamped his palm that I even thought in volume the moment — well why not a dick at once. I, apparently, always dreamed of whatever someone when I didn't drag out, your mother wet, Seryoga, give kiss her, I will fuck her so far. The GOOD FELLOW the guy — well the good fellow bent at once and at once inserted. Also I began to keep saying. You, Seryoga, tell the father that would send your mother to school more often. Also I addressed me: "well, the bitch you come to the following break again, to fuck - you - the bitch!". Also lowers-lowers in me. And here I felt that the son's dick also lowers to me in a mouth. It is necessary to be in time — and me too, I began to make upward movement towards to the guy and in hope that he will quickly lower not everything there — began to clamp to him balls. But he lowered, I squeezed stronger, but he nevertheless lowered. And suddenly he shouted — painfully a bough that you create damn!!! By an echo on all toilet it was carried the whore-whore-whore. Here it — here she long-awaited loud, ringing recognition. Some applause, and directly on my cheeks was heard. Sick blows in cheeks and my long-awaited orgasm went to too time at me also together with these blows applause. Yes-yes fuck the WHORE, I am your whore — I give all!!! Fuck, well fuck pretty, I am yours. Probably I shouted on the present because I recovered I all in a real orgasm. I felt the strongest pleasure. And this pleasure amplified only from the fact that I really found myself in the same pose — DOG-FASHION in which I and began to receive an orgasm in the dream. In my pussy the become soft dick of one of guys, and the second dick continued to pulse still to a floor that was in we wash to a mouth only that began to lower in me. And certainly it was not the dick of my son Seryozhenki. And I, really being in a pose dog-fashion, too strongly hand I squeezed balls. I looked around myself, there was no my school uniform and reytuz with a pile anywhere. I was in the apartment in embrace of two guys of the neighbors from the neighboring house which all these days watched me in a window. But, nevertheless, I, having accepted a cum in a mouth, aloud I told that dick that I in me lowered — there now the sonny, Seryozhechka — as I waited for you, my dear. Those someone at this moment in me lowered — probably and didn't attach significance to my words. He only shouted: Olga to me crushed balls, but nevertheless continued to lower. And the second really strongly beat me cheeks trying to revive me. I as soon as understood what occurs — released balls. All of us three together failed from a sofa on a floor. That to which I nearly turned until recently his balls into soft-boiled eggs probably was a masochist therefore as without restraint, I began to kiss to me legs, gently caressing them language, biting. It was furious and was as a wounded tiger — ready and to break off me and in too time to zalaskat tenderness. As he told then me — it was his best fucking in his life. Though I in volume the moment slightly mind didn't lose, assuming that the guy became because of me a disabled person. But there was something other — he for the first time in life got for himself some special orgasm. Uf-f, was. Guys, apparently, were woken by me, and can be on the contrary — I was woken by them someone knows him. Literally in a few minutes both of them snored. I came to a balcony to smoke. All sweaty, in a cum and happy. I observed sunrise. It were the shortest nights. Before appearance at work there were some more hours. On clothespegs my smart dress and it dangled, as well as my sundress was in numerous spushchyonka. Someone hung up his vessels? From where there is so much cum on my smart dress? Right there I looked at myself — to be stunned, I and was in a gilded necklace which is a part of this dress. Super — I now though naked, but already in gold. This thought seemed to me amusing. And I went to the sofa. One guy lay on the outspread mattress, on a floor, the second collapsed on my sofa. I laid down with this guy a jack having grasped with hands his dick. In the morning the mood was the most remarkable. And the most surprising — I caught myself on several indecent thoughts. And if there was no need to go to work, then by all means would wake and would fuck both. I peered at the faces of the sleeping guys — well bloody nothing they are similar to my son, the Earring. And the school dress — I, is remembered, to 20 that put on the last time of years. Well and dreams at me I told myself and at the same time not just I stroked on the dick of one of guys, but also tried to lift him blowjob. What - there — guys slept a sweet dream. At me the reflex worked: the son should prepare a table for his breakfast. The most excellent thought — and here I fast fried cutlets and boiled buckwheat. Even on a table I put and маслицо and cucumbers. But waking — I left a note. Boys lock the apartment and call me on bodies. As you will transfer to me keys. Probably, this morning I felt not alarm for the debauchery happening to me. On the contrary, I felt, the harmony long ago crushed. Harmony of family happiness together with very long time ago the crushed my desires of a group sex. As soon as I married I lived in fear: the husband, can be with indignation, learns — I DIDN'T ENJOY LAST DAYS. And now, I still catch myself on a thought that before return of the husband I should ENJOY LAST DAYS. Whether well silly woman?! The husband is aware?! I even burst out laughing. The mood since the morning was raised, probably I was early cut down yesterday, perfectly slept off, all in the morning was in time and even slowly put on a dress which I hung on a balcony on clothespegs. Probably I came earlier, than the working day begins. We on the fifth floor as I seemed to me, had a silence, and in our department there was only San Sanych. He defiantly hasty snatched out from a vase the huge bouquet from roses and defiantly dropped to legs. The dignity of Sanych radiated happiness on all 32 teeth. He was always pleasant to me, despite a beer tummy, but now there was a wish to kiss him. And both of us breaking the ban to touch to each other in department — everything is sincere as lovers rained kisses each other. I right there reached a hand for his dick. Through trouser-legs it was felt how his dick hardened. Olga — till a lunch — you my chief will charm me by sex? Won't you become a prize for other employee yet? Here is how — and as the dress is ready? The dignity of Sanych told that Alik (my macho) laid out such mad quantity of colourful things. Maybe Olga will want to choose? Well and where my dresses were asked again by me San Sanycha? And at the same time his dick got from trousers. In your office — Olga. I.e. in Gena's office? Well — yes San Sanych answered — only by a row for you all this week an office separate was prepared. I was surprised. We I am still sensitive were rinsed-poobnimalis-natselovalis. From the fact that he reached my breasts I began to float. Excitement became explosive. Besides I liked to jerk off his dick, and it was especially pleasant to feel how a vzbukhla a head of his dick. I stood a back to an entrance door and heard how the door opens and one by one our employees enter. With all, through kisses with San Sanychem, we zdorovyvatsya and bypassing us from all directions, I saw already then the surprised their views. My dress can be considered that it slipped finally, and with naked breasts I so also welcomed all. Through a veil of the disconnecting consciousness the exclamation — a chickie, the administration suddenly was heard. We right there in 3 sec. Put my look in order, and San Sanych managed to hide the dick in trousers. OFFENSIVELY. Gena was frankly surprised that he saw me in the workplace. It is very good that you here. Give, a laponka, accept the office, you have a huge action program for these days. Dump the former work in department for someone you want, and undertake the new front of work. He told all this to me for 10 sec. And further without turning on me, I went deep into work with two employees at once. What else office did I only also manage to ask again it? San Sanych and Volodya time reacted — Olga Ivanovna so goes — we will show. We came into secretarial. Katenka, without being distracted by us — I showed gesture — where keys. The dignity of Sanych picked up them, and we left in a corridor again. And at once behind a secretarial door We stopped at the first door — here Olga Ivanovna — the plate — the head of analytical department Loginova Olga Ivanovna — flaunted on a door. Really this office strenuously was under repair. The office was perfectly мебелирован. I had a consultative table. The great view, on my table flaunted the laptop. Having opened a case, we found accurately hanging all dresses which were bought with Alik. So far we three together sighed and gasped with surprise. Both Yury and Gena came into an office. Both San Sanych and Vladimir were right there extended before the administration. Yury approached me closely and someone, without hesitating, I grasped my breast. Olga Ivanovna — at you is necessary the most serious work on formation of joint business projects. I Olga Ivanovna didn't choose you to this position — you were chosen by almost all chief leading experts of our plant. So it developed that they in you see only as communicative, very competent expert who can be will be able to pull so responsible work. And, certainly, no which of them knows about the whorish party of our important expert. This office will become now "an office through passage for a lot of specialists of our plant therefore — what ebly here also out of the question. In total as for prizes for the staff of our department — only I will solve still. At the same time it started the hand to me under a dress; and right there I thrust to me into a vagina several fingers. At the same time he once again repeated the last phrase: all questions as well as where to fuck-fuck-tear up Olga Ivanovna — only I solve. Men obediently began to nod the heads. And Yury continued: "Yes spread you legs, you mokrenky, and don't let the owner, give - give relax when I to you order". I obediently leaned the elbows on a table. And Yury to me threw legs. Before men I right there appeared in such look that it was well visible to all what bulked-up sponges at me and as my clitoris was made horney. Olga — be not afraid — we will fuck you, surely we will be, I won't offend, but to work at first — and at the same time I thrust to me into a vagina all four phalanxes of fingers of the hand and the fifth finger I began to finger to me a clitoris. I began to lose self-control. The head from passion of me floated, and I was ready for everything. But on it Yury right there also stopped. Someone here a prize addressed Yury Volodya and San Sanychu and at the same time thrust fingers for a licking to me into a mouth. The dignity of Sanych right there told — I, a prize. Perfectly — choose for the chief a dress all for work today and fast. Then it also thriftily from me pulled together a dress. I and stood naked, reddened and excited before men in the office while San Sanych chose for me a dress. Yury addressed Volodya meanwhile — you will transfer to all in department — that only at me we will dress a prize in the mornings. Also give to Olga Ivanovna now you will help to transfer all her office equipment from her last workplace. So that men — well you work, and to fuck the chief to which of you and when I solve. Dress that was chosen by San Sanych — superovsky. There in general all dresses were to me in a form. And at the same time, as I loved, official style of dear woman. Men fast ran up, having left me in madly horney state. But for a while. As from an office and Yury and Gena and from my desktop at once moved a lot of documents. I, in general, knew everything, but-but-but earlier I this or that got rid of problems on any employee. And itself I was engaged only in the small direction. Now documents of my level already completely left to my colleagues, and here Gena's documentation fell upon me in large volume. On me be tumbled down problems which were settled earlier by my chief — Gennady. I didn't know to rejoice to me to such new work or how? But thoughts were not long. It was necessary gets acquainted with cares in formation of the eaten-around plans of different structures as our plant and plant of my macho (Alik). I together with Alik plowed in the afternoon on several departments of our plant and was surprised — perhaps, Alik to me got acquainted with many chiefs of our plant long ago, and I on his background looked as on the annex to Alik. Thanks to Alik that he in all all everything supported me. I also would cope, but he knew a subject at the level of the director and knew subtleties with which I just only should get acquainted. In a lunch break I learned that Yury is happy ours with a tandem. also I told that contacted our general director concerning our creative achievements today. The general director, though is on vacation, but is struck to our creative break. Personally our general director gives me hi, well it judging by Yury's words. General I approved a salary for me which exactly by 15 times exceeds my present salary. I something expected similar, but to learn about it today — didn't expect. It is the most mad money which I will earn now! This is fantastic!!! I asked again Alik — it possibly, unless there are such salaries? What Alik answered, drinking coffee — well in my opinion your general miser — you should pay and even more! My heart beat from surprise as everything wonderfully turns into the fairy tale. Alik pinch me! Alik both pinched and kissed and we as two doggies again after a lunch ran in the third department of our plant where we got on a meeting of the chief of technological department. Alik right there appeared — in the plate, he probably didn't forget engineering work though for a long time the deputy as the director works at the enterprise. My head swelled from the most mad quantity and information, new to me. What jumps through a floor of the plant we appeared at a meeting in Gena's office on our native 5th floor again — already and I don't remember. I remember that now we sat already side by side with the chief of technological department though the discussion subject at the same time practically and didn't change. Only requirements already here were considered on the same problem not from engineering, and now from the legal point of view. Everything, thank God, break. We on the long balcony that between Gena and Yury's offices. Yury between times told me: Olga, why you pass medical. Inspection — run to the doctor to my restroom. And I together with the thick notebook, and on the run finishing in it the necessary working thoughts, it appeared in paws of the doctor. Even when he did masks and took analyses, I couldn't stop from the calculations. The doctor, being very delicate person I noticed that such I am pleasant to him even more, just I asked me to close eyes for a while. I don't know why, but I easily obeyed to his installation. "Olga Ivanovna — yes you lie, we here too slightly will relax" — through a consciousness veil I heard as a voice and Yury and Gena and Alik. I slightly opened eyes. My men — I appear, settled down in the next cozy chairs. There was the quietest music, something like space, there can be also a SPACE. Alik sent me an air-kiss, and in reply beckoned him a finger to itself. An antelope beetle — we have a small pereryvchik — now again will go to Gena's office, you have a rest so far here. I had so weakened state that I told — without sex I refuse to have a rest. Yury to me in reply: "vyeby still, suffer". Though Gena — someone there, in department is appointed by a prize? Gennady told — Volodya he today in blow probably since morning saw enough as you are Yury, without taking out a hand from the pussy Olga the rights you stand up — like, only I solve — to someone Olga will make upward movement. Ha-ha-ha... Olga — well let until you Volod'ka поебёт — and we look minutes at ten and let's go there is no time to work — to us. Yury called Katya and told her: "Katenka come into department and tell Volodya what would go through Gena's office and further through a balcony to the restroom of my office. Here the prize waits for him in a naked look". Well, give a prize — one-two-three. I right there jumped up from a sofa and at my dear men stripped to the skin. Alik to me threw some bandage. On, Olenyok, for a rasslabukha put on a bandage eyes. And after Volodya in you will lower we will check that you learn what of is fucking, mine, Yury or Gena following will insert into you and will lower. I even burst out laughing. And in reply to him, you think my MACHO I will mix your dick with other dick? Well, you at the administration be not insolent — Yury parried my humour. And I for some reason right there dressed this bandage. Alec added you so, lay down what your hands touched the man. Throw hands for the head and very widely move apart nozhenki. It was and cool and very pleasant. I waited all day for a group sex. And as soon as Volodenka who, entered silently me, I all began to be burned with passion. I very much wanted, as usual to clasp a torso of the man and as usual the hands to get and bring his dick to myself more deeply, so, what he in a final point of penetration as is possible stronger squeezed and I fingered my clitoris. But I had no such opportunity now and therefore I suddenly for myself began to make upward movement so a basin, and then both legs began to cover and squeeze Volodya's body that began to feel something new in sex. I almost reached an orgasm, but the orgasm was so difficult to be reached. I asked: "Volodenka, and give me a basin raise on a sofa back". Comments from men and Volodenk went — twist it in all poses of yoga. Volodya put me this way and that. Especially it was pleasant to me when I stood "birch". And Volodya facing me entered my pussy, the dick took out and the dick inserted, being to me a back. I couldn't touch with hands Volodya and therefore willingly I passed into all possible poses. Though on the speed which was in different poses I understood that as it is good that I under the pretext of a dark bandage on my eyes am fucked by all my dear men. All — all all men, often replacing each other. This thought was pleasant to me and now I waited when my macho thrusts the sledge hammer in me, well I wanted to burst under his dick in a rough orgasm. Yes! here and his sledge hammer. HURRAH!!! I on pleasures right there all vaginal muscles bureyshy began to involve at once his sledge hammer. Sledge hammer of my lovely macho!!! And in blood I have a snack to myself a lip not to shout from the most voluptuous orgasm. But that man that exchange I hollowed, moaned at all not as my favourite macho groans. But someone? Yes, all the same, I so enjoyed the orgasm and the orgasm at me the most remarkable was such that appears and other men I include also Volodya, including waited when at me the orgasm so goes to me earlier and didn't lower, and now I alternate one after another, afterwards inserted into me and lowered to me in the pussy under my infinite one and only but rough an orgasm. As I at the same time legs embraced each of them. Judging by pleasure of men: all were struck — what grasp at me with legs. Comments poured from them through a storm of delights. Give so, Olenyok — we nevertheless will go — you lie down — recover — even minutes ten without removing a bandage. And only then in ten minutes remove a bandage descend in a shower. And we wait for you at a meeting. Really each of men me still kissed a cheek. I happy with widely - the spread legs and continued to lie under space music with all this space orgasm and with the hugest quantity of the cum following from my pussy. Such sudden and such so wonderful sex it would be difficult and to test. Everything turned out somehow and unexpectedly and is very desired. I waited all day for sex, but such matchless even couldn't foresee. As otpruzhinit me from a sofa already in about five minutes as everything ceased around. The bandage became for me some amulet of happiness I tremblingly put a bandage on a coffee table and went to be washed to a shower. After a shower and after the hair dryer I dried up hair, and with love I dressed a bandage to myself on a leg. I put on, I came to a balcony. You just in time Olga Ivanovna Yury welcomed me. We for you prepared a package of necessary actions for tomorrow. Yury when I from a balcony entered an office told. But almost right there Gena pushed out me on a balcony back. Gena paternally embraced me and carefully asked — well how do you feel. I was even surprised. I didn't expect such question. It appears, all of them became agitated — painfully strongly I fought in convulsions during the orgasm. And besides to all of us, Gennady told, there was a wish to lower in you during your orgasm. But suffered prolonged anxiety for you, you Olga behaved as though just about you will die of an orgasm. I already embraced Gena for a waist. So you are bastards the fact that at once took in head to fuck me during an orgasm both prolonged and prolonged and passed my orgasm thereby. Yes, Gena agreed it is necessary to see!!! Yes I answered it more better and not to see. Both of us began to laugh. And through laughter here Gena dumbfounded me: "Laughter by laughter, but we with Yura decided to make you by a prize for one of SEVEN chiefs of our plant who sit in the consultative room now!!!" I through laughter Genya told — the husband will kill me for such debauchery. On what Gena suddenly told and your husband already received all photos as you were already a prize! And he delighted with that as you satisfied the man. I at once lost a speech power. Gena right there made several clicks the camera. My eyes got on a forehead!!! You that with Yura SDURELI??? A gene, I rejected the camera on a sun bed and very strong I squeezed the left palm my left palm, and the right palm — my right palm and looking to me in eyes it is serious so I told: "Yes, you will enter a consultative office now and you will hardly guess who exactly of these seven chiefs you fucked in all possible poses. We agreed with it that if I don't guess — that will and fuck further me. If I guess, then tomorrow will present me the car. So that it when it doesn't begin to be pricked also in real further life to someone, won't tell for anything". I wanted to escape from Gena's hands and on to whip to him on cheeks. But he firmly constrained my rushes. I not for long fluttered. And why — I will call the husband — he will tell everything. And what difference who exactly — the main thing that it was pleasant to the husband. Kind of foreseeing my thoughts Gena added again. The husband is very glad that you became a prize not of the ordinary clerk, but the necessary large chief. As soon as I from Gena heard about the husband again, I relaxed. "Well, you and the little rascal, Gena" — said I. Yes I here not and, it is necessary for business and it is important and Alik with Yury same advised us. Alik? Akh — he terribly well understands all our chiefs — he knows someone you and when it is necessary to enclose. You aren't revolted any more? In me the business woman played again: "for business so for business". And Gena released after that my hands and right there embraced me very strong. To a balcony there was Alik — I want to embrace the girl too and I right there plunged into embraces of the macho. As you were pleasant to me today — told the macho and so in a hickey rained kisses on me. And here the reflex worked — and right there I got not just into trousers, and at once in pants — yes at it the dick was in something sticky. Means, I wasn't mistaken, and he fucked me too, but someone fucked still? All we will go — work costs. And we came into an office. I received documents from each of seven chiefs — listened to requirements to me from each of them and coordinated meeting time in their offices with each of them for tomorrow. Here so — tomorrow to mean I and will so be crossed with each of them. And, therefore, tomorrow I will find out which of them... though what for? Gena, told that it won't break up... The following story will be called: Olga the 17th part. This evening! For censure and reproaches address the Author on my e / the address: or in ASJKA: 628 — 677 — 558. dating vs talking vs relationship fun date ideas georgia site mapMain Page