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At last there came the spring, and it was possible to throw off from itself these excess clothes, to do hair and to put on more erotically. In an hour we agreed with the husband to meet in the city and to go to walk on the evening city. Time to gather at me was not so much therefore I did everything very quickly: I took a shower, having a little played with the pussy and anticipating caress which wait for me this evening. I put on as always beautifully and erotically: a small short short skirt, a blouse on small buttons with a white brassiere which pulled together two of my appetizing breasts. I specially didn't clasp the top small buttons that there was a place for imaginations of the men examining me. Then, same as well as the brassiere, snow-white panties covering my pussy and sandals on hairpins. I made a make-up almost imperceptible — a little lip gloss and a smell of toilet water — that's all that is necessary for astounding evening. The rest depended on me and the husband. Already when I went to the stop I saw how men stare at me. I quickly caught the minibus and sat down on a front seat near the driver. He was about 30 years old, nice, began to talk to me — already all road so far we went, we stirred. When I told that I get off at the next stop, he took me by hand and asked to give him my phone number. But at this time the husband and I called, having told that else we will meet on a route, went out of the car. It was inconvenient to me to leave as the step was high and my skirt was lifted up nearly to the panties. When I raised the head, the men standing nearby began to smile and I understood that some of them managed to catch a white strip of panties between legs. And what the driver saw behind треугольничек my panties I didn't doubt. Having turned back, I saw desire and passion in his eyes. Here at a stop I was already waited by the husband and we went to wander about the evening city. He noted too that I look perfectly and his look stopped on my breast. I told that it isn't necessary to confuse me, and that I will redden. Evening was really fine, but we so were tired of walking that decided to have a rest on a shop. As it was already cool, I sat down to the husband on knees. He began to touch me, the hand wandered on mine to the daddy, then he "corrected" for me seen from under a skirt треугольничек panties that that stuck out even more and made horney. All caress of the husband very much was pleasant to me and I was also made horney from these actions. Then the husband got to me under a blouse and began to twist to me nipples, knowing that from it my pussy becomes damp, but he also tried to obtain it. His second hand moved apart to me legs and started anew through panties to caress my pussy, and then removed a strip of panties aside. His finger moved apart my sexual sponges and began to get into a hot hole. At the same time his second hand continued to caress my breast. For a moment I remembered that I we not houses, and on the street, opened eyes, began to look back, but was around nobody, and I calmed down. I even grew bolder from it, raised to myself a short skirt and got up on knees a back to the husband. He began to pull together slowly from me panties, and then to kiss the daddy. From it I bent down a little forward and my pussy appeared directly in the face of the husband. I twisted a little buttocks then the husband didn't sustain, and began to kiss my pussy, to lick sexual sponges and to get language into a hole. I moaned and terminated. At this time unexpectedly it started to rain also I prevented us to continue begun and we, having decided not to freeze, went to a stop, in hope to catch the minibus. We stood on a stop where there was no place to take cover from a rain and began to get wet, and the minibus everything wasn't. My blouse already stuck to a body, and the skirt fitted buttocks and nipples stuck out. I all over nestled on the husband and felt that he still has a dick. I quietly, kind of accidentally touched him a hand. At last there arrived the minibus. When we entered it, I saw that it is the same car which I drove in the afternoon. Having looked at the driver I understood. That wasn't mistaken: it was that guy with whom I communicated when I went to the city. He also recognized me and began to smile. In the minibus was nobody that it seemed to me strange, but with the husband it suited us. We sat down on seats and began to kiss. The husband, still horney, provoked me to blowjob. Then I tried carefully that the driver didn't see, to suck a little at the husband. However it seemed to the husband of it a little and he began to undo to me a blouse and to release my boobies outside. I looked at the driver and understood that he doesn't mind to help my husband. I don't know, can be eyes they already agreed to do it with me together, but at this moment the minibus stopped and the driver went to us to salon. I didn't know, what should I do, but they began everything. The husband raised to me a skirt and mine the daddy was bared, and small snow-white panties stuck to a body and through them was illuminated my volosik on the pussy. The driver touched panties and began to pull together them from me, then his hand began to rummage at me between legs, groped my hot hole and got a finger there. Meanwhile the husband licked my nipples and touched the daddy. At me from all this the head began to spin. Then the driver (he was called Andrey) lowered a seat and it turned into a bed. The husband couldn't constrain himself any more, bent me dog-fashion and began to stick the huge dick into my pussy. Andrey released from trousers of "kid" at this time and gave him to me in a mouth. I felt absolutely other taste and a smell, not such as at my husband, but strangely enough, he was pleasant to me. Andrey's dick was same big as at my husband, can be a little thicker as it seemed to me that his dick will break off to me a mouth. Men fucked me with taste, prolonged pleasure as though they gave them tasty candy and they don't want her to swallow quickly, and want to enjoy her longer. But everything that they did with me, made horney me more and more. Till this time I was left in a wet blouse and a skirt, without panties. Now the husband pulled together from me a blouse and a brassiere, and I remained with the lifted-up skirt. Men exchanged and now Andrey fucked me in a pizda, and to the husband I sucked. The husband moaned too and I think that the events made horney him even more. Meanwhile I experienced as Andrey left the pussy and began to kiss her. He had very gentle and passionate uvula, he didn't pass any dimple between my legs. Then I felt his uvula on the anus... My God, I terminated again... I don't remember how took their dicks in hand, but I held and sucked them in turn, carrying out by a uvula up-down and enjoyed. Now they were my tasty candies. Lubricant droplets one by one appeared on heads of their dicks and I pinched them. Then the husband laid down on a seat and pulled me for himself. His dick appeared in my buttocks, it broke off it, surely holding me by hips as I was to him a back. And Andrey moved apart my legs more widely, played with my clitoris and sharply the dick drove in my pussy. Now they fucked me together and it seemed to me that they will break off this thin partition, but My God as it is pleasant... I felt at the same time both pain, and pleasure. They caught speed and began to move very rhythmically. With each movement it became more pleasant to me, I all flowed, groaned and cumed... I cumed... Men terminated at the same time with me. When Andrey left me, the husband turned me sideways and I felt as from my holes the cum directly on a minibus seat began to flow. I looked at Andrey, asking that it nothing that I soiled a chair, and he answered that very what, and I should pay off with him. I understood where he drives, but to all of us at this moment it was so good. That the husband and Andrey embraced me. The husband kissed me on the lips, and Andrey went down to nipples, trifled them, then a tummy, buttocks... But in all this story it was pleasant to me that to me treated not as the whore even if also the road, and as to the one and only girl on light. And in general, this evening was special for us three... Author's E-mail: dating vs serious relationship date in english c# site mapMain Page