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Lower and lower written an honest truth. There was all this in the Saratov region in one of the dying villages. There when that there lived my aunt and on it I being still a school student there went. I am a Muscovite. But here I already have a wife and the son one-year-old. And we live in this village. There lived also my relative there — the aunt Valya. 52 — 53 years, about growth 165, the dried-out and constantly drinking rural woman were it. After the birth of my son at me with the wife in respect of sex it wasn't taken — I ceased to give. And I already began to think someone to me to tempt. But the village was such zachakhly what to choose simply there is nobody. I worked in 20 meters from her at home and she quite often came to shoot a trifle on Sam. Because of the fact that I have no continuous and normal sex I began to think to drive to the aunt kind of. I knew that men drop in on her one, another. It didn't strain me absolutely. I just wanted е "to atsya also all!!! I began to give her money for beer or Sam, and she all every time invited me on a visit, but I refused. And here I subsaws... I cut metal gas in the yard and she as usual came and began to beg money for beer (and to persuade to come on a visit). In the evening after work I took two poltorashka of beer in shop and went to it on a visit. Having knocked at a door I was on the threshold and I already thought that she won't open was going to leave. I heard steps and an aunty's voice: someone there? I answered —: nephew! She right there opened and very much was delighted. I undressed, passed to the hall, put beer on a table and by a cheerful voice told: pour!!!. The aunt very much was delighted to my visit, and maybe just to the fact that I came with a booze. We sat at a table and talked about that as to her it is heavy without husband and the son, and I said about what the wife doesn't give. There now little by little and here she says to me: and can we with you we will try? I of course was only for, but slightly shirked her question and changed the subject. Though itself I sit a leg on a leg and a leg I press a dick that only I didn't tear a fly:) After a while she says to me again: maybe we with you will try? It that is as? — I speak to her. She says: well we will go to the room... We were already drunk and just silently came into the room and undressed. Without clothes and in the twilight the aunt seemed to me even more lean and with the small drooped boobs. In the house it was very cold as she didn't pay for gas, and we laid down under a blanket at once. The aunt undertook a hand my dick at once and began to podrachivat though I was as it is on preparing. And I at first rumpled her small trailing boobs and then got with a hand to her pizda. It was dry. I quickly groped a clitoris and began to play with it a finger. The aunt schuffled the back and told: and you appear everything are able! Then I dived under a blanket and I began to suck smacking the lips. Further we just a friend of the friend caressed and I decided to take the offensive and got over on her from above. The dick moistened with saliva and inserted into it. We fucked long as when I beer drink at me a strut concrete and I long don't cum. I had her probably here so about half of hour, there is a wish to terminate very much but I can't as. she already says .org A to me: I already 5 times terminated, and you all in any way! I answer: yes I to Ina want and if I decide that where to cum? She: you want on a breast, in me or on the person — I so always allowed the husband! I even went nuts from it, very much I wanted to terminate it on the person. But it wasn't fated to come true... at least this time. I didn't terminate. I was tired. I was out of breath. I satisfied her at full scale. We lay down a little and decided to get up. And at me all in the head her words turn: it is possible to terminate on the person!!! I sat down on edge of a bed and looked as it some rag wipes the пи" du from allocations. She already wanted to put on but I stopped her having told: suck finally. With pleasure having sat down on hunkers she began to swallow my dick. Having sucked at me minutes 10 it told that at it the mouth was tired... And I didn't terminate... I put on and went home... Continuation of this story is. If that is interesting to someone I will surely write. Once again I emphasize that all this the full truth. dating violence cdc date halloween 2022 site mapMain Page