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On proshestviyu several days, we very strongly became friends with mother and spent all free time together. Houses she allowed me to go freely in the things and I used it as could. I combined a set of options of linen and dresses. Mother was in delight too and, on an opportunity measure, bought to me that-nibud brand new. In one wonderful afternoon she decided to suggest me to go to shop together with her. I tried to overpersuade her therefore that it became a shame to me and it is scared that someone-nibud can notice me in women's, but mother told that she thought up as it can be turned without caution. We came to one of shops of the lower linen in the big trade center and began to choose. Having gathered enough things, we proceeded to fitting rooms to cabins and there mother told me to wait. Having come into a cabin, she a little there tinkered, a then told rather loudly that the seller standing nearby heard: — The sonny, help me a little. I one won't cope here. And I, under a type of the help to mother, stepped for a blind. Mother even also didn't think to undress, having accurately put the gathered linen on a stool that stood nearby. — Not bad I thought up, yes? — she told with a smile and children's mischief in eyes. — Well give a now, try on pobystree. Ne is suffered to look at you in all it. I didn't begin to lose time and, having undressed naked, tried on on myself the first set. It was the smart set of white, lacy linen. Panties, a belt with stockings and a brassiere sat on me very well. I was a little made horney and now my dick slightly stuck out, bulging panties. Mother estimated my external look on advantage: — Very sexually, dear mine. Truth. I am so glad that now we can try on all it together. Later couple of minutes I managed to try on almost everything. Having selected pleasant, we left a fitting room and mother paid everything. I was immensely glad and I wanted pobystree to try on all it. Closer by the evening mother called me to herself and told: — Sashenka, daughter. I thought here... If you so like to be a girl, then... maybe we will buy you hormones? Having spent on drink a rate of good hormones, you will obviously begin to look even more best. I tarried. It was necessary to think thoroughly. — You don't worry. I will send you to other school as only you will be ready. We will be thoroughly prepared by A so far. Do you agree? — mother calmed me. — Yes. I want it. — shy I answered, having smiled. — Well here and nicely, native. I will try to get for you the best. Na it our conversation ended. After it in this occasion we didn't talk more than a week. Mother, likely tried to find that-nibud suitable. All this time I studied, an after study flirted with men in network. It turned out quite interestingly. I even also couldn't assume that I to steam of my photos in women's clothes will be able to cause such interest so the parties of men. Wrote me twenty people on day. And I, naturally, answered not all and not always. I tried to reduce everything to simple communication. No it was very exciting to look at how send me photos of the dicks as say that I am beautiful and as they want me. I felt myself the real girl. Popular and desired. The hormones ordered by mother on the Internet came two weeks later. Mother counted everything and appointed to me the diet accompanied with these hormones. It were tasteless tablets, but I didn't disdain and drank them in due time. The diet was quite strict too. It was necessary to get used to some products though they also weren't pleasant. Through couple of weeks I began to feel changes in own body. Almost insignificant, but I could notice them. Hips became a little roundish, skin looked much more better. And my nipples became more sensitive. Mother told that everything is normal and in several months the result will be much more best and more obvious. Closer mother approached evening of that day ko to me and told: — I here one got acquainted with the man. Quite nice. — leaning the elbows on a table she told. — Would like that somehow with you evening went ours to his companies. Having sat down poblizhe ko to me, she continued to tell: — No for that everything passed well, it is necessary to prepare a little you. — How to prepare? — Do you understand that it is necessary to be in such business at peak of the opportunities? — she looked at me and told. — I prepared everything that it is necessary for you in the bathroom. As follows bring yourself into an order and leave. — Well it is fine. Well. I hope nothing terrible you prepared. Having passed in a bathtub, I saw an enema and many any creams there. — "She means wants that I brought the hole into a commodity look" — I thought and I grinned. Having brought itself into an order, I left to mother and she began to inspect me. It was interesting to her, how well I made everything. — So. A well-ka show me the buttocks. — she told, lowering from me panties. Mother put me dog-fashion on a sofa and well examined me. At first she just looked, but then I felt her uvula the hole. She slid it around and thrust language inside, teasing me. — M - mother... akh... maybe doesn't cost? — only also I could whisper. She continued everything by A. Mine chlenik emitted lubricant and it began to drip on a sofa. Having noticed it, mother took my dick in a hand and began to mass it. The second hand she slapped me in buttocks from what became me bolnovato and it is pleasant at the same time. She continued and continued, didn't stop yet and didn't ask me to lay down on a side. I obeyed. She laid down opposite to me "jack" and, having removed panties, bared the pussy. Having felt her smell, I clung to her and began to lick. Mother, in the turn, caressed a uvula my dick, having thrust me into buttocks two fingers. She groaned and coiled. I tried to repeat after her to be as the real girl. In several minutes I felt inflows of an orgasm and terminated to mother on the person. She terminated slightly later. We sat down the friend opposite to the friend and mother told: — Good girls clean after themselves. I understood a hint and began to pinch accurately from her person the cum. It was tasty and pleasant. I felt how mother touches herself at this moment and I liked it. "Having cleaned after itself" I sat down with her nearby. We kissed and caressed the friend's friend several more minutes... — Now I am precisely sure that you are ready for the man. Tomorrow I will agree o to a meeting. — mother said. — Only here he doesn't know that he waits for him. She smiled and went to a bathtub. I just went to the room and laid down to sleep. Till a lunch of the next day I was at school. I knew what waits for me and I was covered by a pleasant shiver. On arrival home, I fast changed clothes in women's and began to wait for mother. She called closer by the evening. — I will be in an hour. Together with the guest. So that be prepared. I kiss. — she told and put a tube. Having quickly made up and having dismissed hair, I ran to mother's clothes to choose a dress poluchshe. Thoughts were confused. I wanted to strike both mother and the guest. Having chosen the most erotic that was, I changed clothes and ran to a mirror. I looked very much even smartly. Long hair beautifully went down from shoulders and the face looked directly as maiden. Under a beautiful black dress there were lacy panties and a brassiere. Stockings in a grid and a belt gave all it piquancy. As promised, mother came in an hour with what-to man. a constitution, an easy bristle on a face and, in whole, very nice external view. Mother interrupted a conversation, turned ko to me and asked: — Sashenka, you couldn't bring to us to tea? — Yes, of course mothers. — I answered as it is possible is more womanly. And probably, everything turned out. The guest looked at me and smiled. I turned and went to kitchen, wagging hips. While I made tea, listened as mother tempts the guest. They openly flirted and I managed to estimate a pleasant and quiet voice of the guest. I liked what now occurs. I felt myself, as in what-nibud game. I took circles and went to them. We sat, all three together, behind tea. Victor (as I learned later) drilled a look the mother's breast which was seen from a blouse, on my legs fitted by a small grid. In several minutes mother suggested to pass to "what-nibud pokrepche" and got wine with glasses. We drank a little. Here also the most interesting began... Slightly opjyanev, mother sat down closer by the guest and he as accidentally, I put her a hand on a knee. I decided not to lag behind and too moved closer. Victor looked at me and, at this moment, mother put the hand to him between legs. The man wasn't surprised. Only I embraced me and passionately I kissed. While we kissed, mother undid a fly on his trousers and the dick got from them. Already poured by blood, it was simply magnificent. She took it in a mouth and began to suck. Victor interrupted our kiss and nodded to me in the party of the dick as hinting. I didn't begin to think long and joined mother. We licked his dick in two uvulas. While mother sucked away, I played language with his balls. I took them in a mouth and I licked. Victor in pleasure leaned back on a back of a sofa and sighed. Later couple of minutes of a double suction, mother rose and called up me to herself. — A now, Vitya, I want to show you a long-awaited surprise. — having told it, mother lifted a hem of my dress to a belt. The guest was a little surprised when, sliding a look on my body, he noticed a knob on panties. On his person it became clear that he is a little shocked. Mother watched his reaction too. Victor's face was changed on interested. He got up from a sofa and approached us. — Well that, Vitya? How to you my "daughter"? — mother asked stroking my hips. — Quite unexpectedly... — he told, considering me —... but it is very pleasant. He came nearer ko to me and kissed. Mother standing behind me slipped a hand ko to me in panties and a finger began to mass my hole. From excitement I melted between them. Victor's kisses and caress of mother forced to feel pleasure for which I so long waited. After kisses Vitya sat down in a chair which he put opposite to a sofa and watched how we with mother undress the friend's friend. I slowly pulled together from her a dress while she kissed to me a neck. Then she took off a dress from me. We kissed in one lower linen before the guest who looked at us and masturbated. And on a look of mother it was visible that it very much is pleasant to her. Mother invited me to get up on a sofa dog-fashion as made. We removed panties and got up in a pose on a sofa. Our buttocks appeared in all beauty before Victor. And while we with mother kissed the friend's friend, he approached behind and began to lick mother's buttocks and the pussy. The right hand he massed a ringlet of my anus. As only Vitya finished with mother, he got up and the dick directly to her drove in buttocks. Mother groaned from pleasure and I wanted to groan so. He planted in her so strongly that I heard o slaps a mother's bum. Mother rolled up eyes from pleasure and groaned. Having a little played with mother, Vitya inserted the dick into my buttocks. My God. It was excellent. To feel how the hot and firm dick gets into my buttocks it was unforgettable. From pleasure I threw back the head and Vitya seized me by hair. He fucked me as the real girl. I held by hair and the dick so deeply as far as it is possible thrust. — Well as, juvenile whore? It is pleasant to you? — he asked, driving into me the dick. When Vitya played enough with my buttocks, he a few potrakhal mother, a then we replaced a pose. Vitya laid down on a floor and mother sat down on his person, allowing him to caress her holes. I sat down on a dick, the person to mother. In such way it satisfied us both while we kissed. I jumped on him, didn't feel a hot stream of a cum at myself in buttocks yet. Mother terminated slightly later. When I got up with Vitinogo of the dick, mother put me dog-fashion and also Vitya's dick dry licked at first my buttocks, a then. I saw how the cum from the member Victor flows down on mother's lips. Slightly later Vitya put on and, having said goodbye to mother, left. Mother returned ko to me at once as closed an entrance door. She panted and looked tired, but happy. I, possibly, looked so as also she. Having suited ko to me, she told: — Vitya told that everything very much was pleasant to him... and he will try to come more often. — she lacked air and she spoke with breaks. We still long sat and discussed Vitya, his dick and how I "acted" for the first time. Mother was out of herself with happiness. We drank a little and dispersed on rooms to sleep. Continuation follows dating van life date calculator nepali site mapMain Page