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I am 25 years old, quite attractive guy as my familiar girls claim, but here in the posledena time appeared strange desire to suck off to the man, and so that he didn't even know. that it is done by other man, just sex with the man for me isn't accepted, and there is a wish to try a dick in a mouth to a disgrace, here such wild imagination. I have a constant girl, she owns large night club, and here for holidays which we celebrated together I slightly touched alcohol and told her about my imagination and forgot about it, but through some time she started talking about it. As it appeared she in club for vip-guests has an interesting offer which girl some guy was pleasant can invite for purely symbolical payment him to the room with an opening for the dick, she is in other room where there is this opening and the guy pushes a dick in an opening, and the girl or does him blowjob, or is just stuck on this dick fucking thus the pleasant guy. And then the guy long guesses someone it was, naturally such game was only for the, entrances to rooms were on special disposable plastic magnetic cards which were issued chosen on an entrance with the exact indication of time and here my friend suggested me to stay as such girl, but with one condition that she will be together with me there and she at last will take a strap-on I wash the daddy as she offers it to me for a long time and it is her imagination. Generally she helps to execute my imagination, and I carry out it and on another, to put it briefly I thought not long in any way and I agreed, the truth nearly refused when learned that it is necessary to put on in a women's clothing as the entrance to this room was in the female toilet room or I should spend in this room day because I should have come before opening there and to leave after closing of club moreover and to wait cleaners will leave so far. And here day X came, me since the morning slightly shook from excitement and at last in the evening I went to club, there in an office at the girlfriend, she was engaged in my toilet as it appeared her since morning too shook in an anticipation of evening moreover she killed half of day buying me a women's clothing, for a start she made up me, then got from a package of a thing and told dress, your mother, I saw stockings, a skirt, a white shirt with a heap of thingies, a brassiere with a false breast and panties with a section on a perineum. The wig with black and long hair supplemented all this. Looking at all this I understood that I got as all this to dress I had even no idea, of course I knew as to remove all this from the girl, but to dress here moreover and on herself, to put it briefly the girlfriend dressed me, for a start she put on on me stockings, they were black and very dense, absolutely opaque, elastic bands from them reached even my bum, then put on me a transparent black brassiere and enclosed in him silicone boobies with huge nipples, then panties with a section, a shirt and a skirt, a skirt appeared on length above knees, just without opening elastic bands from Chulkov, and finished all a wig hair on which closed to me eyebrows which I refused flatly to pull out. And shoes, it is good though without heel, after that having examined me she at last allowed me to be looked in a mirror, there I saw quite nice brunette of a sports constitution. moderately made up, the false breast was quite big and nipples stuck out through a jacket, all impression was spoiled by legs, they were too brawny for women's, but at least thanks to their neprozachnost it wasn't visible to their hairiness. The girlfriend looked at the watch and told — dear Is time — I opened a door and we left to the hall, I thought that we just fast will pass to this room, but no, she led me to a bar counter and having seated on a chair ordered to drink, I enough fast finished several cocktails and any more didn't feel as dressed up a doll, tension left and it succeeded excitement which I with great difficulty constrained representing that will be if my dick will get up, there was no wish to go with the bulged skirt at all. And here the girlfriend having taken me by an arm I led me to the female room, there were very many little girls, washing told me that should be waited so far will disperse went to direct to a mirror maraft, and here in какойто the moment we remained together, the girlfriend got a card and the plate — is closed, a door opened and we slipped inside carried out by her on a door on which hung, having passed along a small corridor we entered the room in which all floor covered pillows, burned soft muffled light, in the center there was a tray with champagne and near him a package. On one of walls the round opening was seen, other walls were mirror, we drank shampasky and the girlfriend began to stick to me, and she stuck as the man to the woman, roughly and persistently, I kiss me she pushed a hand under my shirt and under a brassiere began to rumple greedy my breast, I wash but not the consignment note, the second hand she undid a shirt on me and soon I appeared without her, also quickly I appeared without skirt. In mirrors I saw as the blonde взасос kisses the brunette and es I wouldn't know what the brunette that I is minutes wouldn't doubt that here two lesbians have a good time the friend with a druzhka. Look in a mirror and the girlfriend brought me outright I already thought how fast to insert to the girlfriend as some trenkanye and the girlfriend was distributed having come off me, pushed me to a wall where there was an opening. I saw as in him there passes a dick together with balls, he was already in wild spirits small are long also three centimeters thick, the head was closed by a thin skin and all covered with veins. Here whisper of the girlfriend sounded — Give you wanted it I kneelt, the opening was quite low, carefully touched the dick a uvula, the dick quite strongly shuddered, having looked back to the girlfriend saw as she with interest watches me at the same time putting on herself leather pants with an artificial dick, in a mirror the look was in general ofanaritelny — I in a women's underwear face dog-fashion a wall of which the dick with balls sticks out. having spat everything явзял a hand the dick I also raised him having released access to clean-shaven balls, I passed them a uvula one behind another, then on one took in a mouth and gently sucked, I wanted to try to suck off as wanted that did it to me, then still holding a trunk with a hand began to pass it from below a uvula and lips, at the same time listening to the feelings, strangely enough it didn't cause disgust in me rather on the contrary. And here I took in a mouth entirely the head covered with a thin skin and was slowly stuck by a mouth to the basis of the dick and also slowly back, without releasing a head from a mouth I pushed a uvula under a thin skin on a head and began to process it the uvula, the dick in my mouth twitched, and because of a wall the muffled groans began to reach, and only here I understood that not so with my bum, having squinted eyes I saw something in a mirror that my friend already naked only with dressed on her a strap-on, a uvula and lips processes my buttocks. The dick at me in a mouth twitched demanding continuation and I having clasped him is more dense lips one movement by the head bared a head, having let out her from a mouth I a mngnoveniye admired this brilliant peaked head and a uvula began to process the place where the bridle begins, the dick began to jump up strongly and I had to clasp him with lips a uvula podolzhy to write out a monogram on a head. Suddenly I felt as the girlfriend implanted to me into buttocks a finger and began to potrakhivat slowly it me that caused in me in a stomach bottom new very pleasant feeling, I caught myself that in a step to a finger of the girlfriend I am stuck by a mouth on a dick, here I understood that the girlfriend began to insert the second in addition to the first finger, pain wasn't as I was afraid rather an impatience of continuation and when she got the second finger the dick in my mouth got nervous and shot to me in a throat a portion of a cum, shots followed one by one, and me even wasn't necessary to swallow they got directly in a throat failing at once inside and only the last remains fell victim to the tongue of me, before I never tried a cum, taste at her was salty and yet she was viscous. The dick at me in a mouth began to decrease promptly becoming sluggish and soft, and I let out him and licked, he изчез in an opening, and I all was given to feeling which arose at me in buttocks in which fingers my friend was active, in me there was a feeling that my dickhead appeared inside and on her someone strenuously drives a uvula, only the feeling it was several times stronger than on the dick. The girlfriend pulled out fingers from my buttocks and having turned laid me on a back, itself was attached from above and inserted a strap-on to me into a mouth and wide movements began to fuck me getting into a mouth to the throat. I don't know as long it proceeded as the trenkanye of a call suddenly was distributed and I saw as over my head there is from an opening one more dick, the girlfriend pulled out a strap-on at me from a mouth and having bent to me whispered — Continue — I struck a pose a crustacean again and looked at a dick, it was the complete antithesis to the first, still sluggish but already thick and smooth from bared by a head and just huge hairy balls which I right there began to rumple hands, and the dick absorbed in a mouth to the basis, he just was located up to a throat and at this moment I felt as to me in buttocks enters something much larger than fingers, very slowly and quite painfully, but here a strap-on of the girlfriend entered up to the end and she stood giving to my buttocks to get used, I continued to suck a dick which suddenly sharply began to increase in sizes, your mother, was necessary in process of his increase to release him from a mouth he there just wasn't located and here he costs to me, on length of centimeters twenty, and here on thickness... everything that I could take in a mouth is a head and probably couple more of centimeters so I just focused on processing of a head of this monster a uvula at myself in a mouth, slightly moving lips on her. At this moment my friend probably decided that my bum got used to fuck quickly enough the beginnings me a strap-on enough, quite strongly hitting me with the pubis, and the movements she just stuck me on the dick which is sticking out of a wall, in the beginning it was a little sore, but then the feeling of the orgasm growing in me began to increase, on another I won't be able just to describe these feelings. With the dick in a mouth I could make nothing only during the movement of the girlfriend back slightly any more managed to be removed and run all over a head a uvula, and the girlfriend all accelerated and I didn't manage to remove the head and she over and over again any more, милимметр for milimmetry stuck my mouth on this dick. My mouth was already stretched to a limit, it seemed what won't enter him any more, but it pushed by the girlfriend fitted as a snake a mouse, in me fire stormed, it seemed that each movement of the girlfriend causes new flash of pleasure, everything that I could move slightly it a basin trying to catch a bigger pleasure and to terminate. Here the girlfriend stopped and I could pull together slowly the mouth from the dick, and at that moment when I reached lips a head this monster having moved shot to me at a mouth a cum, and literally filled with the second shot my mouth completely, he had a cum bitterly — soleno — sweet and very viscous, she an obvolokla my mouth at once, I swallowed almost everything, but shots followed one by one and the cum began to flow on a chin. But here the stream ran low also I having just taken in a hand a dick a head carrying out on the person collected, and then pinched all cum that was at me on a face from the dick. When the dick изчез I turned and saw the girlfriend who just poured champagne, she stretched a glass to me with asked — Well how to be otrakhany in front and behind at the same time — having drunk off two glasses, said — And to you that what high that you fucked me an artificial dick — the Answer was simple — not up to the end fucked, and in general you don't understand a condition of the girl whom the favourite guy allowed to make it with his buttocks, I so far you had five times already terminated and we will continue now. Suddenly again the trenkanye was distributed, I with astonishment looked at the girlfriend and she in a whisper said - It is the last — In an opening there was a new dick, this was very long and thin, the head is even thinner also sharp, reminded a rocket well, and there was very dark, almost black, and a head just claret. Already striking an attitude before the dick I saw that the girlfriend changes a nozzle on panties if last I was just smooth, then this looked as a natural dick with balls and a head, having bent to me the girlfriend whispered showing on a strap-on — He also cums — interesting by what, I managed to think and my friend having taken me for the head just directed her to a dick, with this dick was simply pleasant to play both lips and a uvula, I swallowed him up to the throat and at the same time could play with a trunk a uvula, but also reaching the throat I could take in a mouth no more than a half of the dick and here my bum pierced sharp pain as appeared this strap-on was naaamny more than previous, I instiktivno moved forward, trying to get down from a strap-on, but didn't consider that at me is in a mouth at the throat a dick which at this breakthrough just slipped to me in a throat. The girlfriend began to drive with sharp and long pushes to me a strap-on into buttocks and during an exit I released a dick from a throat and could sigh, in the beginning from such deep penetration into my throat there were emetic desires, but they quickly came to an end, bum pain too quickly left and I just began to enjoy the growing pleasure lump in me again. At each push of the girlfriend of egg of a strap-on fought about my perineum that as it seemed to me only strengthened pleasant feelings, the dick at me in a mouth of a post failed at each push to me in a throat so I a chin fought about his balls. The devil and have me as the last whore, at once from two parties and I don't mind, and even I on the contrary thought, and suddenly the dick got nervous deeply at me in a throat, I understood that he terminated, I don't even know what on taste there was his cum as having terminated a dick just slipped out at me from a mouth and was gone in an opening. Here also the dream of the idiot came true flew at me in the head. The girlfriend having seen that the dick изчез, pulled out a strap-on and laid me on a back, she threw my legs in stockings to herself on shoulders and entered a strap-on to me into buttocks, this time everything was painless, she began to do short sharp pushes, in my balls there was a weight, the hot lump began grow in me, he probably filled me completely, having looked at the girlfriend I saw that she now will terminate, her breast reddened and waved in a step of her movements, a lip is bitten, eyes are covered, the person is covered with sweat droplets, and here having screamed she began to cum, having at the same time stopped in me she suddenly with a force squeezed balls of a strap-on and I felt as in me struck a powerful stream, she squeezed strap-on balls in a step to the waves of an orgasm and every time in me blew up small fireworks of pleasure and once again this flash didn't come to an end, me seemed that in me flashed a supernew star and I terminated, such orgasm at me yet wasn't, I just dropped out of reality, each splash of my cum caused new flash. Having regained consciousness I looked around, saw the girlfriend who put on, having approached a mirror looked at myself, all body was in front filled in with a cum, even on a face there were droplets, having wiped and having put on we slipped out the room, having changed clothes and having washed at the girlfriend in an office and having drunk a glass of vodka, I told having answered an inquiring look of the girlfriend who all this time was silent — Can tell one, me was pleasant and very much how you me fucked, repent was the fool what didn't agree earlier, here only a bum hurts and in a mouth as though a stake hammered and long all this will hurt? and having a little kept silent I added — When there passes pain can we will repeat if you don't mind. The girlfriend just embraced me and gave out — we Will repeat and more than once, but only at home without some there dicks, but with one condition — you in such cases will always be in a women's clothing, and I in men's, we will change roles, and I will provide you with clothes ... Everything that I could so it only agrees to nod as already I understood that without such orgasms I won't be able any more... Write P. S responses I will be glad to dating up vs dating down date calculator html code site mapMain Page