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She sat in a short skirt and read the book. Me to tell Torknulo such phrase — and you know Ira, men such revelation, well that is very much makes horney legs there and if panties it is visible up to that the dick rises. Not at all and at everyone she answered. Do you want I will prove that I'm right? And as you will make it — is interested. And here the idea which to tell the truth me came to my mind made horney, even rather it was some erotic nervousness from the fact that in our life there can be something unusual that never was earlier. Expecting on what she will tell and stop you the nonsense, I began to tell how then it seemed to me, the semi-fantastic scenario. Well generally so, we will call someone on a visit from my companions, we will deliver to a tea coffee on our low coffee table we will sit down opposite to each other in chairs, and you in a short skirt will be, well and therein legs were accidentally moved apart, reached for a cake, and the skirt was lifted up — well in such foreshortening. And let's try, tells someone we will invite? My goosebumps went in a stomach bottom — pancake agrees. I feel jealousy isn't present, and there are an excitement and interest. Well good luck to the country of new feelings. I estimated well someone to call and at once the decision — to Yurk of the buddy with someone we are wound on fishing. He all is eternal about women yes about stockings black, to him for kicks. Yurka — I say to her, it agrees? Yes, it to me something is nice also character at it kind and to talk is about what answers me. All solved. There came the next Saturday, we go to fishing. Morning was stayed, I speak to it, and went to fry to me fish and a beer we will take, we will chat for life our transitory. Also went. We come, we come into the apartment and about mother a miya, my wife — are tightened up by volosiki, cosmetics on sense is made, eyes burn, a skirt short — we fell in love, but we are silent. We pass to the room, the table already costs, chairs are placed, you sit down she speaks, I will feed you. I am brisk villages, and we on kitchen behind plates, there it speaks to me, didn't change the mind? And what to think a lot, isn't present of course. I ask how you that feel — it is HORNEY and I went to the room. Mudflows we sit we stir, on beer, we have a bite. I look slowly begins. She spread out where the panel from the TV set where TV program and everything so lies that it is necessary to reach, made everything so, it is difficult to guess that the specialist. She reached for the panel, legs were moved apart, and forgot to be closed as though. Whether she sits the panel examines and asks Jyrki he knows that he designates this English symbol what he performs function. I am brisk eyes lifts and only the blind person could not see that the skirt was lifted up and between thighs beautiful really it is quite frankly visible panties. Panties — it is strongly told, to my astonishment there was ideally transparent silk behind which there was no vegetation (I put in order). This episode lasted seconds 10-15 and legs were closed. Everything turned out innocently and during too time the objectives were achieved. Torknut Yurka and at each her movement he instantly raised eyes trying to see all these pleasant things. Over time Irishka grew bolder and sessions increased on time even two times each time it was possible to see through pants of her gubeshka. BUT nobody gave a sign as if there is nothing and though all were on a platoon. Decided to look at YouTube, all three together took seat on a sofa and began to watch some dregs, extolling it at the same time. I put a hand on a thigh to the wife and began to caress her actively. I am brisk to our surprise I asked whether it can stroke, I answered that legs that two, give stroke. It was necessary to see as this horney man caressed this thigh periodically kissing and carrying out on it by language. Trying to seize the opportunity when I don't look, Is brisk touched also the pussy of my wife what she reacted positively to, holding his hand, but he drew aside it, probably being afraid of my reaction, not knowing about our contract with the wife. I am brisk I left on need and having remained together I told Ira that I won a dispute, but received objection that a pier not the fact that at him the dick stood. Went up to the end. Agreed that I will go to shop behind cigarettes, and they will go to kitchen on a smoke break and there the wife will provoke Yurka that he began to touch her thighs, and she will touch to him a dick through trousers at this time. If everything turns out, then when I come she will cough (smekhot). When I came Ira was very cheerful and coughed. Me everything washed away to ask and when she worked well told that in kitchen they smoked thus — he stroke-oared her thighs, and she caressed to him naked standing as a log a penis, before it, she 5 considered minutes his dick when he unexpectedly got him and he got up at her directly in the eyes and only then already she beginning from eggs touched all his huge economy. Still Ira noticed that he has a dick more and more thickly and that on such vast object to her was to touch very pleasant fingers a gentle head. Held apart me with some strange happiness, I asked to repeat at me. We approached Yurka the wife of the village with it nearby and safely began to undo to it trousers. He looked at me bewildered, and I told simply — it is POSSIBLE. He relaxed. The wife threw out (on another you won't tell) his dick on whom her fingers didn't agree almost twice and began to lick him. More I hated, I sat down by them attracted the wife to myself and began to kiss her on the lips furiously. Yura was on the contrary removed turned my Ira sideways and softly entered her, at this time lips of my wife in my mouth were said blissful — AH — YuRA hollowed the wife tirelessly and from it she all shook in my embraces, and I continued to kiss her lips. In such state we also terminated having taken a great pleasure. It was the beginning, later there were many other adventures, even to presence of young guys. dating ultrasound best time dateline larry hall episode site mapMain Page