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In the morning at breakfast the father-in-law asked — Natul, you have no absolutely erotic dresses here? Well there though that the cut was big, well or shorts on well, than these? — he glanced over standard Natashin a dress. — Alexander Ivanovich, discussed it... — Natasha a little with astonishment looked at the father-in-law. — Well you never know, may be just I told then so, and at something can it is laid up, well I don't know, for a meeting of the husband, Ali for what — he crafty with a squint has a look at the woman. — Even for a meeting of the husband I didn't take — Natalya giggled — only that you didn't reach them. — And by the way, and that, I any more not such beauty, already additional accessories are required for me? — with an affected call in a voice the woman pinned up the father-in-law. — Well, isn't present of course — the father-in-law — answered that you, Natul, you the most remarkable, charming and attractive — the man tenderly carried out on the woman's hand. — I here just sit, I look at you and I represent how you sit here in a close topic with a cut to nipples and in tiny shorts from which the bottom outside climbs... — the father-in-law pensively rolled up eyes. — Oh, here you see enough the movies, Alexander Ivanovich, and then and in life pull all this! — Natalya hokhotnut. — On your understanding leaves that I here and need to walk only in underwear... or at all without it — Natasha didn't allow the father-in-law to squeeze a word. — You don't understand... — there began the father-in-law with almost didactic tone — here business that just that it and not underwear, and it seems as well as the top perhaps clothes, but in it everything looks more juicy and erotichny, than even in linen or without him — the man tried to explain the thought. — Yes, I heard expression that the half-dressed woman causes more desire than naked — Natalya nodded, agreeing with him — I approximately understand your erotic imaginations. — Well if so, then here also don't put on more these shorts of the house! — the father-in-law told — walk in a T-shirt, there will be an intrigue, will suddenly be lifted up, in an inclination or so from a breeze — he waiting and at the same time prosyashche looked at her. — Oh, Alexander Ivanovich, I already even any more not to you, and am surprised to myself — there began Natalya — as I go on all this why? The question of course was rhetorical, but the father-in-law after all answered him — well and why he isn't present, to you not difficult so to indulge the old man? — the man was forcedly inflated. — Here only don't begin — Natalya waved on him a hand - it is to indulge then reaches it... — she confusedly smiled and slightly reddened, remembering last evening. — But it... — the father-in-law selected the last word — and most it is pleasant to you! So why isn't present why to avoid it? And having inclined to her ear he whispered — to lick you today? Do you Pokonchat from my uvula? Natalya darted the confused glance at the little son, but that whispering of adults occupied a little. — You want, right now we will go — the father-in-law still nestled on her a cheek to a cheek. Natalya felt as under a table the hand of the father-in-law laid down on her hip slightly above a knee and smoothly spread to edge of shorts up. Natalya stiffened cautiously looking at the son, and the father-in-law fingers already got under a trouser-leg of shorts, but couldn't creep further. — You see, besides as such shorts disturb — the father-in-law slightly lips spoke her concerning her ear. — Alexander Ivanovich... it isn't necessary... — quietly Natasha — not now whispered... The father-in-law obediently was slightly discharged of her, but didn't take away a hand from her hip, continuing to stroke hip inside on border of shorts. — Zaalevshy Natasha slightly took breath — well, I won't wear shorts, only... — she expressively and firmly looked at the father-in-law — at Maxim nothing of that kind is necessary. — Well of course — the father-in-law in the affirmative nodded and as a sign of the full consent I took away a hand from the Natashiny hip. — I think in the house and it will be possible to walk round the site so... — the father-in-law — Maxim still small spoke, he will hardly understand that something not so with clothes of his mother, you probably and naked before him still go? Natasha only nodded, understanding that a relationship with the father-in-law becomes more and more tangled and that last night a certain hidden barrier fell and that now won't be as earlier and as will be... and here Natasha was even afraid to think. — Maybe then after a breakfast in department store we motantsya, I promised Maxim to buy all one still ships, there and the children's department is, well and belongings everyone, may be we will try you to prirazdet there? — the father-in-law himself grinned to dexterously picked up mot. The son, having heard about ships I began to ask mother — mothers, we will go with put in the unimagician, we will go. — In department store — Natalya mechanically corrected the son. — Yes, there, behind ships — the boy didn't lag behind. — Well, well, we will go... — Natalya personally answered anybody without addressing, but understanding that she pleases with the consent both at once. — Here, Maksimka, you see through joint efforts persuaded our mother on shop! — the father-in-law burst out laughing. The department store of the next town was two-storeyed shop, on the first floor there were products, cellular communication and still something, on the second children's goods and clothes. — So children and old men here, the others at once behind things! — the father-in-law joked, carrying away the grandson in children's goods. — We will come then to you, Natul — he crafty winked at her — we will help with the choice. Natasha went to clothes. She didn't represent at all what to buy her, the father-in-law wishes were clear to her, but here their realization put Natalya to the small deadlock. — Probably after all it is simple to buy an underwear set? Some peignoir or a frivolous dressing gown can? — with these thoughts Natasha went to lingerie. The choice wasn't big, and considering her considerable advantages from above, the choice on bras was simply poor. She chose two panties, but under them couldn't pick up top. — All right, let will be in itself — she solved. Among peignoirs and baud to her nothing attracted. — And I can just I hesitate to dress them before the father-in-law? — the thought in her head crept in. — Maybe so... — she answered herself, departing from hangers with baud — I don't like them, in a word. Having reached thus internal agreement, she, having paid for panties I went to usual clothes. There she met the father-in-law and the son who is joyfully squeezing the big blister with ships and still a bag of tell-tales. — Quickly you coped — she spoke — and I visited only one little shop so far — she showed a small bag in the hand. — I hope successfully? — the father-in-law looked at testing on her. — Well so... — vaguely Natalya waved a hand — though I think you will be happy — she added confusedly reddening. — Well, let's look then, than here to dress up you — the father-in-law spoke, and having approached her is closer, very quietly added — more precisely, than to prirazdet you. Of course the fact that it is direct was wanted by the father-in-law here it didn't appear, but as a result the father-in-law selected for her quite short jeans shorts, with the resolution of the house we will cut on length that very much surprised Natalya — where that is even shorter — she applied shorts to herself. — All right there we will understand — vaguely the father-in-law waved a hand — I think it will be good. On top here too nothing was picked up, strongly low-necked things that were on sale frankly were small to Natasha. And everything that fitted more or less, wasn't of interest in the opinion of the father-in-law. Having returned from shop have a dinner then the father-in-law went to collect tackles for tomorrow's fishing, and Natasha with the son went to the river, to test the ships which are new bought by the grandfather. When Natasha with the son returned from walk, the father-in-law took an interest at the grandson — well as, Maxim, the new ships? — Perfectly grandfather! — the little boy joyfully embraced the man. — It would be necessary to test also other new things — this remark of the father-in-law concerned already Natalya. — Not now... — she was confused a little. — And why not? — forcedly the father-in-law was surprised — give, give, in vain perhaps went. — But things yet not stirana — Natalya answered. — Nda... — the father-in-law restrained a heat — well, only you wash them then quickly, can tomorrow we from fishing will return, and you already in new shorts also will meet us. — Well — Natalya smiled — now warmly I think will dry in a night. — And to shorts put on then a T-shirt in which you sleep — the father-in-law added. — It will be executed! — Natasha playfully flaunted, having put a palm to the head. In the evening Natalya washed new shorts and panties bought by her, hung up shorts to dry near a bath, and visor panties to itself to the room, having noted about itself that she after all hesitates to hang out them in full view of the father-in-law. Went to fishing of the man early in the morning therefore it was decided to go to bed on earlier, the father-in-law persuaded Natalya not to get up in the morning, but she insisted that she will help to bring together Maksimka. Early in the morning of course Natalya was already sorry about the decision, still there was a strong wish to sleep, but she nevertheless got up, woke the son and having made herself a promise having seen off fishers again to lay down, led the same dozing Maksimka down. The father-in-law having already had breakfast I sat in kitchen, completely ready. — We not late? — with anxiety Natalya asked. — No, it I before necessary got up and here gathered — he spoke, examining the gone-down woman. Natasha didn't begin to change clothes, having gone down, as well as slept, only in a T-shirt and panties. Having caught the father-in-law eye examining her, she told — here you see, your dreams come true. — I of course would change panties still — the father-in-law nodded, on Natasha there were her ordinary pants. — I bought... — Natalya zardetsya — so it it is remediable soon — she confusedly added. Having put Maksimka to have breakfast, Natasha yawning I sat down on a sofa. — Yes go sleep, ourselves will gather — the father-in-law waved to her a hand. — I will see off you and I will lay down still — Natalya answered, at the same time with pleasure stretching from what her T-shirt stretched on a full breast, baring a tummy and fitting boobies so that auras and nipples distinctly appeared. — Well, well, is an action and its consequences didn't take cover from the man's look. And if earlier such open admiring by her confused Natalya, then now she was even glad to the had effect. She slightly longer than necessary took hands lifted, allowing the father-in-law to enjoy a type of her protruding breast and only then lowered them finishing pandiculations. Maxim having had breakfast I went to wash, and Natalya got up to wash behind him the dishes. She not strongly was surprised when, having started washing of a plate she felt that the father-in-law got up behind her, embracing her hands for a waist. — Alexander Ivanovich, you want to help? — cheerfully with a catch she spoke, slightly wrapping the head to the man. — Perhaps I want to prevent a little — he spoke, kissing her in slightly turned cheek gently and sliding palms on her tummy slightly getting under a T-shirt. — It seems to me it is not the best idea — Natasha spoke, the truth without turning away the head and allowing the father-in-law to imprint one more kiss on the cheek. — I will agree — the father-in-law nodded — but I it is simple not to refuse in forces it... — one his palm проскользив on her tummy began to get under an elastic band of panties. — And this already precisely superfluous... — having slightly bitten a lip with the driving pleasant feeling Natasha spoke, feeling as fingers of the man go down on her pubis below and below. — Now Maxim will return... — she spoke, the truth without doing active attempts to prevent the father-in-law, and here already the second hand having got under her undershirt clasped with a palm her naked breast. — What you juicy, daughter! — she heard the whisper of the man which is followed by kisses of her neck. Natasha slightly threw back the head and having postponed the soaped plate tried to be turned out-turn. — Wait till the evening... — she spoke trying to be discharged of the man. — Well daughter... — but the words of the father-in-law dispersed from business, now, when Natasha stood facing the man, both of his hands rummaged on her buttocks having got from sides under fabric of panties. — Well, all... all... — Natasha tried to be discharged of the man — agreed — she prositelno smiled, having despaired independently to be exempted from embraces verification. — Do you promise? — the father-in-law stared at her, releasing her bottom from the palms and at the same time shifting fabric of her panties in core between magnificent rolls. — I promise, the daddy — Natasha in turn kissed the man on a cheek — in the evening we will surely continue. — Oh, Natashka, hot you are a maid! — the father-in-law slightly departed from her, and the woman saw that his trousers puff up in a groin a little. — You look don't fuse — she giggled, at the same time rejoicing to the effect which is had on the man. At this time on a threshold Maxim seemed. — The sonny gathered? — Natasha zardetsya and trying behind excessive care to hide the confusion and to extinguish that nervousness and what to conceal excitement that was formed from communication with the father-in-law, Natasha approached the son, giving to the father-in-law an opportunity to admire the naked buttocks. — Yes, I am ready — the boy — the grandfather when we go answered? — it was already turned to the man. — Yes in about five-ten minutes we will also set — the father-in-law with obvious pleasure spoke examining the magnificent back of the young woman which isn't strongly covered now with panties. Then he took seat back on a chair, masking the erection, and Natasha passed to a sink to finish with ware and to continue to please with a type of the bared father-in-law bottom. Natalya already finished washing ware when from the yard the easy knock in a gate reached. — Oh, here and Dimka came, we will go, Maksimka! — the father-in-law spoke, getting up — we on the way will capture Nikolaich. The boy joyfully was blown up and having grabbed the rods prepared in a corner jumped out of the house, after him there was also a man. Having seen that Maksimka forgot on a sofa the Panamanian Natasha without deliberating I picked up a headdress and in what I was I jumped out on a porch. — Take Maxim, the Panamanian... — she spoke fading. At the opened gate where the grandfather with the grandson already managed to reach there was one of the father-in-law friends. — Maxim, Panamanian — Natasha repeated, giving a hand with a hat forward and slightly confusedly beginning to go down porch steps. Under approvingly interested views of both men Natasha reached the middle of a path to a gate, the little son who here already jumped up took away from her a hat. — Will bake — she patted the son on hair, trying to disguise the confusion, she pretended that she doesn't notice looks of the men directed to her. — Natasha, the daughter, run to the house, you will freeze — she heard a careful voice of the father-in-law. Early morning was valid very cool, Natasha herself also felt how on her body run goosebumps. She lifted the look on men and if the friend of the father-in-law looked at her unambiguously lewdly, then in the father-in-law look she noted sincere care... or it was the jealousy from the fact that someone else examines it? Something like that imperceptible, but unambiguously new to him, so at least seemed to Natalya. Having clasped itself with hands a little to be warmed Natalya nodded — I will run also the truth зябенько here. But her words dispersed from business, she still continued to stand, without deciding to turn to men a back, to be exact the naked bottom. The father-in-law seems guessed the reason of her confusion and having conspiratorially winked at it, took the friend by an arm — we will go, and Nikolaich will wait for that — and began to entrain that away from a gate. Having waited when men disappear, and slightly shaking from cold Natasha having developed I ran to the house. Having closed behind itself a door and pounding the shoulders to be warmed Natalya noted about herself that the father-in-law obviously changed the behavior concerning her and couldn't but note, as her attitude towards the father-in-law was changed very strongly. After a lunch, bearing in mind the promise to the father-in-law to meet him from fishing in new things, Natalya took away the dried shorts from a bath and rose to herself to the room. Having made an easy make-up, she, having put on some of two brand new panties, I undertook shorts. The father-in-law obviously earned additionally them, upon purchase Natalya remembered that the bottom of fabric was stitched, and now from below the edge was fluffy threads — probably he cut them, as well as wanted — Natasha solved about herself. Having internally smiled to such persistence from the man, Natasha put shorts on herself. Having got up half-turned in front of the mirror, she stared at the reflection. Yes! The father-in-law precisely laid a hand to shorts. In front shorts still looked with great reserve decently, behind it was something about something, the bottom of buttocks approximately on a third was completely open. — There is an inventor! — Natalya grinned, examining the reflection. Noise from the street showed that fishermen already returned. Having fast put on a T-shirt, as well as the father-in-law asked, Natalya began to go down. — The hostess, meet fishermen! — the cheerful and happy voice of the father-in-law reached from the yard. — Mothers, we with a catch! — the son's voice echoed him. Natasha jumped out on a porch, the house was faced happy by the grandfather with the grandson. Maxim showed to Natasha the hooked fish in a bucket, and Natasha showed to the father-in-law the new dress. — Well, go to the house — the palm of the father-in-law laid down on the bared part of the Natashiny buttock and slightly squeezed her. — Go, I will feed with a lunch — Natasha spoke, carrying away the son inside and passing ahead of the father-in-law, giving that the excess chance to estimate her dress fully. Setting the table Natasha constantly tried to catch on herself enthusiastic eyes of the father-in-law. — How a rybalochka, we are happy with everything, Alexander Ivanovich? — languidly inclining and putting before him a plate with soup on a table, Natasha spoke. — Remarkably, Natul, it is simply delightful! — the father-in-law answered and each of them perfectly understood that it belonged to the Natashiny dress, but not by time spent in nature. After a lunch Maxim with enthusiasm retold mothers everything that was on fishing. Natasha with interest listened, asked the questions, occasionally darting the studying glances at the father-in-law turning nearby and simply devouring with her look. Then the father-in-law was engaged in a catch, and Natasha continued to listen to enthusiastic impressions of the son about fishing. — We with put still surely will go! — surely the boy spoke. — Of course we will go — the man nodded, continuing to salt fish — and tomorrow I suggest to descend to be bought. — Great! — Maxim was delighted. Time till the evening passed quickly. And here in the evening, Natasha and herself was afraid to admit it, but she looked forward to the termination of a dinner, and then the moment when it is necessary to put Maksimka to bed. She saw, as the father-in-law is in the horney impatience which was even more inflamed by appearance of Natalya. During the evening he several times tenderly clamped Natasha, near a plate and a sink, just at her movement on the house. But further easy strokings and touches business naturally didn't progress, than inflamed both participants even more. Natasha couldn't even believe that she will feel a certain attraction to the father-in-law, but constantly caught herself on this thought. And here, at last, Maksimka fell asleep. Natasha stood up from his bed and in thoughtfulness and even in a certain indecision stiffened in the middle of the room. — What do I do? — she asked herself — unless it is so possible? Whether it is necessary for me? She approached a case with a mirror, once again critically inspected herself — a T-shirt, shorts very indecent someone could think that she won't just put on it we will tell on a trick, and the whole day will go in it? She turned sideways to a mirror, exposing the semi-bared bottom. — Oh, pancake... — she sighed, trying to collect the thoughts. — Doesn't sleep still? — the low whisper because of a door was heard, and it was very quietly slightly opened. — Sleeps — Natalya also in a whisper answered, approaching to the door. In a narrow aperture of slightly slightly opened door there was absolutely naked father-in-law — any more can't wait — he spoke it is slightly guilty, in response to an amazed look of Natasha. — Well, here probably and end to my doubts... — rushed in the head of Natalya, she once again threw a view of the sleeping son and having opened a door began to leave the room more widely. Having carefully covered for itself a door, she right there got to hot embraces of the father-in-law. His hands squeezed her a bottom and a breast, lips kissed a face, a neck, shoulders. His passionate pressure discouraged Natalya a little, and she acted as a certain dummy, almost motionlessly standing and giving to the father-in-law an opportunity to caress the body. Having tried to offer the father-in-law to pass down, Natalya only managed to begin a phrase as her mouth was spread with a passionate kiss of the father-in-law, his lips covered her, and his language having got into her mouth began to write out pirouettes there, adjoining to her language, licking her lips. At last having defeated the father-in-law this oral duel and having forced out his language the of a mouth, she said — Alexander Ivanovich, goes down already. — Can more better to me? — the man spoke, continuing to kiss her on a neck and shoulders — there a bed normal. — No, no, here Maksimka nearby — protested Natasha — suddenly will wake up. — Can then though on kitchen, there the any sofa is — the father-in-law offered — with Mishka that you somersaulted there. — Here it was possible not to remember about it! — discontentedly Natalya — said that you press on sick! I already don't know as to perceive all this, so you still as if purposely remind me! — Do you love Mishka that mine? — the father-in-law asked. — I love! — Natalya answered. — And he loves you, it is visible too — the father-in-law continued — here and live, rejoice. to side of her hips divorced in the parties and covering the revealed vagina with the hand. Then tenderly kissing her leg from a kolenochka, he began to climb slowly a hip above and above, having covered with kisses her tummy and a pubis, he at last nestled a mouth to her vagina. Natasha needed only to enjoy his caress and the feelings from the father-in-law uvula getting into her. Having kneelt near a sofa, the father-in-law arranged the hands on the woman's boobies, squeezing and fingering them while his face was shipped between her hips. It was pleasant to Natasha, even very pleasant, caress of the father-in-law delivered her a lot of pleasure. Without wishing to take only pleasure, she pulled the father-in-law on herself, unambiguously inviting that to cover her from above. — No, no, Natul... rather early — the man whispered, without giving in on her mute invitation — I will hardly last long therefore so far we will wait a little with it is he spoke, again nestling close the mouth to her perineum. — But, Alexander Ivanovich, let's me too you caress... — pridykhy from pleasure Natalya murmured — I want to make to you pleasantly too. — To me so very pleasant — between eyewash of her sexual sponges the man — very pleasant spoke... — he for a long time stuck to her clitoris, than caused new splash in pleasure in the woman — to see and feel how to you it is good. As a result Natasha terminated from his oral caress, having hammered in an orgasm, at peak already just pushing away it from itself the head of the man continuing to caress her the exuding and cuming bosom. — Ah, Alexander Ivanovich as it is good! — Natalya spoke, slightly rising on elbows and slightly dimmed look looking at the man. — Still — the man grinned — the pizda a uvula loves very much — he spoke, getting up from knees — and differently so much lesbians and wasn't! — he burst out laughing. — Did you here lick pisenki to the girlfriends? — he took an interest, laying down on her from above and attaching the dick between its everything also friendly divorced hips. — No that you? — sincerely Natalya was surprised, biting a sponge — the dick of the man moving apart her sexual sponges began to get in her. — And women caressed you? — having already begun her to snoshat measuredly, the father-in-law took an interest. — No... — Natasha answered, publishing easy groan every time as the father-in-law dick completely plunged into her. — What you correct, Natashka — the man murmured — wouldn't see Maksimka, would count, as you just in a bed sleep with men. — Well what was born — the woman smiled, embracing the father-in-law for shoulders and shaking from his pushes in her. The father-in-law slightly increased meanwhile the rates of the movements, pressing Natasha in a sofa the weight of the body. Having slightly risen on hands, he with pleasure observed on the woman lying under him, with the boobs shivering in a step to his movements, with the covered eyes from which half-open mouth tikhenky postanyvaniye were distributed. Feeling what will terminate already soon, the father-in-law slipped out Natasha and laid down nearby. That was puzzly looked at the man. — I want to change a pose — he explained — and I can already terminate, I am afraid I won't keep, and to next time how many to wait for that... Natasha, having turned sideways facing the man, I carried out by the palm on his rising breast, on volosika on a voluminous stomach, having gone down below, I stroked the bulked-up dick shining with her allocations. She felt as the father-in-law trembled with these her touches. Then having slightly risen she kissed him on a stomach, beginning to go down kisses below and below. Having been absorbed in gray-haired young growth of hair on his pubis, she slightly opened a mouth and the man's dick clasped with lips. The father-in-law published happy lingering low, slightly moving a basin towards to a hot gentle mouth of Natasha up. Having made several careful sosatelny movements, Natasha was slightly discharged of his dick and darted the interested glance at the father-in-law. — Suck, suck at me, the daughter! — he ran a hand over her hair, urging thereby the woman to continue. Natasha, teasing him, I put out the uvula and I began to caress him a head of his penis. Then having delayed a lace curtain and having completely peeled off the flushed head, she tickled a uvula a bridle of the dick. — Ah, the mistress, ah, you are my good! — the father-in-law on these her manipulations with his dick lamented. — Well, we are able to do something too — Natasha then having clasped a dickhead with lips tastefully playfully said soaked up her in herself and having begun to move the head up-down began to make sosatelny movements by the mouth. Already the father-in-law couldn't sustain it and in a minute of companies of Natasha was filled with his cum. Having waited when the last pulsation of a cum is splashed out in her mouth, Natasha slightly opened lips, releasing a dick of the man and not allowing to flow out afterwards his semen. There was no wish to swallow of a cum to her, to get up and go to spit out it in a sink there was a laziness therefore she released a cum in the T-shirt lying right there on a sofa. — Well, here, the undershirt is soiled... — the father-in-law spoke — means it is necessary to you with naked boobs tomorrow to go! — he added with a smile. — Another that I will dress — Natasha smiled in reply — and I will wash off this tomorrow. — But she so went to shorts... — the father-in-law stretched. — Means tomorrow and others I will put on shorts — Natalya joked. — But, but! — for fun she was shaken finger by the man — only these! They still rolled about, lovely joking and talking on the most different subjects. As all got up very early today, soon they began to yawn alternately. — It is necessary to sleep, probably, to disperse — Natalya offered. — Yes, it would be advisable, of course — having suppressed the next yawn, the father-in-law agreed. — Don't you want to me under a flank to lie down that? — he asked — strongly I promise not to snore. — No, no, I at myself will lay down — Natalya burst out laughing. Having packed Natashina things, they naked rose by the second floor. — Good night, daughter! — the father-in-law ceremoniously gave smacking kiss to Natasha in a cheek. — Good night, daddy! — Natasha answered him with the same kiss. Such family idyll was broken besides by the father-in-law, without having kept and nevertheless облапив at parting naked Natashina a bum. Then they dispersed on the rooms. dating ultrasound at 5 weeks date and time site mapMain Page