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The next story about which I want to tell occurred approximately in half a year after the events described in the story "Birthday of the Wife". The wife has a cousin, she lives in the north. Several times we had her on a visit, more precisely she came to mother, well and of course, looked on us. And so we often exchanged calls and she with the husband (I never saw him) constantly invited us on a visit. At us it didn't develop in any way. Tried to go to the warm sea in the summer, and in other time at them it is coldish. But eventually we agreed — on January 2 decided to go to them. Especially winter vacation of nearly 10 days... Be at one also the car new to air. I so far yet never went (to the place of 2500 km), especially in the winter. But everything passed well except for what two times were flown on gayts. The road took nearly two days with one spending the night. Already when approached phoned to Olga and Sergey. They met us on entry into the city. — Where will we go? — Sergey asked — To the city or to the country. We have a lodge, there a bath... These are about 30 km still. — Let Oleg solve, he second day driving. I would go to the country — Irka told. Yes what is 30 km when 2500 otmakhat. They had a small two-storeyed lodge. Irka with Olga quickly laid a table, Sergey kindled a bath. Saw for acquaintance, for arrival, for something. At the beginning, I felt quite well, but after 4 — 5 piles me began to drive in a dream. Probably the fatigue which collected on the way began to prevail and I was put to bed on the second floor. How many I overslept I don't know. I woke up, in the house there was a silence, the bottom — nobody went down. On a table there was some snack, alcohol wasn't. Half asleep I thought a little badly, but after all I understood that they went to a bath In the waiting room the table was laid, on a floor couple of empty bottles rolled. on a bench clothes and a clean sheet lay. I undressed, wound a sheet around myself, opened a door, entered and stood — on a bench sat having leaned back on a wall of Serega, Irka with Olka sat before him. All were naked (sheets rolled on a floor) and Irka swallowed him x... Probably they in turn to him sucked and now the turn was my wife. From what was seen I instantly got up a dick. Irka with Seregoy didn't even pay attention to my arrival. Only Olya reacted to a sound of the closed door. She looked at me, got up, approached me and... I took me for the standing dick... also I pulled for myself. I fell by a bench, it exempted me from a sheet, bent and carried out by language on a head x... From this touch the reason absolutely grew dull also I, in the same way as well as Sergey, leaned back a back on a wall and covered eyes. Olya caressed a few head language and began to be stuck by a mouth on mine x... As to me it became good. I put her hands on a nape and began to set speed. Olya worked a mouth amazingly, will pass, in her execution, was just tremendous. I even forgot that I absolutely am near, to some meter from us Olga, my wife does blowjob to her husband. Nearby some fuss was heard, I slightly slightly opened eyes — Sergey bended over Irka and sharply entered into her the unit. When he completely entered her, she even oknut. The Sereg began to snoshat my wife at quite fast speed, I sat and looked at them. Soon Irka began to howl. And here Olka lowed — looking at neighbors, I set Olke mad speed. I took away hands from her nape and continued to look at Seregu with Irka. Here he sharply entered her, stopped and, wild roar, began to cum in mine of the wife. Sergey took out x... I rubbed off him about Irka's buttocks, I winked at me and I left to the waiting room having taken my wife. Olka stopped doing blowjob, laid me on a bench and was strung п... oh on my standing stake. I put hands on her buttocks, began to help her, to be stuck on my dick. When I understood that I will terminate, I pressed her to myself and began to shoot at her the cum. When I completely terminated, she got up, from her п... ы the cum began to drip. She sat down nearby and took my already fallen down dick in a mouth. She licked him from a cum and the allocations. Remarkably we were met by relatives — flew at me in the head. In the doorway there was a head of Seregi: — Long you here... Give quicker. Vodka runs cold. Then saw, through some time finally knocked down me from legs. I woke up in the morning, strangely enough, in quite good condition — the head didn't hurt. Nearby, having embraced me and having put the head on a breast, Olga lay. From where familiar sounds reached. — What is it? — I though I already guessed asked. — It is Serega е... t your wife! She told so simply as though it was usually for her that her husband has foreign woman. Relationship, interesting at them — I thought. My dick began to rise. I ran a hand over her naked back. She as though, I waited for it and put almost at once the palm to me on x... He at once rose. She rose and stuck to me into lips a little. I turned her on a back, it appeared on her. She right there spread legs, inviting me to enter her. And I accepted her invitation and slowly began to enter her. Having completely shipped a dick in her, I stopped. — Well... I began to do sharp movements, but I wanted another, I wanted to try her buttocks. But I didn't know how it will react to it. And after several the movement, I decided. The dick from her took out and turned her and forced to the knees buttocks to himself. I entered her again, made some more movement. She was already absolutely wet. I took out a dick and put to an anus. No protest followed and I sharply entered her. She sighed and curved a back and in too time moved towards to mine x... She wanted it! I began to drive in her the dick rhythmically. Through some time she began to moan. I began to increase the pace gradually. My balls hit against her ass, making the slapping sounds. — Ouch, good fellow... Sergey's voice burst, like a bolt from the blue and I right there began to cum her ass. In the afternoon we went to Murmansk and spent almost all day in him. Towards evening, having gathered alcohol, returned back. Again drank, the bank took a steam bath. Actually it turned out that we with Sergey exchanged wives. He tore up my Irka, I to his Olk. I think, nobody in a naklada was. Olga was quite nice, with a smart breast, bigger, than at my wife. However, Irka was pofiguristy, at her the difference a bust-waist-ass was distinctly visible. And wives were not against exchange too. Next day got up late. Probably, after all in the evening we drank too much — the head hurt terribly. The Serega I was what too. After freshened the nip, it became easier. Olya was going to shop, Serega went to refusal, and it was necessary to go to me with her. It became in the fresh air easier. When returned back, near our car there was one more. — Ivan arrived — she told and I smiled to something. We took away purchases from the car and came into the house. In the house it was silent. I rose by the second floor — nobody. Except a bath it is more they where couldn't be. I went there, opened a door and saw... Some man, having lowered a little trousers, I tore up my wife. She lay a breast on a table, holding hands his edges. And behind her Ivan bashed out, apparently. The Serega sat next on a bench and I watched process. But most of all I was struck by Irina — she squealed from pleasure (I never saw it with her), winding the head here and there. I in confusion stood at an entrance. He е... her l quicker and quicker — is owed by everything will end soon. And occurred — soon it entered her and stood. Having poured out all the contents about Irka, it pulled out a dick. Irka and remained to lie on a table. The man turned to me and here I ooh... the l is even more. Him x... I was... in the fallen-down state is longer than my time in two. And on thickness I didn't concede to mine... Here having seen me, the initiative was taken by Serega: — This is Ivan. And it — he nodded in my party — Oleg, Ira's husband. — Girl, good at you — he told and slapped Irka on an ass — pour. Already he told Sergey. He poured in two glasses, then having looked at me, poured in one. They lifted ware and looked at me, I approached and too took the glass standing nearby the wife lying on a table. — For acquaintance — Ivan told and drank. We with Seregoy too. — It is time for me — and having looked at Irka who was still lying on a table, I added — unfortunately, and that would be possible still... Also I left a bath. — You excuse. So it turned out... Irka to me sucked when he came... In general that I thought that it you or Olka... When I opened eyes, he to her already inserted... I am silent. That Irka е... t the administration and some of colleagues for me not news. But absolutely foreign man... Yes she already squealed... The mood somehow deteriorated — Oleg and it is fine to you — he began to calm me — don't get into the head. Vanka here almost all women feather... l... From it it became easier for me not. — And yours too? Serega didn't answer, I poured some vodka and I drank, I too. Here Irka began to recover. I returned to the house in nasty mood. — Well that saw Ivan? — I saw! — with rage I told. — Irka already visited under him? From such direct question, I even choked on mineral water which I drank. Having remembered the words of Seregi, I asked: — And you he too? She didn't answer, only smiled. A bit later all gathered at a table. The atmosphere was some intense. I had a nasty state. So there was a wish to get drunk. Serega I sat gloomy then through some time in the beginning I became cheerful. Olka, so that smiled depending on turn on us all the time. Irka thought of something, at the same time strange smiling. I drank, and alcohol didn't affect me, I was sober as a fragment of glass. The Serega it is already drunk I muttered and slightly I was sleepy. Well and horse-radish with Ivan, one is more, some have less. Е... her t at work... In the head what was seen pictures in the waiting room climbed. And to the shame I felt that as soon as I remembered an event, mine x... I came to life at me in trousers. I went outside to smoke. I tried to think of something another, not the picture as Ivan was always on the mind I fried my wife. I don't know when saw Irka sucking at Seregi, I apprehended it absolutely in a different way than when her е... l Ivan. Somehow more loyally, perhaps. I smoked already the third cigarette and not as couldn't recover. But frosty air and cigarettes too, made the business. I calmed down... And to hell with it, we will leave soon and everything will be forgotten. And, however, that he peretrakhat all women? — now this question intrtgovat me — Or Serega told that to calm me. When returned to the house, Sergey dozed in a chair. Olka with Irka about something whispered when I came, they became silent. Desire to get drunk didn't pass... I poured in myself and poured, and rage, most likely the disappointment didn't pass. Then at some point vodka after all worked, I somehow sharply became tipsy. And then darkness... I woke up from terrible thirst. Besides terribly the head hurt, it was unpleasant in a stomach. Hardly I rose, the head went around. I looked round — I was on the second floor. One. And where Irka? Or Olka? In a lodge there was a silence. Having so felt thirsty! I is careful, holding a hand a wall, I went down. On a bed two slept. I looked round around, more was nobody. I approached closer, it was Serega with the wife. And where mine? Where did she get to? Answers weren't. And having felt thirsty terribly. I found mineral water and with greed I began to drink. I drank and not as couldn't get drunk. In a stomach some process began. In the head it became a little lighter, but appeared какок new feelings. I as couldn't understand that it. — Do you what so rattle? From surprise I even shuddered. I didn't hear steps at all. I was faced by Olga. — And where Irka? — You what you remember nothing? I shook the head. From the sharp movement the head of a zanyl. — It is good what you won't tell. Itself released the wife to fuck, and now remembers nothing. — Where? With someone? — Do you seriously remember nothing? In a mouth dried up again. Having still drunk, I stared at her. — Well you give — she somehow strange looked at me and continued — You it seems were normal, and then in one moment were chopped off, having buried in a table. We with Irka tried to put to bed you, but you began to shout that you weren't touched. So you prodremat about an hour, then woke up... I didn't remember it absolutely any more. — Then Ivan came. You with him wanted to drink, but vodka wasn't any more. Ivan brought alcohol. And so why after drank water, there was a strange feeling. — Then you embraced him, called the friend. Then I released with him Irka... Till the morning... You don't worry if Ivan told that he will bring Irka in the morning, and will be. It was necessary to get drunk so, I remember nothing. I passed by her on wadded legs. I laid down in a bed, but there was no wish to sleep any more. Really the truth I release it? And Olka the sister can covers? No I remember the devil! Any bullshit got into the head. I presented Irka standing in the favourite pose — dog-fashion, and behind her Ivan the monster hollows. And as I didn't try to drive away these thoughts, they climbed and climbed. Below the dick began to move. I represented her in various poses... Soon I had such strut! Both with these thoughts and with a strut in pants I dozed off. We had already breakfast when my wife appeared. She was joyful and tired. It was visible that she didn't get enough sleep. What did he all night long tear up her, perhaps? She straight passed on the second floor and was filled up to sleep. Even in a dream it was visible that she is happy carried out at night. Something ceased to be pleasant to me on a visit and I decided to go home today. they tried to dissuade me, but I firmly held the ground. By a lunch I settled into shape. I shipped things. Olka collected food to the road. We with Seregoy, in literal sense, loaded Irka, into the car on back a seat. 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