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Strange this feeling - when you don't belong to yourself and you are only a thing, a drochilka, a hole which sense of existence - to humour the owner. That strange painful and delightful state which I didn't test from the bordelny career and which repetition, it appears all the time subconsciously I waited for these three years. Well and pervert I... - Aaaaaakhkhkhkh!!!! - Stas unintentionally came across about three minutes ago my notorious point of "dzha", and I was diligently stuck on his rotation by her. And here it is an award, in the head the Universe blows up, and I, without having kept, I stretch prone. The benefit, Andrey, just, took out the bananishche from my mouth. - Stasik, well you are a giant! I could zatrakhat such whore! I roll flat-out, sweaty, with the ruined holes from which my allocations water, and misters have a snack and drink. All three goals, with it is proud of the sticking-out dicks. Means, early I relaxed. Yes, precisely! - A hole what I sprawled, give, work! - Yury is spread on a bed, and over his hulk is proud flies a crimson pillar. Well that, that color, that size. And in me already anything, enters and remarkably leaves. My master, yours of the slave is ready to jump on your horse! Accurately I import into myself the sausage of my master which didn't lose elasticity, I begin to be stuck slowly on her. Here so, and now once again, once again, each time is deeper and deeper, quicker and quicker.... And the master with pleasure touches boobs, thighs, sides, slaps on the back inaccessible still yesterday and far as the Snow queen or a rainbow, and today Anna Vladimrovna, ready for any services, that is, sorry, Anku-dyrku. Pancake as I fell. Already even not Lotta whore... Well, still, still, still! - Oooooo! A hole, give, give, Anechka, still, slightly, I will terminate now, well, give, Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! - roar which was published by my master, cuming, I don't undertake to transfer adequately. So, probably, Diplodocuses, the Jurassic Period, at the sight of tyrannosaurs growled. Or saber-toothed tigers at the sight of saber-toothed lions. I would porychat too, but, not before! The precious seed of my master shouldn't be gone in vain! I, choking, I swallow of it and in every possible way I lick a source of a precious seed... Here so, it is very tasty, many thanks, what I so long dreamed of... Flash, flash, flash! M-daaaa, I represent how I look now... Not only that naked, sweaty, hair are disheveled, the make-up is smeared, now also the physiognomy is bedaubed with a cum. And breast. Pornographer's dream. A photo for the visa to some Geterburg... - In, men, saw, the whore the whore! And I posed as, a professorsha! And well, you someone, and? - I am your hole mister, shlyushka-Anka, your bitch, your cow, your pizda, always ready to humour you and all someone you will order... - Well, here humour them as I humoured me! Also look to me! - Yes, my master, I am ready! You will think, to fuck two subdrinking men! Even with viagra one it is already ready! Now we will execute! - Allow, mister! - I am stuck by the rosette on торчун Stas, that stupidly looks at me bloodshot eyes. Aha, we podzaparitsya a little bit! Whether still will be, a cat! - You, mister, please! - for a dick softly, but inevitably I bring up Andrey and I force to insert his unit into my chocolate peephole. Here so. And now, went! - My balls and rolls at your service! I coil, as stung, fucking the holes these two pistons. I put Stas's palms to myself on boobs, and that, begins them to caress almost reflex. Aaaaaakhkhkh!!! Now we will help the second, Andrey's hands to a treasure ourselves on hips, aha, I thought, feels my bum and rumples. And both pierce me with the machetes, being more and more synchronized, so, and bringing and each other more and more pleasure. A peremychechka between their dicks such thin... And as it is exciting to feel it to me... I adore such moments... Me the orgasms replacing each other, and men literally bang, rattling and slobbering, continue to drill me. My obkonchanny mug, sweaty thighs, the mixed aroma of my allocations, sweat and Yury's cum, it seems, act on them more better than any aphrodisiac. And on me too. Feeling, familiar on a former group sex, when you represent yourself one huge supervagina ready to let in yourself all dicks of the world... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Out of the corner of the eye I see the dazed person of Yury. He glazed over stares at us, from edge of a mouth the saliva stream flows down, he involuntarily licks lips, and so involuntarily jerks off, looking at us. Daaaaa, it not in each porno you will see, and here, actually, a reality show... And show that is characteristic, must go on! Well, give, my dear, please, still, still slightly! And more better don't cum at all! I so would gallop all life on two, the rapiers which are violently hollowing me... - Stas, I will terminate now... - Andryukh, I too, оооооооооо!!!! - Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! We cum "for three". No, on four, Yury reached the culmination too. Now that's something like it... I slide off the weakened and hung trunks of my benefactors. But benefactors still quite are able. And here, I am kneeling, and the gallant Trinity pours out on me and me in a mouth the muddy and whitish essence... Flash! Flash! Flash! - Horoshaaaaa!!!! Drag her in a shower men! - What, will we wash? - Like that, open a mouth, a hole! There now! Again! I hate! They urinate to me in a mouth and on me. For them I final anything. Hole. The lowered whore. With which it is possible to do anything, and when necessary. Flash! Flash! Flash! - Hey, Yurik, to us her and the room, type, it is necessary to hand over... - Precisely! Now! I am watered from a shower, not really caring for that her temperature was digestible, but the hole-opushchenka has to be happy from such favor. Oh, they me also wipe... Ah yes, same an occasion still to polapat the obedient toy... - Went, the skank, you will look at the feats! Hardly I manage to take the shoes which are thrown off at the very beginning of an orgy, and I fly for the mister, carried away by a powerful hand. - The hostess, it seems, the computer is available for you, we can see photos? - Yes, please! Alla absolutely passionlessly I treated our emergence, but somehow especially I looked to me in eyes. My God, well kind of to let her know into what scrape I got by the nonsense... - Oh, pancake, an USB cord forgot... - Nothing, give the USB stick, I have a card reader, here, please! On the monitor shots with me naked with a tray, about mine naked without tray, with me sucking dicks, with me standing dog-fashion, and accepting dicks in a bottom, in писю, with me caracoling on Yury (oho, here it is more best than him, than me it is visible), with me in a cum with three dicks which are stuck into a face, with me who blinked and the urine drenched by streams one by one emerge... Well, kind of not to become a star of the pornwebsites. Only it wasn't enough. Though be hung up. Or again change a permanent residence. I was stuck, the idiot! - Misters, you were tired, on a glass of champagne? - Yes, of course, thanks! - How to you our girl? - A class, you saw, the hostess! Great! - Come to us still! - We will try! However, colleagues leave on affairs in T today...., and I hope to visit your fairy, мммм tomorrow, to Lott, - Yury spreads. - Will you wait for me, a kitty? - Yes, my master! - Well, till tomorrow! They leave. Flat-out I fall on a sofa. - What, was tired? - No, I was stuck! - and briefly I explain an essence of mine it is filled in. - The Daaaa, was stuck you, the girl... And what you would do without kind aunt Alla? On, hold! - and in my palm the USB stick lays down. That. Valve. - But how? - Here so. You can have a rest tomorrow if you want, now this goat on you has nothing. - Well, no, tomorrow I will surely come! And I came. But about it is regarding the third! (to be continued) dating tips young dated and related couples site mapMain Page