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There passed a little time since I understood that with Nyukhoy there was my mother. It by the way left for a week to the brother, and I didn't see him. Mother behaved, indifferently, was cheerful playful, constantly amused us all week, even the sister noticed extreme activity. But she knew nothing, and I knew everything about our mother. Every time when she went to work, in shop whether I tried to look leaves a window she somewhere, but isn't present, she went to shop and didn't leave it anywhere, I couldn't believe that my mother has still someone, but the truth, nevertheless remains the truth. So there passed week, I wasn't angry on the Scent, I perfectly understood it, he was proud of the victory and at the same time it was a shame to him before me. He arrived and I called, to him having suggested to meet what he naturally agreed to. We met in the park near the house, he very interestingly behaved, somehow inconveniently, but I began to speak with him about that case in the elevator as though I understood nothing and he relaxed, to begin to supplement and discuss it. Having stayed hour 3, we went home, was hours of the 12th night. Suddenly the Scent suggested to go to spend the night to it since parents went to the grandmother to Ukraine and there will be no their week 2 what I without thinking twice agreed to. I warned mother and went. Прейдя to him, we ate a few potatoes pies and got beer from the refrigerator, didn't know what to do and just looked out of the window. His house was located, is direct opposite to mine. The apartment was directly we will tell smart, the kitchen and the hall came to side of my house, and the room Scents was opposite, near her was located sleeping parents. We sat and talked about little girls, about that as he would like to repeat everything with my mother whom he gave for my neighbor, we spoke, spoke watching some movie on the TV set, we began to fall asleep. Suddenly the Scent got up I iskazat that goes to sleep and that will lay to me in the hall that it was more convenient to me to watch TV what naturally I agreed to. When he spread to me linen I in a case of the room of parents saw the field-glass and took him secretly so far he was busy, intending to put in the morning back, thought to look on a window, maybe I will see a subject for a vzdrochka. I went to a toilet. While I was in a toilet, дружбан fairly drunk mine, was filled up on the bed in the nursery as we called her, and I went to the hall and closed a door that, type not to disturb him. I quickly pulled out the field-glass and began to consider windows opposite, by then there were already 2 o'clock in the morning and in the majority windows were switched off, but nevertheless some of my neighbors didn't sleep, I saw the girl from 4 го an entrance from a parallel class in a brassiere preparing something in kitchen, and there were some more such moments with neighbors but generally all is boring, slowly, looking from windows out of the windows I understood that in our windows light burns and decided to look. Through transparent curtains all it was visible as though they weren't at all, the TV located was visible also some movie is direct opposite to a window. Mother with the sister watched TV and drank wine, it was clear when I saw a bottle on a table, then the sister having kissed mother went, apparently, to sleep. Mother stayed mines 5, left the room, and what I saw then forced me to choke on air, she bent down under a TV support in a short night dress which was lifted up to a back, on her there were blue thongs which completely allowed to consider all back. My fad swelled up on standing at attention. I was shocked I for the first time saw mother in pants moreover and in such, I for the first time saw her ass, it was explosion of emotions, I never before felt such interesting feeling. Then all went still whip, I one hand already drove the dick extensively where it went, (you present this picture, present yourself on wash the place, it шооок). Having stayed in such pose for about a minute, it found what looks for, it probably was the disk as after that on the TV the picture of the naked girl and the menu appeared. Mother quietly got up, went sat down on the chair which is located sideways from the TV and from a door so if someone comes she will accept a quiet pose and will switch the TV. Mother included the movie in which one bald Black came into the room and by force began to bend the girl, then developed it and began to thrust the cudgel her into a mouth while I watched a porn, I didn't notice as mother began to caress herself on a pisa and began to gain gradually steam, obviously without having terminated she took phone in hand and somewhere called, switched off a porn and left, I by then already terminated, on the battery at a window and so that then between batteries I couldn't wipe. Nothing occurred, the light was turned on, mother wasn't in the hall I already thought that she went to bed, and forgot to turn off the light, but still through min. 10, the car approached, I parked at our entrance, I didn't see someone left it, there was a night. In a minute more in the hall mother seemed, and I thought that all to proceed. But what my surprise was when I saw the man growth under 2 meters of years 30 — 35, it was huge against the background of my mother, in a velors black jacket in a cream shirt and jeans, I saw all since the house was in meters 60 — 70 from mine, between houses stood in a row 6 — 8 — cars. They began to tell mudflows about something, mother showed him a pier quietly, putting a finger to a mouth, they began to kiss and slowly he began to touch her, they got up and already kissed having admired to a wall, at once he turned her face to a wall and began to feel up her bottom, all the time without stopping kissing. I understood that it and is that man who developed to mother a bottom and presented her a butt plug. (especially for Slowly he began to go down on her back whole each corner when he reached a bottom mother had a face, red from excitement, she told something to him then he took aside her pants and began to lick actively her anus and the pussy, he did it very appetizingly, and on the face of mother it was visible that she is very happy, is direct very much, very much. It was strange to watch this picture, jealousy, rage, excitement from which I already cumed the second time. Having licked her mines 10, he got up and turned her to himself, dragged on a sofa, he sat down, and I only needed to see how the head of my humblest mother goes up down his dick, he threw back the head from time to time, to see mother sucks with pleasure. Still ми through he I lifted her I removed gently a night dress and I laid on the floor, embracing and kissing he slowly began to enter the dick, but mother suddenly began to open, but I didn't understand in what business, I decided that I mothers thought again, but isn't present, she just turned him on a back and having stepped over one leg of the village through him from above, but not on a dick and above, on a stomach, to my look got up his dick and her ass, he began on silent to drive on her pussy when she stood up, but she again a little was indignant and took away his hands from the dick, started walking itself the pussy up down caressing a dick. I presented what euphoria he feels from the fact that his dick is between a pussy of mother and the stomach, it is an indescribable picture. She sharply sat down on him and began to coil sharp pushes being stuck on him, in a couple of minutes, she got up, he grabbed the dick, but she took away his hands again and itself inserted it to herself into a bottom, here then, impudent dirty sex already began, she jumped as if the dick together with balls wanted to accept, she was so horney that I think his considerable size the dick of cm 25 came into all depth as though failing in a chasm. The N turned her on a stomach and bended over, thrusting a dick he held her mouth, to see the sister didn't want to wake. But, apparently, it didn't turn out. About HORROR behind a door which was covered they having sex don't notice the sister who just stands quietly behind a door and looks and it is fine they, even I didn't see her, just for one moment looked at a door. The sister greedy beholds the events, having put legs so close as though she was made horney. But they don't notice her and already probably come to an end, mother apparently terminated already, and it pulled out a dick and mother greedy sucks it doing not pass see. She sucks as as if our life as as if it is the last dick in her life, he leaned back the same apparently depends on it cums, but that it is mother all swallowed? Apparently, I didn't see any drop, well and mother, well and the whore, my dick already hurts, I jammed him to callosities. The sister isn't visible, already to see I escaped, and mother and this analorasshiritel put on happy and kissed, then they left rooms, mother turned off the light, to the hall and to see tired was cut down to sleep. I was so tired to jerk off too, but I couldn't sleep. For morning of the Scent woke me I asked where I took the field-glass, to see I forgot to put him back, well after it it isn't surprising, I told it like it is and he laughed having told what could be asked, well about everything that there were houses naturally I told nothing, it family business... Dear friends write me, to me your comments, thanks a lot that they supported are very important and criticized, send me your chosen stories. THANKS dating tips woman hurricane katrina landfall date site mapMain Page