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I will begin with the fact that it is my first story and I ask you not to judge me very strictly. I pass directly to the story. This story is absolutely truthful and there was it for new year one year ago. As usual, I didn't want to meet New Year with parents and somehow I asked for leave to the friend at whom quite big company gathered. At first everything went as usual. Sat, drank, met fight of the Kremlin chiming clock by rough exclamations and clinking of glasses. By the way, there was all this on the small homeland of the leader of the world proletariat, in Ulyanovsk. After the annual speech of the president everything, already quite boozy, dispersed on rooms. I had honor to be in one room with fairly drunk beauty, called her Ania. As soon as we came into the room, Anyutka fell heavily on a bed at once and in a minute I already heard a peace posapyvaniye. I came to a balcony to smoke and when returned, I saw her which curled up under a blanket. I lay down near her and began to caress her on the head. She stretched in a dream and I saw that she lies absolutely naked. I involuntarily admired this show. Her small but very nice breast of the second size sexually rose and fell when Anyutka breathed. I didn't bear, and touched these fine peaches. She in the sleep illegibly murmured something also I, having grown bolder kissed her on a mouth. She woke up. Having looked at me with the become stupid eyes she asked what I do here. I said: Ant I like you very much and I want that on this New Year's Eve we were together. In reply it attracted me to itself and, having whispered to me on an ear I love you, kissed. Having taken courage, I dived to it under a blanket and began to cover with kisses her breast and a tummy. She quietly moaned from pleasure. I went down below and only moved apart her legs as hardly audible voice was distributed: I am still a virgin... I came up from under a blanket and told that I will make everything accurately. She whispered that she trusts me. I, having already managed to undress by then, I continued begun. I began to enter slowly her and almost at once rested against some barrier. And to sharp points I punched her. Anyutka screamed, but I continued it is possible to fuck her, and after a while her shout was replaced by groans from pleasure. So продожалоь minutes 15, then her Anyuta screamed the last time and her pussy contracted, along with it the powerful orgasm covered also me. I failed on a bed near it and, having kissed it at parting, was chopped off. I woke up from the fact that I felt as I am examined by couples ten curious eyes:) Anyutka lay nearby and slept, in a dream she was more beautiful than ever. Comment on the story or write to Asya 422264762:) your Danya) dating tips with introvert date ideas hartford ct site mapMain Page