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Having entered the apartment, I felt that something here not so. Directly in a corridor on a floor the dressing gown of the wife and her panties rolled. The girl she as I already spoke, very accurate therefore I saw what in principle could never be. The door of our room was half-closed, and more true slightly opened somewhere on a third. With without restraint the beating heart I crept to the room, carefully glanced Katka absolutely naked sat at the computer in a chair, in front of the switched-on monitor. Naked Samvel stood behind her back and did it massage of shoulders. She panted, and, with the covered eyes, rotated the head as if warmed up a neck. His dick was reared. The juicy head touched a back of my wife somewhere between thin shovels. He rumpled Katka carefully, but in too time is strong. She was in pleasure. What was seen absolutely brought down me about a pantalyka. Having become stupid, I fluttered out on the landing, carefully covered a door. I for some reason terribly didn't want that they marked me. And still, about horror, with some sweet shame I felt that this picture made horney me. But the jealousy laid my eyes. And it was required to me minutes five somehow to recover. In this situation it was possible to commit "abrupt" follies therefore, having strong blinked, I waited time and the shivering hands I began to jingle deliberately loudly the keys to give them time to cover up tracks. When I, having taken off outerwear, entered the room to the wife, she already in a dressing gown sat at the computer. I looked at me an absent look, I asked why I returned early and again I stared in the monitor. I told something about the apartment, she answered nothing. Her fingers shivered and angrily as the darting-about spiders with knock of quick legs, ran on the keyboard. - Katya, you want to tell nothing to me? -: - To Kat?! - Well that that that?! You don't see, I type article. Eternally he sticks, doesn't allow to concentrate, - it was obviously angry. Unexpectedly for myself, I sat down on a bed and burst into tears. She with disappointment sighed, sat down nearby: - What happened what you cry? - And you don't understand? - Isn't present: Don't cry, the little fool. Little fool you, little fool. At work something? - she began to caress me to the head again, - everything is formed. Here you will see. I sobbed. I really so loved her. - Well don't cry, have a rest and don't cry, and that eyes will be red, and Samvel Lvovich wants to talk to you in the evening. - He - with me?!! - I swallowed a whimper and pricked up the ears. - Yes, and that here it? - My God, well about what he can speak with me? - Let for you it will be a secret. Anticipate. - Katya you is simply ruthless. - And you are a crybaby! She returned to the computer. I spent time which remained till the evening as delirious. It seems I was awake, it seems I slept. The spouse stirred up me. I razlepit eyes. - In kitchen you are waited by Samvel Lvovich. Be reasonable and quietly listen to him. The owner sat in kitchen, on a table before him - a vodka bottle, two glasses, on a plate - the cut sausage. How accurately she was cut, I understood that her Katya cut: - Sit down, Zhenka, we will talk as a real man. It bulked up in glasses of vodka. I sat down. - I will be short, - he told, - you see I elderly, but in full forces the man. I need regular sex. I want to have it with your wife. For it I to you will sign the apartment. Katerina agrees. - How it? - Yes so that you are actually an impotent man, she told everything to me. And she is a maid - in juice, she should be fucked, it is desirable several times in day. I can give her everything that you can't give. Well, think. All of us will receive the. I a young female, she sexual satisfaction, you - the tender, happy wife. Finally both of you - the apartment in Moscow. Both all of us place, and all near by. And you shouldn't suffer in guesses Vodka and told hit to me on brains: - And why I then am necessary to you? Also remain with her together, time agreed. He sighed. I poured again: - You see she really loves you. You are necessary to her as a hobby, and I - for a body. On wadded legs I returned to Katya. That sat down near me again, again stroked on the head: - Talked? - tenderly she asked - Yes. - Poor. I have been through a lot. And what you about it think? - I don't know any more. - Well, think itself, the whole apartment in Moscow. Yes not in life not to buy it to us. And to help us there is nobody. Our parents, itself you know, riches weren't saved: - Katya, tell, at you already was with him? She sighed: - No. But today will be. - Both how, and where? - Samvel Lvovich invited me for the night in the bed. - And you will go? - Yes, - in her voice metal began to sound, I understood that she finally solved everything, and nothing depends on me, but caught at a straw: - And if I don't let you? - If you love, you will release. Well and what you will tell? - Go. Having fallen before me on knees, she kissed me in cheeks: - Pretty my, pretty, native, I knew that you will understand everything and you won't condemn. I so need your support now. I stand at the crossroads: Will you shave me accurately and purely? He, appears, loves that the girl absolutely "naked" was. And we have to humour in every possible way now him that he didn't change the mind. I itself and my hands shiver. - At me too. - I will shave you today, - Samvel gave a vote, and we involuntarily shuddered. He, appears, overheard and didn't hide it. He opened our door: - Go, Katya, to a shower and wait for me. And you (it it to me) run in drugstore and buy a pack of condoms. The biggest size. Money is? - Is. When I returned with purchase, the wife already was in our room. Her eyes burned: - What already shaved? - The CU-with, - she applied sponges to the flaring lips and conspiratorially opened a dressing gown. Her pubis was absolutely shaved. She couldn't find any peace, worried, rushed about about the room, heatedly told something. Then I began to grind in general some nonsense, and I understood that she waits, won't wait when she is invited. But all didn't invite her. Here shooters on hours passed for ten, for eleven. - Let's sleep, - she exhaled, turned off the light and laid down directly over a blanket. She sighed and turned and was silent. But the owner obviously didn't hurry. I didn't hurry and didn't hurry, and was already more than twelve. At last knocked on a door: - Katya go to me to a bed. Absolutely naked and condoms don't forget. She jumped. I turned on the light, I began to rush about about the room: - Where, where they?! I began to look for too. - Where did I put them, and? - I helplessly looked around. - And, you purposely hid it! - Her cheeks flared. - As, I would begin to hide. Yes here they, - I stretched her a pack. She dumped a dressing gown and left. I heard click of a latch to Savel Lvovich's doors. I right there crept in a corridor and stuck an ear to their door. Behind it the unclear frequent and lingering smack was heard. I understood that they kiss at a bed. - My swallow as long I wanted you. Everything was exhausted, - he croaked. - And I, - hardly took breath she. - I will make you happy today. Now suck away to me, suck until properly you begin to flow. And when you will begin to flow everything, you will tell. - I flow all day. - You don't know yet what is a techka. Now you will understand. The sofa began to creak. He laid down. - Only teeth is more careful, - he ordered, - here so, language under a head. Ouch, clear head girl. - What he at you big! - Give, give, please us process, don't distract. Now you will try a large dick. Be not afraid, at first will be with some difficulty, and then you poobvykntsya, you will accept everything, to eggs. Itself you will ask. - Samvel Lvovich, I flow! - Suffer, suffer, you will tell when absolutely unbearable becomes. Uvula, uvula. - I flow, I flow. I want him. - Take your time, good. You will receive it soon. - I the truth flow, on legs flows. - Here, now you know what is the real techka. Suffer still, let it is more lubricant to be allocated. Then it will be easier for you to accept him. - I want him, I want, - she nearly cried. I threw off the pants. My legs shivered, the dick stood as stone. There was a wish to jerk off delightfully. Their sofa creaked. - Give put on condom. Take your time, the foolish woman, well roll. Now lay down on a back and spread legs as it is possible more widely. - I am afraid of you. - Be not afraid, I will be carefully: Give, legs, are wider even more widely. Get used to accept the man. - More carefully, - she passionately asked and panted. - Oh, yes you are a tselochka absolutely. What close, it is good that you so plentifully emit lubricant. - To me it is painful, you don't hurry. - But here you see, goes, and you were afraid. Oh, as your uterus close. - My dear, good, strong me, what you: what is with me, I won't understand, I, apparently, cum. - Wait still, it only an anticipation, to the real orgasm you should be poyebat, then will cover. The sofa began to creak stronger: Samvel moved more intensively. She panted with some prisvist. - Oh, as well, I can't. What is it?. - It, girl, fuck. I fuck you because you are my female. It is pleasant to you to be a female? - Yes, to me it is sweet, to me it is insufferably good, I will terminate now. - This anticipation, he quietly spoke, - suffer, soon you on the present will terminate, accept him more deeply. The sofa began to creak even stronger. - What do you feel? - I feel him a uterus. He at me somewhere under a navel. Also tickles! My God, what pleasure! - Suffer still, legs are wider, make upward movement to me more furiously. The sofa began to creak like mad. - And, well approaches? Approaches?!! Rolls?!! - Yes, yes, yes! - she shouted, - the whore I am a bitch, ебарь my, my dear, I only with you will be now - I cum, I cum, I cum. Oh! What this heavy pleasure, - a chest deep voice she exhaled, and the sofa ceased to creak. But I heard how she fights and coils under him. Then she stood. - Wait, it is not everything, - he said, - I didn't terminate yet. The sofa creaked time, another also went to be shaken again. At first slowly, then is more and more rhythmical. - Make upward movement to me, make upward movement! - Let me from above. dating tips kannada date ideas young couples site mapMain Page