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I welcome dear readers. I decided to tell you svy history, a story about how I became trans-girl. A figure at me from the childhood more female, roundish buttocks, almost absent vegetation on a body. I grew in normal family. But so it turned out that in it is put. a garden I didn't go, at school the first 3 classes generally was ill, stayed at home. Since then a habit, after school home, I liked to be at home. Parents almost always were at work in the afternoon, and on days off left in деремню, generally there was almost always one. Years in 13 as well as everything at school I began to think of girls. After school, having come home, I began to look at a porn. After time, I began to catch myself on a thought that I want to be on the place of women who are fucked. When viewings a porn I thrust to myself into a bottom different objects, representing that it is the dick of the guy fucking me. But most of all, I liked to dream as I suck to the guy. Having saved money, the iskuvstvenny dick on a sucker and ordered every day to himself, having come from school, at first sucked it for hours, then was stuck on him and jumped on him. In a consequence I couldn't jerk off without the phallus in a bottom, the vlzbuzhdeniye vanished. Through some time, I began to try on mother's things (with mother we about one build). Having saved a little money, I ordered to myself female things, a wig, it is a little cosmetics. When everything came, to my admiration there was no limit! Especially, I liked stockings with a belt, I in them had very womanly look, exciting. Облчившись in the new things, I saw in the zerkl the nice girl, the brunette, 165 cm in height, with class buttocks, the first breast size. I was wildly horney. Having taken a picture of itself a little, I brought (or I brought) the rubber friend. Having installed the camera on shooting each 3 minutes, I began to suck a dick, then put him on a floor, on him sing villages, I began anal masturbation. I made all this in front of the mirror. From a mirror the girl, in stockings, in a transparent jacket, with the lipstick smeared after blowjob on a face, wildly skachashchy the buttocks on a rubber dick looked at me. The events in зеркалеменя wildly made horney, I began to cum, even without touching the dick. It was the strong, not forgotten orgasm. There was a time, I graduated from school, entered the institute. I was on friendly terms with little girls too. But even when fucked them, I wanted to be on their place. Especially I didn't understand how it is possible not to want to do blowjob. And here, years in 20, I nevertheless decided on a meeting with the man. For acquaintance to the man I decided to use the Internet. It was registered on a dating site. In the announcement I wrote: "The trans-girl, looks for the man who will deprive of virginity, will be tender. I guarantee confidentiality and I demand. Yulya". I like this name, here I also chose it for the female essence. Young children and virtuals wrote much, generally. It is necessary to add, the town at us not big therefore became the real problem, to find the adequate man. After a while, me the letter, from a certain Alexander came to mail. He wrote that I very much was pleasant to him on a photo that he wants a meeting, etc. We with him began to correspond in social nets, to stir. He addressed always me as to the girl Yulya, and it strongly made horney me. Then he sent me a photo of, and I, at the sight of him on a photo, was Very much made horney, and wanted that he was my the first. Agreed about a meeting. I was afraid, but when it approached me, nevertheless decided, and got to it into the car. For a start we agreed simply to drive, get acquainted. The guy was beautiful, sociable, we quickly found with him a common language. Drove, agreed still to meet. On the street it was already dark when he gave a ride to me to an entrance of my house. I was going to leave, Sasha suddenly embraced me, and began to kiss. Up to this point I kissed only little girls, to kiss the guy didn't pull me, and here as struck with a lightning! I stuck into his lips, twisted with hands his neck, and we merged in a kiss. I don't know how many we kissed it, can minute, hour can. I looked to him in the face, and saw in them huge desire. I asked him to drive off near the house. Having stopped, I attacked on him, kissed, began to undo jeans. Having undone, the dick broke loose the impressive sizes. Having come off his juicy lips I attacked (now I felt myself the girl) on him. My God, as it is pleasant, to oschushchat lips, the sky, language, the pulsing flesh!!! I with frenzy sucked, swallowed, podrachivat hands a sweet dick. It is necessary to tell, the faloemmtator of 18*4 in size. 5 cm, I learned to swallow completely, a dick I couldn't swallow Sashin to a half. Sasha began to groan, I began to suck even stronger, to squeeze lips over a bridle stronger, worked with language stronger. His hand laid down to me on a nape, I began to swallow at once more and more deeply on how many I could reach. It began to groan even more loudly, the dickhead began to harden, caressing it language and lips, it began to stream in me. Earlier I thought that so much cum happens only in a porno, I didn't manage to swallow it, she exuded from lips. Sasha ceased to cum, and I exhausted the last juice from his dick, didn't want that my mouth was left by his sweet dick. Sasha began to caress me through trousers, from his touches I began to cum, very violently to cum, at the same time having swallowed his dick on how many my throat allowed. Having ceased to cum, having taken out nevertheless a dick from a mouth, it became a shame to me to look to Sasha in the face. He having understood it, I turned me to myself, I kissed, and I told that it is the coolest blowjob in his life. Having a little chatted, having discussed with him our next meeting, I went out of the car and went home. Having come home, having looked in a mirror, I saw a little swelled up a little sponges, a little dried up cum on a chin, and the trousers and underwear impregnated with my cum. Having washed, I laid down in a bed and fell asleep. For the morning, having woken up, I found sms from Sasha. In him it was said that he looks forward to our next meeting. Having called him, we chatted, and agreed to meet on Friday evening. And here, long-awaited Friday. Having woken up in the morning, having drunk a coffee cup, I was accepted to cleaning. Houses nobody was therefore I put on a dressing gown, and new shoes 15 cm to a hairpin bought recently. At home I will be tidied up, at the same time I will master circulation on heels. At first hardly as moved, then nothing, I accustomed. Hour in the 3rd cleaning was finished, the table is laid, wine was cooled. It is time and to undertake itself. I came into a shower, it was rinsed, I removed not numerous vegetation from a body, washed out the daddy properly. I put on black stockings, panties and a corset. It is necessary to tell, it was difficult to attach a dick, but it turned out not badly. I put on a wig, I made up. I put on short black payments. It turned out ссног sshibatelno! Having taken a picture of itself a little, I put the camera on the minding bed, запрогромировав to fotat it each 5 minutes. (Well it is pleasant to me that it (;) Having left the bathroom, on hours there were 17. 48, Sasha promised to come to 6. The on-door speakerphone call Raztatsya, I zanernichat, ran to open. It was he. I opened, he climbed a ladder, and I, stood red, worrying as the virgin. (well in general and was). The door was opened, Sasha, having seen me, was stupefied. He entered, embraced me for a waist, and having kissed told that I perfectly look. We passed in state muddy where the table was laid, Sasha poured wine, we drank, stirred. Wine began to work, all my confusion was gone. I told that I need to correct a make-up, departed to the bathroom. There I had a dressing gown, transparent through which all is visible. Having dressed it, having tinted sponges, I went to a sachet. He sat on a chair. Having seen me, he considerably quickened. I approached a table, specially bent so what Sasha would see me behind. I turned in his storna, I saw a knob on his trousers. He beckoned me to himself. I approached, sat down on him, and we merged in a kiss. Kissing, he caressed me, took off from me a dressing gown. I took off from him a shirt, undid trousers. I began to kiss his neck, slowly slipping below. Already nipples of my darling, I nachanat them to lick, I hear pleasant groan. I go down from his knees, I kiss a press, a navel of my darling. In a predkusheniye of a sweet dick, I break about negoshtana, pants. Here he, in all beauty предо me! Vstayupered him nakolen, I nachanat to lick his clean-shaven groin, I caress balls. I suck in them in turn, at once two. His dick, long centimeters 23, lies on my face, his balls at me in a mouth. My God, what this paradise pleasure to suck the dick to the guy! From eggs, to a look I zyky to a bridle, kiss it, I lick his velvet head, I take her in a mouth. I Nachanat to suck it, the dick passes more and more deeply to me in a throat. Sasha hands squeezes armrests, pants. I, with the dick in a mouth, look to him in the face, he looked in eyes to me, I begin to swallow his dick. I swallow him to the basis. My God, as it is pleasant, to oschushchat at itself in a throat the pulsing flesh as it is pleasant to see the guy at this moment! Doing rotary motions by the head, I nachanat to suck quicker. My hands caress his hips, a breast. My mouth is caressed by his mighty dick. Sasha takes me two hands for the head, raises it so that a dickhead to be at me to a vort, then slowly begins to release, so far my lips not to touch his pubis. Years of trainings with a rubber dick weren't in vain. It accelerates. The dickhead hardens, the dick begins to strain at me in a throat, I understand that Sasha wants to terminate. I don't disturb him, he moves my head more and stronger, and here, I feel as on my throat the cum begins to flow down. Having a little pulled out a dick I gather a little in a mouth, Sasha in ecstasy sticks my head back. To the basis. I still feel a pulsation, Sasha cums, having densely pressed my head to the pubis. I already begin to choke, but here, Sasha takes away hands, and leans back in a chair. I raise the head from the dick, slowly, squeezing his lips, I squeeze out from him everything to a last straw. Having reached a head, I savor it, I suck, I lick. I swallow of all cum, a hand I take a dick and I take out it from a mouth, the whole head. Sasha in full ecstasy. Takes me by hands and sits down to himself on knees. A finger erases a cum from corners of lips, allows to lick to me it. Having embraced it for a neck, we sit, he caresses me. Then Sasha asked: - In a conversation you said to me that you are a girl, but as you do blowjob, so to me nobody nidelat. - I studied on an iskuvstvenny dick, - I answered. dating tips for young guys date today rmarkdown site mapMain Page