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Hi. My name is Anton, I am a slender guy of 26 years, I am married. The figure is more similar to women's as I have no pronounced shoulders and the lower part always was roundish and outstanding. Earlier I hid it under jeans and long t-shirts, but over time ceased. Vegetation at me didn't grow too because of what was to shave off enough an easy down on a face. And in armpits hair practically were also not. Everything began in the winter, few years ago. Somehow time my spouse, Lille, threw almost all my underwear in washing, and made it just before we needed to go on a visit. In a case of fresh pants it didn't appear, and I decided to dry quickly them on the battery, but unfortunately there is almost no time left, and we needed to gather quickly. — Lille, and you washed all my pants? — Yes, everything that was in a basket. And what? — Yes pancake, I have no fresh pants what to dress? Without pants it will be coldish I was upset. — Well... Lille perplexedly I became silent... — Do want I to you the I will give? — Well, I still didn't carry female panties with thingies. I muttered. — Come on, at me is without lace, usual, they even something are similar to men's, to give? — Give, all equally there is no alternative. Lilina panties densely pressed my dick to a body, and behind ideally covered my bottom. They as though adjoined more densely to skin and weren't such rough. The feeling was new, my cowards were more free ahead and not so sat on a bottom. While we put on my dick began to be poured and it became slightly inconvenient, it was practically necessary to put it on a stomach, having lifted up up. The wife with apparent interest watched my manipulations. She slightly blushed and and devoured with eyes my perineum. At some point while I pulled a shirt, her hand appeared on my dick and began to stroke and squeeze it through fabric of panties. On my indignations concerning time and delay she waved away and pulled together panties down. Blowjob was fast, Lille the dick just swallowed, rumpled my balls, squeezed give to drink halves. So I terminated quickly and many, having lowered everything in a mouth of the beloved spouse. Lelya got up and stuck into my lips the so I wholly felt taste of a sovy cum on lips as favourite. Further we continued to gather quickly as time was absolutely just barely enough. The good taxi driver got to us and we were almost not late by the fixed time. On a visit we sat next to the wife, and at some point she lowered a hand under a table and started over again squeezing and caressing my dick. Naturally he got up and began to cause inconvenience as in panties there was few place — they weren't adapted for a dick. At some point the handle of the wife got directly into pants and the dick up so turned that he began to lie kind of on a stomach, and pressed him panties. During the evening she repeatedly made horney me so by the end of evening I was ready to fuck her directly on a table on a visit. At last our visit came to an end, and we gathered home, having said goodbye to all we called the taxi again and left. Houses, having hardly covered an entrance door I developed to Lille to myself buttocks, bent, having lifted up a dress and having instantly lowered both her and panties broke into her damp pizdyonka. I fucked her long so she began to howl through some time. After we weakened undressed, washed and be filled up to sleep. I didn't remember that I should put the pants on the battery. In the morning I received a yesterday's problem — my pants weren't. It was necessary to take women's again, but unfortunately, such convenient and smooth as yesterday at the wife clean it didn't appear, and she presented me lacy thongs. At work I fidgeted all the time on a chair as the string of thongs constantly stuck into a bottom, few times ran in a toilet to correct her. Surprisingly at some moments my dick inflated and I terribly wanted sex. By the end of the working day the dick just didn't fall any more, it was necessary to stack him again "up" as differently he slipped out panties and rubbed about trousers. The way home was long J Houses, food I crossed through a threshold as I was attacked by the wife, not two to me even to be undressed, she kneeled, lowered from me trousers, pulled out my dick from lacy captivity and began to suck it I help myself hands. Through some time I felt that the wife's fingers, accurately rumple and stroke my back hole. And literally in a minute her finger intruded in me behind and began to mass with circular motions space near an entrance, gradually getting more deeply. At this moment me just pierced from pleasure, and I splashed out everything that collected in a day in the spouse's mouth, a part was swallowed, and a part got on her discharged person. Lille slowly I rose and having brought closer the person to mine I began to kiss me, as a result both of us were in my cum. Lelya pinched from me drops and periodically shared them with me. Having undressed, we went to a bathtub and rolled about an hour there. — Anton, the beginnings of Lille through any time, and you couldn't carry my panties periodically? — What for? I asked. — Yesterday and today I understood that I am wildly made horney by a type of lingerie on you. Your buttocks are simply created for thongs or the tango. Looks just super. I am the whole day only and I thought of you. — Well I don't know. Somehow not absolutely to me this idea. — Well darling, well please. And in exchange you can also me about something to ask, the wife cunning smiled. — Aha, I quickened, then from me panties and from you an anal tail, you will be at home in it to run, more precisely it in you will be constant. Considering that the wife dislikes an anal, I hoped that this condition will frighten off her. But it didn't develop. Lelya promised to think. In about five minutes pleasure in a bathtub, it agreed to it. I anticipating rubbed hands, got out of the bathroom and went for a tail which was bought long ago, but was almost not used. Having returned to a bathtub with a tail and lubricant I a look suggested Lila to prepare for introduction. Lelya sighed, got up in a bathtub a crustacean and stuck out round the daddy. Having squeezed out lubricant directly on the wife's hole, I began to twist accurately a pro-barrel, and other hand pinched from time to time Lilina nipples. I slowly inserted a stopper and also slowly tried to pull out, pulling skin near the spouse's anus. In a couple of minutes of such actions of Lille began to breathe more actively, her hand fell to down, and she began to caress the pussy. Further we continued to carry out everyone the movements of Lille so far didn't scream and didn't begin to cum, I hardly managed to pick up her body on the turning-in legs. Having pulled out the wife from a bathtub I carried it on a bed, turned on a tummy, threw the dangling tail on a back and entered the pizdyonka expiring juice. On the apartment the squelching sounds began to be carried. Here Lille stood, and then I slipped out forward, I jumped up to a case, without looking I got some panties and with expectation I looked at me. It was necessary to pull quickly on himself lacy something, with a cut just on the most interesting place. Lille I fell heavily on a bed again, on a back and I beckoned me a finger. My dick demanded continuation, and I without delaying rushed into the wife's pizdyonka again. The stopper in buttocks created closer space in a pizdyonka therefore to move was very pleasant, at this moment I felt that Lille tries to reach my anus, but I wasn't capable to object any more therefore I continued to hollow in a former rhythm. And here Lily's fingers reached my hole and covered me with an orgasm wave. In eyes darkened, my bum squeezed the finger which is sticking out in it and the falls were thrown up from the dick just. Lille at the same time with me I began to squeeze convulsively vagina walls, the orgasm came also to her. I could hardly slip from her, we embraced and fell asleep as forces to go to a shower just wasn't. In the morning I woke up from soft lips on the dick. Lelya polished my dick with language and tried to reach an anus. But it was impossible to her so far. Having seen that I opened eyes she asked: — Bend legs in knees, please. I bent legs slightly them having placed, Lille was interrupted squeezed out to myself on a finger of some cream and gently entered into my hole a finger at the same time continuing to suck. In a couple of minutes already two fingers shurovat in my buttocks, and the boat plunged deeply into Lily's throat. The strange feeling of fullness in a bottom together with a throat Lily forced me to moan and to terminate violently. Lelya swallowed everything to a drop without ceasing to stroke fingers my anus from within. When I terminated to be thrown up she slowly was discharged, slightly opening a mouth and showing that it is full of my cum. She, slowly looking to me in eyes, I brought closer the person to mine and I stuck lips into my lips. Today the taste of my cum didn't seem strange any more. We kissed, probably, minutes 10, pinching my cum with each other. Lelya got up and shaking hips with the tail which is sticking out between sweet rolls, reached a case and got the next lace lingerie. I threw him on a bed and I winked, having trifled a tail. So I began to wear lingerie every day. Then gradually I passed also to other objects of female clothes. But it another story altogether. dating tips 2022 date calculator javascript site mapMain Page