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I like to look. In it everything put. In women I first of all am interested in sexuality, I am not original and I love high blue-eyed a blyandinok — such wife at me. She always pleased me with an opportunity to admire the slender legs, the firm buttocks. She is good herself, her pizdyonka is always clean-shaven, she is skillful in sex and is very dissolute, I also love her for it. In turn it quite accepts such husband who will only be pleased by a classical scene of type... he comes home and finds the wife in the family way on all fours between two, and even three males. We understand each other and we use this life to give joy each other. Birthday of darling — how to congratulate? Of course, the new set of a sexy underwear and spirits won't prevent, but it isn't enough. I know what will please her really. For this purpose in my notebook there is a special page... And here I already gather Vadim's phone — I remember that cool evening when I had a rest on a front seat of his smart car while that was shaken and shaken hour from groans of my wife who was very much hollowed with this Vadim on back seat. We got acquainted with him in bar two hours ago, and here were hardly closed behind us a car door as it just broke from itself panties and stuck to his balls. Now he had it as to a bough, very much driving the dick into her sweet buttocks, and you would see her face! She all blushed, the hairstyle is shaken up, lips bright red, swelled from furious sucking, eyes see nothing — as though hundred years nobody fucked her! She liked this guy, and we invited him still few times that she with him fucked. Well, perhaps and he superfluous won't be at a birthday party. Now it is necessary to invite someone from work. My wife has a weakness to security guards therefore all of them peretrakhat her in office transport, in a toilet, in a warehouse — she seldom refuses. But with special delight she always tells about some Sergey, she seems I am in love with him. According to her stories at him the dick of improbable thickness, she is even afraid to give him in an office toilet because his dick forces her to shout. But she never misses an opportunity to suck away at him, and with delight tells me every time about how she was kneeling to him in a men's room, and he strung it a mouth on the dick, cumed her in a throat, and then forced her to suck away right there and to the acquaintance who accidentally came to him for work and whom she for the first time saw... she with pleasure obeyed. By the way, she didn't remember how it was called, this acquaintance. Priglasim and Sergey. And here with these children we went this summer from the sea. We have perfectly a rest, my suntanned wife fascinated all beach by the round buttocks full of desire, and here we occupied two lower shelves in sleeping, and were already going to accept hundred grams on a path when two guys entered a compartment. There are they from Chisinau too, as well as we, go home from rest too. Well, is together more cheerful. Drank for acquaintance — called one Yura, another Slavik. Both gallantly kissed to the wife the handle, and kissed with skill — on a palm, having touched at the same time lips and language. I saw that they were pleasant to the wife at once, and here she just thawed, but, trying to observe the proprieties so far, began to look for something in our baggage. On her there was a fitting T-shirt to a navel, and her favourite summer short skirt — hardly covering panties, from black guipure, translucent. Trying to find something in bags, she got up a back to children and low bent, at the same time her almost completely become bare appetizing bum appeared directly before their eyes, very close. It is no wonder that one of them didn't keep, and tenderly I bit her for buttocks. This whore burst out laughing and playfully pushed away the guy. Here I understood that she looked for — the favourite stockings in a network. After visit of a toilet stockings appeared on her, and her look gained the characteristic gloss speaking about full whorish readiness. It was necessary to go about six hours, time was later therefore we decided to lift couple more of toasts and to go to bed. The wife suggested children to drink brotherhood with her, they joyfully exchanged glances and agreed. Yura was the first. Saw standing, at the same time his left hand kind of accidentally laid down on her breast, and strong squeezed her. The wife closed eyes both for some reason reddened, and also blindly kissed Yura on a mouth, long and взасос, having deeply started a uvula to him in a mouth. Having hardly come off, she deeply sighed and burst out laughing. Yura looked back to me, I to him nodded. Have a snack. Included a kassetnik. Slavik was the following on брудершафт. Music played, all already were lukewarm, the train ran home. The wife rose, shaking hips approached Slava, took him with a smile by hand and put in the center of a compartment. With glasses in hands, they got up most closely, drank, put glasses; the wife two hands took Slava for the head and began взасос to kiss. Slavina a leg was to a mezhl her widely placed thighs, and my wife began to hop, and in other words — to rub a clitoris about his leg. Her skirt was lifted up to a half of a bum, but to her had no time for that. Glory I began to enjoy, I took both hands my wife for an ass and I began to rumple it, at the same time moving the leg its pizdy up and down. It proceeded minutes two or three, here the whore loudly moaned, having interrupted a kiss, burst out laughing and corrected the whorish skirt. To relieve the tension, I began to tell some jokes. Children laughed, but their views didn't come off my wife who made eyes at them, sucking the finger. Having well sucked round a finger, she moved apart thighs and lowered a hand under a table. Her eyes were closed, the slightly opened mouth became especially gentle, then sponges developed a tubule... it opened eyes — they were full of lust, frank whorish desire to be raped. The hand openly moved, caressing a clitoris under a skirt. She shuddered all over, and published several deep groans. With obvious effort she stopped, told that it is necessary for her in a toilet and left. In a couple of minutes Slava silently left and locked for himself doors. We with Yura sat and cheerfully remembered sea tour. Passed minutes ten, the wife didn't come back. Glory I returned and silently I got to myself on the top shelf. After this urgent matters were at Yura. I remained at a table one, the wife all didn't come back, and I went to look that detains her. I understood in what business even earlier than reached platform doors when heard reserved men's groans and low of the wife, familiar expression of a high with a dick in a mouth is so good to me. I didn't want to miss a show, and carefully approached leaky closed doors. Indeed — in the platform there was Yura with the lowered trousers, before him my wife whore sat on kortocha, both hands she intensively caressed the clitoris. Yura strong held her by hair and strung her a mouth on the dick, enough decent sizes, watching at the same time that he entered entirely. The dick was located badly, the wife choked and rattled, but she tried from it even more better, and here she got skilled at to swallow at last him so that her nose every time buried in hair of his pubis, and balls appeared almost at her in a mouth. She at the same time tried to look after his reaction, and Yura meanwhile lost already groans on growl, rolled up eyes and began to stick the wife's head on a dick with the doubled force. Here I felt pride — after all my wife really cool whore, not each man can brag of it. Some more such successful movements — and Yura hard began to breathe and very much set to the wife in a mouth the stake so pressed her a nose the stomach. The wife at the same time convulsively squeezed knees and began to shake all over, she couldn't groan and therefore she only loudly lowed as the girl under a bull. Yura made some more movements by the dick at her in a throat, and then carefully took out it. The wife carefully took him in hand and accurately licked the cum remains. I didn't want that I was caught, and went back and a compartment. My whore returned soon, she with a smile kissed me and began to spread a bed. When she bent down, her skirt opened everything to the middle of buttocks, and panties on her weren't any more. I pretended that I didn't notice it. When she bent especially low, it was possible to notice that her pizda is already well developed by someone — it was magnificent and wet. And she bent down low, especially when was an ass to Slavik, and to him from it something began to prevent to sit — he began to fidget and correct the dick in trousers. The wife noticed it and started giggling. The conversation on the ideal woman came, and Slavik said... — The ideal woman is a free prostitute! — So same I! — my wife was delighted. Nothing remained to me except how to agree. To someone as not to me to know the wife Here Slavik's dick nearly broke off to him a fly, it is good that Yura just entered. We sat at a table a little more and were going to lay down. I settled on the shelf, children got to themselves upward. The wife coquettishly said that all have to close eyes as she got used to sleep naked and has to undress. All amicably burst out laughing, but pretended that they obey. My whore, without turning off the light, I began to undress slowly and beautifully. It was visible that Yura pushed a hand in pants and began to jerk off, looking at my bitch. It was pleasant to me that she so makes horney foreign men. For some reason she didn't begin to remove the black openwork stockings, instead she began to comb the fine fair hair. She did it long, and children had an opportunity to admire thoroughly her faultless suntanned body. Regiments under them shook. At last she finished, low bent down and strong kissed me, then turned off the light and laid down on the shelf. Here it turned out that in a compartment very hot, and it is necessary to open doors. Nobody objected, and the wife opened doors wide open. Then she settled, but covered with a sheet only a breast and a back. Thus, each passerby could bespepyatstvenno admire her fine-molded legs in stockings and a suntanned bum. I quietly frigged, anticipating a fine show. Children lay quietly, waiting for time that I fell asleep. I didn't begin to weary them and began to pokhrapyvat. The wife settled down so at this time that the shaven pizdyonka became perfectly visible between widely moved apart thighs. Lying on a stomach, she set aside an ass up, and I noticed that she imperceptibly masses a finger the clitoris. Then she advanced a hand a little further and began to expand slowly with a finger a hole in buttocks, then licked two fingers and, having thrust them to herself into a bottom to a half, began to move them there, doing it slowly and with pleasure. From above quiet conversation and snickers was heard. Probably, they solved which of them will go the first. Personally I wanted that it was Slavik because with Yura I already saw her. But here the issue was resolved by itself — in a compartment carefully glanced the conductor, the guy of years of 25, the wife managed to coquet with him when landing, invited on a visit, here he also came, and here such surprise — a cool bum directly towards! Children pretended to be sleeping above, the conductor looked round and understood that it arrived on time. Here he noticed fingers which my girl continued to move at herself in buttocks, having already rather warmed, and he understood what to do to him. Trying to be more silent, he carefully lowered the wife knees on a floor, placed her legs and licked buttocks, is more faithful a hole in her, licked to humidify more better, and, having hasty lowered trousers, put the dick to a bum of my wife. She quietly sighed and moved the back to him towards, and the dick slipped inside like clockwork. The wife moaned, and the conductor one hand clamped her a mouth. — Be silent, the bitch! — quietly he murmured her on an ear. She shut up, only began to go backwards-forward by his dick an ass more vigorously. I heard a silent chvakanye as everything came very close from my face. Sometimes she didn't keep, and from the mouth clamped by a hand the deep groan escaped, in reply the conductor strong squeezed her bum and planted with her on the tomatoes in the smashed point, and abused her in a whisper the prostitute, the skank, a nipple and a laying. The wife according to played an ass, trying to make to him pleasant. this prdolzhatsya fuck minutes ten until the prvodnik sustained and with deaf growl didn't terminate her in buttocks. She slid off a dick, turned and carefully took it in a mouth, sucked, pinched the cum remains, still sucked, and asks... — You often are in Chisinau, darling? — No, not really, and that? — It is a pity, and that I would meet your train every time. I think, you found - a half-hour for the Chisinau girlfriend to fuck her in a utility room? Personally I didn't miss - a case with you to fuck. — Yes I understood at once that you are a poblyadushka, on the platform. — Correctly I understood. There now, I will write down to you the phone and go, and that still will wake up somebody. She wrote down to him phone on some napkin, strong kissed and pushed out for doors, closed them and stopped, looking at me, trying to understand, I sleep or I pretend to be. — I saw everything. — Well and how I to you? — Cool whore, good fellow. I am proud of you. — It only the beginning, dont'you mind? — I? I only for, you know. She greased buttocks with cream and settled in a bed. To Chisinau there were two more hours whether it is necessary to tell how our compartment spent them? The first Slavik went down, he sat down to the wife on the person and for a start suggested her to lick to him a bum that she with pleasure and long did while he jerked off the very solid stake. Then he went down over her face on all fours, gave the end to the wife in lips and just began to fuck her in a throat. Here he guessed because she just adores that she was fucked in a mouth, it very much makes horney her, she always jerks off the clitoris when to her so allow to suck. Now she did it, having highly raised the spread legs, loudly groaning and champing, trying to swallow a dick together with balls, making upward movement the head towards to the Slaviny tool. In such situation she terminated two times, both times incredibly strongly, completely swallowing the dick set with her in a throat. But it seems her it only got. Then Slava bended over her and began to have very much, and the wife didn't concede to him, she fell the person by a bed and caved in as could deeply. Her pizda gave smacking kiss, on a bum fat waves jumped, Slava just hammered into her the tool, but her was a little. — In other hole... — quietly she moaned. — Well you and whore! — Yes, I am a whore, give, fuck me in zadnitsu-u-u!... Here the wife just rose because the dick entered her buttocks on the balls at once, she just began to choke with a high and to fight convulsively on a dick as a butterfly on a needle. — Receive, you wanted it? — Yes - and - and-and, y-I wanted it - and-and... — my wife sang, widely moving apart the buttocks both hands that she was fucked as it is possible more deeply. Here Slavik began to snuffle deeply, and in several seconds he took out the smoking dick from her bum, convulsively his poddrachivy. The wife was mgovenno developed and подставиля the widely open mouth under a stream of the favourite drink. The cum filled in her language and began to flow on a podbordka, she hasty swallowed it and started licking the remains from the dick and to exhaust from the channel, to lick balls. She did all this, being before Slava on all fours, having highly raised a bottom. At last he was satisfied and rose by the shelf. On his place Yura went down. The wife met him without changing a pose, only tenderly smiled. Yura thought and gave her for a start in a mouth. She diligently began to polish his dick with the chubby sponges. Her face splashed by a cum looked very sexually. I didn't sustain, rose from a bed and stuck the dick to the wife into a face. Nobody was surprised, only the wife understood what was added by her work. She took one hand Yura's dick, other hand — mine, sucked them by turns, then pressed to each other and began to suck at the same time — she loves very much to do so. But it isn't so pleasant how effectively looks therefore Yura decided soon that he needs to try at last too her buttocks which already two times fucked in front of his eyes. Therefore he came behind, put my wife more conveniently, few times strong slapped her on an ass why she caved in and more vigorously drained in my dick, and slowly began to push a dick to her in a point. His tool was the thickest of what she saw this night, and now she had to move apart buttocks in all breadth. The wife even began to howl and rotate a bum, helping Yura to seize her properly. — She at you real damn! — Yura admired — Me such whore in wives! The inspired with these, words, my bitch just zaplyasat, putting on the buttocks his dick and squealing a little from pleasure. I fucked her in a mouth, then we developed her on the contrary and continued, so we hollowed her long enough, at the same time she several times terminated because constantly I massed to myself a clitoris. Remained to time not so much, and to make this night really unforgettable, I offered finally sandwich. The wife understood already little therefore we didn't begin to consult on her, and just seated on a dick to the lying Yura pizdy what she was surprised much to, and I began to be attached behind. It wasn't really convenient, but we forced this skank to be curved so that my dick rather deeply entered her buttocks, at the same time my wife from groans passed to weak shrieks. — And here it isn't necessary to rustle. — Slavik told, got down from the top shelf and put it in a mouth. The wife diligently worked a bum, sticking her on two dicks at the same time, at the same time actively polishing with a mouth the third, generally — behaved extremely adequately. Here it is so possible to have a rest in Chisinau so have it in a look. Be continued. dating timeline christian date ideas for nyc site mapMain Page