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Several weeks I with them corresponded and learned that Dima is inclined to submission, and it doesn't bring Tanya at all. Brought up in the spirit of traditional family values, she refused even to sit down to him on the person, without speaking about other pleasant things. They even some time together attended sessions from professional dominy, then he began to go to her without wife, but from all this submission and humiliation turned back Tanya, and Dima couldn't terminate normally with the professional. He complained that she does everything according to instructions, honestly works the paid money from what to him it became sometimes ridiculous, and they had to stop sessions. And here suddenly I behind this correspondence remembered how to me the teacher suggested to correct the firm four on philosophy on the five. Just there was a strong wish the diploma of red color, here and I decided to accept the proposal of the 45-year-old man. Knowing about my bents, he suggested me to terminate from his Adam's apple. An Adam's apple at him and the truth of soaps massive. Having remained with him, he locked a door, placed school desks on perimeter that didn't disturb, put an inflatable small pillow which usually are on sale for distant trips that the neck wasn't tired under a neck, laid down on a floor the person up and here everything began. I took off jeans and panties, then sat down to him on a breast. Heart at him fought very often. For nervousness he swallowed all the time, and the massive Adam's apple went to and fro. Of course it made horney me, and from my shchyolochka the lubricant droplet appeared. I also didn't think earlier that a men's Adam's apple it is possible to ride out, be rubbed about it by a clitoris and to terminate. He asked that I widely parted legs and stretched out. And when my sexual sponges began to crawl on his neck, he began to swallow all the time. Not to strangle him in such pose, I moved a part of weight on hands, resting against a floor, and straining legs, tried to get up from a twine. My hips were very strained, and from it the orgasm began to arise somewhere absolutely deeply. I caught a clitoris the rate of an Adam's apple and adapted to him. The neck of the teacher became absolutely damp and sticky from what the class was filled with the champing sounds. I increased the pace and already almost forced it directly in a neck. And then I threw hands for the head, and practically all my weight fell on his throat. I didn't hear how he groaned, I needed to terminate. When we began, his legs almost touched a wall where the board hangs. And when I recovered and saw horror in his eyes, we were in the middle of audience. Just imagine: I the frictions, resting a pubis against his chin, I dragged him nearly on a half of length of a class. If not this inflatable pillow, should the poor thing hardly. Then I wanted continuation. I removed this saving pillow from his neck, took it hands for a nape, buried his face in the perineum, squeezed to him hips the head and leaned back back. Here me прошиб the second orgasm. The teacher couldn't otolnut from my eyakuliruyushchy pizdyonka in any way, and I also didn't know that so оргазмируя, I fill in to him all face. And when my thighs already absolutely were tired, and I had no forces to squeeze his head, the orgasm receded. Hearing and sight returned to me, and the philosopher's head was already free. He threw off me from himself, turned sideways and began to clear the throat. And I luxuriated and coiled on a floor. From a vagina still flowed, but I had no forces to rise and make toilet. The teacher recovered earlier, lifted me and seated on a chair. He blew nose and tried to clear the throat for a long time, and then told that I will have a five. I promurchat something in reply, opened a door and left audience. And so, I it to the fact that after that case I had no contact with a men's Adam's apple, and there was a wish to refresh feelings very much. So why not to use Tanin Dima? They suggested to go with them to the dacha, to open a shashlik season and at the same time to subordinate Dima in the presence of the wife. And here I without any ulterior motive just shared the idea. I wrote to them: "Dima, I will force your Adam's apple and I will terminate even if you will begin to cry. And the wife will be near and will be able to make nothing". I wrote and forgot, a phrase harmless. And people will be already ready. But, as then I was told by Tanya, Dima, having read it, all began to shake and called her that she read too. And when she tried to embrace the husband he right there terminated directly in pants. Shook him all evening and all night long. They even had no sex. And here, on Friday evening we met and by their car waved to the country. Tanya because Dima at the sight of me slightly was nervous was driving, but nevertheless I was very sociable. Having arrived to the place, we with Tanya began to be engaged in meat and salads, and the husband flooded a bath and kindled a brazier. Having a little supported, decided to test a steam room. We sat on high benches, and Dima looked after us. Decided to do without alcohol not to dull feeling. Her husband gradually got used to me and behaved naturally. From a type of ours with Tanya of naked bodies at it of course I got up. Having seen enough of the husband and his average size I prichindat, I suddenly wanted to seize him. He prepared brooms, dipped them, steamed out, checked – whether not hot, and still did something and when to me bothered to look at this vanity, I leaned hands on a bench, moved forward and threw the legs to him on shoulders. He stood a back to me and therefore didn't expect that I here so will pick up him the legs and I will drag up to myself. Dima moved back, but resisted standing, and meanwhile I already had his head between thighs. Our bodies were wet therefore it was twice pleasant to subordinate him so. Tanya looked at the events in some catalepsy. — That's OK, relax you. I only am played — I decided to relieve the tension. Dima rested a nape against my sexual sponges and shivered so that I was even afraid to move. I took him for hair and rejected the head back to look in his shameless eyes: — Now, Dimochka, I will use you not for designated purpose in the face of the wife. He tried to unclench hands my hips and when understood that it is useless, tears in front of his eyes appeared. — Do you think, she will give you after I make you the ladies man at her presence? Tanya continued to observe silently. — To me to weaken a little capture that you could breathe? — Yes. — And you will selflessly work in my damp girl? — Yes. Only weaken a little. I parted legs in the parties and ordered that he turned. Having turned facing me, he right there again appeared in my embraces. — Do you remember, I spoke about your Adam's apple? I want to enjoy it. — And you won't strangle me? — I don't know. And what the wife will tell? Tanya didn't react at all. — Well, time the wife is silent, means doesn't mind. So if I strangle during an orgasm, then we will think up something. Having heard it, Dima began to sob just like the hysteric woman. But me was to spit therefore I was attached by a clitoris to his neck and I ordered him to swallow all the time that the Adam's apple moved. And here, methodically fucking him in a neck, I suddenly thought what will be inconvenient if the poor thing indeed doesn't sustain my impact. It was necessary to part to me legs in the parties on a maximum not to squeeze it thighs any more. Instead I decided to involve his beloved wife who wasn't going to leave a stupor in process. — Tan, take both hands his head and press to me that I the pizdyonka properly fucked his neck, and that I am afraid to strangle your Dimochka. The wife silently executed the order and process at last came out on set the mode. Tanya pressed both on a nape and on a back to the husband, and I leaned back back and slightly him made upward movement straining, weakening gluteuses. From it my clitoris just ideally contacted to the working Dima's Adam's apple, and work of gluteuses certainly brought closer an orgasm. However I wanted to cum so not really, and the wife already began to be tired, plus this heat in a steam room didn't promote too. Time already was to finish this execution and to come to an orgasm. I pushed away a leg Tanya in a breast that she didn't disturb, and again cramped hips, having slightly squeezed Dima's neck. And here covered me. I began to coil and wag all a basin, and the hubby tried to move apart to me legs. It began to bring me, and I weaved them absolutely strongly and stiffened. When I was for a while disconnected, my body became soft, Dima rolled on a floor and breathed, and to him sticky and muddy Concha flew down on the person from above directly from my vagina. The wife dragged him far away that my allocations didn't prevent him to recover. When consciousness returned to me, in their steam room wasn't. Thoughts about a neck injury, the ambulance, police and an other hogwash got into the head. But, far from it: these two fucked directly in the waiting room, represent! A dilobe it was so made horney that so far I forced his courageous neck, it under a bench a cum splashed everything and when recovered the breath, brought the wife to the waiting room, bent it a crustacean and snoshat, reeling up her hair on a fist! Just like animals! I quietly slipped by them not to disturb, plunged into a cold font, left, threw with a dressing gown and settled to eat greedily a shish kebab in an arbor. Somewhere in 15 minutes also the sweet couple seemed. Happy and tired Dima began to fry new portions of a shish kebab, and Tanya settled in a wattled armchair and silently smiled. Only well satisfied woman can press such happy lyba. And so greedy to pig out a shish kebab as it was done by Dima, only well worked man can. — How neck? — Normally. Hurts a little, but it is pleasant pain. Allocated me the guest room on the second floor near the master's bedroom. Business already went by the night, and I in the bed stuck into the tablet in search of series and when the door to the room was slightly opened, there was first one o'clock in the morning. — Ksyusha, it I — Tanya whispered having come into the room — Dima fell asleep, and to me isn't slept. — Well, then dive to me — again without any ulterior motive and double implication I whispered and I buried in series about walking zombak. Certainly, I lay under a blanket stark naked, just it is so convenient to me. And Tanya dived. She lifted a blanket at a bedfoot of a bed and got there. In ears I had earphones to disturb, and before eyes – the tablet so I found Tanya when her uvula got into my sexual sponges and began to investigate everything there. Having pressed a pause and having taken out earphones from ears, I glanced under a blanket and quietly whispered? — Tanya, you what, lesb perhaps? She looked at me with guilty eyes. Sponges and a nose at her were a little bit smeared by my "cream", and from it she seemed still vinovaty. I pushed a hand under a blanket and pressed it on the head: — Continue — I ordered and widely I spread legs. She began to smack the lips and to literally lick vagina walls from within. Quite often it was necessary to move down a little to a bed bedfoot to direct her hard-working uvula to a clitoris, but it persistently reached for a source of my yum-yum, and a clitoris indulged only a nose. I don't remember how I fell asleep, but I remember that terminated time 5 or 6, and Tanya all didn't stop. I discharged her face of the pizdyonka and tried to put her head on the thigh that it was convenient to her, and she could fall asleep somewhat quicker. But through some time I woke up again from the fact that her lips soak up my clitoris. So we carried out with disobedient Tanya all night long, and woke up already about 11 o'clock in the morning. Dima already fried a fresh portion of a shish kebab and waited for us. He understood where his wife because on my bedside table the tray with a fragrant shish kebab flaunted. Actually, I also woke up from this smell. And here didn't want to wake up from a smell of my juicy pizdyonka of Tan. On the contrary, it was absorbed in a vagina and snuffled. Of course I began to eat a shish kebab. Then it became boring for me, I cast away a blanket and shifted Tanya's head to an internal part of the hip, took a piece of a shish kebab and inserted it to myself directly there. It became pleasant to me and there was a wish to poyorzat. A piece already all was smeared by my allocations when I muscles removed it back and put to Taniny lips. She woke up. — Eat. She took him in a mouth and looked at me, then chewed and swallowed. Then Dima entered. — Do you want too? He kneelt near a bed. I entered still a piece to myself into a vagina. It was already possible not to fidget. I so flowed a stream. Dima was attached by lips to my vulvar lips, and I vaginal muscles pushed out a slimy shish kebab directly to him in a mouth. Then there was Tanya's turn. So I fed them until the shish kebab ended. — I descend in a shower — Tanya told and I left the husband to me on worry. As soon as the door to the room was closed, I right there cramped hips on a neck at Dima. He instinctively began to unclench them, but then remembered that it is useless. — An Adam's apple at you the worker, and here I didn't ride your uvula yet. Will you be an obedient slime? — Yes, madam. — What to hell I to you madam?! You for money will meet madam! Also don't dare to call me so! Got that? — Yes. I hardly turned him on a back and villages to him pizdy on the person. — Give, work! I slightly rose that he was attached by a uvula, and then slowly began to substitute the necessary zones under processing. The wife long enough wasn't, and I decided to arrange test drive to this slime. He worked of course diligently, probably I took lessons from someone, but it concerned me a little and therefore I began to fuck aggressively him in a face. My sexual sponges tastefully flopped on his slimy face from what the bed squeaked. And then I undertook hands a headboard and finally flew into a passion. The poor thing I groaned from yesterday's pain in necks which amplified from my races on his face today. Plus to everything, I very actively worked hips and when the orgasm quietly to me crept, the top of his head was already pressed in a pillow which all was crumpled and rested against a bed headboard. I fucked him in a face, having clamped the head between legs contain with a pillow. Then I pulled out her and threw off on a floor. And when covered me so that I ceased to understand what occurs, Dima didn't low any more. He was just knocked by the head about a bed headboard because my frictions didn't come to an end, and legs dispersed in the parties. I remember further how Tanya from him pulls down me. I was wrapped in a blanket and tried to cope with a post-orgazmicheskim a state. And the wife tried to revive the zatrakhanny and filled-in with my Concha husband meanwhile. He hardly breathed. She wiped a sheet his face, and I watched them and luxuriated from a high. When he recovered, we with Tanya calmed down a little. His dick stood a stake directly through shorts. All of them became impregnated with his cum and were wet. — Well that, give, the wife, saddle my mustang of the pizdy, you see how got up — Dima croaked and pulled together shorts. He had a strong strut even after he merged directly in pants, and Tanya with pleasure took seat on his robust fellow and began to jump. Just like I on his face. dating the delaneys wiki dateline on id love lay dying site mapMain Page