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After military service Sergey entered the institute in preferential turn. As he before armiyey zaonchit technical school, he was accepted on the second year at once. Having disaccustomed two years and it is quite successful, he by an example of the friends – classmates, time to him 23 years, decided to suggest the girlfriend Lida to live together. She it seems as unwillingly agreed. The truth one of friends hinted that Lida lived half a year with one guy, and then they "ran up", but Sergey didn't pay attention to it. He decided if their family boat doesn't crash against life, then to make Lida the proposal. About what he to her also povedovat... They began to live together directly since March 8, having rented one-room apartment. Two months everything was it seems normal, and then suddenly Lida began to become hysterical often, constantly abused Sergey that he removed "doghouse" that they haven't enough money, etc. Though it was it seems quite good, but in his opinion. 40 rubles a grant, he received 60 rubles at department as the laboratory assistant part time, 50 parents sent and on the passbook there were two thousand – parents saved up to Sergey for a wedding. But he didn't touch this money. But once Shreds, his friend, hinted that he it seems as former heaved in sight. There are such people to whom it is bad if another it is good. And so, having learned that with Lida everything is normal, he began to catch her on changes and to suggest to live again together. Though it seems he lives with some girlfriend in her apartment, so to speak, in "primaka" now. Well and shot! Then Sergey decided to track. And itself I wanted to make to Lida a surprise – having seen one announcement that since July 1 the two-room apartment is leased, it went to the hostess. They quickly agreed – 25 rubles a month and a rent, here books. It ustrit Sergey, he received flat keys and a key from the shed – in the bathroom there was a titan. Someone ищёт – that will find! Having taken the small field-glass from the neighbor, he tracked that Lida goes out on dates to some guy. They met in the park, long talked – probably Lida hesitated. But one day she entered it seems the market in the morning, and actually she was met by that guy and they went to him. Everything is clear!. Sergey early in the morning on July 1 as soon as Lida left again "on the market", packed all the things and closer by a lunch with two bags went to the new apartment. It seems that his surprise isn't necessary to Lida now at all! Having opened soy keys a door and, having put bags, Sergey was surprised a little – in the apartment someone is. Such tasty smells go from kitchen! Here such figuristy and very nice girl jumped out of kitchen in a short dressing gown. To be stunned! They looked several minutes at each other – Sergey admired wonderful the girl's statyam, and she slightly scaredly looked at him. Then, having thought, Sergey was presented and showed the contract with the hostess and keys. The girl hesitated and suddenly offered: – Do you likely want to eat and, Sergey? Idyomte on kitchen, I will explain everything. My name is Olya. Sergey for decency refused, but Olya laughed and asked him to wash hands. A smell of svezhesvarenny borsch, and on a table some more chops lie... His mouth was filled with saliva and in a couple of minutes it with might and main burst the most tasty borsch. – Olya, and you why don't eat? There is no appetite? Now will be! – and he ran and got a bottle of "Cahors wine" from a bag. Real, Olya, try, you will be sorry then if you don't popobut. You learn taste of great wine! Having got a corkscrew, it quickly opened wine – an excellent smell. They drank on a glass, Olya slightly relaxed and they have perfectly dinner. Here Sergey suddenly laughed, and he responded to such surprised Olya's exclamation that he vsponit a joke. It pootnekivatsya a little and told, having warned that a joke not really modest: – Two girlfriends met and one tells. – Present, Ira, this so strange Valentin and even strange. Me I persuaded to come to drink half an hour to it to tea, well, I went. Especially as I have in a handbag a wine bottle. So present – it in the house has neither corkscrew, nor condoms. So why he invited me? Olya loudly burst out laughing, and then, having slightly grown dark, told the story. the matter is that her parents divorced and now mummy won't be able to help her. Until the end of June she paid the apartment, and now has to release. But Olya asks not to expel her two more – three days, he waits for the place in the dormitory. Sergey knew that he with places in the hostel a nembolshy problem and agreed to wait. Moreover after such tasty lunch! At the same time, then they drank on a glass of wine – for installation in the apartment and Sergey told two more jokes about cowboys: – Cowboys near saloon sit and here by some cowboy quickly galloped. Oh, it was galloped by "Imperceptible Joe", – the old cowboy told. "And what, nobody can catch him?" – Yes to someone he what the hell for gave up! – Olya laughed loudly again, having obviously slightly got drunk! – Olya, I am a person serious, here to you three rubles for a tasty lunch, – Sergey thrust her into a dressing gown pocket money. And still, clasp a button on a collar, and that I admire your such magnificent breast and you have mean erotic thoughts – Here won't clasp! – loudly Olga laughed and, it is dexterous крутавшись a top, dexterously I undid one more button. What the wonderful view opened – Olya was without brassiere! Her strong white breast opened to auras of nipples – nevertheless Olga got drunk. dating the delaneys movie online dateline wreckage site mapMain Page