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It happened where that about half a year ago. I the ordinary fellow (though now probably the girl) lived 25 years from the birth in the two-room communal flat. But I never saw the neighbor. He was where that in a business trip. Therefore I lived alone and all this suited me. Somehow having imperceptibly seen enough the websites about the krossdresser like love and respect for this business and understood that one of them. And as I lived alone it gave me full freedom in the transformation in the woman. Every evening coming from work I with the great pleasure changed in the beautiful girl. My body was clean-shaven and having put on beautiful stockings and a brassiere, having guided a make-up with the great pleasure observed the reflection in a mirror beauty. But once having come home I understood that in the apartment I am not one. It there arrived my new male neighbor of a strong constitution of years 45, high stately with beautiful features, well generally an alpha a male. - Dmitry-was represented he All next night I didn't sleep. Erotic pictures didn't go at me out of the mind. I almost physically felt his presence near myself. One more problem for me was the fact that Dmitry and in the morning after a shower and in the evening on the apartment went in some swimming trunks. I as under hypnosis paid attention to what is under swimming trunks. I don't know.что the woman at the sight of a male feels, but I between legs had unclear to me a feeling of desire before that what was at him in swimming trunks entered me. I wanted him. Once having come from work and knowing that the neighbor will come from work as evening again changed in the woman. Having put on the favourite black stockings with a belt a beautiful lacy bra, having powdered a nose, having dressed a wig under a caret and having admired the look in a mirror I lay down on a bed having turned on the TV. Business was in the summer and therefore I didn't begin to take cover. The heat probably prevailed and I don't remember as fell asleep in this image. As I a debt lived alone a door didn't get used to close. I regained consciousness from someone's look and with horror, sense of shame and lust saw that in the doorway there is Dmitry and with pleasure considers me. - Hi beauty. I didn't begin to awake you enjoying your beauty. - Hi – I answered with the shivering voice, understanding the situation and representing what can occur further though about it and long ago dreamed. - You that the gay – - No, but I very much like to be in an image of the woman and with men I never had a sex. - I watch you long ago, I know that you want it judging by those views which I didn't reduce from my dick. Well the beauty is time to become you the real girl. And having removed the swimming trunks directly in a doorway I went to me. I as under hypnosis observed for it dangling and as he approached me the rising tool. He laid down on a bed near me. All shook me from overexcitation. Yes it will occur today, now. - I allow you to touch and kiss an object of your desire Slowly, the shivering hands I took his dick who reached the maximum sizes at this time and soft the movement having bared a head kissed it. That first droplet of lubricant and a smell of men's flesh demented me. Further was as in fog I licked his head language. Periodically swallowing it entirely and at the same time I managed to do progress along all dick from a head to balls Periodically passing to balls I licked them swallowing them entirely in a mouth, and then I came back to a head and all are deeper and deeper swallowing her. Dmitry growled and twitched all over, together with those I ceased to control myself made sounds incompatible with the human speech. Suddenly Dmitry somehow strained and with roar having pressed me to himself began to cum directly in a mouth. The cum gushed forth to me in a throat and I hardly managed to swallow. What didn't manage to swallow Dmitry the dick having erased it from my cheeks and lips to a last straw I sent me her to a mouth. I was shocked by what came also from taste of a cum of foreign man. - Well you give Lyal (so I became Lyalya) Lying on a stomach and recovering from the first blowjob I felt as Dmitry began to caress my buttocks at the same time periodically thrusting one two fingers to me into my hole. Having more or less developed it he leaned a head of the giant against my intimate place. - Lyalya, what would remember the first man this night to you it is necessary to suffer though it can be sick and it isn't absolutely pleasant And with these words he began to enter slowly and carefully the dick into me. The feeling of any special pain wasn't and even itself I moved ahead to it on a meeting I didn't feel touch of his balls on the buttocks yet. Holding me for hips he began progress, at first slow then more and more accelerating. I it is already bad that thinking began to make upward movement to him. I was captured by feelings such that I left this planet and am where that in space at the same time coiling on his dick. And here he with roar terminated in me. The stream of a cum struck in me burning and filling intestines with heat. Having turned me on a back and having stretched my legs it entered me again and everything proceeded. I already as the real Lyalka made upward movement to it, in me everything squelched and gave smacking kiss as in a vagina. After several minutes I felt one more blow of a cum in myself, and Dmitry also wasn't going to stop hollowing me. From where how many energy and passion. Probably any woman would envy me. He all night long twisted me in different poses, but then I probably fainted. Having woken up in the morning I found on a sheet of a spot of a cum and blood - all the virgin is torn, the back burned. I wanted to take a shower, but legs didn't hold me and I gradually on all fours spread towards a shower. In kitchen Dmitry sat and quietly I had coffee and having seen me in such pose by a quiet voice suggested to make under a table morning blowjob With a great effort I the dick rinsed to him having made everything that he wanted and spread in a shower. In it day I asked for leave from work. And in the evening Dima gave Lyalke I will be had a rest having limited to one blowjob. With Dmitry we live already half a year. Any woman who will look at him causes in me jealousy. Here so unexpectedly for myself I got happiness With respect for Lyal (Sasha) [email protected] dating stage rules date calculator in hours site mapMain Page