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Somehow we with the cousin decided to have a rest at the sea. She is married, there is a daughter. I am married, there is a son. The marine, my sister, was more senior than me for 4 years, the little slender blonde with an excellent breast of the 3rd size, even 3, 5, a natural bulk breast, it is visible that fed with her, but it is good, ooh, her tits are good)) I am a blonde, me 30, slender, we with the sister of one growth too. I had an experience with girls, 5 years fucked only with them, then bothered married. But for the sister of it I didn't notice, they with the husband from the university together, and she always modest, correct. Well, we decided to have a rest together from husbands and left children with them. Bought last-minute travel offers to Turkey and departed. At the airport bought champagne and got into the plane tipsy)) On the plane two guys, very young, about 20-21 years wanted to get acquainted with us, even flattered us, probably we very loudly giggled, as a result we didn't continue with them communication, the sister surprised me, she embraced me, gave smacking kiss in lips and told "We are girlfriends lesbians", we fool around here, they by the way is aware also don't mind. Guys naturally asked right there "Well so why not to change with us, stallions? We will have a good time four together!", what I answered "I can qualitatively fuck the girl both language and the dick, let to consignment notes, and you in sex also think only of yourself". Guys povyakat and lagged behind. The marine asked наушко "You the truth can fuck the dick?" I speak "Aga, there was an experience, it was pleasant to the little girl". She mysteriously smiled. We didn't begin to develop a subject "that for a trick I was on the plane" because I quite often so waved away from importunate guys, and Marishka just was drunk. We arrived to hotel, threw suitcases and failed on a bed, it was one double (though we also didn't specify what a bed separate there or not...), didn't confuse me, I didn't even think of sex with the sister. Lay down a little and Marina suggested to change clothes in bathing suits and to go down to sunbathe at least at the pool today (she just wanted continuation of drinks after the plane, the little girl poor the first time has a rest without husband and the child). What we also made. Changed clothes without hesitating of each other, Marinka told "Mm, and you have a beautiful breast and nipples! Oh that it incurred me", giggled. "Thanks, all the natural" joking I answered. I decided to be kidding over her, approached very close, took for a waist (she was still naked), attracted to myself and told "Let me rub you with oil for suntan? "also I winked. Marinka even began to stammer, "Da-give", slightly shook her... And I understood that she very much wants to try with girls, but doesn't decide to tell, then I took all in hand. She laid down on a bed on a tummy, I took oil, sat down nearby and dropped her on a naked back. also I began to do erotic massage. At first gently I smeared oil, slightly touching her breast in an armpit, then I passed to a waist, concerning a little her bottom. and when I already rubbed her daddy, as though accidentally I touched by a finger a perineum, her sexual sponges. The marine shuddered and hard began to breathe, it was pleasant to it, and then I all fingers in oil just ran over her pussy there and back, having slipped, Marina moved even stronger. I indifferently stopped and told "There now and everything, now you are ready to tempt all in a bathing suit")) She slowly got out of a bed, began to put on a bathing suit, her nipples stuck out from excitement. and I put on the bathing suit. We went down. Near the pool there was a bar, m ы took a bottle of champagne and went to sun beds. Suddenly opposite to us on the opposite side of the pool to us those two guys from the plane waved a hand and shouted "Can we we will join you?" In reply I just bent over lying Marina and gently kissed her on a mouth, having touched by a uvula of her mouth. Guys whistled, Marina shocked, I laid down and again indifferently sunbathed. The marine took a glass of champagne and drank off it. In 3 minutes it exhaled and told "We will go to the room". I looked at it through points and understood everything, took a bottle and we rose. In number were locked, I embraced to Marin behind, kissed on a neck and told on an ear "I waited when you ripen, you are sure that you want to have sex with me?" It turned, almost touching my lips told "I want that you fucked me as being". I understood what she means. "Today everything will be classically, and tomorrow we will go to a sex shop" and with these words cast away it on a bed. I laid down over her from above. I began a hand to caress her body, a breast. tummy. I went down below, Marina began to tremble. the bathing suit was stirred, but I quickly took off it. I decided to caress her legs. to lick and suck her fingers of legs. The marine all coiled, from her pussy began to flow. kisses gently I crept up to her vagina. all her body wanted that I concerned her there. I teased with breath her clitoris. hands massing her daddy. suddenly sharply I stuck lips into her clitoris. she even moaned so loudly that I decided to suck it intensively. The marine escaped, coiled, very much it was pleasant to it that I do with her. then I began to lick her sexual sponges, such gentle sweet. soft. I licked on both sides, sucked. It all flowed. I felt as it bulked up. so tasty juice from her pussy. I entered her the fingers and developed small pillows up. The marine began to groan even more loudly. very slowly I moved fingers forward back. attracting her to itself I also licked a uvula a clitoris in a step... My sister groaned from wild pleasure, I began to flow from the events. my vagina bulked up and too wanted sex. The second hand I began to jerk off to myself a pussy. having increased speed, I began to fuck the sister fingers, licking her moisture and to intensively fuck itself. the sister seized me by hair with two hands and pressed to herself loudly having moaned and twitching, I felt as she cums as her vagina pulses and squeezes my fingers. from such pleasure I terminated together with her. my lips stuck literally into her clitoris, I soaked up it with all the dope (Marin possibly it became slightly sore. but she was junked). In seconds 10 I rose from a floor by a bed and laid down near it. The marine turned to me a contented face and with a smile told "And why I didn't try it earlier? I knew that you sleep with girls". I smiled in reply and told "Now I will pay a visit more often, only call, and properly I will fuck you while there is no husband" and I kissed her on sponges. We climbed under a blanket and fell asleep in an embrace. Next day we glanced in a sex shop and bought a strap-on... also had a good time every day, and even several times. I fucked the sister in all places and poses, she fucked on me from above in ecstasy and cumed every time. and then I licked her pussy after an orgasm. She didn't fuck me, but looked as I masturbate at her... But, I didn't force an event, probably she will want to leave alone once to me the pussy. dating someone with quiet bpd date today bash site mapMain Page