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I removed from a hanger of denim and went to look for a fitting room a cabin. The shop was huge. Men's, women's, a kidswear of all sizes and flowers, on any purse, different styles, for different seasons. Fitting rooms of a cabin were placed separately, near a blank wall. Time was morning, there were very few buyers. Near cabins the girl seller missed. Unlike the slender and graceful colleagues who worked in the trading floor she was high, full, with a big breast and wide hips. She treated such type of women who are difficult for presenting thin and slender. Its completeness wasn't repellent. Full-faced, dark-eyed, dark-haired. On a badge on a breast a name Nastya - Do you have only one thing on fitting? - she asked. The voice was low, gruffish, very sexual - Yes, where to me to go? - All cabins are free where you want. If other size is necessary, call me, I will look - Thanks I passed in a cabin. Walls in cabins were continuous from a floor to a ceiling, and instead of doors heavy curtains to a floor hung on the chromeplated pipes. I removed and hung up a jacket on a hook, took off boots, trousers and a plot of denim. Didn't approach. I put out the head in pass between ranks of cabins. - Nastya! Nastya turned back to me. - Didn't approach? - It is possible to ask to bring more long? - Of course, only give me please that at you. I will look at the size. I let go a curtain, turned to it a back, bent to take jeans from the small banquette standing in a fitting room. I took jeans, I turned back. Nastya who removed a curtain and being on the threshold of a cabin was on me all eyes and was shocked. Probably, any woman will be shocked if sees the man dressed in white openwork female stockings and in female openwork panties. Namely so I was also dressed. In that place from which I came back in the morning I had to be dressed quite so. And this is pleasant to me to put on in lingerie. I can't wear a bra, there isn't enough breast, but I have a collection of panties, tights and stockings. Nastya stood, looking at me, not tearing off a look from the dick translucent through fine and openwork fabric. It is difficult for Mena to confuse therefore I didn't begin to panic, shout, be indignant and to be covered with hands. I didn't want to shock the girl, to me was annoying that so it turned out that she will run out all red and confused now and it will be awkward to address her, it is necessary to leave. Suddenly Nastya took a step forward and closed a curtain behind the back. Here I was struck dumb a little. Nastya raised the head, and, looking to me directly in eyes, began to undo a blouse slowly. I as bewitched I watched how the big juicy breast as a blouse opens fall on a floor as Nastya removes from bra strap shoulders, lowers cups and two huge boobies with bright claret large nipples are shown. Nastya took still a step forward and drove me a breast into the corner. I hung the head and began to suck a nipple of her right breast. Nastya took away from me the right breast and gave left. She wanted that I sucked both in turn. - Stronger, - she whispered, - bite stronger. I bit her breast more feasibly. Nastya quietly moaned and strongly pressed my head to a breast. - Even stronger, give bite both nipples I bit a nipple even stronger. Nastya moaned again. - Well, well, still give, be not sorry Nastya pressed my head to right, to the left breast and I strongly bit both nipples. Her body was very hot, she sweated and her skin shone a floor lamp light. - Until is enough - she whispered - then still you will bite Continuing to drive me into the corner, she breakthrough took off from me a t-shirt, bent and took my nipple in a mouth. Hands her caressed my buttocks at this time. She hurt me too, but pain was exciting. My dick stood as wooden and she of course felt it. - Don't disturb me, I want to make everything - Do, very much it is pleasant to me Nastya kneeled and the dick through tissue of cowards began to lick, then removed panties and the dick outside released. She looked some time at it, then began to suck, then raised the head to me. - Fuck me in a mouth, strongly and cruelly. Take my head and drive in the dick directly to me into a throat. Well? I put palms to Nastya on a nape and the dick drove into a mouth against the stop with her. She raised the head to me again - Even stronger, be not sorry I from all scope drove with her a dick directly into a throat. Nastya covered eyes, showed that it is pleasant to her. Each movement of the dick in a mouth was followed by the gurgling and grunting sounds which, probably, were heard in a corridor. But excitement was so big that I didn't pay attention to it. - Well, enough - Nastya told, having released, at last, my dick from a mouth - me was so not fucked long ago. Now sit down and be surprised to nothing. Nastya finally got rid of a bra, undertook a skirt lightning, looked at me, hemmed, undid a skirt, then removed her. And I saw the huge horney dick covered with thin black female panties. - It is pleasant? - Nastya asked Such dick couldn't but be pleasant. Long, thick, with a red griboobrazny head, he already exuded with lubricant. - Your turn - with a smile told Nastya - or you are afraid? I took a head lips, licked it, the dick on all length licked then, then I began to swallow more and more deeply. I am able to take a dick in a throat, but such thick didn't try yet. But Nastya already solved everything for me. She just put hands to me on a nape and put on my head the dick against the stop. She was very strong so I couldn't resist. Of course, my throat to such sizes was unusual, but Nastya it didn't worry. I was rubbed the nose in her hairy pubis, her balls knocked to me on a chin, I made the gurgling and grunting sounds, the throat hurt... But all this was pleasant to me. The taste and a penis size, began to smell perineums, strong hands on a nape. Several times Nastya got a dick and beat with it to me lips. At last she pulled out a dick from my mouth. - Very seldom it is possible to poyebat the man so. It is good that we met. It was pleasant. - Of course it was pleasant. Well and the dick at you. Any man will envy. - It is my pride. Everything it is pleasant to women. But call its not a dick, and just a dick. I like to call things by their proper names - It is necessary to acquaint you with the wife, she loves such, especially in an ass - By the way I just wanted to suggest you to get up dog-fashion. We will continue? Condom is? - It is ready and condoms always with itself I dressed on Nastin a dick condom, licked, turned to Nastya a back and bent. Nastya fell on hunkers and licked to me an anus. Then I got up. - You as want that I entered: slowly or quickly? - I love slowly more Nastya put a head to an anus and began to press slowly. At the same time she a hand pinched to me nipples. And suddenly I incredibly wanted to feel somewhat quicker such wonderful dick in myself. - Nastya, give plant quickly. - What, there is a wish for a thick dick? - Very much - Well, then suffer Nastya sharply parted my buttocks and a strong push the dick at all length entered. I choked with pain, moaned through clenched teeth, it was impossible to shout, the public after all place. Nastya fucked me in an ass at all length of the huge dick. Her dick entered me entirely (I felt buttocks hair on her pubis) and left almost completely. Nastya's movements were strong and sure. Gradually muscles adapted, pain ceased. Excitement accrued. - Nastya, I want that you terminated to me in a mouth Nastya long fucked me, probably long ago so it wasn't fucked. At last she took out a dick from my back, broke from him condom, turned me to herself, took mine the heads hands and dressed on the dick. I felt as the head increases at me in a mouth and as the cum fills my mouth. There was a lot of cum that it followed from a mouth and dripped on tights. At last Nastya ran low. - It was pleasant? - she asked - It was remarkable - Too it was pleasant to me. Unfortunately, partners without prejudices very seldom come across. - I have to you a request: give me the panties - Well, and you to me the I removed panties and stretched to Nastya. She brought them to the person and inhaled their smell. - Thanks, I will keep them Then I removed the panties and I stretched to me. I wiped them her dick, then wiped sweat from her breast, inhaled a remarkable smell, them the dick wrapped up then and began to jerk off him. Nastya looked at it, then took away my hand and began to jerk off. My cum filled in with her a breast and a face. It was wiped by my panties, with regret looked at the dick. - It is necessary to go to work - Will you leave me the phone? - I asked. - Write down - she dictated number We put on - You should have changed jeans. To bring? - Bring She left and in a few minutes returned with jeans. These approached. I left a fitting room slightly pigeontoing as the bum still hurt, Nastina the cum cooled to me legs through tights, the throat ached a bit, in my pocket panties with the Nastiny smell lay. I was happy. - Give number - the wife demanded after I told everything to her - Can be not today, the back hurts me - I want that she fucked me on anything, to all places. By the way you have tights in the dried-up cum. It is its or your? - Her - Give me, I will dress them on an appointment with her In a few minutes I heard: "Nastya? Hello, it is the wife of that man who bought jeans from you. Nastya, I want to meet you. Three together? No, today together. You bothered him today, let will have a rest. And I have a very narrow hole, it will be pleasant to you. Strap-on? Yes, is. I will take surely. When? After work? Perfectly. Tomorrow day off? Wonderfully. At us it will be full of time. Somebody the third?" The wife turned to me - Will you be able to approach tomorrow? "Nastya, he will already be able tomorrow and will serve us as we want. Good-bye. Prior to a meeting" The wife hung up and turned to me - Darling, I will leave you tonight, and tomorrow we will meet. Have a rest, tomorrow you will need many forces. dating someone with an expiration date date today utc python site mapMain Page