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Olga had experience of oral sex with the husband and rare lovers, and considered that she reached in art of blowjob of certain heights. But she hadn't to see such mad suction even in a hardcore porn. The Tench coiled a lizard, his back wrote out the fantastic eights, hands violently flickered on a stomach and Victor's breast, caressing and scratching, managing to jump on the buttocks, hips and sides, squeezing and pinching them. In continuous sobbing and groan Leni's head at unimaginably fast speed rose and fell over the dick. Victor's body quickly inflated, holding apart a mouth of the Olginy husband. The Tench bent down the head, his chin nestled on a breast and under this corner the getting fat dick entered a throat more and more deeply. And all with big and big work. Between Victor's pubis and Bays Leni the flesh column which isn't finding room in a mouth uncontrollably grew. Victor gave a hand, put on a nape to Lena and began to shake rhythmically. Olga heard that groans of the husband became a thicket and is stronger, getting to a rhythm with the movements of the head. He began to crawl legs on a cover of a hand began to fade for a while, eventually, he rested them a bed and with effort, overcoming resistance, raised the head. With a damp sound the reared dick left at him a mouth and at Olga already again intercepted breath. She never measured dicks in centimeters and divided them into small, small, big and huge. Leni had a small dick, and in that state in which he was now - microscopic. Victor had the huge. Olga refused to understand how even a half of this monster on whom manicured fingers of her husband didn't agree could be located at that in a drink. Tench, hoarsely breathing, I looked at Victor. Ink began to flow, lips stretched and swelled, black locks of a caret stuck around wet cheeks. His back shook, fingers squeezed a cover. Olga understood that she makes horney men in women and against desire understood that her husband who is on all fours before the pulsing dick looks now devilishly excitingly. Tried to face the Tench to Victor, but his eyes covered povoloky constantly came across the hypnotizing powerful, damp head which is shaken in the face of. - Vitya... - deafly he whispered, - Vitya... - he nestled on the dick lips, a cheek, dipped the begging hands to Victor under a shirt, - Vitya, make me... please... make... Victor hit the bottle, set aside it aside, leaned on an elbow, having drawn near closer, ran a hand over Leni's head... to a nape... to a neck... I stroked a shoulder and I raked up a soft breast in a palm. - U-at what we are constraining... As we interestingly call "it"... Was served the Tench forward, nestling facing the dick, feverishly kissing him, muttering - Make me, make! I ask you, please, Vitya, I beg!. Victor squeezed in fingers of nipples, and Lenya utrobno began to hum, having had a snack on the tormented lip. - To make "what", a small potaskukha? - Victor squeezed the second nipple, - to Make you happy? - Yes, yes, - shook Lenya, he feverishly undid the last buttons on a shirt of the lover, - Make me happy! Make the whore happy! - he released one hand of Victor from a sleeve. His back jumped as a jackhammer. Victor implanted to him into a mouth two fingers, moved them and having sighed told - I don't understand about what you... - Vyeb me!!! - Lenya screamed, spitting out fingers, - Vyebi me, a bough!!! He rushed up Victor's body, resting that against a breast - VYEB ME IN THE ASS SO. THAT AT ME FROM THE NOSE BEGAN TO FLOW!!! BITCH! DAMN!!! In a second he hanged over Victor, caved in back, got a hand for a back, caught a dick, slippery from saliva, directed him and one movement of villages to the flesh which is sticking out a stake. The huge piston of Victor to the basis plunged into the chubby naked back. Olga clamped hands of companies. The face of Laziness was distorted by absolutely mad grimace, eyes were rolled up, the mouth in mute shout gasped, fingers stuck into a breast, squeezing nipples. In a moment he with slow whistle exhaled through a mouth all air and as if having blown off fell to Victor by a breast. In a moment the powerful push threw his back up. Then one more. Still. Still. Victor clasped Lenya with one hand for shoulders, pressing to himself, put another to him on a sacrum and pumped up strong frequent blows. Olga was close to a faint. So loving a position "behind", at occupations sex with her, her husband as nothing became clear had the "equestrian" minding a position. In own execution. What he at the same time feels her it was heavy to understand. She treated anal sex not really kindly and felt considerable discomfort even from the husband, modest on penis sizes. What happens to him when the dick five times bigger measuredly enters his back, she didn't understand. But I saw that Lenya sobs. These sobbings broke through groans. However he obviously didn't hurry to get down from this cudgel. This nightmare proceeded minutes ten. Then Victor having risen dexterously I turned Lenya to myself a back. "Twirls as wants" - Olga remembered - "in literal sense twirls it on a dick". The pose exchanged. In the so favourite rack "cancer" Lenya was good too. I ceased to sob and now actively I made upward movement and it was stuck on this huge sausage. - Vee - ви - тя - and!. - Lenya groaned, - Ouch!. O-oh!. Vee - and - тен - and-and. Umf-ff. Victor pressed down his head to a bed. The Tench turned the person. - S-page. O-oh. Dream. And - and - ah. dream-e-emi-and. dream-e-mii. please. on. po-a-a-luy-sta-a-a. - You that, bitch... - Victor hissed, - was going to Terminate?. A dick to you, understood? You will terminate when I solve. Olga understood that it is about the futlyarchik dressed on the husband's dick. With him his advantage differed by the sizes from a large clitoris a little and could only expire lubricant. Olga experienced a certain gloating, having remembered early spurts of Leni. And in five minutes Olga suddenly solved that strange expression which even more often flashed at Victor on a face. Victor couldn't terminate. Here so I put. Probably the party was good, and Victor drank too much. And now, as the reddened, got wet Lenya tried, at Victor it was impossible to be discharged in any way. And the moaning with requests to remove Len's cover him only angers. When Olga most happened to fall into Leni's state and one her not really polite lover decided to finish by all means begun, everything ended with coercion her to the intercourse in a bottom. As will get out in this situation Lenya with whom and so did everything that wanted remained a riddle. Victor rested a palm to Lena against a hip and under the voluptuous disappointed groan the dick pulled out. Olga was once again terrified to his sizes. As he is located there!? - Turn over, - Victor muttered. Tench readily, a cat I turned over on a back, I raised the legs fitted by stockings and, having twisted elbows, I clasped myself under knees, widely parting them in the parties. Accurate a foot in sandals with the got-off thongs hanged highly in air. The pink back rose up, substituting the damp, developed hole. Smooth balls were covered by a thong, the chlenik in a futlyarchik proceeded juice. This beauty didn't impress Victor. - Not so. - he pulled Lenya by a hand. - Go here. Suck away. Tench pulled out a hand, I turned over sideways, having risen on an elbow, having picked up legs. - Vitenka, it isn't necessary, - he whiningly asked, - I want in a bottom. Please, take me. He raised a leg, tempting Victor with a pose "on one side". But the plan didn't work. Victor suddenly flew into a rage. - Go here, damn! - he bellowed, kneeling, exposing a dick forward, - to Suck I told! - Vitenka, - Lenya began to whimper, crawling away to edge of a bed, - it isn't necessary, Vitenka. Darling please!. Give behind? Give?. And you want in soul?. Or on a balcony how that time, give?. And? will you bend me and you otjebt so what all would see? Give? Only not in a mouth, please. Or give I handles... - You are a whore, handles you will jerk off yourself, the bitch when I leave, understood? You will sit down on a bottle and you will jerk off! And now here, I zaglotnut, quickly! Tench jumped off to a bed and on the breaking legs, shaking a bottom, a tummy and boobs I tried to run out from the bedroom. Victor caught up with him in two steps, grabbed by a neck and effortlessly threw back on a bed. - Ah you, bitch!, - he was enraged, - You here to me will put on an act?! Resembling he pulled off belts from the hanging dressing gowns, caught Lenya trying to creep away for a leg, tightened to himself, turned on a stomach and sat down to him on a back, facing legs, hand hips. The Tench deafly I shouted, having buried a face in a pillow, I tried to escape, but it didn't make on Victor the slightest impression. He made a loop of a belt, caught Lenya for the jerked leg, dressed on her a loop, tightened and, having bent a leg in a knee, strong attracted an ankle to a hip. Then I did most with the second leg too. The similar procedure was done with hands. By means of a belt and a tie Victor tied hands to shoulders, and pulled together elbows behind the back. Could move the Tench only poorly with fingers and stupnyam. Victor brought up already seriously the sobbing Lenya to a bed and turned on a back. Leni's elbows rested against a bed, he involuntarily caved in in a back, sticking out a breast. Victor sat down on heels so that the thrown-back Leni's head appeared at him between hips. In such provision Lenya at all desire I couldn't close companies, without having raised the head, and the head was clamped as a vice. Victor attached a dick. Olga heard as Lenya raised a howl, saw how his body standing on this strange bridge began to twitch, and Victor's dick slipped in a mouth of her husband. More deeply, more deeply. The Tench rattled, I twitched, Victor bent and rested hands on the parties from Leni, without allowing him to fall sideways. Leni's throat was inflated from the dick entering inside. Victor's balls slipped on Leni's forehead and laid down to him on eyes. Olga understood that she sees murder. Having absolutely frozen, she observed how the centimeter behind centimeter a subject of desire of her husband plunges into his throat, interfering with air access. Still slightly and Lenya who ceased to escape already will simply choke. Olga opened a door of a case and stepped to the bedroom. - I have an idea more best: (From the author - we continue? And responses on nicelad@mail. ru) dating sites raya dateline fairbanks site mapMain Page