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We decided to meet the girlfriend somewhere in the city, to chat about that about seven. I arrived the first and sat down on a shop to thumb through the magazine. Opposite to me the man of years of 35 sat and furtively I looked at me. Well still, what to him not to watch: the tiny girl, fine-molded legs, the small white short skirt which is hardly covering buttocks, a topic without brassiere and light sandals on heels. I sat a leg for a leg and understood that he sees that at me under a skirt. First I felt shy, began to lower a skirt below, but sitting nothing it was impossible. I got up, but at the same time dropped the magazine which I read. Lifting it I understood that behind over buttocks my panties stick out. I turned back and saw that It looks directly there. When I sat down on a shop again, the man approached and told: — Hello, my name is Alexey! — Olya … — You so felt shy that it was even pleasant to me … Here the girlfriend called and told that right now it is necessary to go somewhere and very much apologized that won't be able to come. I of course was upset. But Alexey was delighted to this circumstance and suggested to take a walk. I refused, having decided to do some shopping. Behind this occupation I didn't pay attention as there passed 2 hours. On the street darkened, and it was very good: summer, fires … I decided to walk on foot and suddenly heard as some car zasignalit. Having turned back, I saw that that Alexey with whom I got acquainted even in the afternoon drives. — You sit down, I will bring. Be not afraid, I am not a maniac! — Someone knows you … But something prompted to me that it he is valid not the maniac, and accepted the offer. Getting into the car, I had to raise a leg so that the skirt was lifted up and Alexey saw again my white panties through which blackened volosiki. Having stopped near shop, Alexey left and returned with a champagne bottle after a while. I asked whether home he bought it what Alexey answered that he bought for us for an inevitable meeting and also he has birthday. We started and arrived to the deserted place. Having drunk champagne, at me the head began to spin a little. Alexey cast away a seat a little back and I appeared almost reclining. When he approached me, I felt his smell which very much was pleasant to me. Kind of accidentally Alexey touched my naked leg and I stood … — And you always walk one? — No, but … … At this moment of his lip found mine and we began to kiss. His hands slipped to me under a topic and already caressed nipples. It was from those men who know how to make to the woman it is pleasant and my pussy began to flow … I suddenly felt the bitch though I knew that I will tell about the event to the husband as it was a shame to me. But Alexey measuredly continued the business. I had a feeling that he also didn't wait for reciprocal caress. He lifted up to me a short skirt, removed panties and began to lick my damp pussy, and then without being too soft just took and entered me. — You made horney me still there, on a shop the short skirt. There was nothing to bend before me: I wanted to approach and directly there to lower from you panties and to fuck your sweet pussy. When he told all this, his breath became even more often, and a rhythm quicker. He began to caress my buttocks and to be attached to it: — Will you allow me to fuck you in buttocks? — No! — But you give to the husband? At this moment Alexey strongly squeezed my nipples and I terminated, stood and my juice began to flow on his dick which became even firmer. Balls strained and Alexey moaned, with pleasure having terminated in me … To me it was good, but why I made it? I opened eyes and understood that it is a dream. My husband quietly snuffles, and his hand at me on a shoulder. I exhaled and breathed a sigh of relief: favourite and dear person with me … dating sites philippines whatsapp launch date in india hindi site mapMain Page