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The second day of rest Dasha returned after jog, took a shower, and we went to a breakfast. I noted that Dasha didn't begin to put on a brassiere under a dress and with myself didn't begin to take him too, and from restaurant we planned to go to the beach at once. The restaurant met Mikhail, he told that he occupied to us a table. During a breakfast he kind of by the way told us about what fantastic massage therapist works in this hotel. Dasha turned on a healthy lifestyle pecked on a bait, and began to ask Mikhail on this wonderful doctor. As a result she lit up to register to him in reception. Dasha didn't suspect that this Thai doctor - the specialist in awakening of erogenous zones at the woman, and after his massages as Mikhail spoke to me, women climb on a wall, so they want sex. But it was ours with him a secret, a part of the plan. Certainly, Dasha wrote down on a massage course - so far for four days, and there it will be visible. She should have visited the doctor at 6 in the evening, before a dinner. After record to the doctor we went to the beach. This time Dasha quite quietly took off from herself a dress, having remained topless. Well, it is progress too! She didn't manage to get lotion as I, according to the plan, ran in the sea: - I will go, I will be rinsed, and that I was worn out... Dasha with lotion in a hand with surprise looked to me following. Naked Mikhail with tranquility of an elephant took from her lotion, and told: - Give I to you a back I will smear... When he smeared lotion on her neck, shoulders and a back, as if is accidental, the dick which is shaken in a step to his movements of hands touched buttocks of my wife. I continued to bathe and looked how Mikhail went down to Dashiny legs, carefully rubbing in them lotion. Then with the same tranquility I approached her in front and, without asking, I began to smear liquid on her breast, a stomach, and then I went down to legs. My wife looked a little confused and lost, but not so to be clamped or stop the boyfriend. It is progress too. But Mikhail didn't stop, and until Dasha recovered from his pressure, he politely asked her: - Dash, and too smear me, please, - he stretched her lotion with such innocent look as though he asked a glass of water. Dasha looked back, found me a look, but I pretended that I am so keen on swimming that I don't see anybody and anything. When I turned back again, saw as she to him smears a back... below... below... here her hand slipped on his rolled bum... I added lotion to myself on a hand... I carried out on his bum... then I went down to his legs... then I rose and I began to smear on his hands, smoothing out relief tricepses and bicepses... oops, again I returned to bicepses... then other hand on bicepses... more and more... then his rolled breast, going down to cubes on a stomach... still lotion, again up to a breast and on a stomach... and... no, I stopped and I returned him a bottle, type, further. But all the same, abruptly for the touchy person. When I came back from water, Dasha somehow began to fuss, awkwardly settled on a plank bed, and pretended that she with enthusiasm reads the book. But her thoughts were far. I precisely knew it, as well as Mikhail who winked at me - Dasha "read" the book which lay before her head over heels. And the reason of such absent-mindedness was clear - Dashina legs were slightly divorced aside, and the thin strip of panties crashing into her perineum was wet from juice of the horney wife in the middle. For certain, she felt too the opportunity because she somehow very sharply rose and ran in the sea: - I will go, I will bathe! While she lapped, Mikhail addressed me: - Now we will go to go to play volleyball so prepare for a shame, the champion you shouldn't be in any way. - I will also not be able to become the champion because I am not able to play volleyball at all. Dasha at school was engaged... - Therefore I also chose volleyball. Look, she and now horney, in the evening still will receive a portion of magic massage, but you should have with her no sex even if she on a wall will get, clearly? - Yes clearly, clearly, we agreed already... - In the evening you will leave a disco a bit earlier, with me you will leave Dasha. When she returns to number, you have to press a hrapak that besides - any not planned sex. And she will be hungry, believe. - Well, I will be dead asleep. Dasha returned from water, and the Brazilian friends of Mikhail soon appeared. They briskly spoke about something, and Mikhail translated to me: - I have a volleyball tournament now. I uchuvstvovat in competition "Mister Orgazmus", but for passing to the final I need a certain number of sports victories. And in our volleyball team one person left - left home. Replacement is urgently necessary, otherwise will announce loss for nonparticipation. Someone from you plays volleyball? - he looked at us with Dasha. Dasha quickly answered: - I of course, not the pro, but played both at school, and in higher education institution. - And I am not able at all, - I shrugged shoulders. - Well, then we take Dasha in team, - Mikhail solved, - we Will go to play beach volleyball. And you Sergey will be our fan... But I didn't happen to become the fan as, is "absolutely accidental" in one of the teams of the opponent too there weren't enough players, and Sergey him podsuropit me. I played prepozorno. I couldn't accept either giving, or a pass, I gave not to the field... Well, horror! Dicks of my team hissed on me in foreign language - they were Latinos. Mikhail's Brazilians laughed over my helplessness like mad, and tried to give on me. They commented on me in Portuguese, Dasha at first as I understood, shy protected me. But then it was involved in a game, in passion and at first just I smiled on remarks in my address, and then I began to laugh together with them. When they won, began to jump and embrace, and the wife, naturally, rejoiced together with them. When I approached them, Brazilians continued to be kidding over me, and Mikhail solemnly shook hands with me and with a smile told: - You were very strong rival. Dasha mildly laughed to this joke, and I, apologizing, answered: - I said that from me any volleyball player... And Dasha with delight said to Mikhail: - You perfectly played! You have such giving which is simply not undertaking! Where did you so learn to play? Can you the professional? - Yes, I am a professional, - Mischa smiled, - But not in volleyball. - And in what? - Dasha wasn't appeased. - I am a secret agent, zero zero seven, - he continued to laugh the matter off, but it was obviously pleasant to my wife. - Well, seriously? - And if it is serious, then my hobby - diving. After a lunch I plan immersion. - Diving? Abruptly... - Do you want, I will teach? - Of course! Never I tried. - Well, tomorrow we will also begin occupations in the pool. And then we will wave in the sea. Then to me Dasha dinned into the ears that diving - it is very healthy, and cool that Mikhail will be an instructor that he will teach her to scuba diving, and with him it isn't terrible to plunge because at once it is visible - he is a pro... I noticed that Dasha, without noticing that, became in increasing frequency began to remember Mikhail, and spoke about him in a superlative degree, and, did it aloud at me, without hesitating... It became for her natural. Besides now she was made horney by the events after routine family life and week abstention from sex. And here to you and erotic experiences on the beach, both sports victories, and beautiful male bodies, and magnificent Mikhail moreover and diving!... Mikhail was right, it was necessary to bring my wife out of a former rhythm and a way of life, she changed in the eyes. Also it was ready unusually playfully. When we were included into number, she stuck out the buttocks directly to me in a groin: - I won't let... But I followed instructions and was cold: - Dash, I will wet pants now, so in a toilet hunting... - Faugh on you, - Dasha was discharged of me, passing in number. From a toilet I went to a shower and resorted to masturbation: I too madly wanted sex, but I had to keep not to damage the plan. And correctly I made. When left a shower, Dasha waited for me in a bed, having covered with a blanket: - We will lie down a little, and? - she invitingly smiled. - Well, give... However, for lunch it is time, - I lay down near the wife and tried to think of something unpleasant. It's a go. As Dasha didn't try to lift my dick, nothing from this left: - Sorry, expensive, something there is no wish at all, - I behaved as the dumbass, - to Eat... Went to a lunch, and?. - Well, for lunch, so for lunch, - Dasha somehow very easily agreed with me, and it seemed to me that this consent was not affected. I understood that she wants sex (about same also Mikhail warned), but at the same time Dasha, probably, not really wanted me. Really, I as the lover cease to interest her, and she began to dream Mikhail? Or they are mirages of my imagination? Having slightly had a bite during a lunch, we went to the pool where we were already waited by Mikhail with equipment. He told and on own example showed how it is necessary to cope with the diving equipment as it is correct to plunge how to breathe under water what signs to show if something happens... Dasha listened carefully to him very much and the first plunged in the pool. Mikhail was near her, he helped Dasha and, putting on her an oxygen cylinder, and plunging into water... He repeatedly touched her body, but it looked not busily as manifestation of care of the mentor of the schoolgirl and concern for its safety. Dasha brilliantly coped with all tasks and Mikhail praised her: - Well, the girl, you are ready to immersion to the real sea! Tomorrow we will also move, I agreed with the boat. Dasha in reply lit up. I was the following. According to the plan, I had to fail the examination, and I him failed, having prematurely come up from under water and having told: - There is a devil!... At me after immersion the head began to spin and in eyes dimmed, probably, pressure rose... - and with a forced regret I added, - Probably, the diving is contraindicated to me. I am a hypertensive person... Alas... Then we went to the beach. Dasha already habitually was topless. Mikhail, kind of automatically, smeared her body with lotion from suntan, and Dasha accepted it as self-evident in spite of the fact that this time I was on the next plank bed. Then Dasha, asking numerous questions of diving, also quietly accepted lotion from Mikhail's hands and smeared his body. At the same time, she didn't even offer lotion to me. Too was fond of a conversation on diving? Or was fond of Mikhail? Dasha left the beach on massage. I returned with a flush on a face and rapid breathing. I approached me, and with the specific nervousness during excitement I whispered on an ear: - Perhaps we descend in number? - Darling, so the dinner began. We will go to restaurant, I already occupied to us a table, - and thought that the massage therapist praised by Mikhail really knows the business. After a dinner we went to a disco. Everything repeated how the day before - the having fun Mischa and his black Brazilian friends didn't give to Dasha a prodykha, and I sat at a table. In the middle of dances I approached Dasha who as if, having forgotten about everything on light, I danced something like lambada, having been located between two Brazilians - one in front of my wife, another behind - and their girlfriends urged on them more densely to each other to nestle, and continually published approving shouts (one of them in general was topless, and I played boobies a dance rhythm). I reached Dasha's ear, endeavoring to outvoice music: - I was tired!... I went to the room!... - You again?! Again you want to break off me?! - No!... You dance, and I will go!... I came to number and went to bed. Of a dream it wasn't thought. All thoughts were filled by Dasha: the jealousy mixed up with the pressing, sweet feeling in a groin... As I was brought by thoughts of her treason. Whether it will turn out? Whether conceived will come true? The last observations of Dasha gave hope for success of business, only, it wouldn't turn out so that here she blyadant a time, and we will come back home and there will be everything still. In fact, what she smeared with Mikhail's lotion today - it is so innocent! Though for that business lady into whom Dasha turned it is progress, but... I wanted debauchery from her party, the real debauchery! The dissolute bitch fucking with lovers, humiliating the husband with the unfaithfulness, rejecting the husband's penis because he too small because the lover has much more... From these thoughts at me I got up. But to present Dasha as SUCH wife if to be a realist - not really simply... And from this gloomy conclusion my dick became soft at once. No, it is necessary to hope for the best that at Mikhail everything will turn out. Dasha returned somewhere at midnight. I approached me: - Do you sleep? In reply I with pleasure snored. Dasha sighed a little, laid down near me. Then I nestled on me the naked body and I began to rub as a kitty. She was horney more than ever. Even prior to a wedding she behaved rather quietly during sex, doing everything as it is necessary, but without fanaticism. And here so to stick that she expired juice from desire - it never was. And I turned over on other side and snored even more loudly God forbid not to give to Masha the mad erection. She long span, and then fell asleep, with pleasure groaning in a dream. Interestingly about what and about someone she dreamed a dream? dating sites herpes positive dated and related gay site mapMain Page