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Once, when the wife worked during a night shift (she for me the telegraph operator), I decided to try on her linen. Generally, I prefer to speak "I solved" because from the childhood I feel as the girl. As speak now — a transvestitka. Frankly speaking, I made it earlier, but didn't decide to go outside and if left, then only in the lower lingerie under men's wear. It madly was pleasant to me. I went so to erotic movies to private video salons and in the dark enjoyed a sweet show. And sometimes even convulsively I cumed in small, lacy panties of the wife, and it was even more pleasant to me that surrounding men don't guess anything... I undressed to a goal in front of the mirror, looked at myself with pleasure. Boobies — almost first size, I well stimulated them with special physical exercises by foreign techniques. When you bend, they droop even stronger, and small brown nipples stick out, as at the real girl. A hair — I pulled out everything anywhere. It is possible to wear a bra, but it is a pity — the wife has third number. Legs too smooth and white, very slender, balls and the dick are accurately trimmed. I turn the back: buttocks are convex, seductive — I very much like to rumple them fingers, at the same time representing that the guy rumples. I love very much when the spouse in a bed, caresses and touches me for a bottom, the dick instantly gets up and costs, without laying down, long time. I put on the black lacy panties borrowed from the wife, I pull the thinnest, in a network, white tights from Moulin Rouge — they fit legs and a bottom tightly, it is pleasant to me. The dick already began to move from contact of a web of nylon with skin. For the lack of a brassiere by the size, I try on the beige fitted blouse of the wife directly on a naked body — blouse silk pleasantly cools shoulders. My dress is completed by very short, corrugated mini-short skirt with colourful patterns. Hair at me long, to shoulders, I comb them directly, without hair parting. There is a make-up on the person. The beard at me almost doesn't grow, especially on cheeks: I in advance carefully poskoblit a chin and moustaches a safety razor. I put cream of corporal color on a face as it was always done by the spouse before an exit of the house. He hid minor defects of the person and the blue of the bristle sprouting since morning which is translucent through skin of cheeks and a chin. Black ink and a pencil ineptly I guided eyelashes and eyebrows. I beforehand povyshchipyvat eyebrows tweezers — saw in due time as it was made by the wife. Red lipstick brightly I made up in a feminine way full, seductive lips. Collecting is finished. The dress is completed by a brown female handbag of the wife and a shoe on a thin hairpin to which I accustomed myself long time in the evenings when wasn't at home the spouse. The benefit, the size at us almost identical: at me the forty first, at her the fortieth. That shoes didn't reap, I had to release strongly thongs on ankles and to clasp them on the last opening. We live on the fifth floor, on the platform — two more apartments. At the left the three-room apartment bigger time is empty: the hostess lives at the sick son in the private house, looks after. I put on fashion glasses from the sun though an evening, and resolutely I follow in a corridor. Before leaving, at a door I sensitively listen to sounds on a staircase: like anybody. Quickly I open a door and I slip out on the landing. I slam behind myself a door. Heart for nervousness beats under a blouse as mad. I feel like the criminal breaking terrible "taboo"! Hasty I go down and, without looking around, I leave an entrance. People outside aren't enough. Passers almost don't pay attention to me. Nobody, naturally, learns and greets. Still would learn! In such dress... I leave far away from the house and only then I relax a little and I take breath. Whether joke: I am a girl! How to behave? While there is no problem, nobody is interested in me. Only one tipsy man watched my legs long, interested leave. As it is pleasant that your legs are pleasant! But where to go? I lit and, having stopped, thought. Except a banal video hall with the next porno nothing came to mind. For a start will go. Quickly I found the nearest night salon in the area, having paid two rubles, I went down to the cellar. I took seat on the last row, in a corner. The hall thin, nearly one men except for a couple in love. One more man long and with interest examines my figure. I sit, a leg for a leg, thighs are hardly fitted by white tights, not as a real man big, seductive. From a thought that the male admires them, the head is pleasantly turned. Turned off the light. The multi-colored screen flashed. At once the treacherous scratch of a chair was distributed — the man changed closer to me. — Don't you miss, the girl? — it to me. Voice at me soft, though rough, as at the chilled girl. — And what you offer, the man? — in a whisper I answer the neighbor. That silently stretches an aluminum half liter jar: beer or drink... I gratefully accept, skillfully I click the opener, I do a drink: indeed — beer with liqueur. Already I drank somehow it. I forgot how is called. — On health, the girl — the man whispers and by the right of treated changes even closer, closely to me. I nod and don't object. Courting is pleasant to me so far. If only at once I didn't get there... Then everything was gone! And it is so possible whole one and a half — two hours to coquet. Probably — to kiss if the neighbor wants. And what will want — is sure. We drink beer, we watch a porno. Fil is lethal, I didn't see it yet! The group sex, a rigid anal fucking will pass continually. The man nearby, I look, it was made horney outright. At me too the dick costs, even panties with tights crack. The neighbor to me carefully puts a hand on a shoulder and presses to himself. I don't oppose. Here he didn't bear temptation and to kiss got. I quickly give up and I kiss him on a hickey. And мокрею in panties from the standing rooted to the ground dick, I am afraid, kind of the boyfriend didn't see! He sucked round me everything, I feel, the shivering hardened hand on my thigh slid. Still the instant and under a skirt will dive! I resolutely discharged his hand and made the offended person. — What, darling? — he didn't understand. — Periods! — I bryaknut at random if only to tell something. He understood. I delivered on a floor to bank. I hear, a fastener of a trouser belt tinkles. What did he conceive? I didn't manage to think that to what as I feel, he exactingly inclines my head to the groin. "Suggests to suck off!" — flashed at me in the head. On thought there was no time left. The neighbor pressed a strong hand my nape, and I was involuntarily stuck with lips into a big head of his standing penis. From him specifically smells then, urine and men's allocations. In the head of me grew dull and I for the first time in life took in the mouth foreign dick. The man quickly to me made upward movement, and his tool passed in my mouth more deeply. The dick was very big and firm as a bone. Bulked up from blood, he was hardly located at me in a mouth. To me it became very good from all this. I began to drive on a head the language, feeling what it hot and elastic. In a mouth at me became hotly too. I released a penis from a mouth, again, having clasped with lips, placed in a mouth. The neighbor helped me all the time, moving a bottom of a stomach and hips up, down. To groan he was afraid and only silently slightly opened a mouth as fish on the land. I too silently, some lips groaned, and very quickly caressed myself between legs, pretending as if I make horney a clitoris. Actually I brought the dick to mad ecstasy which as it is stood long ago from the events on the screen. As an additional incentive served consciousness that I am given in a mouth. And I obediently take, in a cinema hall where on front ranks the audience sits. When the dick in my mouth began to vibrate even more intensively and the neighbor began to cum, splashing out in me a cum, I began to tremble too, got nervous all over. My own cum scattered in female panties and in tights. A cum of the neighbor I had to swallow everything God forbid not to be soiled. It was very hot, luscious on taste and me it wasn't pleasant at all. But I at last became the real woman, tried taste of a men's seed, gave the partner pleasure and joy. Having waited so far I will suck away at him everything to a last straw, he removed a dick in trousers, tenderly stroked me on the head and stretched several pieces of paper put four times. I, without asking, he is grateful I took. Then I thought that it is probably advance payment and the neighbor will demand after the movie of continuation. With him to go at me in the plans anywhere wasn't, and I decided to dump quietly. — Darling, take my place, it is necessary for me in a toilet — I gently whispered to him on an ear, having turned a back, squeezed to an exit. At the same time purposely I touched by a bottom his excited person. The man understood it so that I make advances to him, quickly dived a hand under my short skirt, grasped with fingers buttocks. I playfully quietly giggled, took away his hand, coquettishly threatened with a finger. The provorkovala is once again promising: "Wait, dear, everything will be soon!" — also I left the hall. Having risen upward, quickly I walked in darkness, away from a cinema hall. Yes, during this time on the street already darkened. Being afraid to go on gloomy back streets where can meet drunk or hooligans, I soon came to the lit main avenue. Everything is good, but it was uncomfortable from wet panties and tights. Besides — it is unpleasant in a mouth from others cum which I swallowed in a cinema hall. It would be quite good to be washed, but where? I departed from the house already quite far. And there was no wish to return there. Nearby there lived my mother, and I decided to come to be washed at her. Besides, it was dearest to me the person, and I, one may say, began today new life — became the real woman. And I thought that mother will be the first person someone learns about it —. I even thought that if my spouse doesn't accept my transformation and will turn out, again I will move to mother. My father died, and mother missed one in the three-room apartment. Elder sister with the husband lived in Moscow at his parents. I walked upstairs and with each step my determination disappeared. What will I tell it? And how it will apprehend all this? However, the way back wasn't any more. What today the man gave me in a mouth burned all the boats behind the back. I am a woman, and mother has to know about it! With this distinct thought I also called a door. Mother opened and, having seen me, rounded eyes from surprise. She at once recognized me because heart maternal you won't deceive any masquerade. But my dress threw her in shock. — Sasha, it you? What happened? — only also she could utter indistinctly, taking a step back and letting in me the apartment. She, probably, thought that I am looked for by militia, and I thus disappear from justice. I entered, closed behind myself a door, threw off the reaping a little shoes in a corridor. — Be not afraid, mother, everything is all right — calmed her I. — Just I always, since the birth, was a girl, and everything, and you including, mistakenly took me for the boy. — How so, Sasha? — mother didn't understand. — Now I will explain everything... Will you allow to take a bath? — Of course. Go, доро... — mother looked to me in eyes and quickly took a look aside, having understood everything. — Go, I will wait, expensive! I came into the bathroom and purposely didn't close behind myself a door. It was quickly bared and became under a shower. Soon the door was slightly opened and mother entered. — It is possible? — indecisively she asked. — Enter, enter the mummy — I resolved, without any constraint facing her naked and washing a dick from the shrunk cum. — You had the second daughter today. I became a woman. — Did you sleep with the man? — mother took an interest. — Almost... — I hesitated. — I sucked off to him. — It that it? — Well, what you are not modern... Generally, I satisfied him with a mouth... — It was pleasant to you? — Very much! I still all shiver... And in a mouth it is bitter from his cum. — Clean teeth. You can take my brush, the daughter — for the first time called me so mother. I and made. Having cleaned teeth and having properly washed up, I left a bathtub, it was wiped dry by a towel and, without putting on, naked, I passed to the apartment. I liked to be naked before mother. From a thought that she examines my clean naked body, my dick began to get up. I started over again being made horney as before in a cinema hall. Mother noticed the dick which my filled out, extended along a thigh, and was embarrassed. — Sasha, you don't deceive me? You are the truth the woman? — with suspicion she asked. Nothing remained to me how hasty to nod meaning that so it and is. And what I still could tell?. — Will you sleep here today? — mother asked. — Yes — I nodded and, having a little rumpled, asked: — The mummy, it is possible I will lay down together with you? — Of course, the daughter — resolved she. — And the wife knows? — Not important... I will get divorced. — When? — Tomorrow. I so solved. I finally break off with the past. In total. Former I am absent — any more! I began new life... — God grant! — mother crossed me and gently I kissed on a mouth. On May 28, 2012 — on June 29, 2013. dating sites free trial datehere cake site mapMain Page