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Usually in such stories authors in detail describe — AS AS, and almost don't mention — WHY... Perhaps, this story will seem to someone not too fascinating. Yes, anything special. But — an honest truth. Real names, time — 1980. Light I married in twenty years, on a third year. The love, in general, wasn't. There was a guy who is carried away by science and because of it not able to communicate with girls at all. And once she asked him to help, to explain something, they easily got to talking, and after a while he thought that it is his only and last chance. She wasn't minds: the Muscovite, with prospects in science. Besides in group of 25 people there were only six guys (in others approximately the same proportion), and Sveta wasn't allocated with beauty and the native town in 130 km from Moscow was скучноват... No experience of intimate life existed neither at it, nor at it. According to books, by councils of acquaintances somehow understood — that to what. As to compare there was nothing — it seemed that quite so all and has to be. There were also problems. One of main: he has very big dick, and she was too slowly made horney. Therefore almost every time she tested inconvenience, and even pain, it was necessary to be accustomed very long, moving gradually, literally on millimeters. The husband tried that it was pleasant to Sveta — but he was too little able... Joint study and in general student's life provides weight to those for a conversation and practically doesn't leave time for thoughts. But here the institute is graduated, at everyone — the work with the problems, the circle of new acquaintances. Former mutual understanding (or perhaps it was only illusion?) with the husband it was already impossible to Sveta. Intimate life became times even to irritate. Can't be that all people had just the same problems... And from time to time Sveta in a talk with the husband kind of reflected aloud: interestingly, and how IT occurs at others? How do other men look?... This aspect of life was very interesting to the husband too, he wanted to compare, accumulate experience too, new impressions — but freely he didn't learn to communicate with women. Light gradually I came in a talk further and further: and here it would be interesting to compare! And when once she directly impudently asked: "And if sometime so it turns out... I can try with another?" — the husband answered: "Once — it is possible." All the same the woman won't calm down, won't receive yet that she wants. And the more to interfere, the she will be stronger to aspire to it... Young people (and not only) experts as it then was got, were sent to potato. There Sveta got acquainted with Sergey, the prominent guy from the next department. He paid her compliments, showed an affection. Several times I transferred her on hands through a pool — the truth, once dropped... He was able to communicate with women, unlike the Svetiny husband, masterly — in his life there was obviously not one ten victories. And for certain, with the rich donzhuansky experience, Sergey quickly understood that to what, I read readiness and desire which she didn't realize yet in her eyes. So after collective farm he continued to pay to Sveta attention at each meeting. And once Sergey approached Sveta in a corridor and told: he is sent to a business trip for three months. Somewhere to Siberia, in a solitude where there will be no comfort and any woman. And before flying away he very much wants to invite Sveta to himself on a visit, to say goodbye — they very long won't see now each other... I called time and the meeting place and quickly I left on the affairs. Light I thought. The good person, is necessary to him hard work. Really, it is advisable to encourage him, especially, he to it after all is nice. And what attentive and gallant! Also I am obviously not indifferent to her. So it is quite possible, will even offer... Well, eventually, the husband resolved so the conscience shouldn't torment. By the way, there was also one more circumstance. It would be time to bring the child already. Light with the husband ceased to be protected soon after the termination of institute, but pregnancy didn't occur in any way though passed already more than half a year. What's the reason? It is unknown. Perhaps, the husband has something not so with health — he all in science, sports never played... And Sergey — strong, strong, brawny... Such zinger — can be though from him it will be possible to become pregnant? So Sveta went to Sergey quite consciously, assuming an opportunity that IT can occur. The ordinary curiosity, desire to feel new feelings also was added to all above. Well and desire, natural to any woman, to be pleasant, to feel attractive. Sergey very much was delighted to Sveta's arrival (probably, doubted that she will come?) Having brought her into the room, I locked a door — that parents unexpectedly didn't appear suddenly. The conversation on some trifles was struck up... Sveta couldn't accustom in any way, kept is held down: the situation was too unusual. He suddenly asked: — Light, and you that, without brassiere? She was confused: — And what, considerably? — Yes generally isn't present, just I have an eye which is swept together... Strangely enough, these his words removed stress a little. Sergey well understood that a difficult task. Light I grew up in the small provincial town, I am brought respectably up, constraining and never I fooled around earlier. It is necessary to help her to break psychological barriers therefore he also mentioned intimate things so easy. Perhaps, he thought also that with Sveta it isn't necessary to be protected. Fuss with condom strongly would confuse it; and as it has a husband (there is nobody any more) — it is for certain healthy, with the husband is probably somehow protected, but if isn't present — naturally to dump possible pregnancy on him... As it is good that now summer and Sveta is dressed absolutely easily, only a dress and panties! At that moment to it he rejoiced, and later, remembering, and she. If it was necessary to remove many things and to potter with fasteners, she, probably, would burn down from shame and escaped, nothing would turn out... Dress — without sleeves, a short lightning on one side. The belt is buttoned on the button. Embracing Sveta, Sergey carefully felt fasteners, trying — how to cope with them more imperceptibly... They sat next on a sofa, talked, watched TV (which and remained included all evening). He gently caressed her on a hand. Her was very pleasant, but she hesitated to show it and didn't react in any way. On followed then kisses I answered, but it is reserved, itself I didn't show an initiative. He undid her belt, it silently clasped back. It repeated several times. So passed hour two. Sergey already was in despair: — Light, but already late! Your husband will miss you! — Yes? Well then I went. I approached to the door, I tried to open and I couldn't. Some cunning lock. Having a little tinkered, I returned to To Sergey on a sofa, he embraced her again... At last Sveta understood: what must be must be. It is necessary to decide. Eventually, rather IT will occur, rather will end. — Let out me for a minute. He opened a door, well understanding: Light I agreed. She went to the bathroom, was carefully washed away — anyhow? Some time I collected the thoughts... Light I returned to the room. During this time Sergey sorted a bed and took off a t-shirt. Standing in the middle of the room, he began to embrace and kiss it again. Now her excitement and desire were stronger than shame. She suddenly understood that she at it — COSTS and that it became the reason of it. Means, she is desired and attractive, and these can even be proud... His hands gently wandered about her body. "What hands at him tender!" — Sveta thought; later she remembered these feelings more than once and itself was surprised that at this moment it was droplets it isn't a shame, it is only pleasant. And everything was habitual and natural to Sergey: he gradually, in a long kiss, carefully raised her dress, bringing together him in a palm. Already edge of a dress at him in hands, at the level of her waist. He for a moment released her lips. — Light, raise hands. Without thinking, she right there satisfied his request. Sergey the fast, exact movement (on how many women he worked him?) I pulled up — and through a fraction of a second the dress flew from it and it appeared somewhere in a corner. Light I remained before it in some panties. It for a moment stood in admiration of her opened figure. Sudden crazy thought: — Give standing? — You that, I will fall! You won't hold me... I couldn't even imagine light how — costing it. Perhaps, it would also be interesting to try, but it is impossible to admit that she such inexperienced, is able to do nothing at all! He pulls her panties down, she instinctively tries to hold them. Or pretends what tries... At last, also panties fell. Sergey took Sveta on hands, carried in a bed, laid and covered with a blanket. Strangely enough, it became easier for her. All sincere doubts and torments already behind, it is possible to relax and derive pleasure... He took off jeans and pants, hesitating a little (or it seemed to her?). Light with huge interest, without coming off, I looked at his dick: she for the first time saw naked other man, except the husband. She very much wanted to touch, but she didn't decide — respectable education ordered to be modest... And thoughts crowded: "The dick — rather small. And balls big, as at the husband. Will thrust now. Oh, again this torture..." Sergey approached a sofa, cast away a blanket and laid down on Sveta, one leg spreading her legs. She stood, expecting that now it will be sore — as almost every time with the husband. But pain wasn't! Sergey moved forward, and his strong dick entered Sveta softly and smoothly; all by itself occurred as the nature ordered, it is simple and natural — he didn't even need to direct a hand. Sveta didn't manage to tell anything, even to squeal — and he already appeared all inside! And had to be, Sveta got used to a huge dick of the husband and, being made horney, habitually revealed under his size. And she, naturally, could accept a small dick of skilled Sergey freely. And, the most important, she felt it! Consciousness was filled with the only delighted thought: "As easily I entered!" It remained the brightest reminiscence of this evening many times recuring to the memory later for Sveta. He both hands tightened her legs, slightly parting them and bending in knees. Also I moved, kissing her somewhere on a neck and a shoulder. She enjoyed though she showed no sign, could do nothing with the shyness. But feelings were amazing: such firm, such vigorous, though small... in total at all not as with the husband... In a few minutes Sergey became soft and calmed down. Weight of his relaxed body was pleasant to Sveta too... Then they just lay nearby, recovered. He by a guilty voice murmured something it seems: probably, I too quickly terminated, you didn't manage to feel. She answered nothing. Were wiped — directly by a sheet. However, there was a few cum. Probably, everything remained at Sveta inside, but most likely, Sergey just didn't manage to save up a sufficient portion — if yesterday or the day before yesterday he had other woman... I didn't remember light as got home. At home there is a husband concerned by her long absence carefully asked: — You that so late where you were? — I went shopping. He believed, he always trusted her. And I didn't even pay attention that she bought nothing. Here in her the overdue repentance woke up though she also didn't give a sign. I went to the bathroom, long I stood under a shower as if trying to wash away from itself Sergey's caress. And here I didn't begin to wash "treasure", secretly hoping: and suddenly after all it will be possible to become pregnant? As soon it became clear, it wasn't possible. In several days she admitted everything to the husband. I felt guilty to him and I agreed on a divorce if he demands it. But he didn't demand. He understood everything. And even I asked her as it is possible to tell in more detail — as all this occurred. He asked on trifles, tried to imagine her thoughts and feelings, it was important to it to understand, the reason is how serious. Only in couple of days, having got up courage, he decided to ask about the main thing: "And he poured out — in you?" Light I confirmed and, if it came about it, I shared the most intimate thoughts of desire to have the child. Now she also understood that she went to Sergey to become pregnant... The husband dreamed of the child too. And too I doubted concerning the health. He even slightly reproached Sveta: so you didn't tell at once that it — for the sake of the child? Even slightly I regretted: time so, it was necessary to choose a suitable pose, behind on all fours, then the probability of conception would be more. However, it was clear that Sveta wouldn't dare to show though the slightest initiative, to tell both to Sergey though a word... Certainly, the husband forgave Sveta — more true, considered her not guilty of anything — and drew some conclusions for himself. It didn't make sense to take offense at Sergey at all — any other on his place would arrive also, but it is possible, and wouldn't manage to save Sveta from shame and complex, and he made everything as it is necessary, carefully and tactfully... Later, when emotions calmed down, the husband with surprise realized that he tests to Sergey something similar for gratitude. Family life proceeded. Facing at work, Sveta and Sergey greeted, transferred by phrases — in the same way as any other colleagues. The past didn't remember. No feelings arose — however, hostility too. What was — that was, and Sveta wasn't sorry about anything. Just I understood that it not that it is necessary for her. She peacefully got divorced in four and a half years when that seriously was fond of other woman. And in two months they gave birth to the son... For several years they lost each other from a look, then happened in the bus, she called him on a visit. Sometimes the former spouses exchange calls and even meet as old close acquaintances. He is married, and Sveta didn't marry; when did he somehow ask "why?" — I waved away: not before, it is necessary to bring up the son. Work, house efforts, on private life doesn't remain either time, or forces. She got used to everything long ago and doesn't want anything to change any more. The son — the exact copy of the father on appearance, character and hobbies, they had a full mutual understanding. Light I am glad to it, well understanding that it is more interesting to the son with the father, than with her — especially when it comes about programming and to that similar. Life goes on dating sites for zimbabweans in sa museum date ideas nyc site mapMain Page