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School... College... Institute. A peculiar choice of profession for the guy — the Gynecologist. Yes at teenage age everything was represented differently — sexy beauties, languishing looks, a female techka from touches of fingers where the entrance is prohibited to others also admiration of friends from in what I am engaged. But the medicine to me opened from more real party. I was disaccustomed, and here in 24 years after everything — arrived to work by profession — the Gynecologist. Work is not dusty, salary quite good. But hundreds of beauties — etc. floated by. If there was a choice to register to the man or the woman — that all my coevals — registered to the woman. Exceptions made 1 — 2 of one thousand which was or all the same, or believed that the man understands more better. And crowd of aged women From 40 To... To different figures. It happened just a week ago. A week later after employment. Hour until the end of change but... — Zdavstvuyte — at a door knocked to the woman of years of 50, very full, in jeans in обтяг, a jacket and the jacket thrown from above — "You pass" — having looked back I answered — "Leave a jacket in clothes or on a chair at an entrance" — "Well... "— she in a trice threw off a jacket, put on boot covers — from the standing box nearby. — "I on survey" — she told, having flopped on a chair near a table and having put a talonchik. "Anna Nikolaevna, 57 years" — I read on the coupon. — "Well, let's examine" — "Young you is sick" — together with these words the aunt suspiciously looked at me. — "Not long ago I graduated from institute" — her doubt was quite clear, for some reason consider that time is young that doesn't know anything." — "Well" — she after all critically looked at me — "Studied well?" "— "Almost perfectly well, So... give you pass can be more best?" — I smiled and I nodded on the neighboring room where there was a gynecologic chair. — "Oh yes... "— she dissatisfied got up and having left a handbag on a chair passed to the second room. Having sighed I passed afterwards, having covered a door and became without hurrying to get gloves, at that time so far the lady puffed behind a screen take off trousers. Judging by behavior — the troublemaker. — "Uf... t... "— I heard, the second minute. — "Anna Nikolaevna, Are ready?" — I hastened her, patients ended for today if isn't emergency and I just wanted to sit having a rest. — "Yes... wait!" — strained rustling — "pancake, is impossible" — "Maybe you will help?!" — indignation was in good voice planetary scales — "Of course." Generally it isn't necessary... but, I wanted to finish survey quicker and there was no wish for scandal — a quarrel. Having come for a screen, I saw that the woman managed to lower jeans only to the middle of hips. — "So... "— I approached and tried to help to pull together with a hand a trouser-leg, but is useless. — "What so? standing, would help more better" — "And I what I do?" — I was tranquility, and having grasped with two hands pulled in a bottom — together we somehow managed to lower one trouser-leg to a knee. Afterwards — the second, having sat down before her — I pulled in a bottom, and a trace of her hand made some effort too. Victory... from knees I helped to lower jeans to a shchikotolok, and it vyshagnut from a ring of trousers. — "Uf" — she sighed, and without being too soft grasped by an elastic band of pants — white which right there flew down. — Khm — managed to tell only I, having got up since the type of her vagina from below up was very double. The ring of panties also flew away aside and she passed to a ginekolgichesky couch discontentedly grumbling. A small scratch of a couch, and the lady settled in situation semi-lying, having thrown legs on supports — thereby having exposed the perineum on a review. — "Well and that we wait?" — literally just a moment she sounded the indignation. — "Minute, I should put on gloves" — "And earlier not on the cards was?" — "Earlier I helped you... to be prepared for survey" — her behavior began to irritate, and I in a rush pulled gloves. — Pff — in her answer there was a universal discontent. — "There now, we will start" — I put on gloves and the chair, directly between Anna Nikolaevna's legs took seat. Her vagina was beautifully shaved, though the plump pubis spoiled a picture a little, but sexual sponges very small — sharp contrast in comparison with her dimensions. — "So... "— I in soul loudly swore — because so far I hurried, tore a glove and according to rules it was necessary to dress new. — "Well we wait? Pizdu never saw?" — on I regarded my hitch on the. — "Will pick up young people" — "Yes I saw, and not one" — I snapped — "The glove tore" — "Well, well," — she hemmed with a smile from the victory and my awkwardness. — "he saw" — "I trust I trust" — Anna when I raised a hand right there added and I showed her the piece torn on a little finger. Having replaced latex — I took seat back having taken a gynecologic mirror. For those someone isn't aware - it is the subject similar it is a little on a penis. Is selected indivdualno depending on the woman's parameters. She was full... the large woman, therefore the choice fell on one of enough large devices. — "Cold" — she when the mirror in lubricant was stuck into her pussy a little exactingly moved moving apart edges. — "It is necessary to suffer" — "Cold I speak!" — she moved not enough, having covered with a hand a vagina having pushed away I wash рукус with the tool. What you... not to reuse it already. — "Woman... lubricant in itself cool" — losing patience I tried to explain. — "Well make something!" — "What can I make?" — instructions instructions, but the aunt is too quarrelsome to observe them all. — "I according to the instruction do everything" In reply I heard a bubneniye concerning my too early age and lack of medical experience. — "Well, I can on another but it not according to the instruction will be" — "How?" — "At first to apply lubricant, then the tool to perform inspection" — I wearily exhaled and looked at the watch — "Will be not so cold, but a little time will be required so far lubricant will be absorbed" — "Well do time it is possible" Oh... such patients like to complain. Having squeezed out a little lubricant from a tube, I applied with accurate movements it on petals of vulvar lips and having thrust a finger up to a phalanx made couple of forward dvizhkniya greasing inside. Narrow, very narrow, it was felt even as fingers. Anything strange by the way-quite ordinary procedure as palpating. — "Ouch... painfully" — she when the new mirror rested her against a pizda discontentedly said, moving apart a sponge and an entrance inside. — "Painfully?" — "YES!" — "Well... you have very narrow vagina, now will take less" — and wearily took less unit Having carried out the simple procedure I was inclined, considered all via the tool and pulled out it from what the aunt somehow shuddered and sighed. — "Everything is magnificent at you" — any external changes or manifestations negative. — "Narrow truth?" — without looking, on what it began troublemakingly, already I smiled as if gave a compliment. — "Very much, as at the girl it is direct" — I understood as she reacts even to accidental a compliment and took the correct behavior. — "Hi-hi - thanks" — I in reply rounded eyes a little. Would be for what. But in reply I kept silent. — "Oh excuse... and it is possible to be wiped by something" — "Yes koneno" — lubricants I put decently, and a part was squeezed out and now her vagina is moist shone — but to put pants not option. the wet spot will clearly appear. Special napkins and couple of movements by her between legs — on chilly wiping everything. — "Everything, you can put on" My task was carried out also I following etiquette — took seat back at a table to fill out documents on survey. Couple of lines and everything is ready. — Uff — familiar hissing later a couple of minutes was heard. — "To help?" — I understood that time it is heavy to take off her trousers was, it is more difficult to dress uchtyvy her constitution. — "I already honor everything" Easier to dress than to remove — even considering that they are couple sizes less than are necessary to her. And a minute later — it having thanked I slipped out outside. To my ignorance. it was only the first meeting with her. dating sites for senior professionals date conferred site mapMain Page