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About the beginning of sea tour, our with the husband, you can read in the story "Resort Adventures". Moreover, dear reader, I recommend to you to make by all means it more better to understand our spirit and to get acquainted with some heroes closer. And so, events developed as follows. After stormy night in the company of our new girlfriend we with Zhenya, my husband, returned to our number at daybreak to have a rest and though a little bit to have a sleep before the next day of resort rest... Having entered number, being not able to stand on the feet for fatigue, we just threw off from ourselves all clothes and went to bed. I woke up the first. I stretched, smiled, remembering last night, slowly I got up and I went to the bathroom, to take a shower. Streams of water flew on me, banishing the remains of a dream and putting to heart to a body and reason. And here the idea to give the husband a small morning surprise when he wakes up came to my mind. I left a shower, was wiped by a towel and, walking up and down by number stark naked, approached a table on which there was a plate with fruit. Among other things on it there was a sweet cherry. I took three berries and slipped back in the bathroom. Having got up in front of the mirror and having lifted up a leg, I put it on a sink. Having admired itself a moment, I licked a finger and carried out by him on the sexual sponges. Having moved apart them, I took berry of sweet cherry and, caressing her a clitoris, entered berry into a vagina. Having licked other two chereshenka, I started them there. Having attentively examined itself in a mirror and having understood that nothing gives my surprise, I lowered a leg and went to the room to brush the hair, indifferently. Zhenya overslept still, probably, about half an hour so I completely had time for clothing and targeting of the morning marafet. It was compulsory procedure. Without supply a peephole and colourings of lips I didn't leave number. After I put on herself pink to the indicator, white lacy panties and a dark pink short short skirt. Then heard the estimating smackings of the husband. Having looked at him in a mirror, I understood that he watched already some time me. Having turned to him, I smiled. — How to you yesterday's night? — I took an interest. — Night oho-go — Zhenya told, rolling up eyes — still the dick shudders when I remember. — You were on the ball yesterday and now you deserve an entertainment, my dear — I told, mysteriously smiling. — Nobody made you talk, told about an entertainment, so give, treat me — he answered, smiling. I only also waited for it. I approached his head, brought a leg over his face so that his eyes rested against my perineum hidden by a strip of panties. — It of course is tasty, but it is stereotyped — he joked, trying to provoke me — I saw it more than once. — You asked an entertainment — I told, removing panties from my sexual sponges aside. I strained muscles of a vagina and squeezed out from myself the first berry of sweet cherry, having nestled the pussy on the husband's lips. Having felt as to him in a mouth berry fell, Zhenya goggled from surprises. — M... this really tasty entertainment — he told — still you will give? I strained once again and felt as the second berry began to leave me. Having seen it clamped by sponges of my pussy, Zhenya clung to me and helped to take berry with tongue. — I surprised me, the good fellow, Natashka — he uttered, having chewed berries — still the entertainment will be? — the husband took an interest. — No, won't be still any more — I told lies, having laid up the berry which remained in a vagina for later. The husband took a shower, washed, made toilet, and we went to the dining room for breakfast. Our number was located at the very end of a long corridor therefore from our party there was a ladder on which almost nobody went. She performed more likely function of fire. I suggested to go on her that surprised Zhenya a little. We began to go down and passed already a half of the first flight when I stopped, passing the husband forward. He overtook me on four steps when I placed legs more widely, sat down, having lifted up a skirt, and took aside a strip of panties. — And what you in general carry them, it wasn't necessary to put on — having understood my invention, Zhenya cunning smiled. He held up under me a hand, and I squeezed out to him on a palm the last third berry of sweet cherry. He took her in a mouth. — This so warm berry, you so heated it the body — he told, getting to the core of it. — Surprises ended — I answered the husband's question which isn't asked still. Then, having joined hands, we went further. In the dining room we met Tanya with the daughter who, probably, overslept longer than ours. They joined us at a table. Having thrown by several phrases and having agreed to meet on the beach, we with the husband left to occupy plank beds. Having swum several times in the sea, having talked a lot with all the heart with the girlfriend Tanya for whom I providently occupied the next plank bed, I decided to go to bathe in the pool, having left Tanya on care to the husband. I was seduced by the pool with the fact that near it all youth of hotel for some reason liked to stick out. I slowly walked along the pool, considering young people and representing as well as with someone I would like to have sex as suddenly my look stopped for two quite nice children of years of twenty who vividly discussed little girls, greedy staring at the same time at plashy girls in water. I quickly estimated a situation: judging from the fact that near boys there were empty plank beds, children were obviously not with these girls, and, most likely, in itself, and stuck out here with obvious intention to remove to themselves for the period of rest, or as it will turn out, girls. I approached the next free plank bed, turned the back to children and bent, straightening a mattress on a plank bed. The conversation abated, I felt how boys consider me, estimating. I slowly settled down on a plank bed and out of the corner of the eye noticed that children stared at me. I too from under a floor covered a century considered these young men. One of them under swimming trunks had obviously good sizes a unit, their bodies were sexually slender. I decided to go for broke. — The young man, be so kind as, help me, spread me with cream — I asked what under swimming trunks had a big hillock. I interrogatively looked at the boy who at first became puzzled, and then quickly understood how he was lucky. He changed to me on a plank bed, took the cream in hand and asked me to turn a back on what I specified that it is necessary to smear a stomach and a breast. Without expecting such turn of events, the guy didn't know how to me he obviously hesitated to be risen, in other words. — Ask the friend to help you if you don't have enough experience — I came to the rescue to him. His friend didn't want to miss chance to polapat the nice lady therefore at once I sat down on the other side of a plank bed and, having squeezed out himself on a palm cream, accurately touched my stomach. — If you rub me so, I will burn earlier, than you me will spread all, please, quicker — I encouraged the assistants. They began to rub together me on a stomach, slightly approaching a depression in the ground between boobies. In a minute I understood that business so farther and won't move, and children should be helped obviously. Then I rose and undid a brassiere of a bathing suit and removed him. — Guys, I ask to smear more bright me, and everywhere — I told the friends who were taken aback from what was seen. They began to touch gently my boobies, smearing them with the palms. I hardly constrained laughter, looking as without five minutes of Casanova in words can hardly touch the half-naked woman. Their attention was completely riveted on my boobies. Children honestly struggled with the shyness and tried to pound cream on all my body, but I nevertheless decided to help them. When one of children of the terr is slightly lower than me a navel, I caught his hand and with the words "I asked everywhere, and not just on a stomach" sent her to the plavochka, having pulled in a stomach so that between a body and swimming trunks the crack was formed. I brought a hand of future stallion to myself to panties, and itself as if accidentally lowered a hand on his knob on swimming trunks. The guy didn't begin to be delayed any more and, having run a hand few times over my pubis and over a strip of volosik on him, went down to my sponges. I made several circular motions on his knob of swimming trunks, having squeezed it is gentle in a cam. Having closed eyes, I turned away to other young man and right there felt his hand in the swimming trunks. Having lain down so several minutes, I understood that already now it is a high time to work especially as the dick of the first guy was already quite firm. I opened eyes and with forced surprise and indignation told: "Yes you what you afford it, friends? I asked you to smear my body with cream, and you what you afford it?" Children as if on command drew aside from me hands, without expecting such dirty trick. Having estimated the reached effect, I continued: "You to me bedaubed all bathing suit in cream! I in him can't appear now anywhere what people will think? You will correct now that here did. Where your number? Now to me you will wash everything". At me it turned out rather naturally and angrily that had due effect: children sat with half-open mouths, without knowing how to justify oneself, and only pointed to the next bungalow, having uttered indistinctly something about the second floor. — And well quickly got up and went to wash the soiled things — I told, lifting the played mean tricks children by hands. Those obeyed. To their number there were no more than twenty meters, but on the road they tried to justify themselves and even apologized. I even began to worry whether I went too far. We walked upstairs on the second floor and entered number. I slammed a door and clicked the lock. Having thrown the brassiere on a floor, I removed from myself swimming trunks and, holding them before a nose of the struck dumb children, told: "How you will compensate me damage?" Children stood as hypnotized, but what by my calculations had a bigger dick (it was called Sasha), apparently, began to guess. I understood it on his smile. — We compensate you all your sufferings — Sasha said, having nudged the friend that that accompanied. The Sashiny friend was called Alexey, I remembered it at the pool. Sasha approached me closely, put a hand to me on buttocks and pointed by gesture to a bed. — I think if you thus compensate my sufferings, I will forget about this annoying incident — I told, taking several steps to a bed. I took Alexey by hand, remembering as in his swimming trunks at the pool the knob bulked up. I attracted him to myself and I sat down on a bed before him. I began to lower with him pants and with grief found out that after the endured disorders his knob became soft. — What here does it become? Such unit you precisely don't wash away guilt — with these words I removed a thin skin on Lyosha's dick, having bared a head, and took him in a mouth. I sucked his dick slowly, caressing his balls a hand. Only a minute later he began to gain former elasticity. Having brought Lyoshin the unit to the working condition, I took out it from a mouth and turned to Alexander standing nearby already undressed. His dick was already in quite working condition. I began to lick his trunk, rising from his balls up to a head language. After several times I took him in a mouth and began to suck. Having put one leg on a bed, I began to caress the clitoris. Having raised eyes on the faces of children, I saw that they watch all my movements as if they watch the pornofilm. Then I took Sasha hands for a bum and by force pushed, practically pushed, his considerable sizes a dick to myself into a throat. I swallowed him completely, having reached lips his pubis. Having heard approving whisper, I took out his dick from a mouth and ordered to lay down to Alexander on a bed. — We will look on how many you correspond to what was told about themselves at the pool — I told, sitting down on Sasha's face the already damp pussy. I began to rub about his face a clitoris and sponges, all are stronger pressing it. I felt how his language gets into me, caresses my clitoris and an entrance to a vagina. A hand I jerked off Lyosha's dick, strongly squeezing him in a fist. Several minutes I felt as the equestrian then I got up, having ordered to Alexander to lie on the place, and delivered a leg to him on the person that he could lick my fingers. His face was all wet and slippery after my vossedaniye. I turned to Sasha a back and sat down on his dick which instantly plunged into my vagina. Lyosha climbed on a bed meanwhile and now faced me. Having brought up Alexey is closer to itself, I took his dick in a mouth and began to move actively. I so strong clasped Alexey's dick with lips and language that Lyosha began to groan loudly. Having been frightened that the guy will terminate ahead of time, I took out his dick from a mouth, but was already late: the stream of a cum scattered to me directly in a face. Having decided not to rain on the parade of the boy, I took him in a mouth and began to suck violently a dick which continued to throw up a cum to me in a throat. Having terminated, Lyosha got down from a bed and sat down on the next bed, caressing on us. I turned over facing Sasha and, having completely sat down on his dick, began to move a basin, shivered a clitoris about hair of his pubis. I helped myself a hand, caressing the clitoris. It brought closer my orgasm. We from Sashkaya terminated at the same time. I was curved and, having let out groan, laid down on a bed between Alexander's legs, without releasing his dick from myself. — Well, children, you are good fellows. But so quickly you won't get off me — I told, having lain so for about a minute. Having got up from the softened Alexander, I turned the back to Alexey who was still sitting on the next bed and, having spread legs, bent down. I squeezed out from a vagina Sashkina a cum which began to flow on my legs. — Personally I — in a shower, and you as want, boys — having told it, I left the room. Having left through five to pass from a shower, I saw children who about something were whispered. However, having caught sight of me entering the naked room they slipped in a shower. Having looked round, I understood that the door was locked which I didn't notice anywhere. That it suited me very especially as the hubby in the company of Tatyana won't look for me at least till a lunch. Having taken seat on a bed and having turned in under itself one leg, I waited when there are a shower these neatniks to continue our "conversation". In a few minutes expectations both of them entered the room. Lyosha at the same time, hesitating, I covered the advantage with a hand. — It was necessary to hesitate earlier, and now there is nothing to hide the unit — smiling, I told. — How do you plan to continue the settlings with the lady? — I interrogatively looked at young people. Alexey, probably, thinking that he absolutely became impudent, I asked whether they can record our sex with the cam. — Only under one condition — I told — at first you will give the USB stick to me, and I will rewrite it houses, and only then I will return to you, perverts. — Will you honestly return? — Lyosha specified. My nod disseminated all doubts of children, and Alexey turned on the cam on record, having directed her to our bed-trakhodrom. Children approached me again and got up nearby. Their dicks were relaxed and didn't want to get up in any way, it was necessary to use to me the skills of blowjob again. I began to take in a mouth one dick, another, sucked them serially, but only the dick of Sasha which began to accept the impressive size again began to react. Having made the last attempt to bring Alexey's body to the working condition, I took the swimming trunks of one of friends which were closest to me, and pulled out from them a string on what Sasha gave the protest cry. — You look and study, малышня — I told. With these words I took Lyosha's dick and quite hardly tied up him at the basis this rope, having tied on a bow that it was possible to untie easily. Alexey's dick began to bulk up directly in the eyes and in half-minute accepted completely combat readiness, at the same time having become even thicker because of appeared on is mute veins. Lyosha was already I wanted to remove a rope, but I asked to wait a little more. I settled on a bed, having bent legs and having moved apart them is wider. Alexey settled down between them and licked my pussy, and I sucked a dick of Sasha who sat at a bed headboard on knees and did progress, entering a dick to me into a mouth. I raised a basin and a hand directed Alexey below to buttocks, and I, caressing a finger the clitoris and immersing him in a vagina, greased the buttocks, preparing her for the most efficient actions. In about five minutes, I quickly got up. — So, children, quickly solve someone where? — having asked a question, I looked at children. The first Sasha reacted, having told that he wants behind. I pushed Alexey on a bed, removed a string from his already dark red dick and quickly sat down on him, having entered a dick into myself. Having made several greasing movements, I stood because Sasha was attached to me behind. He pressed a dick to a hole of my buttocks, and I slowly, but was surely stuck on him. Having made several movements, with each of which he plunged all deeper, Sasha accustomed to my buttocks and began to fuck me rhythmically. I began to move slowly on Alexey who tried to lick language a nipple of my left breast. Having a little bent that he could reach a nipple, I began to move quicker on Lyosha. In five minutes of such fucking I suggested to trade places then got up over Alexey and, having turned to him a back, not his dick buttocks sat down, I deviated back and laid down on him a back that Sasha could be docked to my pussy. I began to move a basin, being stuck by buttocks on Alexey's dick, and Sasha began to hollow me violently. Some more minutes later guys began to cum. At first Lyosha in my buttocks, then almost at once Sasha terminated. I felt as the vagina was filled with a hot cum of Alexander. From this thought and from his sharp movements I began to cum too and, without having sustained, loudly cried. I cumed seconds ten. Having absolutely weakened, I fell to a bed, still stuck on two dicks. I didn't want to take out them from myself at all, it was so pleasant to lie, feeling the movement in itself. But it wasn't convenient to children and they left me. All of us laid down on a bed and lay so several minutes. After short break I approached a table and took from fruit observing two grapes larger. Unfortunately, children in number had no sweet cherry. I entered one berry into a vagina, and another — into buttocks. — That your juice didn't flow out ahead of time — I explained to the surprised children — my husband, having seen record, will demand the report. Here at children jaws drooped again and just now they paid attention that on me there was a wedding ring. I approached still working cam, switched off it and took out the USB stick on which record was made. — Today we will rewrite, tomorrow we will return — I calmed children. Having pulled on itself panties and having put on a brassiere, I left number and went to the sea where by my calculations there had to be my husband. But on our plank beds there was neither he, nor Tanya, but there was a note: "We — at Tanya. Come as you will be released". I went to Tatyana's room. Having approached to the door of her number, I listened. It seemed to me that I heard some groans. I easily pressed the door handle — she wasn't locked. Having slightly opened a door and having entered number, I took off footwear not to rustle, and barefoot crept to the acquaintance on last night to the room. There I saw that, as expected to see. Tanya faced a bed, having relied on her hands, and my hubby hollowed her behind, holding by hips. I got up in a doorway, watching this picture as suddenly someone's hand touched my shoulder. I turned back and saw Tanina the daughter Lena, probably she left a shower and now there was absolutely naked, looking at me. She took me by hand and pulled to the neighboring room. I followed Lena. Having entered, the girl covered a door. — Well as, tried the man? — I asked, taking a view of quite attractive body of Lena. — Yes, very much it was pleasant to me — the girl answered — here only I wanted to taste his cum, mother does it blissfully the person when speaks about it. — Be not upset if wasn't in time, I am full of a cum of two very nice young people now — I told, having carried out by a finger on panties where there was a pubis. Eyes of Lena lit up, it beggarly put hands and asked to help it with it. Then I gesture invited it to squat. At this moment from the neighboring room loud women's and men's groans were heard. — Remove from me panties — I told Lena, having darted a fleeting glimpse at a door. Lena began to remove from me my plavochka which in one place stuck to skin and didn't want to be torn off. She threw on me an inquiring look on what I nodded and smiled. At last my panties appeared on a floor, Lenka sat down between my legs, and I began to make an effort. Grape jumped out of my buttocks directly to the girl in a mouth, she was followed by a cum stream. Probably, Lena had no idea of her taste therefore it frowned, swallowed it and wiped a mouth a hand. — Lenka, you still just didn't grow before — Tatyana's voice was heard. It appears, having terminated, they paid attention that the door to the neighboring room is closed, and decided to glance in her. Lena's mother approached me and entered a finger into mine the wet pussy, having pulled out the second grape from there. Having opened a mouth she brought it to my sexual sponges, and I, having strained, squeezed out from the vagina all remained cum to her in a mouth. Tanya stuck to my pussy, licking her absolutely. — Yes, great you were pumped up — Zhenya told, looking at volumes of the cum following from me. I brought a hand to a brassiere and took out the USB stick from there. Having lifted her, I told that tonight everyone is expected by viewing of the documentary. As I also thought, my husband, Tanya and her daughter Lena — all showed willingness to be present at an evening session which turned into the next orgy and captured by us on the camera. We recorded the copy with the USB stick of my boys. Next day I met the lyubovnichok Sasha and Lyosha on the same place at the pool. Cela before them on a plank bed, spread legs, removed a strip of panties and got the USB stick. — As well as I promised, I hope for continuation — with these words I gave them her and went to bathe. Something prompted to me that I still will have a continuation of a relationship with these children. Author's E-mail: dating sites for over 50 in scotland date in spanish with year site mapMain Page