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A few weeks ago I published the story "My History", shared the endured moments of transformation of my wife into the whore and transformations of into the schnook. Yes! Yes! In the schnook! After several months as there was "My history" and those events which accompanied me for the next several weeks, I came from that moment to such opinion. And you in a few minutes are convinced of it. I still madly love the, now the dissolute, dissolute and shameless wife and I don't want to lose her. Therefore, likely also I slid in that abyss where now I am and from where I don't see the way back. At the end of the last story I asked the people who endured similar events to help council how to arrive and how to behave in the future? But no offense meant, to the people who responded to my call I didn't find the solution. Therefore went down stream and I came to that port where couldn't imagine several months ago that it will appear. Unlike me who got stuck and as the little, blind kitten lost the way, my wife and her lover, more precisely as I learned later, my wife under the leadership of her lover found the perverted way, and led me on him with "the closed eyes". And when I opened them, was already late. My life was changed, upside down and there is no way back any more likely. If you remember the description of the lover of the wife, then with a growth 165, by the form it is sickly, plyugavenky and pleshivenky the pudge. Nothing perceptible not allocated externally. But as it appeared, internally he is just Napoleon. Prudent, cynical I will also deservedly tell, very good strategist. At a meeting with him and the slightest communication you feel the strongest power, a machismo and feeling that opposite to you the real male. It is so notable that it causes huge respect in men, and women can't resist it. My wife became not an exception also. Only that fact that my favourite very beautiful woman became an exception. With a growth 1, 75, a figure 100/60/100 and the main thing fine, blue eyes in which I just rolled at our first meeting and I fell in love madly, she was very modest, intelligent woman. Darling never afforded any liberties with foreign men. Also I tore off at the moment all feeble efforts of unfamiliar men and acquaintances too. All my friends and acquaintances envy me and don't miss an opportunity to praise my wife for her beauty, modesty and intelligence. And at acquaintance to her, our Napoleon, having got the heave-ho, I solved, in whatever began to achieve this beauty. And the more heavy he was given seduction of my darling, the stronger in him desire to turn this "the snow queen" into the real whore arose. I don't know what charms he used in seduction of my darling but as you already know, at him it turned out. I learned all this later, from his words, but at that time which yareshit to describe in this story, I also couldn't present as far as. But I will begin everything in stages. As I already wrote that there was in "My history" ours to the wife sexual life changed by 180 degrees. I just ceased to control myself and more than several minutes, and sometimes and several seconds, I can't constrain myself. And every time I bring the wife to an orgasm language. At first the wife was surprised, tried to understand the reason of such failure, but at some point I felt that she just reconciled to new situation and even became indifferent to it. The moment when she began to laugh over me came. I began to call me skorostrely, my lizunchik and other humiliating names. Has to note from our acquaintance I demanded valid the attitude towards myself as to the man and she very well knew how painfully I treat humiliation of my men's advantage. Therefore at first she translated everything for fun. And I, trying not to heat a relationship and not to break and lay out her everything that I know, silently, I took down these humiliations. But than further, it is more. One day having returned, home from work, I began to stick to the wife. And when we appeared in a bed, and I was already going to enter her, she suddenly stopped me. - Can you all the same do nothing how the man, so can, you will be engaged in licking at once? - she told. I apprehended it for fun and was already going to continue, but she stopped me again. - I is serious! - darling - Te said several seconds that you potykatsya in me, don't manage even to bring me. But after that I have to go to a shower and be washed after you on half an hour. Therefore let's pass on kuna at once. And when I will terminate, I will help you too. - The wife concluded. In me everything boiled in a second. But at the next moment, I reconciled. I understood everything that she told an honest truth. And without having agreed with her, in couple of seconds I will hear reproaches in the address. And the most opposite. - I spoke to you. Once again I appeared the rights. And I decided not to spoil mood and good evening having reconciled, fell to her pussy and to be engaged in what at me recently, turns out most best. Cunnilingus. But also here I was waited by the next surprise. Having seen the pussy of the wife her pussy already to call, language didn't turn. It was the raztrakhanny, huge hole. From where the wife returned and with someone I turned the pussy into what she represented, it wasn't necessary to doubt. And again I had a question. - What for a cudgel at him between legs? But aloud to tell it how you understand, I wasn't solved. And making scandal as the normal man had to make it, I as the madman stuck to this raztrakhanny pizda and didn't stop until the wife terminated 3 a time in a row. After the third orgasm, the exhausted wife pushed away me a leg. - All I can't any more and I don't want. Let's me have a rest. - Hardly touching lips, the wife told. - And how I? - I asked her a question. - Lay down now I will make to you well. - The wife answered. I as the obedient soldier, in a second appeared on a back in a pleasure anticipation. But surprises for today as I understood, didn't end. The wife he is lazy I took my dick in a hand and I began to jerk off to me. At all, without caring for my pleasure. I, as well as all last weeks, after 10, 20 starts of a hand of the wife, terminated to myself on a stomach and on it my pleasure ended. In bewilderment I turned to the wife. - What was it? You didn't give me. I counted though blowjob, you will make. - I addressed her. - Darling, you to me made so well. I after 3 orgasms, on anything forces didn't have any more. - The wife answered. - Three? - I thought. - And with mean how many once again you terminated today? - but again aloud I didn't dare to say it. Just I got up and I went to a shower to make toilet. And having returned, I found the wife sleeping a dream of the baby whereas I still long time lay, with the closed eyes thinking of everything that occurs, it wasn't hammered with a disturbing dream yet, all night long waking up. In the next several days darling absolutely refused, from sex with me pleading a headache, fatigue. And Friday in general I called from work and, having referred to the fact that at them at work arrange an office party, I reported that will come back home late. - What office party? In 5 years that you work there, yet there was never any office party. - I told. - And now is! - The wife with rage said and hung up. I understood that I lose control over the wife completely. I understood where and with someone at her an office party. But it was once again made horney to madness and in such state, c not find any peace, being wound up and down, I began to wait for return of the wife. It was necessary to wait for the wife long enough. Only in 23-30 I heard a call to a door and a meteorite ran to open. The picture which appeared to me after opening of a door, was still that. The wife in good podpitiya, all disheveled, being on the last legs. With my help she reached a chair and just failed in it. - I see an office party passed wonderfully well. - I told the wife. - Yes! I have a really good time! - the wife, the braided voice uttered indistinctly. - There wasn't enough one. - What? - I asked. - Your language darling! - The wife answered. Also I began to lift up the skirt. The next surprise forced my jaw "to fall to a floor". On darling there were no panties, and between legs already familiar picture, a raztrakhanny hole opened to me. Without the slightest constraint the wife, having thrown a leg on a chair armrest, I beckoned me a finger. - Make pleasantly to the beloved wife. - She said by the most lewd voice. - And where put panties? - I asked. - Oh! Actually not! - having looked in a bottom, the wife said. - Likely somewhere I forgot or I lost. - Even without being confused, darling said. - So you go to me my favourite hubby? I, without controlling itself any more, I fell on knees, I stuck into her dissolute pizda and likely hour I licked it, without stopping. Only from time to time I felt how her legs around my head clench and groans of an orgasm fill the room. These minutes, at last, reached me that my favourite, dear wife, became just insatiable whore and as me it seems to both her and me it begins to be pleasant. It likely was the turning point in our family life. From this day the wife behaved just inconsiderately as the real bitch. Whether slightly every other day she began "to be late at work". At the same time the first times she called and thought out some excuses. And then just I began to send sms "I am late at work" without explanations. Returning, home now always without panties, after the next fucking with the lover, I forced me to lick it between legs, and on my attempts, to have with it sex, just I referred on "there are no forces" and brought me to an orgasm a hand. I at some point reconciled to the events. Understanding as is strong I I love her and I don't want to lose, and also understanding that I will be able to stop nothing this locomotive in which my darling rushes, I decided to adopt the rules "games" and to pretend that nothing occurs. As though everything, as usual. But also it was not the side-altar. Having returned, somehow home, after next "I am late at work" and as became already a norm, having forced me to lick myself after the lover, I was already going to enclose the dick to it in a hand as I heard. - Go jerk off in a toilet. I have on you no forces. - Didn't understand? - I was in perplexity. - What didn't you understand? - the wife became angry. - I have neither forces, nor desire to nadrachivat your shoot. If you want to terminate, then go to a toilet and jerk off. Or absolutely you will remain unsatisfied. Do you want it? - the wife finished with a question, the monologue. - No. I want to terminate. - This time, I already mumbled. - Here and nicely. Go and make to yourself pleasantly. - It is a little with irony, it is a little with contempt as it seemed to me, the wife concluded. And what you think? What did I need to do? Having collected all the pride in a fist, I hung the head and humiliated, offended went to a toilet, to bring itself to an orgasm. From this day as you already likely guess, our sex if it is so possible to call it, took place according to the same scheme. Sex only when it was returned from mean, only to kuna, and then in a toilet to dodrachivat itself. Do you ask whether accept I such sex? No, of course, isn't present. But me the wife doesn't leave any choice and frankly speaking the beginning is pleasant to me, that excitement, those emotions caused by her behavior. I am practical whole day in excitement, representing the wife in embraces of bald and remembering the humiliation moments when I lick a raztrakhanny pizda of the wife, and after that as I the last schnook go to a toilet and I jerk off to myself. After all event I already understood. She perfectly understands that I know about her and the lover, but I am silent and I continue to pretend what nothing I know. And it likely suited her some time. So far she didn't give me the next surprise. In one of days "having been late at work" and having come home, as usual, late enough. My darling, having come home and having sat down in a chair, already as on a habit, I beckoned me a finger. But this time I didn't begin to lift up a skirt as it did it usually, and just I raised and as soon as, I start the head between legs, I lowered her from above. I was even surprised why? But suddenly I felt the unfamiliar smell going from her pizda. Several seconds of confusion and her hand presses to me on the head. I utykatsya by lips in her flesh and right there I feel taste of a cum in language. I lick his cum? For some reason I thought at once what has to vytoshnit me. But at the next moment I with a double force stuck and began to pinch and exhaust his cum directly from her pussy. What happened to me happened in that first time when I found them in our bed. I terminated, without touching the dick, directly in pants and only the spot spreading on my trousers didn't allow to hide this shame. - Faugh! You the skorostrelstvo broke all records. - I from above heard the wife's voice. - Go, be washed away and make toilet. We should talk. - The wife concluded. To be continued: Responses can be sent everything to the same address. dating sites for over 50 free uk date ideas ypsilanti site mapMain Page