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On the appointed day, I appeared at the house necessary to me for half of hour to the appointed house. Time was 23.00. I worried as the school student, still I would be wanted to be dressed in the Snow Maiden and to give to some boy on worry. I called a door, I was opened by Alexey. - Enter pedik-there began an owner, and pinched for buttocks when I passed by. I jumped up from surprise, but also feelings were not as usual. He took away me to my room and ordered to put on. After a while, he came again. - There now your salary, went now you will work! When you are ready, call me! - he finished and gave me an envelope with money and - Put on a collar, you for the night our bitch! - I was taken aback a little but mastered myself and took a collar. I undressed and strangely enough the first that I wanted to dress is a collar. Hands so shivered with nervousness that I clasped it minutes 2. It was very narrow and on which with a lock it is possible to fasten a lead. I stood naked, but in a collar. What with me will be done? What should be spoken? I didn't know anything, but could only guess. It seemed to me in the room there is no heating, I froze for nervousness. The first I put on panties, they were black in white peas in the form of shorts. Sat in covering on my bottom, and it is good, it was visible to the priest everything, and the dick in front was necessary to press a little to a body that too was quite exactly. The white corbel was the following and to him white stockings which reached slightly above knees clung. I felt awfully as the whore who gathered in a bath for work though honor it and was, and even in buttocks nobody fucked me, except my finger. Then I put on a blue raincoat of the Snow Maiden and buttoned it. It slightly covered buttocks. Having approached a mirror I saw similarity of the Snow Maiden, a little peculiar but similarity. I sat down and began to be painted, made up brightly red lipstick of a sponge. I extended with ink eyelashes, I drew with a pencil eyebrows and I made powder a flush. It was strange to see himself in such look, but that such I am corrupt. Here Alexey with a lead in hands entered. - Well педик, I look you is ready! It is pleasant to me, not for nothing I chose you! Give get up on all fours! - Alexey ordered. I obediently stuck out buttocks from under a dress and went down on all fours. The owner latched a lead. To me it was very terrible. - Means so there my son and three of his friends sits, all of them with you will do that will want – all! - having bent, on an ear Alexey told me – But You are a gift for new year therefore you will sit under a table till midnight! The Slave understood? – Alexey – Yes Asked! – I answered with the shivering voice. Alexey got up painfully and loudly slapped me in buttocks and led to the room where the celebration was held. In me many emotions mixed up: it was a shame to me that I was on sale; to me was to feel not usually in a women's clothing though I that am not similar to the girl; to me it was terrible from not knowledge, what with me will be done. I grabbled for the owner, he pulled a lead, bringing up me to himself. Alexey brought me to a table and tied a lead with me to a leg, and itself gesture let know that I climbed under a table. What is the time passed I don't know. Guests gathered they began to sit down at a table under which there were I. On legs I considered that they were five people, including Alexey. There passed a lot of time when I heard as a chiming clock on TV began to knock. All attendees got up and toasts began to shout and to drink. After some time I heard Alexey's voice – And now time of gifts came! - I felt as the lead began to twitch, it with a force pulled me and I took off from under a table. I was counterbalanced, went down on all fours having hung the head in a floor. - the Sonny, it wash to you a gift, in life there are people who have to cave in under us and whom we with you have to have! You have to learn to allocate such people and to use them! Here one of them! This педик yours on all night long! – the father gave to the son a lead with me. – And now I will leave, and I leave you him – have a rest! - Alexey said and I left. I was on all fours and felt like the whore. - And well. Someone here at us? - the guy of years 19 asked having bent down to me. He was the rolled, high, strong guy. – I am your gift! – uncertainly I said. The guy from all force pulled a lead so rejected me aside. – You will say when I tell you Shmara! - terribly a bass he said. – you call Me the owner, you communicate with the others through me! Kurva understood? – the Owner shouted on me. – yes! - shy I answered. – Perfectly, and now we have to name you this fantastic night! - with a smile the Owner said – Give dance, педик! - The owner ordered me and pulled a lead. I began to dance, to me was very terribly from it tried even more. I wagged a bottom, I parted with legs – I represent as it was ridiculous, but guys whistled and laughed. – As such people a dick are given, it is more best still there a hole would make – the Owner told when I removed panties. - Well, потаскун, it is time to pass round you that a name an intuition! - The owner took me for a neck and applied to a floor. – Give serve everyone, and then everyone will name you, we will choose which to you approaches, a blyadushka! - The owner brought to the first guy. He was high, with a fair hair and thin. I undid his fly. His dick already stood. I at first kissed him a head. He was big centimeters 16. I moistened a mouth with saliva and at once tried to swallow. The owner saw it and for a nape pressed me with the dick in a mouth, to the groin of the guy. Eyes began to water, the throat began to burn down. I tried to grease with a uvula a dick more. Then the grasp weakened, and the Owner began to drive my head itself, setting a step. I felt nothing besides that wash lips moved in inside and outside. dating sites for millennials date zucchini bread site mapMain Page