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Everything once happens for the first time - and often defines the relation on for the rest of the life. The love is not an exception. With Sveta we studied in parallel classes, and by the time of the described events studied up to the 9th. Readers, you not worse me know what the age is - there is a wish for everything and at once, and amplifies the reading off scale amount of testosterone! By that moment I knew about sex already much, but only theoretically, partly and thanks to "Stool", however the practical experience (except as "with itself") wasn't any. (Cybersex! A video chat with swingers, lesbian couples! - good advice) We approached Sveta on a birthday of my schoolmate, much it was promoted, perhaps, also by the wine drunk there without which any similar holiday didn't do in those days. I can't tell that before we somehow especially communicated, no, it is rather at the level "hi-so far", but when at a game in a streamlet this lovely girl chose me, and I felt her palm in the hand, I as though was changed - in half an hour we already kissed on a balcony, admiring the evening city - and with each other. In the apartment music played, the people had fun - but to us were all the same that around us - so to us was good. After this holiday we began to meet - I in a boyish way clumsily looked after her, took home, sometimes gave flowers, reddening and smiling as the idiot, buying them. We didn't afford any proximity - meanwhile - though very much there was a wish for it, but was mutual desire that it occurred not just like that, "resembling", and in the meeting situation. So year (and we began to meet in the fall) ended, and there was a question - how to meet New Year? There was a wish to meet him together. I had no such problem - I asked for leave, and Sveta (I don't know as, I am surprised still!) I managed not only to ask for leave, but also to get keys from the empty apartment. We prepared "on the adult", with cooking and covering on a table - and here, we already kiss under peal of bells... I caress Svetino a body, I feel the power over him. But it speaks "suffer", and we still celebrate a couple of hours... and here someone helps us "from above" - in the apartment electricity, absolutely is switched off. Found and lit candles, now any more distracted nothing us - we kissed as mentally ill people, couldn't will be sated with each other. I embraced and caressed Sveta, feeling as strains and right there her body relaxes... I pulled together from her a t-shirt, she pulled together mine, and I already feel her sharp nipples the body - under her t-shirt there was nothing. We continue to kiss, I fall lips below, to her neck, I kiss it, I take language below, to a breast, and I embrace lips her nipple, I caress him language, feeling that he is intense to a limit. Light quietly groans, being curved, embraces my head hands. I accurately stack Sveta on a sofa, for a second I stiffen - admiring her, and I continue to kiss, going down from a breast is lower, kissing a tummy, carrying out by language on a body. I undo and take off from her jeans - and here everything that on her remained - it is small panties thongs. She slightly strains, to her it is still unusual. Soothingly I kiss her, and I continue to caress, kissing hips, rising lips is higher and higher. Hands I undertake panties, Sveta raises buttocks - and my girl remains absolutely naked. On her pubis the hair isn't enough, accurately cut - it is visible that Sveta looks after herself. Convulsively I remember all read theory, and I try to caress Sveta - she groans and is curved - means, I do everything correctly. I take language on already damp sexual sponges, unmistakably I find a clitoris and I embrace him lips, slightly sucking - Light rushes about on a sofa, winding the head, it is curved all over to me towards. Here it is discharged, sits down, and runs a hand over my breast, kisses me, and the second hand undoes jeans on me. I understand everything without words, I undress itself and I put Sveta on a bed, and itself I get condom from a pocket of jeans. To dress him was not a problem, after all the training helped. I turn to Sveta, and heart fights like mad - probably if someone measured my pulse then, would be surprised that it happens. I admire my girl - light of a candle snatches out separate parts of her body from darkness, but I see her eyes - and in them love and desire. Her body is completely opened, hands are stretched in the parties, legs are moved slightly apart - perhaps, only the revealed rose bud can be compared to a look open and ready to be given you women on beauty. I lay down on Sveta, trying not to press down her myself, she bends legs in knees, and here I already enter her, slowly and carefully. She slightly moans, probably, from mix of pain and pleasure, I feel the dick a barrier - and for a second I fade, and then I move hips forward. Light groans more loudly, for a second her face expresses pain - and again relaxes. I enter her completely, I embrace her, I feel her body the - and our pubises adjoin. I begin to move, slowly and carefully, Sveta moves to me towards, groaning. I accelerate, feeling that I will terminate soon. Light, probably too I understood it, she embraces me legs, moves quicker, I enter her completely, and I reach an orgasm. I relax, we lie nearby, having embraced, and we look each other in the face, and there is nothing around. (You watch video of this beautiful and gentle young sex here - an editor's note) Then together we go to a shower, and we wash each other, I very gently soap Sveta, washing away from her body blood and from her soul - virginity. Without keeping, I begin to kiss her, to caress a breast, and, falling language below, I caress her clitoris... Light, as before, it is curved to me towards, I can't come off - her body is clean and fresh, I continue to caress her, she rushes about in my hands stronger, groans more loudly - and, being curved, reaches an orgasm. I embrace the relaxed and exhausted Sveta, again I wash her, and then on hands I carry on a bed. I see that she was tired, I lay down with her nearby, we embrace, we admire a little more with each other - but Sveta falls asleep soon, having nestled on me, and fluffy snowflakes outside the window fall. So this beautiful night ended for us. After that we long met Sveta, tried a lot of things together. After her I had other women, but I always remembered that, the first, night, both trust and love in her eyes. Perhaps, is for the sake of what it is worth living. dating sites for mature woman date ideas new york site mapMain Page