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In salon of a video hire shop there is a lot of sensuality — from easy classics to a rigid porn. And when the guy or the adult man stretches me similar category the movie chosen by him, he slightly embarrasses or represents indifference, but I see what glances he at the same time darts at me. As if wants to suggest me — to watch the similar movie at his place alone (with all that it implies). I can with some had no objection to make it — but always filled with so unapproachable look that everything, without exception, being afraid of a fiasco, didn't decide to offer me it. But once the exception nevertheless happened. He drew my attention at once. Yet not the old large imposing man long time stood near the shelf with a sensuality. Having chosen the movie, I approached me. In salon of nobody, we were alone. The man with interest looked at me, I liked how he looked. Odette he was simply, but is elegant, in movements confidence, and a voice (when he started talking) — a chest sexual baritone. — Hello, the girl, don't refuse to me courtesy, put this movie, I want to look what it qualities. By rules of a video hire shop: it wasn't forbidden. I inserted a disk into a crack, included плэй. I tried to put on a cloud of absolute indifference, but at the first frank scenes, I remember, wildly I was embarrassed. The main character gets into the girl. It is shown in all anatomic details. The man quietly looked at the screen, and I, suddenly, all reddened, embarrassed just as the little girl who at parents looks how on the screen kiss. Though for a long time I was not small, and sex happened regularly (the truth of a long relationship with anybody tried not to build) — because I was surprised by my reaction (quite Puritan) to this public viewing of scenes of sexual nature. The man stopped viewing, got a disk, told: I take, I paid and I left. I tried not to think especially of it, but thoughts climbed in the head because, a conclusion was obvious — the man purposely asked to include a movie fragment that to provoke me. Apparently, I was pleasant to him. Still! Young, beautiful features, faultless skin, aquiline nose (eagle), high growth, good figure... the truth, he could hardly appreciate a figure, I was behind a counter though... once, I remember, I left to the hall to put a disk into place, and at that moment the man, for certain considered my slender (ebabilny as Beigbeder would say) a figure. Ipso of the fact, he decided to draw my attention in such extravagant way: joint viewing of a porn of scenes. In two days he appeared in salon of a video hire shop again. I went on the hall, I took disks, I read the summary, I put into place. I chose one (of course, XXX), I approached me. We appeared alone again. The whole galaxy of contradictory emotions seized me. I guessed that he will ask me, as well as for the first time to put a disk, and will include a porn a scene. I couldn't refuse to him, rules of salon are that: the client has an opportunity to watch what quality the movie even if it is a frank sensuality. The man looked at me and asked: — You as are called? — Marishka — I was presented. — Hungarian or Croatian? I sprinkled from laughter: — No, diminutive from Marin. — Marishka, please, put this disk. And what I? I, of course, took a disk, opened a box (on a cover five porn of actresses with various degree of nakedness flaunted), inserted a disk into a sound board. The man quiet, confident movement took the panel. As well as for the first time: any hint that it does it purposely (though I knew that he does it purposely and he knew what I know...). My own reaction was interesting to me at that moment. To surprise I found out that instead of confusion and shame in me new feelings ripened: curiosity, excitement and lascivious freedom. On the screen the episode with a blowjob appeared. The beautiful heroine diligently sucked away a men's elda. The salon was filled with sounds of smacking and a throat gulkanye. Sound men's balls, shchekotayemy maiden. The ring of lips is dense (even a little carnivorously) clasping a penis. Different foreshortenings, anatomic details. I don't know what calculation of the client was, but it obviously worked: I was made horney. The client stopped the movie one second prior to a final konchaniye in a mouth to the heroine. I even felt at that moment small disappointment (incompleteness) because I wanted to see how the dick cums in a mouth to the heroine. There was a feeling of transfer, a projection as if the dick on the screen — actually the client's dick, and widely open mouth — mine. As a result I felt sexual desire to the client, and didn't want any more that he left. And the man also didn't hurry to abandon me, he did everything devilishly competently. He looked at me and told: — Mishka Devlin, one of the most effective stars beginning a porn acts in this movie. It something is similar to you, here it. One of five half-naked heroines, really, was similar to me. I smiled. — Well, you don't think that I acted. Especially: her name is Mishka, and I am Marishka. — Do you study? — he asked. — Yes. — On someone, if it isn't a secret? — Information security. — Good profession. Will help you with fight against video piracy. By the way, I Albert am called. — He told, and at parting once again I said: — and nevertheless, it is amazing as you are similar to Mishka! He left, and I right there wanted to look at this actress. I found on the shelf the movie with her participation and when in salon was nobody — included. With what passion it did everything! With enthusiasm I took in a mouth, beautifully I spread the long legs. Trakhar Mishka took a great pleasure, enjoying the girl's body. And I as I tried, couldn't drive away from myself this intrusive idea which returned again and again — I want Albert. I want to give him pleasure, I want that he caressed me, I want to take his penis in a mouth. The total nonsense, but in life pretty often there are nonsenses. Albert came to salon next day. This time he didn't go long on the hall, and having chosen the necessary disk, approached me. After couple welcome, nothing not meaning phrases, he asked: — And you know, Marisha what main hobby at me? Viewing of a porn, I wanted to tell, but told: no, I don't know. — I am a director, I have the studio, I shoot the home video. Well, you understand what I speak about. Sometimes for married couples, sometimes just for sale for some porn of Internet channels. Here, look. And he stretched me a disk where as the director and also one of actors, there was a name Albert. — That's OK — I didn't believe, are you? — Yes — he answered — put a disk. It really was he. The truth is younger than years, maybe, on ten. I wanted to see the bed stage with his participation. Albert, as if read my mind, put the necessary scene. The dick at him turned out the fact that it is necessary: the heroine with pleasure sucked it, and then rode out. They fucked with enthusiasm. I all vzmokrela. I knew beyond doubt that too I want to suck his dick and to fuck. Very much I want. I also didn't hide it. He could read it on my face. And he offered — but something other: — Marisha, you would like to act in the home video? — I didn't think of it. — To think of it never early and to nobody not late. Home of video now at the peak of popularity. Very many secretly act. Do you have a boyfriend? I remembered Denis who thought that we couple, but I personally — us didn't consider by couple therefore I told that there is nobody. — All this simplifies — the man told. — You, Marisha, have all data for a cool plot. You young and very much, well are just amazingly sexy — on what I giggled — I consider that you could use it, isn't burdened by the husband and children yet, to take everything from youth. Here so, a phrase behind a phrase he finished me. I enchanted listened to him. All this so made horney, there was in his words a great truth. You shouldn't miss an opportunity: youth is rapid. Albert looked round, found a "blind" zone in salon, there, where cams didn't get, and called me to pass there together with him. I and made. We appeared to each other very close. From him pleasantly smelled of expensive toilet water. I understood that now I within his power and me it was pleasant. And also reached me that now I will see his naked penis — heart hoarsely beat in boobies, I unscrupulously got agitated. The sea of interest in his eyes! The ocean of tenderness in his hands which caressed me before to begin to undo my blouse. Having uncoupled the top buttons and having formed a deep decollete, it stopped, for this purpose to consider my partially naked breast. The man slightly fingered a depression in the ground between boobies, slid to the right on the height, back, then to the left (at the same time, far without getting). I undid the lower buttons of my blouse, I bared a tummy, and very gently finger-tips (as the esthete estimating the work of art) I touched. The wave of hot tenderness spread on my body, I was thrilled. Magic and only! Albert fell by one knee as if was going to make me the proposal. His hands slipped on an outer surface of my hips up, pripodymy a hem of my skirt and baring my panties (white in peas). — Perfectly! — the man said. I put palms on his hands, feeling as at me knees in an anticipation begin to shiver. I was not against the events and the future especially as I was prepared, shaved the intimate zones. The man pulled my panties down. Under sounds of a solemn march the flag goes down. My whimsical birdie is bared. Under an attentive men's look. I stood all crimson and shivered as if a nanny-goat. The man did nothing, he only looked. If he at that moment touches my rosella, I, likely, would terminate. Instead he rose and began to undo the trousers. I directly so, with the lowered panties fell on hunkers, tremblingly expecting when the Albertovy woodcock that I could caress him orally is bared. Even if all this is wrong and, in terms of the moral principles, I shouldn't have done it — to devils dog all these principles! Now I wanted only one — to take in a mouth! Slightly slightly opened my lips were in 20 centimeters from the undone fly. Now it happens. The hand bell ring over an entrance door was distributed. Someone was included into salon. Having broken off thereby me! Albert right there clasped undone was a fly. I rose from cards and, having quickly put on the lowered a little panties, buttoned a shirt. Albert went to an exit, but managed to tell me: — In the evening, after work I will wait for you on the parking. White Nissan Borneo number (he called number) I knew that only obstacles of force majeure will prevent me to get into the car to Albert, and those didn't happen. I quickly found on the parking Nissan with number which he to me called, and climbed on a front seat. Joyfully I smiled. The man looked at me and too smiled. — I came! — I knew that you will come — he told and attracted me to himself. We began to kiss. His hand laid down on my breast. And I grew bolder so that I put the hand on his groin, and felt men's firmament. Without a doubt, at it I stood! I understood that I directly will make here and now it, I will take men's lollipop in a mouth, I will suck it and to lick. The truth I didn't decide to show an initiative and to undo trousers, and the man didn't hurry to do it. — Went, Marishka, we will sweep with you to one place. — Went — I readily answered. Albertov a hawk from me won't get to anywhere, sooner or later I all the same will take him in a mouth, and then I will start in the rosella. We came out to the outskirts and stopped near open cafe. Went out of the car, sat down to a table. Albert bought me beer, and all looked around. — We wait for someone? — Yes and no — the man mysteriously answered, and right there I rose — wait for me here a little. He left cafe and approached some to the unfamiliar man of old age who just left Pyaterochka with a package of products. They told some time about something, then Albert showed on my table, the stranger looked at me, after that two of them went to me. — Marisha, get acquainted, this is Apollon Markovic, he will help us. — Will help with what? — I when men sat down to my table asked though it is vague, at the level of an intuition already I guessed what will be the answer. In those fractions of a second which passed between a question and the answer I solved how to me to react if is what I thought of. To be indignant or make an indifferent look? Though, I felt that one predominated over all emotions — curiosity. — He will play a role of your lover in ours Home of video. I felt that I redden. I drank beer, and itself was all eyes on the stranger. That felt not absolutely comfortably therefore Albert suggested him to drink beer. — I look at you two and I see as far as you absolutely improper each other couple — quiet tone Albert spoke — for this reason, you will ideally look in a bed scene. Especially as at both of you it is the first similar experience. Oh, yes! It was the first similar experience! To me suggested to oversleep with the unfamiliar, besides elderly man (almost absolutely gray-haired). He suited me for grandfathers. I put a glass on a table and told: — And I know you. — Truth? — the pensioner was surprised. Both men were surprised. — We lived in one entrance earlier, and then we moved. — Precisely! Marishka! The schoolgirl with braids! As you grew up! — Yes, you look, Apollon Markovic what beauty she became, Marisha get up, approach Apollon Markovic. I got up and approached the elderly man. He looked at me from below up, I from top to down. Both have on lips playful smiles of genuine interest. This game definitely began to be pleasant to me. — However, beautiful? It to be pleasant to you? Apollon Markovic began to nod the head: — Very much! — Marishka, approach me. I approached Albert, got up near him. He, continuing to speak — it is unexpected — I dipped hands to me under a skirt, and lowered from me panties. I didn't even manage to protest with what speed my panties appeared on a floor, I needed only to cross through them. Today everything occurred very quickly and resolutely. Albert seated me to himself on knees. Facing Apollon Markovic who was much surprised with precipitancy of the events too. — Marisha, today for you absolutely new experience — Albert said, holding me by a waist and looking at me. — It precisely — I agreed. — Today you will please Apollon Markovic with the beauty, the matchless young body — he as if acted as the souteneur, and I as the prostitute of the trainee. There was in it some perversity, a certain absolute lasciviousness. — You are a bad girl? — Well — I yet not absolutely surely said, remembering that I really had from time to time absolutely trite thoughts and unworthy inclinations. As if in me a certain powerful, worthless personality dozed, and now she woke up. — Well, tell that you are a bad girl. — I am a bad girl. — You are very bad girl. — I am very bad girl. — You love dirty sex. — I love dirty sex. — You love a penis. — I love a penis. — You like to take in a mouth. — I like to take in a mouth. — Give, we will show to Apollon Markovic your pussy — with these words Albert slowly began to lift a hem of my skirt. The remains of mine maiden pride still tried to hold a hem, but so it is shy that resistance was right there broken. My pie was naked. I will never forget this shaken men's look. This feeling of immense lewd joy. Wild freedom. Euphoria of fornication. I saw in the Internet rollers as girls the pussies publicly bared, but to do it it appeared so fierily, it is a little a shame, madly, captivatingly. Albert told something, but words him sounded an indiscernible background in the ocean of the lust my storming, breaking loose now. We went on the car to studio. I on back seat, nearby Apollon Markovic. He embraces me for shoulders. My hand caresses his hip (I didn't decide to touch his drake yet). Albert, surely driving the car, looks at us in a saloon rear-view mirror and suggests the man to undo on me a blouse. What he also does. My breast is bared. It is just stone. Domes of nipples shamelessly stick out. Apollon Markovic begins to touch my breast, to kiss my nipples. We on the place. The studio was the ordinary, though spacious 3-roomed apartment. One room — the bedroom with a huge bed. Another — is equipped (more precisely, it is stylized) under office. — Can surprise you lack of cams — Albert told — don't worry, they are, they are hidden that not to confuse you and not to distract from the most important. I, of course, had doubts in a consequence of my act: what concerned the movie suddenly someone from acquaintances will see it. But here, as they say, there is also a wish, and it is pricked. Albert didn't leave me time for thought. He already acquainted me with a plot. — Nothing intricate, we will play a scene of an interview. Apollon Markovic as the head of firm. You should pick up a jacket. In clothes there is a suitable size. Marishka — you are ideal! You should change nothing. Descend only in a bathtub, be prepared, on, put on panties, then you will effectively remove them. You remember the main thing, it isn't necessary to play, the you will be more natural to behave, the more better. To everyone to you I will insert the small radio device into an ear, I will direct each your action. You won't see me, in the room there will be you some. So, you, Apollon Markovic, with me, and you, Marisha, to the bathroom — Albert took me aside and gave a tablet. — It is an analog of women's Viagra. It calms and helps to emit more lubricant. In the bathroom I took a medicine, washed away the oriole, put on panties, was looked in a mirror, tinted lips a little and used eye shadow. At this moment put a jacket on my partner, but besides (what I learned much later about) made still something. Stuck directly in a penis erectile serum that it got up a stake, and he really got up a stake what I was convinced soon of. Shooting which, however, and shooting it was difficult to call began. I entered the room where Apollon Markovic sat at a table and pretended what works. He was in a jacket — but all this changes which happened to him. His gray hair remained in the tousled state. — It be presented by Albina, tell that came to an interview — the voice in an ear ordered. I was presented. The voice ordered to pass and sit down opposite to the man. I obediently carried out all instructions as if a doll in hands of the skillful puppeteer. The voice prompted to me and my partner that needs to be spoken and done. In essence, free vacancies weren't, but I persuaded to take me at least part time. At some point the voice ordered to Apollon Markovic for a while to leave an office, allegedly on affairs. And me I ordered to take off pants at this time. I and made. Women's Viagra began to work at this time, I felt mental relaxation, in me there was only one desire — to have dirty obscene sex. Apollon Markovic returned to an office, sat down at a table. I got up and approached him. — Well, maybe, you will find for me a vacancy — I told, slowly conducting the left hand from a hip up, clinging a hem of a skirt and lifting up him. My nakedness was lit. The man expressed surprise, stretched a palm, assigned it to my hip. I held with two hands a skirt lifted up, the man caressed me, touched, felt. I touched my garrison cap (as then it appeared, the cam was equipped directly under that place where I stood therefore all events were fixed by a large shot). I undid a blouse and took off it. The man stuck lips into my breast, continuing to feel me from below. Then I kneelt. I undid and lowered from him trousers together with pants, the penis was bared. I with reckless desire took it in a mouth. I sucked and thought only of one: as I want to suck it! Nuclear explosion, happen outside the window at this moment, couldn't tear off me. I was shocked from the obsession. Almost naked (only the lifted-up short skirt and sandals), kneeling, I greedy minyetit, without paying attention to happy groans of the man humoured by me and to incentive comments of Albert (who, in principle, now had to be instead of Apollon Markovic here). On the right at "office" there was a sofa, we passed to him. I got rid of the remains of clothes and laid down, priglashayushche spreading legs. Between it violently hot volcano stormed. He was eager for penetration. The man laid down on me from above and put the drake in my rosella. I blissfully moaned. My body hooted from the run high desire. The man rammed me, and I didn't groan any more, I loudly shouted from the bright feelings overflowing me. Apollon Markovic diligently worked, provoked by my so rough manifestation of emotions. Cams fixed all this. We made castling. Now I was from above, and more didn't restrain any more, moved a basin with a speed of the mad sewing machine. There was a wish for more than amplitude, but I was afraid that the dick will slip out me. At the man saddled by me on a face expression of extreme delight stiffened. I was even frightened that his heart will become torn for joy now, but didn't begin to reduce speed. Here so a muzhchinka I went to shop behind beer, and I received the first-class sex with the hot young woman. — Stop! We change a pose — the team was heard, I stopped, got down from Apollon Markovic, struck a pose of the drinking deer, the man entered my damp depth. Then still replaced a pose. Still. And, eventually, appeared there from where began: I was kneeling, and my partner was going to terminate to me in a mouth. While he worked a hand, expecting arrival, I licked his ball sack. Then began. Rainfall of average degree of intensity sprinkled me. The man kulminirovat to me on the person, in an open mouth, on my put-out tongue. I accepted everything that to me it was prepared from above. I continued to be kneeling when Albert unexpectedly approached me. — Marisha! Everything was just great! Phenomenally! — He told, undoing trousers and letting out the hawk. At last, after so many expectations, he treated me with the dick. All-consuming pleasure! After a plentiful blowjob we passed to main courses. At first it put me backwards and lifted up one my leg nearly in a twine. I put it to myself on a shoulder, I laid down on me and I thrust the eagle in mine to a pigeon. From this unnatural extension there was at the same time both a discomfort, and some other pleasure is qualitative. Then evening of surprises proceeded. Also on a back I lay when Albert extended my legs strictly horizontally, cramped them together. Vlagat access to mine, appear, it was completely closed, but not for Albert. He contrived, and got into my bosom. Surprising, extraordinary position. After fifty frictions a new sculpture. An upper body (facedown) I lay on a sofa, and my lower part was groundless, Albert held her suspended, dexterously getting into me. It seemed, such pose demands from him additional physical efforts, but the man easily and easy coped with it. And everything that he did, everything was unusual and qualitative. If 69, then from below I, man from above. If sitting the person to each other, then in a lotus pose (so I got acquainted with bases of Tantric sex) Later, when everything ended, and I, after a universal orgasm, weakened, lay on a sofa, he told: — Marishka, you very much were pleasant to me. I will come to you to a video hire shop on Saturdays. And he kept a word. He came every Saturday, having done not pass one, whole year, 56 visits. We closed salon for lunch, went to a zone, blind from cams, and started a sparring. I studied 38 ways of a throat blowjob. We mastered various poses standing, then on a chair, and then Albert secretly brought a mattress, and I tried hundreds of horizontal poses. I learned to derive pleasure from anal sex. It were my universities. I studied what isn't studied anywhere. I got some kind of additional higher education. And then Albert told me: — From now on, Marishka, you have three ways. As if on a stone: to the right you will go — you will marry. With your bed skills you will be able to catch any, to make happy and hold him near yourself so much how many you will wish. You will directly go — you will become a woman of easy virtue. Elite. Clients will register to you for several months ahead. On the left you will go — you will become a porn a star. Highly paid porn actress. For this purpose you have all data. With the first option — to find the husband — I will be able to help nothing to you, here. And here with other directions — I can help. I will give you two business cards. These are my close acquaintances, you will tell that you from me, all of them will arrange. This business card of the owner of network an escort of services in Russia, Europe, America and even in Australia. And it — hold — the business card of one of most successful a porn of producers for today. He will help you to promote in the film industry. Well, here, Marisha, something like that, now the choice for you. Horse-radish walrus and shell curly! What choice to me to make? dating sites for jewish singles over 50 date food site mapMain Page