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Three years flew by as one instant! The Old Believers' village of Zayobkino led the measured, slow life. Along the dusty, rural road there was a heavy-faced, broad-shouldered soldier, with a red small beard, limping on the left leg. - In any way Fyadot?! – with amazement Matveich stared at him. - He is most! – the man answered. Neighbors embraced. Without waiting for further inquiries, Fedot continued: – Clean copied!. Podranilo a little … Yes recently "white chit" was registered because of intellectual lameness. - Waugh-it as!. - Yes … Well lack of time to a mine to Nona, Matveich! I will go … Houses it seems were tired of waiting … After we will talk! – the soldier told and having turned, continued the hard way. - Zazhdali-i-sya … - Matveich stretched following and sympathetically I shook the gray-haired head. *** The meeting family of the veteran took place tensely. Andreich was struck dumb I stared on, goodness knows where from, the fallen-down son, and Nastya suddenly dropped a solonichka which generously strewed, recently scraped out by her, floors. And only Serafima Ivanovna immediately rushed with tears on the son's breast. - The wood goblin тя brought, damned! - the owner thought, but having regained self-control, frostily embraced the son, having understood that in the house from now on there come hard times. Nastenka at last came round, approached the husband and having stuck with the person into his salty soldier's blouse, has a little cry. Suddenly the log hut from the street was run in by the boy of years of the 3rd with fair-haired as he at Fedot, volosikam and stared the scared eyes at the unfamiliar uncle. - Vanechka! Подь here! Tyatya here yours vozvernutsya … - Nastya called him. I came next, ridiculously moving legs, the girl. On a head she tied an unpretentious kerchief. By sight was her year 2 no more. - And енто whose taka beauty? – Fedot asked, with affection looking at the baby. All stood … - Whose ишшо?! Ours, I began to be! – bravely Andreich educated the son. Ivanovna began to wipe strenuously a kerchief, again run, I will get down …. - How so ours? – was struck dumb Fedot stared at the father. - I began to be, washing with Nastasia! All in me was born, glory Christ – Andreich explained. - To me it is sent a dyarzhala while you voyavat hermanets! As well as has to, I began to be, on our belief … And belief our most just! - Here енто put - and!. – in embarrassment the veteran stretched and powerlessly I fell by a bench. – How will we, папаня, таперя to Nasten дялить become?. The husband to ityit I! – he told, having greedy taken a view fine a body, slightly got fat spouse. - And her to dyalit a nech! – I barked, having stamped a bast shoe on a creaking floor, the owner – And a tapericha to me is sent to dyarzhat awaking! But not on a ndrava, - there god, and there a threshold!. - An not to be to that! – the son was thrown up from a bench – washing Shona!!! - Ладныть … Ладныть to you, kocheta! - Ivanovna butted in a dispute and as the arbitration judge, added – Vmyastyakh Nastyona of a taperich with you to live awaking!. Andreich terribly looked at the wife, having frowned dense eyebrows, but didn't begin to argue. It was thought: - Purely for ever, accursed, didn't take away Naska! I got gradually used to ityit to a fine body pigeons!. Though to ityit her on a smenka we will begin to use! All to a polegsha … Nastya chilly shuddered all over, and it is scared clasped magnificent boobies with elbows, trying to contract in a lump, and then to fail directly in an underworld for all the sins!. Calmed down … Fell silent, everyone thinking of one: - From to ityit жизня!. *** Because of the small area of the house, decided to allocate to "young people" for the summer the certain, spacious room – a shed! - Пущай are pardoned вместях from a kuryama! – the vindictive old man thought. There is nothing to do! From the darling and in a tent – paradise! Didn't zavecheret yet, Fedot built in the neighbourhood with a perch a family plank bed, having generously piled Sena there. I thought: - It is more and more pleasant to Slukhat the cackling curia than lowing and the chewing girls behind a wall … The man was trampled down near a plank bed, with impatience waiting the vigorous spouse. Nastenka came to the husband to a lodging for the night in an underwear, carrying an oil lamp in a hand and remembering a strict order of tyatenki: - Don't burn a shed with the rascal! Шоб a hole to burst!. Fedot right there sgrobastat Nastya in an armful. - Polegshe, Fyadot Stepanych, exactly bear! - his young woman tried to discharge. - Istoskovals! Liouba you to a mine, turtle-dove! - the husband whispered, having hot nestled on the wife. History porn on Eromo.Org - didn't hope and to see! I thought – settled табя … - In infirmary лежмя lay … - Fedot hotly answered, having meanwhile clasped, through a shirt, a warm, ripe breast of the wife which I began to rumple hot. - Ruchishch at тябя, exactly claws! Squeeze Polegshe, and that I am turned back by An in and to a zb … The spouse slightly reduced a grasp. - Ладныть here though I indulged a tyatenk while табя was … - Nastya continued. - Sramot that, I understand! Vileness, грю, one!. – the husband became rough. But to deal with the wife in details there was a lack of time … The bolt stubborn got up under a trouser-leg and strained to be in action! - So on our belief - I grit grace, a tyatenk!. – Nastenka justified herself. Without wishing to play more for time, the healthy fellow Fedot filled up Nastya in soft hay, having in passing lifted up, almost to a neck, a shirt. Ripe as melons, boobies invitingly collapsed on a naked body, growing white in weak light of a lamp, and attracting them to taste … The man looked down and almost went mad from passion, having seen her magnificent, curly wealth between plump hips of the wife. Without remembering itself, he collected by the wide palms a gentle body of boobies and having reduced together, began to kiss and bite in a moment the extended spouse's nipples. Nastya languidly moaned, and having clasped the husband's head, pressed to herself more feasibly. Her the sweet shiver of excitement from caress, hitherto almost unfamiliar, men began to bang. Not in forces to restrain more, Fedot covered with the wide body, Nastenka who already spread legs and ready to accept him in himself. Then slightly I podnapravit the considerable, hungry bolt and sharply I entered a warm peshcherka of the wife. The exuding wife's vagina plaintively squelched and on the root swallowed the husband's end. Nastya's shriek frightened, attached for the night, curia, and they discontentedly zakvokhtat. In a shed was distributed: - And - and-x-x!... To, to, to …. Order to a shed at last was brought by a rooster, having told the terrible: - Where - and, where, where!. Through a sweet veil of the obscured brain, Nastya was heard: - There - and, there, there!. - Oh, Ljubo! Oh and hmelno to a mine! Kochet … and that realizes! There - and, da-a-a …. Current there - and, Fedya … Ishsho … Shibche! – I whispered how delirious, Nastya. His healthy dick got unusually deeply for Nastya, and rested the winner against feverishly shaking uterus pharynx, having caused in her lingering, fascinating groan. Fedot, having the wife, too I groaned in the fulness of the heart … But feelings him were dual. On the one hand he naskuchatsya much on the woman at the front, and with another – he was devoured by jealousy that for years to him, here the dick of tyatenki with might and main managed! He planted to the wife on the balls, enjoying process and as if trying to vent, thus on her, all the collected, in a day, rage … Nastya, adapting to the husband, skillfully I made upward movement to him, meeting pizdy sharp and deep movements of his dick. She, on the contrary, еблась so as if tried to implore at the husband for forgiveness, for all the voluntary and involuntary sins. Pizda plaintively chafkat, trying to emit in addition, already filling in her, juice. Hens sometimes with irritation cackled, and behind a wall calfs, in any way not persons interested to reconcile to the changes which happened in their kingdom state … *** not finding to itself rest, Andreich lowed, I got up from palaty, standing behind the furnace and carefully went to a door. - You ent of a kuda? – quietly Ivanovna's voice from palaty was distributed. - Old Nikshni … To wind!. – was distributed in reply. Spying in a shed crack, Andreich, was made horney outright, having seen copulation of the son with the daughter-in-law. - Will wear out to Nastyukh! Honestly заебёт, kind! From to ityit the adversary, from to ityit the rascal!... If to the my sonny on one side to curtail a mug! From to ityit it would become nice! – the old man thought – in I eat settlement An, the goof-off, эвон what! Zhomanet, the scoundrel, on musala and – also remember as called … *** But here suddenly "kind didn't cope" and having screamed a thin voice, caught an orgasm, having hammered under the husband in powerful ecstasy … Fedot, already being on the very brink, loudly I roared at the same time, and I caught up with a supruzhnitsa. The powerful stream of a seed which was so unreasonably long waiting for an exit as destroying everything on the way, it a stream, rushed in Nastenki's pizda, filling in everything her undercover places … *** Andreich, I am sensitive having been out of breath, I ran in a log hut with the shaken dick. Without deliberating more, he lay down on chamber, lifted up a shirt and set an elda under wide buttocks of Ivanovna. That even from a dream and didn't manage to come round! - Эк, you once again sorted, the father! And Andreich, having only set a basin few times, already with relief I moaned … - Quietly, old, quietly! Small go balmy … In a log hut there came the silence, and the lightning outside the window sparkled, and slightly later the thunder – harbingers of a summer thunderstorm was distributed. It is Saint, Saint, sacred! – devoutly the scared Ivanovna … *** TO BE CONTINUED Dear reader crossed! If the story was pleasant to you – don't forget to like! dating sites for india date format javascript site mapMain Page