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Hi, my name is Sergey, me 18. I want to tell a remarkable story which happened to me few years ago though I remember everything as though everything was last week. For this reason the story turned out detailed and long, in this part only a tie, but I will lay out also the rest soon. And so … Parents once again decided to spend a summer holiday far away from the native son and to go to the seas together. I in general bore a grudge not — there were already smart plans for the next two weeks. But for couple of days before departure I was cruelly broken off: - Сереж, we consulted to the father here, and decided that it is more best to you to go to the grandmother. Aha I know yours "consulted". We thought and I solved. - Mothers, how many it is possible?! I already have plans, I can't leave anywhere. And what I will do in this solitude? There even phone catches only on a roof! - Here you will also have a rest from the phone and from the computer at the same time, you will breathe fresh air and you will help the grandmother about the house. And plans I know yours: again you will collect the full house to the people, will smoke, will beat ware, will break something … Isn't present, you unguarded can't be left. Pack things, tomorrow morning you leave, I already bought the ticket. Here so always. "I already bought the ticket". could though for show my opinion to take an interest! Here such at my place tyrant was dug round. Though in one she's right: will surely smoke, will break and will break. But pancake, everything was started for the sake of the prime target: deprivations at last me darling of this fucking virginity! On the drunk it of course isn't really romantic, but in my situation of the romantic aside. I it seems not the freak (the nature didn't deprive and regularly I visit the gym) and easily meet with people, but here at communication with girls I constantly lack determination at midpoint. Knees begin to shiver, language to be braided, and the look rests against a plinth. Girls probably feel my fear of them and avoid me. So business never came further stavings on dark corners and that under such dose of alcohol that already and it isn't sure whether it was a dream. Though theoretically I, of course, was grounded, a century of the Internet everything, but in practice with my shyness in the nearest future nothing shone me. We squabbled for a long time, but my house Hitler was unshakable. There is nothing to do, it was necessary to ring round friends, to tell that the hut won't be at the weekend. And I won't be. And, respectively, too not to see sex. Well for not luck? I was nearly late for the bus. No, I didn't try to make it specially, I then on the following would be sent moreover and to a chair tied that didn't run away, from mother it would be become. By the way about chairs: there are no empty seats any more. If it isn't lucky, then up to the end! Now to stand two hours. I took a view of salon and my eye was necessarily fixed for two nice very young little girls. They sat almost in the end and about something whispered. We will look for well, good points! No, don't think, I didn't go to get acquainted. However, nobody forbade to examine? Especially as dresses of these two little girls and invited to take a look. The bus started, and I became directly over them and squinted eyes down. That that sat near a window was in a translucent blouse under which the black brassiere, and short jeans shorts which didn't hide suntanned hips without the slightest signs something superfluous at all was guessed. Direct and slender legs and called to throw them to themselves on shoulders. A breast, almost third size, probably, linen hid, but here the ideal figure through a blouse was looked through quite not bad. Black hair are weaved into the thick spit which tip the girl drove on a cheek, obviously without thinking as sexually it looks. Having swallowed saliva, I translated a view of her neighbor and again swallowed. The look and rested against a deep cut of a blue dress. The breast was, perhaps, slightly less, than at the brunette, but was practically paraded. Yes, would give much to feel her not only eyes! Having hardly torn off a look I forced him to continue a way on a young body. The dress opened not only a breast, but shoulders and a back were hidden freely let dense golden hair down. Well and of course the dress didn't close the most part of sports legs, reaching the middle of a hip. Wind from an open window aimed to lift a dress above and to show me what color at it panties, but, to my deep disappointment, the blonde wasn't ready to such step and constantly held him. And someone will get the devil such happiness, and I need only to stand and lick lips! No, it is necessary to change something in life. Right now I will start talking to them! So far I combated with myself, trying to think up how to strike up a conversation and, the main thing how to squeeze out from itself the first phrase, someone (the driver can, and can the highest forces) decided to help to draw to me attention. Sharply rocked the bus aside, and for several seconds pressed me to the blonde's shoulder, giving her the chance to estimate all extent of my admiration of her fine body. She lifted up on me eyes, and I understood that I for the sake of these blue eyes am ready to do any stupid thing. Her look slowly fell down and stopped on a fly which was just about ready to part. The girl giggled and right there began something to whisper to the girlfriend. Soon they already looked at both on my jeans and discussed something with snickers. I felt that I suit and to ears flowed blood, however it was enough for a dick too. The brunette once again turned to me, only this time looked in eyes, crafty smiled and asked: - Maybe you want to sit down? Her neighbor was revolted probably by such offer. She pushed the brunette an elbow and hotly whispered something, looking askance at me. Really so doesn't want to share the place? So I also don't apply, generally. Only what she so reddened? So, stop! The Serega, gather, not you think of that! In which eyelids the girl exorcized that the first! Be a man and at least answer! - Эээ … and you? – just a fuck-up as it is eloquent. Brevity – the sister of talent, aha. The brunette, without paying attention to hissing of the girlfriend, I said: - Here Marinka said yes that doesn't mind to go at you on hands. There now scoffs … Or not? Why this Marinka suddenly so drooped and turned away. And, to hell all! As it is it is a shame with the strut, it won't be worse. - I only for. — the voice almost didn't tremble, well done! The marine was right there pushed out from sitting by the brisk girlfriend. It, probably, was even more red than me, eyes looked in a floor now, but didn't begin to reverse. Without trusting in the happiness, I flopped on a vacant place, and the girl accurately sideways sat down to me on hands, trying to be removed at the same time as much as possible from the inflated fly. But and so broke off me with feelings. Having been fond of the experiences, I understood not at once that I about something am asked. - E-hey, you are with us? How do call you, I ask? — probably already the brunette not for the first time repeated a question. - Sergey. - Me — Olya. — she was presented. — And this red modest woman as you already understood — the Marine. The girlfriend presented, Olya with an accusatory glance, but kept silent. I felt how she is strained, her breast hard rose, and hands shivered. We got to talking though Olya stirred generally, and we with Marina inserted separate phrases into her monologue. I couldn't think of anything except the girl at me on a lap. Through two layers of fabric I felt heat of her body and, the main thing, saw that it is strongly horney too. However, it didn't confuse Olya at all, on the contrary, the situation wildly amused her. It appeared, we go to one village that terribly pleased me. A marine parents, as well as got rid of me to the aunt to retire, and Olya decided to keep her the company. Here the driver decided to accompany me again, and to slip on yellow, sharply pressed gas. Threw a marine on me. It clasped me for a neck not to fall, and I automatically embraced her for a waist and pressed to myself. Her brittle body was pressed in me, and the buttocks were arranged directly on my dick now. The marine felt it too, I thought that it will swell up now, but she wasn't in time. The girl suddenly shuddered and even stronger nestled on me, her mouth was slightly opened, and I caught the squeezed groan, nails through a t-shirt stuck to me into shoulders. She hardly considerably pushed buttocks and in several seconds relaxed and absolutely became soft in my hands. I understood that Marina just terminated directly on me, but very much drove from myself this thought and thought of sublime. Fukh, hardly restrained! Wasn't enough still to appear before all bus with wet trousers. - Only speak to nobody. — the girl on an ear whispered to me. - And what to me for it will be? — also quietly I asked, being surprised own courage. - Oh, look at them, are already whispered there! — with suspicion Olya looked at us. She looked out for something outside the window and probably noticed nothing. - Well you bright, girlfriend! Get up, my turn. - It is my production! — I quoted the known tiger of Marin. Yes, claws at her sharp. We burst out laughing and it finally removed stress. The marine nestled on me without any constraint now, and I tried to pay all attention to a conversation and not to think of the maiden bottom warming now my dick. And if to distract from it at me still somehow it turned out, then Marina's answer which burned my ear with hot whisper sounded in the head for a long time: "That you will want!" dating sites for free usa wrestlemania date in india site mapMain Page