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My name is Christina, I am a lover of BDSM of sex. Most often it was sex with the guy or the lover. That is all on unpretentious. Also I consisted in the BDSM many groups in social networks, and in one of groups, there was a competition once. Which I won. It was necessary to send short video with participation in BDSM. I asked the lover to photograph, and then sent. I wasn't afraid that video can go on network as my person was in a mask, and was not to recognize me at all. And so once, in warm summer day. To me the letter comes. Dear Christina Yurevna, by results of a competition you won first place. And the prize is a trip to BDSM a complex. Where I will be able to try the NEW TYPE of BDSM. Which is called a cage with an octopus. Bought me tickets. Tomorrow I have to take off. Having arrived to the right place, I called by phone which I was given. There was a person whether Christina I asked? I answered yes. He told we will go with me. When we came to the special room, the man told, be afraid, my name is Andrey, I and my team, we will carry out everything. You can not hesitate of us. They told that they constructed the special device — so-called the Cage with an octopus. As I understood, it something like some new sex-machine. Andrey asked whether I want in a toilet? I said no. He told, perfectly undress. I confusedly asked — at all? (in the room there were 4 persons, Andrey, Denis, Kirill and Sasha — where Sasha is a girl, quite nice, thin as I am practically. Probably under Sasha the equipment was also created and set up.) Andrey answered — yes, you can not pay attention to us. I slowly began to undress … When on me there were some panties and a brassiere, Sasha took me by hand and told, we will go with me to a cage, there you will remove the rest. We came to a cage. The girl removed something like a small curtain … and before me was most that not on there is a cage … in a cage there was a lot of various Shchupaltsev. From a floor two feelers in the form of phalli stuck out. Where one is more fat, about 18 centimetric was under a vagina, and the second is one two centimeters less and the little is thinner — I was for a bottom. From above too there was a similar phallus in the form of a feeler, I didn't understand the truth for what from above yet it is necessary. Further the girl told me undress completely. I opened a jar with lubricants, vaginal and anal and I gave me … I told grease the places properly and come into a cage. I was already unreal is horney when saw a cage with feelers therefore I didn't begin to grease a vagina, and here I properly used anal lubricant. Further I came into a cage. The girl took two long feelers, parted my hands in the parties and began to wind them with these feelers. At the end of a feeler there was something like the special lock or a latch which on it is dead fixed my hands in feelers. Then I heard silk, silk. More I couldn't move hands, only fingers. Then she told it is time to sit down on the lower two feelers. I kneelt, and began to sit down a vagina and a bottom is direct on them. With each centimeter the feeler became thicker and thicker … It seemed to me that I even up to the end couldn't sit down on them. Further the girl, took a special collar which puts on to the person on a mouth, with such ring what the mouth would be constantly open, and this collar didn't allow him to be closed … then took a feeler, it intended for a neck. This big feeler twisted my neck in such situation that my head couldn't be in the standard family way any more, the feeler twisted a neck so that I had to cast away the head silk back and again. My mouth was direct opposite to the upper feeler. I even managed to see that in the upper feeler there is a hole, apparently it something like a phallus with an artificial cum. Then she took one more feeler on a floor, and wound with him to me legs. Again silk! Then I took the biggest feeler, and I began to wind my body: stomach and breast. And here I couldn't move either hands, or legs, any more in general than. As for shchupalets, I didn't understand what they are made … of material he is partially similar to rubber, partially to skin of the person, on the one hand both soft and firm … generally I didn't understand. Generally, when the girl fixed everything. She left a cage, closed it. And after a zashchyolkivaniye the trigger of an octopus was instantly started. The ceiling and a floor, began to be narrowed. To me it became a little terrible. When the ceiling reached a certain point, the feeler in the form of the dick literally touched my lips and the mechanism stopped and again I heard clicks of locks. Probably last preparations. Further I felt as all shchupalets pulsed. Where that I was as if small vibration and where in shchupalets apparently there were special springs which were extended, stretched that gave feeling that shchupalets live … I didn't even think that it will be so pleasant when your body is completely enveloped by a lot of shchupalets, and three of them enter all my passes … phalli in the form of shchupalets, forward back, forward back moved further, I is unreal went bananas … the only thing that me confused is the fact that on feelings each feeler sought to go deep further and further into me … more and more deeply …. feelers entered me with different intervals, all at the same time, again with different, quicker, more slowly … I never before received such is a high unreal … I was surprised as deeply I can accept to myself a feeler in a mouth with the lifted-up head … All this proceeded about an hour … I went bananas is unreal … Never before in life I was fucked at once in all three by of my holes … usually to terminate my boyfriend needs very long to try, and here for an hour I terminated already few times and here the powerful wave finds again … At me even began to cramp muscles … I got nervous a little … Having seen are those someone stood on the control panel, pressed the termination button … And I felt as as if the artificial cum struck to me in писю and to a priest …. It was unreal abruptly … And she continued to beat with a pressure more and more … It added to my orgasm of power and duration … Then seconds the stream to me departed to a mouth, to a throat later, and also on lips and on the person … I was surprised to as far as children made a plausible cum. I she thought will be sweet. But she resembled real. So the feeler filled in to me a face, lips and a mouth with a cum and stopped. Usually I spit out a cum and here it was impossible to spit out as a feeler entered my mouth left continuing to shoot a cum. Therefore I swallowed the majority. Then everything ended. We released from a cage. Began to ask as my feelings. I told that everything was improbable abruptly. Also I wiping a cum from a face I asked what she is made of. On what it was surprised, children told that the cum in the lower parts of shchupalets was artificial. And from the upper feeler I was real. When with me the girl was engaged in preparations, they went to the room to jerk off … then they all cum that nakonchal filled in in the special device and lowered by the button of my termination … All this was made for plausibility … Everything was pleasant to me. I would like to repeat similar experiment still sometime. End. Pseudonym Oddduck my mail dating sites east europe dateline keith morrison episodes site mapMain Page