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There was a time when I was a good girl: the approximate daughter, the best schoolgirl in a class... At a word sex, modestly I looked down and I reddened. With the man not that to oversleep, I couldn't start talking: I bleated something to myself under a nose as the sheep nedorezanny, stammered, persistently I looked down in a floor. The modest woman is lousy. Someone would know what thoughts rushed in my pretty head. The only thing that I love in men - it is sex: qualitative, long, rigid is more often. Ever since, as lost virginity, it was possible to catch me in the evening unless in a bed with the next dog. And not only in the evening. And not only in a bed. And me it wasn't important at all whose he. Perhaps therefore I never had friendly relationship with women? Well they don't understand that their husband-guy-darling interests me only as fresh meat. Won't decrease, and quite will be enough for them. On the contrary. No, I wasn't an average young whore who gives all in in a row. At me was two — three constant lovers with whom I liked to have a good time. I love sex. And me there was always not enough one man. Until so far I didn't meet him (just as in the nasty ladies' novel). With him I was acquainted by next "girlfriend" when we had a rest in some in the slightest degree decent cafe. Good copy: high, strong, the back that it is necessary, and in eyes a whoring. Even I stank of sex. This little fool in a light print dress to toe cheerfully chirped something, having hung at it on a hand and listening spellbound to it. We with it almost continuously looked at each other. I love handsome men. Not cute, namely beautiful. From his look and really became hot. My nipples became firm that became accurately visible through fine fabric of a dress (the lacy bodice couldn't hide it). Evening passed quite boringly. I slowly sipped Martini (not for pathos, really I love this drink), he sat opposite and izuchayushche examined me. As a mare for sale unless I didn't ask to show teeth. His dear girlfriend nestled on him and all couldn't stop in any way. Neither I, nor him and managed to squeeze words. And not especially there was a wish. At last, she was impatient to the ladies' room to which a joint campaign I refused. The only thing that I wanted at that time - it is to nestle on a strong body of her guy, to feel what skin, hot at him, to feel him inside. I knew that he understands what happens to me. I couldn't but understand. Such see at once when the woman wants. I frankly flowed (to all fault alcohol and vivid imagination). He slightly bent forward and said to me in low tones: — What plans for the rest of evening? — There is an offer? — Of course. I raised one eyebrow and interrogatively looked at him. — And how your lady? — I know, I know: sarcasm — the lowest form of humour, but I can't refuse to myself small pranks in any way. — Long ago it is time for my lady in a bed. And to cease to acquaint me with such girlfriends. — Why? Unless I am not pleasant to you? Instead of the answer he took my right hand and put to himself on a fly. At me right there dried up in a mouth and intercepted breath... I even for a moment covered eyes. Such big, firm body... such hot... — Do you still have silly questions? — he whispered to me on an ear. Hot breath of the man burned skin. My excitement was such strong... I was sure that panties already through wet. With regret I took away a hand and became straight. Generally his girlfriend was pleasant to me: she is a little fool, of course, but harmless and cheerful. Only therefore I decided to povykabelivatsya a little. — And what, your girl doesn't cope? — My girl doesn't cope even with reduction of the fighter in feeling. Besides... I know that you want too... He didn't manage to finish speaking as his girl returned. Time was later therefore it was decided to go towards the house. I was already I wanted to call the taxi (and by that not without disappointment to avoid continuation of evening), but it told that don't release me one in such time of day at all. To that, who knows, that for the taxi driver will get to me. His girl looked at him with even great adoration (if it in general was possible). — You see what he cool — she whispered to me on an ear when we went outside. Naive little fool. Certainly, at first we led home her. They so lovely said goodbye, it is even opposite to look was — so lusciously — with pleasure. And the most ridiculous, she also asked him not to leave me at all until nearly I reach the apartment. On this moment I even wanted to burst out laughing. As soon as she last time modestly gave smacking kiss to him in lips and, having reddened, closed an apartment door, we began to go down (she lived on the 5th floor standard 9 — storey buildings). But didn't manage to undergo also one flight as he seized me by a hand and sharply I developed to myself. I in general not especially am on friendly terms with coordination, and, without having kept, nestled on him, having buried a face in a breast. In a nose I struck a smell of a male. He, without wasting time, I drove me into the corner and, having raised my chin, I kissed. (Especially for) All evening I carried out in a condition of extreme excitement so this kiss became a last straw. Began to shake me as in fever, I squeezed hips and I moaned. His language got deeply into my mouth, hands squeezed my buttocks. My groans resembled on скулеж the techny bitch more. Long he is too soft I didn't become. I developed me facing a wall and, having pressed on a waist, I forced to cave in. One hand I got to me into panties and I began to caress roughly my pining pussy, another got an elastic band from a pocket of jeans. I can't tell that at that moment I happened to me. When I heard a sound of the undone fly, was already ready to beg it to pull me on a dick as it is possible stronger. Having taken me for hair, he attracted my head closer to himself and closed a palm of companies. Then removed my panties aside and I felt as his hot body rests against my hole. Having moaned, I made the movement towards, wishing to pull myself on it. He grinned and sharply entered me. After I was glad that he providently clamped my mouth a hand, otherwise my shout of delight would rouse all entrance. He didn't even enter, and literally pulled me as a glove. Pain — and such sharp pleasure. I was fucked as the cheap whore, at an entrance, in couple of meters from the apartment of his girl, and I felt only delight and desire to continue. My juice flowed on hips, inside there was a flood, but everything burned. I felt how his balls with each push sharply hit against my sponges... mm... I cumed, appear, without interruption, feeling his hot breath and low moans on the neck where the vein on which he carried out by language from time to time and I nestled lips without restraint fought. Lips which I kissed the girl who was madly fallen in love with him a minute ago. These thoughts brought me even more. And here I felt that he is close to end: movements became short and frequent. He hoarsely moaned and nestled on me all over, I felt how his liquid is pushed out by a sharp pressure and regretted that it doesn't spread in me... He took away a hand from my mouth, but wasn't removed. Both of us panted, my legs gave away, appear, I will fall as soon as he departs. But he didn't depart. Having turned my head, he stuck greedy we will kiss on my mouth... We kissed as abnormal as though we didn't fuck just. It was some delusion. I faced it and started fingers in his smart hair, nestling on his lips is even stronger. After we made toilet and he spent me home. To. 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