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Another story which happened to my wife Oksana, continuation "A New Year's disco" it is written from her words. There was an end of May, academic year at school came to the end. I sat in the office and checked notebooks. Lessons at me ended for today. There were not so many notebooks when the guy came into an office. He wasn't our pupil though on age could be him. — Hello. — Hello. What did you want? — I wanted... I should show you something. His voice seemed to me familiar, but I didn't remember where I heard it earlier. — I have not enough time. — It will take a couple of minutes. He approached a table and with rather impudent look stretched to me, some leaflets. I took them. It were the photos printed on simple paper on the printer. Photos were bad quality, but someone was represented there, I learned. In them I, but in what look was represented! I was on a photo naked on a belt. On a face and a breast there was a cum. And here I remembered also this voice and under what circumstances they were made. It was half a year ago and are described described in the story "New Year's Disco". I almost forgot already this story. And here... I sat, and silently looked at leaves, and didn't know what to do. I was just shocked. — Learned? As I could not recognize myself! I was silent, I didn't know what to tell. My silence dragged on. I sat and stupidly looked at these leaves. — Learned? I remembered that evening... I didn't know that to answer him. He approached me and put the hand to me on a shoulder. I was silent, I was just shocked. His hand from a shoulder fell to me by a breast — Yes you went... And slightly I pushed away him. — Do you want that tomorrow all school saw them? I was taken aback from his words. And his hand returned back. His words brought me into catalepsy — Or to lay out them on the Internet with the corresponding comments? Or to send to the husband? The husband knows, I told him about that evening. And here... It was necessary to obey Andrey and to leave at once. What to do? If at school learn... To me here then not to work any more. And won't take in another... What to do... Seeing my inaction, he absolutely grew bolder — his hands got to me for a bosom and began to rumple my breast. I didn't know what to undertake. — Vessels can enter — I unexpectedly told. He silently took keys from a table and closed an office. — What you afford... I got up and moved towards a door. I was revolted... — Nobody holds you, you can leave. But tomorrow... I stopped on a floor of a way. His words entered me into a stupor. — Undress. — What? — Undress... I stood and looked at him, arose any options of an exit from this situation in the head of me, but any of them wasn't successful. — Well. To me long to wait? Understanding hopelessness of situation, I began to undo buttons on a jacket. Then on a blouse, then on a skirt. The skirt fell to a floor, I faced it in underwear. — Remove everything. Also remember, on the future what from tomorrow would be in stockings. I like stockings. — I... — And you not якай, and undress. I took off tights. I undid a brassiere and I took off it. I began to lower pants. When they were about knees. He unexpectedly told: — Stop. Become straight. I stopped. He got the mobile phone and photographed me in such look. — Perfectly it turned out, give remove. When I remained absolutely naked, he told: — Turn the back, place legs, bend, turn the head to me. I resignedly executed everything, he photographed again. — Turn. I executed. He sat and looked at me. I was completely within his power. I, the 34-year-old, married woman, faced naked, some boy, and resignedly carried out everything that he told. Having enjoyed my humiliation, he told: — Go here. It is necessary to work as a mouth. He got up, lowered a little trousers and again sat down. I approached him, fell on hunkers and took in a mouth. I had a disgust, but I silently sucked. — And now dog-fashion get up. I obeyed. He put to me in the pussy and began to fuck. I just stood, without any emotions. He took out a dick and sent him to an anus. I stood and looked out of the window. And suddenly I imagined that someone, from the house opposite, can see all this. And from this thought I began to be made horney. He terminated in me, developed and put in a mouth. I licked his dick. — For today will be enough. Tomorrow I will come after lessons. Be ready. And joking apart. And that... He took mine pants, the dick wiped dry, and I threw pants to me. Again I got the mobile phone and I photographed me. — So far. Also I left an office. I was closed on the lock and began to cry. I didn't know, what should I do. I didn't see an exit from this situation. And there was no wish to be a toy in his hands. It was necessary to think up something. House I told nothing to the husband. All evening I considered a situation but as didn't find the solution. There was everything as usual, except one in the morning. I instead of tights put on stockings... He appeared, as well as yesterday after lessons. I came and at once, thriftily, I got under a skirt. — Good fellow. I satisfied my request. Went. — Where? — To me. dating sites black and white unusual date ideas near me site mapMain Page