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— Mother, father. Get acquainted! This is Vera. — Seryozha brought the girl to the parents. — And it is my parents, Almast Georgiyevna and Anatoly Petrovich. — So now it is clear in someone Sergey! — Vera thought, with interest examining parents of the groom. And Sergey's parents were very picturesque couple. Almast Georgiyevna looked perfectly, considering age of this woman. Slender, with a slender waist and abrupt hips, and with rather big breast! — Here to me so to look. I think that she obviously exhausts herself with physical exercises! — the girl thought. Future mother-in-law is dressed, I was in a plain summer dress. Which very favourably emphasized her figure. And a short hairstyle of her jet-black hair, very much threshed it. It was the bright, effective Armenian beauty. Which transferred to the son burning black hair, and some swarthiness of skin. Anatoly Petrovich looked youthful too and is tightened. A little thin, with a sports figure and even the small high temple didn't spoil this solid man. From him the son got an athletic figure and blue eyes. — Hello! — Vera smiled. Almast Georgiyevna smiled in reply, and just embraced her. — Verochka very pleasant. At last our Serge acquainted us with you. He told about you so much. — Almast Georgiyevna with a light accent told. — So people! And what you got up! We will pass to the house. — Anatoly Petrovich a broad gesture invited all to the house. — Yes of course! — Almast Georgiyevna took the girl by hand and led. — Boys! You bring baggage, and our guest needs to have a rest after the journey. We will have supper then, at me almost everything is ready. — Mothers! — Sergey stepped. — Seryozha! Don't argue with mother! — the father stopped him. — Bury is more best baggage... — Hey yeah...! Still! Serezhenka! And - and-and! — Vera from pleasure moaned. Delightful evening, great dinner, excellent pose, favourite wine and beloved. Sergey, having inflamed the girl, I made excellent to kuna from which Vera violently terminated. And now having laid the young man on a back, Vera saddled him. She just adored a pose the equestrian. Here and now she passionately moved, feeling as the considerable dick, against the stop fills her. And Sergey also caressed her large breasts with sensitive nipples. Giving her additional pleasure. — Oh! Well! Still! What he firm and big! — The belief passionately groaned every time when it fell by a firm and hot dick of the man. The wave of passion and pleasure arose in the girl's body. All her body felt a great pleasure which grew every second and each penetration. — Belief! I now! I can't restrain. — Sergey exhaled. — No, don't cum! I too almost... — the girl screamed. — And - and-and! — the man moaned. — I cum! — Not-e-et! Not in me! — Vera moaned and I tried to rise. — Yes - and-and! I cum! In you! — victoriously Sergey cried out, having held the girl for hips. — Oh! And I! Yes - and-and! — The belief felt how the powerful stream of a cum directed in her, filling a vagina and filling in a uterus. Her vagina clenched, milking dry a dick, extorting each drop of a cum. The vagina was overflowed, and the cum began to follow on their perineums, on Sergey's balls and to drip on a sheet... — Seryozha! And you didn't see where I put the hair dryer. — Vera asked rummaging in a bag. — He didn't hold in a bag! Well I in the backpack also threw him. — And backpack where? — It seems, in the car I left. — I wanted in a shower and the head it is necessary to wash. Then to dry hair. — Well I descend now I will bring. — Yes I descend. — Beliefs! I... — Yes you will turn everything there and you will find nothing. Give more better to me car keys. The belief left the house and went to the backyard. The yard was very cozy, flowers grew everywhere, publishing fragrant aroma. Evening silence only interrupted a chirr of crickets and... And this and — was something other. The girl stopped and listened. Sounds were champing and squelching. Also they from the waiting room reached. Being burned with curiosity, Vera approached to the slightly opened door. I glanced in a chink, and I stood. Anatoly Petrovich stood facing a door, absolutely naked, having closed eyes and slightly groaning. Almast Georgiyevna sat before him on a lap and diligently his dick sucked. And as it was still possible to understand her active movements by the head. — Now that's something like it! — The belief stood, being afraid to stir. The seen show struck it. Алмаст sat to her a back, and Vera saw her narrow shoulders, an equal smooth back, the truth spoiled by a small scar, a slender waist, dimples on a waist and roundish buttocks. One hand of Almast I held Anatoly's hip, and another caressed herself between legs. And around a couple all their clothes were scattered. Obviously, they in a passion rush literally broke the friend from the friend clothes. Here sports pants of Anatoly Petrovich alternately with a women's dressing gown, slippers rolled, and a victorious flag at the corner of a bench black lacy panties hung. — Darling! — Anatoly prosipet. Алмаст jumped and I embraced the husband. And hotly I whispered something to him on an ear. What she whispered to him was obviously pleasant to the man. — Ah you are a prankish! — Anatoly grinned and having discharged the woman turned her to himself a back. — Missed? — Of course! I missed! — Алмаст giggled and right there I bent, having leaned hands in a bench, having widely placed legs and having curved a back. Black, accurately cut pubis of the woman and large boobies with dark nipples flashed. — Well, and our friend? Missed? — Алмаст playfully I turned buttocks. — Hey yeah! Of course! — So for what you wait?! Immediately be accepted let's get down to work! Otherwise I... About! And - and-and! — the mandative tone of Almast, was replaced by groans when Anatoly Petrovich, without losing more time on chatter, with scope seized the wife and was accepted powerfully, with a force to drive the dick in a female body. — And! Ah! Tolenka! Yes - and-and! Here so! — approvingly that moaned, actively helping the man. The belief involuntarily admired a slender lean body of this man. — To him already fifty-kopeck piece! And looks perfectly. Also fucks as a stallion! And size very solid! Though Sergey all the same has more! — involuntarily the girl compared the father and the son. — And Almast! Too fire! From what was seen, the girl was made horney feeling as her vagina began to flow again. The belief moved apart floors of the dressing gown, her hand dived into a vagina, and her fingers literally rolled in mix of her allocations and Sergey's cums. — Roofing felt! Still! More deeply! And - and-and! — Almast rattled, her breasts smoothly shook in a step to the man's pushes. — Hya! — in unison to the wife Anatoly groaned. His dick all wet and brilliant from saliva and allocations smoothly slid between the bulked-up vulvar lips of the woman. Алмаст I didn't maintain the husband's impact any more, she lay a breast on a bench, hoarsely groaned, and her fingers convulsively seized the towel laid on a bench. Anatoly having seized round buttocks of the wife, with passion I continued to fuck. All this was followed, sounds of slaps of their bodies, groans, heavy breath and champing of women's flesh. The belief remembered how it too accidentally saw making love. But there it was somehow spontaneous and crumpled. Reminded copulation of animals more. And here! It is simple not to compare. It is so much passion, lust, love and all this from already, in general, elderly people! Алмаст turned the head towards Vera, and that saw the face distorted by a sweet grimace, this beautiful woman. Beautiful chubby lips were slightly opened, nostrils nervously shook when that panted. Eyes are closed, on the high forehead covered with a perspiration, an intense fold. The belief already shamelessly masturbated, rubbing the bulked-up clitoris. — About da-a-a-a! And - and-and! — Almast Georgiyevna suddenly loudly and lingeringly moaned, began to shake all over. — She cums! — The belief with interest watched the woman's orgasm. Anatoly settled on the wife and, calming, caressed her to hips, tenderly whispered something to her on an ear. The belief distinctly heard these words, but couldn't understand at all them though they sounded very gently. — They what speak Armenian? — the Belief asked a question. Алмаст having calmed down, I whispered something to the husband. Anatoly according to hemmed, then kissed her on a shoulder, still still remaining in the wife, pushed hands under her and began to rumple her breasts roughly. This rough caress probably very much was pleasant to Almast because she with groan, slightly rose, providing the boobies to the man. Anatoly using convenience I began to pinch from time to time and to slightly delay her large nipples. At the same time he began to move again that caused impassioned reaction of the wife. — Yes, here so! It is pleasant to me! I want more! — I asked Almast already having risen on elbows, having gracefully curved a back, and I moved to all towards to the husband. Then Anatoly lifted the wife, again put her in a former pose, without paying attention to her weak protests. He moved apart her buttocks and... — In buttocks? — The belief was struck. — And - and-and! Roofing felt! Slowly! — Almast Georgiyevna groaned, diligently helping the husband to get into the back. — Almost I entered! It is a little more! — Anatoly Petrovich slowly got, plunging millimeter behind millimeter into the wife. — Tolechka! Oh! You are too big! — Алмаст groaned. — Yes he to her will break off everything! — And - and - and-and! — Алмаст seized teeth a towel. — I entered! — victoriously Anatoly croaked, densely nestling on the wife's buttocks. The man stood a little, enjoying narrowness of an opening and allowing Almast to get used to feelings. Then under groans of Almast he slowly left and also slowly entered. — My God! Mine pop and and! Roofing felt! More slowly! Oh! — What at you a zhopk! — Anatoly moved smoothly, enjoying each millimeter of a narrow female opening. — And a bum she that it is necessary, and has no hint on extensions and cellulitis. — Vera estimated. — Just as at the very young girl. Belief it is bewitched I looked at it, even having forgotten to caress myself. But Almast Georgiyevna didn't forget to caress herself. The belief saw clearly as that, having pushed a hand to itself between legs, began to rub to herself a clitoris. The show was fascinating. Under groans and rattles of the wife Anatoly rammed her buttocks. He didn't take out the dick completely, but every time with a force got inside. Trying to enter as it is possible more deeply. Алмаст groaned, I rattled, but with firmness I maintained the husband's impact. — It seems that they quite often practice in the daddy! It is necessary to indulge the Earring somehow! — from these thoughts Vera began to flow even more, and her anus scaredly contracted from such prospect. And meanwhile Almast and Anatoly already approached the final. — Oh! I now! In - about-from! — Anatoly croaked and having against the stop entered a distressful anus of the wife, began to cum. Filling with a cum the woman's buttocks. Almast Georgiyevna lowed something too, then cried out something, and to Vera's amazement, from the opened vulvar lips of the woman the liquid stream scattered! — Eba-a-at! Same сквирт! She cums! — Belief it is shocked I took a broad view open eyes. She never before saw it! And Almast continued to twitch in spasms of a powerful orgasm meanwhile, extorting from herself all new and new streams. Also convulsively Anatoly extorted a cum in her buttocks. Unexpectedly Almast opened eyes, and of course saw the spying Vera. That bashfully reddened and recoiled from a crack. But during the last instant I noticed how Almast winked at it. At this moment Vera was picked up suddenly, and the wide male palm closed her a mouth. The belief suddenly felt how to it lifted up a dressing gown hem, slightly inclined forward and the penis with ease got into her hot vagina. — You what here you do? — Sergey hissed her in an ear. And it was he. The belief lowed something in a male palm. Not to fall she rested hands against a bath wall. Sergey left her, again entered, then put other palm on her perineum. Feelings of the dick, a juicy show and caress of a clitoris brought Vera to explosion. Her vagina clenched, embracing a penis, with such force that Sergey hardly constrained groan. Explosion of pleasure spread over the girl completely, her legs gave away and if she wasn't held by Sergey, then she would fall to a floor. It seemed to the girl that there passed the whole eternity. And when she, having recovered opened eyes, felt in herself a dick of Sergey which rumpled her boobies. — You what peeped at parents? — Sergey whispered to her, having noticed that Vera recovered. The belief didn't manage to answer nothing how Anatoly's voice was distributed. — There someone was? — There is no Roofing felt! Probably, it is a dog. — Almast answered him. — We leave! Quickly! — Sergey seized Vera by a hand and dragged to the house. Having already run to the room, they rushed at each other again... Later they lay, having relaxed and having embraced, Vera buried in a hairy breast of Sergey. — Сереж and how your parents got acquainted? — Oh! This whole story! They got acquainted in 1988 when in Armenia, in Spitak, there was a strong earthquake. Mother then was 10 years old of everything, and the father then urgent passed, the regiment near the city was. Well their regiment was also thrown on clearing of blockages. There it also found mother. Present she nearly four days under blockages I lay. Nearly I froze. In the winter business was. — And then? — At her then all relatives died. And the father told that he is her distant relative... — Relative? — Yes there such mess was. It nobody bothered. — And then? — I took away to myself, and in orphanage I defined. With documents I helped. The truth always I was interested in it and I visited. And as to it 18 knocked, in the wife I took. — Unless so happens? — Happens! Things do happen. The belief kissed Sergey and having nestled on him more densely instantly fell asleep dating site vietnam date between two dates site mapMain Page