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So far in the parental bedroom there was an orgy where one woman was satisfied by three men, in the distant room of the first floor allocated for the 60-year-old grandfather Nikolay — Ilya Fedorovich Bosy, there was an action not less exciting and forbidden. Despite the years, Ilya Fedorovich had very good appearance. He still had strong hands, will tighten a belt. About flabbiness of a body there was also no speech. Being quite successful businessman, he led a healthy lifestyle — went to the pool and the gym. But sex was his main occupation which remained since young years. Chaotic, burning and raunchy sex. What the fucking was more dissolute, his excitement was that more. Still the young successful lawyer he got acquainted with mother of Nadezhda who arrived to the capital from the remote Siberian village. She acquainted Ilya Fedorovich with the unusual family traditions when parents sleep peacefully with the children, not to mention free sex on the party. For several years Nikolay's grandmother, whose pizda accepted in themselves and two dicks at the same time, and her family corrupted young Ilya Fedorovich to a disgrace. Over time he turned into the sex-machine which satisfied women with packs. Having early lost the wife, Ilya Fedorovich from the moment of execution of majority of Nadezhda fucked the daughter at the nights and days. As there was a free minute. It was saved only that often Ilya Fedorovich made business trips, and Nadezhda received a small respite. But the father taught her to tolerate any inconveniences in sex, with firmness to endure pain and to derive pleasure, kindled endless love to orgies and in general to sex. Ilya Fedorovich lay in the bed with three adult granddaughters:-Sided, Sonya and Faina. All of them were that is called naked. On the bed Ilya Fedorovich lay on a back. On his face swarty red-haired Faina sat. To the girl there was the 23rd year and her body gathered the peak of young femininity. Her body was as if from the picture of the erotic magazine. smart breast of the second size, appetizing round buttocks, wide hips, narrow waist and thin neck. Each centimeter of her womanly sexual body made horney desire of men. Having closed the blue eyes, she passionately face value the breasts with brightly pink auras while her loveful grandfather licked her the pussy and buttocks. Ilya Fedorovich loved the hairy pussy of Faina. Hardly the girl began to be made horney as her pizdenka began to proceed plentifully lubricant. Any panties of Faina didn't remain clean for a long time. Quite so the pizda of the beloved wife of Ilya Fedorovich on whom he once went crazy behaved. Below, having clung lips to a thick dick of Ilya Fedorovich, Lika and Sonya, the daughter twin Nadezhda, former more young than the more skilled little sister for three years lay undersized (hardly held on to 170 cm). Despite created quite womanly bodies of girls, the only advantage of which men were lost in contemplation, there were their chubby, disproportionately large buttocks. Boobies of girls were not so visible, hardly held on to 1 size. Each of girls sucked the half of a dedov of the dick. From outside, appear, that they suck candies Chupa Chups. Meeting sponges on a head, they kissed with each other. Both girls were skilled in sex too. At first Nadezhda accustomed the matured daughters to lesbian sex, having taught them to work with languages in the pizda, and then and to blowjob. Soon they already sucked away to all men to someone I pointed mother. But of course the beloved grandfather was their most frequent client. Here and now they diligently did the grandfather blowjob, trying to alert quicker his dick. 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On the grandfather's dick juice of the pussy of the granddaughter already flowed, covered a ball sack and dripped on a sheet. Suddenly Faina was pierced mad, as always by very sensitive orgasm, on a body delightful convulsions went, and consciousness of the girl was carried away somewhere up. She would be needs a respite now to recover, but Ilya Fedorovich was never stopped by orgasms of women whom he fucked. He first of all always thought of himself therefore he continued to string the granddaughter on a dick for a second without having stopped. He felt as the vagina of the granddaughter began to be reduced, becoming still a touch, heard groans of pleasure, but didn't stop process. His dick continued to disappear, to appear from depths of a pizda of a little become soft granddaughter. () As always after an orgasm Faina felt relaxation in all body, her anus for several seconds relaxed, and it was enough that her buttocks left a small portion of fragrant air. — Yes, you as your grandma — joyfully said the grandfather, trying to absorb a nose stinking air — That broke wind during sex too. I love you for it even more, my dear. — I want that you terminated in me — Faina suddenly said, having a little turned the red head towards the grandfather. — Bring me such happiness. — Well lovely — the grandfather responded and I began to throw even stronger a basin of the granddaughter over the dick, without allowing him to drop out. Poor sexual sponges of the girl absolutely reddened from the giant dick, but Faina didn't feel pains, only excitement. — Fuck me the grandfather, fuck — Faina began to help — Fuck as the last whore, my pizda wants your dick, wants your cum. Drive a dick on the balls, I like it very much. I about - very much... I cum the grandfather — again Faina delightfully raised a howl, having unexpectedly got new more powerful orgasm. Her pizda began to be reduced even stronger and more long time. Ilya Fedorovich reached peak of excitement and under orgasmic reductions of a vagina of the granddaughter too, began to be discharged in her. Shooting a portion after portion, the grandfather stuck the granddaughter on a dick as it is possible more deeply why it is possible to assume that his hot cum shot directly at a uterus of the granddaughter. When balls of the grandfather remained oprazhnenny to the last droplet, his dick calmed down. He lay with calm, and the grandfather's hands lovingly stroked round buttocks of the granddaughter still fragile in orgasmic convulsions. — Thanks of a rybonk — is thanksgiving the grandfather said. — Not... there is nothing... yes — the stammering voice Faina responded, still continuing to sit on the grandfather's dick. Her pussy was simply heated to a limit, but the derived pleasure was worth it. Lika and Sonya impatiently waited for a starting signal. They already knew that now pleasant occupations will fall to their lot — to clean a dick of the grandfather and the little sister's pizda. All question was only in the one someone and that will do. A face just I adored doing a cunnilingus therefore when the grandfather put on a back Faina, the dick took out from her and I ordered to clean properly the Face the little sister, that with pleasure clung to the pussy of the relative and began to lick her, soaking up the following grandfather's cum mixed with Concha of Faina and lubricant in a mouth. The sleepyhead was engaged in the falling-down grandfather's dick, with immense love to suck round it from the remains of love joys. sexual inhibitions dating site prices date restaurants site mapMain Page