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Outside the window there was a November. Fall, unclear this year. In October piled snow that all motorists ran to change rubber. It is good that at me summer I prattled, it was necessary to change at the end of September. And here November left dry dusty. Footwear in ten minutes from black turns into gray or brown color. Though Monday, but day was not heavy. Plus for tomorrow works isn't present therefore lawful day off. The wife works not far from the house, in shopping center, behind her only by nine in the evening to take away, and now five more. I sat down at the computer opening the confidential page in VK. For what you ask, everything is simple. With Yulya we are married five years and it seems young people, but sex any more not such passionate also began to seek him elsewhere. But not just mistress. Prior to the wedding, sometimes I met couples and very much made horney to fuck foreign wives at the husband. I thought after I become Yulya's spouse I will settle down, but not really it turned out. Of course, it isn't correct to accuse the spouse, but she considers oral sex something dirty, and I adore blowjob. What to do? There is an eternal question. Here and also I decided to make the questionnaire for that search to relax on full two once a year. As always I checked messages which generally were with a photo and a request to estimate the girlfriends, wives. About five years ago many knew what is a swing, exchange of partners, but very few people guessed existence of subjects куколд and сексвайф, and now such feeling that a third of the country wants to look for the soulmate with another. But me that more better though very few people are ready for real. Here the message came. — Hi you from where? —... and. — Pancake at me the wife in... e. — So I have one car less than an hour to you, and she knows about your desires itself also where are you? — Pm her she waits. I is far. How did agree? — Until no, I sent a photo to her she looks, solves probably. — You take a picture of a dick more better and show her. — I sent, only she left for some reason. By the way, what she loves in sex? — I phoned to her, it will now be released will look and will write. In sex loves everything. In general all. The truth doesn't love an anal, but there are kinks that wants. Blowjob excellent and in sex a fantasy. — Well, and if to agree sex in rubber? — So that at us the arrangement with her will even pass in rubber, but she complains wants oral without. If everything normally agree, I have a small condition - will shoot with phone as she sucks and as you fuck her. Only her you in a shot aren't obligatory, well only the dick naturally. She will send me, well? — I will well remove. So nevertheless the cocksucking can without? — Well it is necessary to agree with her, I so that don't mind. If agree, in a mouth to her don't cum, she doesn't love it. Well you persuade her I so far I will depart. Here so you happen-sit you look any message normal, and here the man himself flogs the wife. I wrote also to her at once. — Hi you from... and? — Yes, and from where you found me? — Not I found you, and your husband me. Says that you far now, and aren't enough for you male caress. — (The confused smilie). Wow, this setup. Send the photo I want to look. — Well now I will send. Look. I will ask a little about sex. As understood howl far from you, but he allowed to find the lover. — Quite so — Darlings, there is one more photo here. — I send the picture of the dick. — (The confused smilie) And it is possible still? — Do you want to admire? — I am a modest girl. — You mean in sex fire. — From where such knowledge. — Experience. — Let's meet today. There is my number, call in ten minutes if it is ready. Here it turned out will agree even quicker, than with the husband. It is visible long him isn't present, the geologist, perhaps. The car which isn't washed itself it is slightly not shaven. All the same I go if now I begin to think, then most likely everything will be postponed. I called the wife I told that called Mikh invited in a bath. I answered that then will go to mother if we finish till midnight, I took away her if isn't present will have a sleep there. The heart, of course, pricked, I don't like to deceive, always only I tell the truth. In it two times a year I deceive. I think for this reason trusts me. I ran in shop, I bought a little soap рыльных accessories, chewing gum. Here pancake all the same terribly. I passed minutes twenty, it is already quietly possible to call. Whether that number, badly remembered. Chatted a little, once again specified that I go. Having told that I will be a little more than in an hour I left. The road didn't seem long. I came around on gas station. Damn again I rose in price. Strange this fall. It was for some reason remembered that when bought the Ai-92 car cost 18.5, and now for some four years is almost twice more expensive. Think of all this to drive away fault before the spouse. I love her and she me, I feel it, but all the same it doesn't want to be liberated in sex. Maybe to find the man her. No, I won't be able. Egoist I and owner. So why I act itself this way. Too because the egoist, all pleasures only for. Everything will be enough to think food. A little more in an hour I arrived to her city, I stopped in the town more conveniently, I call. — Once again hi, waited for me? — I called you, was inaccessible, thought that you won't arrive any more. — Just between the cities a bad connection — but itself on nerves really the divorce, though a virtuous part of soul shouts, go home to the wife, but another whispered. — I not for nothing went to you, the darling. Where to approach? — Well — after some silence she answered - after bus station you turn on the 5th recross and at once stop, I will come. I approached, I wait. Weather of course foolish. In the car with the oven hot, and you will leave to resemble freezes. She is not here, disorders don't take place. In the head thoughts - begin to climb and that if the klafilinchitsa, or specially exposes so incorrect husbands. There is a coward, think about myself, there will be enough everything it will be good. I peer at the street. There isn't a lot of lamps therefore darkly. Silhouettes aren't enough, I try to isolate from them women's and young. I try to dial her number. It is impossible, communication for some reason in other city badly catches. Even minutes for twenty-thirty and home, there is nothing to wait. And still she appeared. I didn't describe her yet and didn't speak as call. She was east beauty, with a name Amin. At once it was visible on the girl that she from the South or someone from parents. I was growth low, slightly more than a meter sixty. The long, slightly curling black hair. Dark eyes, just attracted and burned beauty. The figure was tiny-narrow shoulders, a small waist, small, but rather roundish the daddy, slender, let and not long legs in blue jeans. The breast as saw only then, was rather big for her constitution. I got used that if the girl thin absolutely, then is no more than dvoyechka though I don't argue exceptions happen. And a breast not the main criterion for me. It is pleasant to me more as the girl behind looks and if she a crustacean costs, so in general takes down a roof. I see costs, it is rumpled is afraid or hesitates to approach I go. — Hi, Amine? — Yes, and you are Denis? — Yes. Get into the car. and that is cool. As the gallant gentleman I open for her a door, I help to sit down, then and. — The darling, I hurried here, absolutely forgot to buy, eat condoms at you nearby the round-the-clock drugstore. — Well so? Though yes is at one also in little shop zaskachy. While we go it is stirred there is almost nothing as reached whether waited how decided to go with me. Here and the drugstore, but an entrance of meters to it fifty isn't expensive, and tears. Amine jokes that it is still norm in their city. It made to trust sense, itself saw on the Internet as several times just jeer over their roads and hundreds of times swear. Somehow approached though once nevertheless shuffled protection of a case. Of course, I don't love sex in rubber, but what to do, to force. I ask light, if in them, it is more best to take more thinly. As always under the law of meanness they are absent though found a pack, but not on three, and on twelve. Beru. The following item of appointment, the small little shop is. I want to leave with her, but asks to remain. Well, I think, but I blocked doors, something I don't like two morons who stand on other side of the road. In five minutes there is she. Quickly I accept packages and we leave. Judging by a ring from a package indicators two bottles of champagne, judging by a white etiketke-Boska. Yes, girls love this sparkling water though I also the sweet tooth can't begin with vodka, usually at least with "screw-driver". — Why with itself didn't take me and now where? There are on proximity normal hotels? — Sorry, just I work not far here, anything can be - acquaintances or girlfriends, and here you as the taxi. Where to go, itself I don't know, here the husband sends offers, but it isn't pleasant to me. He will arrive we will rent apartment, then then we can also at us. — And what we didn't sleep yet, but is ready for the second meeting? — I grin, running already again a hand over her hip. — Yes, you are cool. It is very similar to the husband. And went, here near the city there is a tourist complex. — Not a question, show the way. In total minutes five and we on the place. I go to the house. everything under a tree is beautiful. It's late already the first hour, but I think nevertheless round the clock accept people. From a balcony on the second floor I hear a male voice. — What wanted? — To order the room. Is? — You pass to the administrator. There is not a man, but don't understand someone. Whether the huntsman, whether the security guard, he only lacked the gun aimed at my head. Having come I learn that there are numbers, but a bathroom the general on the floor or a small lodge in which even the breakfast enters. Without deliberating I take him, not with naked backs along the corridor to run. The car on the parking, and to a lodge is conducted by that huntsman. I was, of course not absolutely all lodge, and a part, but with a separate entrance. At the beginning the small hall. Where we undressed. Spacious state muddy with a table and sofas, also there was a toilet combined with a shower. Along a wall a few kitchen accessories. Near which the ladder on the second floor where stood a bed. Having been located on a sofa, I poured champagne, having decided to drink a little for mood. — And how you decided on such experience? — I asked. — To be honest, mine offered. He often leaves, says that from long abstention I begin a brain to fuck to him. And I just such, take out often. And me cool, there is an opportunity to fuck with others. — Here is how and often meetings such? — You are the first, almost. I had two lovers, but one at the first husband, and here the second already at present. — But only in such format you meet? — We want to try MZhM when it arrives if you about it, and here on ZhMZh, I don't agree. I learn. that the husband I change-will kill. Though I don't know what there in a business trip does. So at a conversation the first bottle of sparkling wine was killed. Strokings were put to use, I will kiss, small sexual games. Left undershirts and only now I noticed that a breast at Amines too, still that advantage. Having escaped from my embraces, I ran in a shower. While she washed was reinsured, hid keys from a lodge. I undressed to pants, the dick already stood, very much wanted this girl. She left in having wrapped up in one towel. I hardly restrained not to snatch on her and not to fuck directly on a table. I ask to show, something that it was washed quicker. This hooligan got up knees on a sofa, lifting a towel up. As felt that I love. Having caved in I seemed her daddy, with the pussy. Just I flew in a shower cabin what quicker to return to it. Having left she also sat, on a sofa, having turned on gentle music via the smartphone. I nod upward. Amine having smiled to me, twisting a few buttocks I walked on steps. Without hesitation, having strong taken by the edge towels I pulled off from it. Взвигнув slightly and having flashed the elastic buttocks I ran on the second floor. When I came to her, she having pushed me climbed on a bed from above. Quietly, gently I began to kiss a neck, a breast, a tummy, falling below and below to my dick. Having smiled to me in eyes, I carried out by a uvula on it. I have rather big lace curtain and Amin, without any constraint, took it in a mouth sucking. Lips lowering it is lower, baring a head. Let we especially were also kept back that blowjob will be without rubber, but now both of us wanted quite so. It began to take more and more deeply it in a mouth, sponges slid on a trunk. It was visible Amin relishes itself from the actions. I didn't forget and about balls, sometimes I kissed them, trying to clasp kind of with sponges, I added to it a uvula, sometimes nevertheless I took, one, another in a mouth. Glancing at me, corners of a mouth crept away in a smile, seeing what pleasure gives me. She conjured the mouth for a long time and it is difficult to describe everything as closed eyes and only got pleasures, and feelings which I had were just magic. Having taken condom from a bedside table itself dressed it on me. I decided not to disturb at the beginning it in desire to sit on him. Her brittle body was slowly stuck on a dick. Moving hips quicker and quicker, it tried to be stuck up to the end. Her big nipples jumped together with tolite. I clasped a breast with two hands stroking or squeezing it. But nevertheless in this pose, a thicket quickly I cum therefore having embraced her turned on a back. There are already my elements, one of two, but about it then. Having parted I began to get into sides of her leg. Isn't present hardly, having spat a hand and having carried out on the dick, having moistened latex. The second attempt was more successful, the dick failed in her peshcherka. Slowly accelerating I fucked the girl. Amine with pleasure I groaned, biting a sponge. I tried to get as it is possible more deeply, moving in to an interior of her body. Someone considers that a missionary pose it is boring, that just isn't able to fuck. Right there it is possible and to lay down on the partner, having pressed the body, and on elbows, and just to become straight, fucking having moved apart legs, it is possible to put one or two on shoulders and also both on one shoulder, to move apart legs directly or having bent in a knee, holding them, still to raise for a waist and to fuck slightly to a canopy. And to replace a couple of minutes, a couple of minutes and another. And to terminate quickly difficult and the girl a high. Here approximately so I played with her body, plus rubber didn't allow to terminate quickly. It was a pity it isn't visible whether cums Amin and groans and shouts, but can approaches only peak. here she nevertheless lifts on me eyes. — Can we will shoot video? — she asks. — Well give. She took the phone, having adjusted video gave me. Though there was a small twilight, but silhouettes were clearly visible. I included REC. Amine I kneeled before me again, clasping with a mouth at first a head, then a dick. I try to remove largely and by the light of. Interesting thoughts came to mind, at once having begun to realize them — Do you like my dick? — I asked directly at the cam. — Mmkhm. — at the beginning with astonishment, but hosting my game I answered Amin. — The darling is pleasant to suck it? — Mmmm... yes — He is more best than at the husband? She laughed a little, but couldn't tell anything. I disconnected video. — What happened? — Well, I hesitate. I can't so to speak and wasn't ready to such question. I included video again. Now I asked questions which concern only me: "Would like to suck it every day?", "Itself would run to me on blowjob?", "Delighted with him?" and others. I answered all questions with consent. Sometimes, I asked, to do and she carried out something. Later decided to remove also sex. She got up a crustacean, having wagged buttocks. — Ask me. — I told Amin. — Fuck me. — Look, the hubby as now I will fuck your wife. Having got on a bed again I entered into it. on Amin, continuing sex. I parted her legs more widely, I reduced together fucking quicker and quicker. She fell on a breast for a long time. Having felt approach of an orgasm, I chucked in everything and with the last bit of strength I zamolotit as the piston. Everything passed through a couple of minutes. — Inside it is wet. — quietly I spoke Amin. I slowly pulled out a dick, understanding that condom tore almost completely. Droplets of a cum shone on her pussy. — The elastic band tore, it is necessary to you tomorrow to run to drugstore. — What for? I love children, and you are very similar to the husband, nothing terrible. — Are you serious? — And what you don't want to become the father that brought up another? Don't endure a tablet I drink. And in general give without them now, I love when deeply cum, only don't speak to the husband. We went down. Descended again in turn in a shower. Sat drinking champagne. I began to ask the girl again a little. — And didn't surprise you that the husband offered it to you? — Surprised, of course, but he so insisted. I convinced that lovers will look for, from me only to look at their photo and to speak, it agrees or not. And itself look if your wife, itself suggested you to fuck other maids, you would refuse? No, naturally. Amine lit a sigarette, looking trying to send video to phone, apparently it the last where sent an air-kiss very much was pleasant, I reconsidered it more than once. And the picture was presented to me that somewhere away the husband. Time already the second one o'clock in the morning doesn't sleep though. Knows that right now fuck his wife on full, and it jerks off in front of the monitor or the cellphone and waits for video. All this picture made horney me even stronger. I got up, approached it, having winded hair on a fist, the dick just entered into her mouth. It carried out on my hips and buttocks, such impudence probably was pleasant. It is good that already I smoked, and that suddenly a prizhgl something. Only I dug out a mouth, helping my movements of hips. I tried to get as it is possible more deeply. Punishing, only without knowing someone, her or itself. Having taken by hand again I led upward. Only I laid on a bed, a call. Probably, rollers reached. — Don't hang up talk to him. — I managed to tell. I quickly moved apart her legs and already without any means of protection entered her. Amine reddened, trying to tell in a tube. that I entered it at present. It is a little postonal, but with words" it is a shame to me" I hung up. I continued to fuck more and more sharply. after the first orgasm I wasn't afraid any more that I will quickly terminate and it was completely liberated. Amine I rested the handle against a wall over the head again, it is pleasant to see so, let. I tried as it is possible to press her young body into a bed stronger. Having taken it under a back I raised, she embraced me beginning to jump on the dick quicker and quicker, helped as could throwing up hands. In such pose also I terminated in it, feeling as the seed flows down from vagina walls on the dick. Having failed on a bed, she whispered that she will sleep and turned away to a wall. Having covered with a blanket to amine the last time in a shower went down for today. On hours was more than three, her husband didn't call any more, most likely very much waited for videos to jerk off on them. Having embraced her, I fell asleep having nestled on her back. In the morning so far she still slept, descended to the car where left phone. Communication wasn't, the wife will precisely kill me. Even, if we have a rest with friends of jotas of times, but I answer, and here. I started wandering back. Having got to amine into a bed, I began to stroke her body. Probably, she woke up therefore she moved apart legs that it was more convenient to me. The stanovilaskiska, the stronger the dick I rested wetter against her daddy. I remembered that the husband asked to test it there. Quietly I posanyvat Amin, my way of awakening was pleasant to see very much. Having licked the finger, I put to an anus. All thoughts left somewhere, I wanted her back. When the finger hardly got, she whispered "isn't present, it isn't necessary there". Getting hardly, I entered everything half, but I already understood that so just my dick won't enter her. Why to frighten the girl now if it is possible to arrange it and then, and now without lubricant and preparation, I will tear, at Amines buttocks absolutely small. My finger is longer, than distance from the pussy, until the end of buttocks. I don't know as write in stories that having slightly greased, virgin backs fuck, here not only an anus it is possible to tear, but also krayny flesh on the dick. Having left her on one side and a finger in buttocks I entered a dick into the pussy. She right there relaxed, nestling on me. Something I began to feel tenderness to this lovely being who now inconsiderately I fuck. Squeezing her breast, I continued to move hips on a meeting to her body. Feeling a shiver of a body of the girl, I understood that to her it is actually good. Whether the husband is afraid, to find such lover with whom to her it will be more best than with him and she will leave him. Or he and so the lover not really therefore looks for partners for the wife. All the same I don't learn. Having taken her hips and having attracted to itself, I terminated in Amin for the third time. Was early and she fell asleep again. I decided to go to restaurant at breakfast. If I spent money, it is necessary to take from this complex on full. Having gathered with itself that could carry away. I went back to the house. Amine already I sat at a table and I smoked. The thrown towel, svidetelsvovat that already I descended in a shower. I spread out a breakfast on a table. — Give, we will eat and we will go, it is already time for me. — Well. — quickly I agreed Amin. We silently gathered. I заперь a door, without being afraid having sent to warm the girl the car any more. Having handed over keys, we left from a complex. I didn't know how to begin a conversation and what to tell. After this night nevertheless the fault before the wife tormented me, but that pleasure which derived itself and brought to this family, unless it is bad? With these reflections we drove up to her house. — Everything was cool — the beginnings of Amine-I even called the husband, spoke thank you that found you. — And you, thanks, for this night. She left and went home. I turned on the cellphone. Prishala of sms that I have five unaccepted calls. I am waited by the difficult road back and a heavy conversation of the house, I thought. driving off. All events probably vymylenny, all names probably too. I accept wishes, criticism as here, and dating site in denmark free html date element value site mapMain Page