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Time approached by midnight and to the people in bar there was less. Tomorrow the working day, and an institution was not from where night life usually rages. In the TV over a rack the half-naked maiden languidly stroked own body, being twisted around a pole. Oleg with Genka finishing drinking unclear what in an evening, the beer which isn't giving in to account any more, he is lazy exchanged views on life. Left so that both have a life - shit. And money both haven't enough, and the administration at work - goats, and even the house, with wives, not everything is smooth. - Look! - it is drunk I stuck into the TV of Genk - Yes if mine so at least once in a month met me, I on hands would carry her! So not, she in general pretends that to her sex without need. You will look at her - all hunting vanishes! At me on her already gets up hardly... - Her, Genych, I read this commonplace... Well type when long in marriage... You how many are already married? Genka not for long moved lips, counting, then uncertainly told: - Well years eight probably... Precisely, in twenty one I married, and now to me twenty nine! - Here you see! For so many years everything became boring... Earlier probably as rabbits fucked? - Aha. - Genkino the person at reminiscence of it grew stout in a smile. Then, having thought something, he asked: - And at you as with this business? I remember, you too approximately then got married? Well plus or minus a year. Oleg sighed: - At us almost also. I pose as clever here, and at most in the same way. Tanka continually thinks out some excuse: says that was tired, doesn't want, it is impossible for technical reasons. Or classics - the head of her hurts. And, above all, and most it didn't become necessary to me much! Recently, rarely, Tanka herself began to stick, and me, won't believe, there is no wish! Not, I of course honestly fulfilled a conjugal duty, but symptoms bad. - So to do? - I, Genych, after that specially to the doctor descended. Which on these affairs. Here he also advised me that it is necessary to diversify life somehow. To inject, so to speak, a new life. - Olezhka, you don't bullshit, you aren't a doctor and I am not a patient. We know so many years each other... You directly say that he specifically told you! - Yes I also speak! - that frowned. - Do you think, he issued the hourly plan to me? Too so vaguely I stated everything. - Oleg sniffed - Remember, speaks, youth. Go to the cinema, in restaurant... A dinner by candlelight... Потрахайтесь in hotel, type a game such... Nonsense generally everyone. - Well... - Genka disappointedly took a sip of some beer - I Am afraid, nothing from this will help. If you even don't want to fuck the Tanka... - And what at once "even the Tanka"? - Well don't tell! - Genka objected - Whatever one may do, she looks at you great. Oleg grinned about himself. Tanka, many years in youth having been occupied with gymnastics, somewhere I heard that the athletes who stopped occupations very quickly grow with a fat. Since then, in panic being afraid to grow fat, she regularly kept to diets, visited the gym and exhausted tons of creams, oils and lotions. As a result her body remained slender and tightened so far, looking about ten years more young. - You, the Gene, still tell that when you see her at you the strut begins! - Oleg winked at him and reached for a glass. - Happened... - that admitted. - What to hide here. - When you were in time? - Oleg was selected, his eyes badly began to sparkle. - No, Olezh, you didn't understand! - Genka was removed, exposing before himself hands - I will explain now! - Well!? - Do you remember, we in tavern noted the 8th of March? You from Tankaya, I from Katkaya, still someone... - I remember. - You with her then to dance went. On Tanka still a dress it was... green, in covering, a back naked and a section behind to a bum. On her still stockings were, I noticed. - There is a devil! - Oleg swore - I Said to her - legs to pants are visible! No, all the same so I went! Pants though it wasn't visible? - Not, it isn't visible. And so was enough for me. She still the back so seductively shook. I look at her and I feel - a strut iron. Washing me just too to dance I wanted to pull out, and I can't in such look. Even swore a little. - And - and-and, it is clear now. - Oleg calmed down. - So consider, as at me on your Katka gets up. She too sometimes looks. um. excitingly. Katka, contrary to Tanke, represented moderately chubby blonde laugher. Not full, namely chubby, with the pleasant, attracting a look cambers in the right places, roundish smooth knees, white skin and the round eternally surprised eyes. - Hear, Olezh. - Genka twisted a glass in fingers - And you would fuck Katka if an opportunity was presented? - Not, well you that! She is your wife! - And if I resolve? Oleg, without understanding, I stared at him. - You spoke, it is necessary to recover sex life somehow. - Genka continued - If I resolve you will agree to blow Katke? For a change? - I, probably, would agree... And whether she will agree? And how then you? To you from that anything? Genka was silent, fixedly looking at the friend. - I understood! - Oleg thought. The desirable answer was clearly read in the opinion of the friend. - You count on Tanka! Over a table the long pause hung. Unexpectedly for himself Oleg found out that he in himself doesn't observe any special jealousy or indignation. On the contrary, for a moment even it became interesting to look at Tatyana under other man. He shook by the head, driving away seditious thoughts, but nevertheless answered: - Well, for the friend it isn't a pity, I won't object. Just she about it will tell? By the way, Katka is aware of your desires? - Isn't present of course! Such option just came to my mind! - Eh, Genych! - Oleg sadly grinned - Dreams, dreams... And if they refuse what we will do? And they will refuse, remember my word! Mine for such offer in general can hit on a muzzle. - he thought a little - And can and will agree, but it hardly. Generally, the devil knows her! - The main thing that we agreed with you! And there we will think up something. Well, give for success! Friends solemnly drank up beer. The contract of intent could be considered the prisoner. There was a time and on houses. Oleg slowly walked on the desert street, greedy inhaling cool air. In the head the conversation with Genka was endlessly scrolled. His offer, wild first, seemed not only correct more and more, but also really feasible. Besides, a little before Genka it was a shame to Oleg. So left that once, about one and a half years ago, he already tried to fuck Katka. Here in the same way, having sat up in bar late, friends decided to continue and were filled up to Genka home. Just because Genka is closer than veins. Katka who was already going to sleep stayed for some reason in kind mood and even agreed to pass with them on a liqueur glass. To Genkiny shame, a bottle on which it counted inviting the friend to itself it was half empty. What remained was immediately divided for three and drunk then the owner started to hurry in shop, claiming that it will commit suicide if won't give to drink the guest as it is necessary. Arrangements of the wife and friend didn't take effect and Genka with a cap in a hand jumped out for a door. Katka undertook to cut salad. Oleg sat at her behind the back. Before eyes were rolled hardly fitted by a buttock dressing gown. - To Kat, to you the dressing gown isn't small? - he teased her. - Isn't torn still? - Leave alone! - Not, well truth? If deeply to inhale, buttons on a breast don't fly away? - Don't fly away. - she faced him. - Yes. - Oleg was forced to agree - not considerably that in boobies it was small. You, probably, a brassiere clamp boobs. That didn't stick out and didn't provoke men. - There is on me no brassiere! - Katka took offense. - All as is naturally! - Yes well, can't be! - Do you want I will show? - Aha. - Oleg grew stout in a foolish grin, expecting to see a breast in all beauty. - Look! Katka undid two top buttons and moved apart a dressing gown in the middle on centimeter, having shown only a narrow strip of skin from a neck to a stomach not crossed by any brassieres. The most interesting and remained covered. - It seems and the truth there is nothing - Oleg disappointedly said, observing as it buttons again. - Of course not! I was going to sleep, and I sleep always naked! - Katka coquetted. - So can on you and there are no pants? - There are no pants on me, Olezhek, no! - she giggled. - Do you want I will show? - I want... - Oleg agreed, at heart understanding, as here to him won't allow to see much. Katka became a side, one hand pressed a dressing gown in the bottom of a stomach and another pulled on a leg up. - Well as, it was convinced? - she when before Olegovy eyes the naked hip without any signs of any fabric appeared asked. - Yes. - hoarsely he squeezed out from himself. The dressing gown returned to an initial state, hiding everything. - Olezhek and you was made horney in any way? - Katka continued to scoff. - Perhaps at you also got up? - I got up... - Oleg agreed. - To Kat... - he took her for a wrist - Or perhaps we with you... well it... on fast, and? - Still what! - Katka pulled out a hand. - Fool! Would be sober, on a muzzle would receive for such offer! - - and - at... You teased me... dating site for gluten free dated and related andy site mapMain Page