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Today we were released from couples a bit earlier. I came back home and represented how I will nourishingly eat and I will sit down to play the computer. There is no best pastime for the student who was 18 years old recently. Ne there was enough only female caress. Though classmates put on very revealing dresses and were very available, always attracted me to women with more mature. Ne I know why. I remembered school. I very much liked to consider our cool conductress, Natalya Ivanovna in lesson time, to represent how I take off her gray skirt which left fashion about 10 years ago. It is interesting that under her? Worn drawers and smoothly shaved pussy? Or accurate panties and smelly, unshaven pizda? These reflections did stone my dick and I asked for leave in a toilet to lower the passion in a school toilet bowl which saw a lot of things. Weigh shipped in the thoughts I was returned to reality by the woman who became at me on the way. "Э, the boy, the trifle won't be?" — a hoarse voice she asked. I povnimatelnee considered this woman. Na a look she was about 45 years old, she was thin and a little below me. An easy smell of the reek of alcohol, neukhozhennye hands, an inaccurate make-up — all it in set with worn clothes gave if not the bum, then the alcoholic precisely. I negatively nodded the head, I didn't want to give the blood. "Well che you, it is a pity that whether, on bread it is necessary to me, eb your mother. The child couldn't be fed" — the alcoholic continued. I turned attention to her deep decollete, reaching nearly nipples and inertly mumbled: "Yes I have nothing..." The woman stared in my eyes: — I see on eyes, you lie, suchenysh! All right, the guy you in appearance normal, want I to you I will suck? I osharashenno looked on the parties and didn't find what to answer. I was shocked with such turn of events. The alcoholic, having noticed my confusion, I began to drive language behind a cheek, to wink at me and to laugh. — Went, went, I see, you want, you want. I nearby live. I, by the way, Marin am called. She seized me by a hand and dragged for herself. All road I was silent and looked back on the parties, asking the Lord that none of acquaintances noticed me in such doubtful company. She told me about the husband - a goat who left them with the daughter, and how he heavy is to her, an I only nodded. We went about ten minutes and appeared before the old five-storey building. Grandmas on shops disapprovingly looked at us and we from my new acquaintance came into the entrance which was gone ssaninoy. The marine lived on the third floor, for podrannoy a brown door. Already from a threshold to me in a nose I struck a rotten smell. In the hall there was an old case, footwear was carelessly scattered around, a together with clothes hung on a hanger motley color an umbrella. The marine looked at me and smiled, baring three gold teeth: — Razzuvaysya that you cost! I took off gym shoes and felt a smell of the socks. — Pass to the room, wait for me there, I now! I came into the room, sat down on a wide dvukhspalnuyu a bed and began to examine all around. A couple of New Year's posters on a wall, the TV in a corner, a big window through which the balcony and pants with brassieres on a linen rope was visible. — You why still dressed? Do you hesitate what whether? The marine stood in a door aperture and looked at me. I considered it. Na red lacy thongs which didn't hide her flabby ass and a centimetric bristle on a vagina were it. At me the dick began to stick. Marina's pedicure in places oblez also cracked, but it only gave sexualities to her small fingers. The brassiere on her wasn't, to my look the small drooped breast with large dark nipples appeared. The marine dismissed the chestnut hair and looked at me tired eyes. Having made couple of steps ko to me, she fell by knees and began to take off my jeans: — Fucking in a mouth, such big forehead I grew up, an I have to him take off trousers! I burst out laughing together with her. Having pulled together my jeans with pants she grabbed my dick with the lips and began to jerk off it. I in a trice moaned and leaned back on a bed. Her hot mouth brought incredible pleasure. She drove language lengthways and across, the dick completely furiously swallowed, I almost released... I looked in her green eyes and felt how her nipples touch my legs, felt as her dexterous cold fingers clasp my gone mad dick... "Aaaaaa" — I dergnulsya, loudly moaned, I began to whirl the head, I went into eyes and felt heat which extended on all body. Thousands of fountains and thousands of fireworks got into each cage me, the dirty and vicious school student to whom the alcoholic Marina sucked away... — FUCKING DISASTER! YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED! PIDOR! The marine otplevyvalas and loudly used foul language. All her person and hair were covered with a dense cum. — It is necessary to warn, uyebok! I nearly choked! She wiped corners of a mouth, an I to me became for some reason ridiculous and it is a shame at the same time. — What do you laugh loudly? — I... don't know! — Here suchenysh small. Well anything, with one suction you won't get off, it is necessary to fuck me, long ago I didn't see young dicks! The marine took my sluggish dick in a mouth again and began to suck. Having waited until he gets up, it got up from knees, removed from itself panties and opened to my look a hairy vagina with the big, drooped sexual lips. — A lick my pizda now! The marine moved apart lips two fingers and nodded. The show bewitched. — No I don't know how to do it. — At you what the woman wasn't? Fie! Just take tongue put out and lick as ice cream! She approached a bed end-to-end, her legs touched mine. — Well, for what you wait? I accurately moved the head and licked. It moaned. I licked still time, but already a little more slowly. Her leg dergnulas. Only I licked for the third time and was going to make a pause again as it clasped my head with hands and pressed in the vagina. — Lick a pizda, lick! I felt a smell of urine and a body. To me it became disgusting and I wanted to be removed, but she strong held me. Will not will, I had to lick her vagina. It was salty on taste, viscous and slippery. I crawled language on all surface, Marin's a loudly groaned and used foul language. — Lick a pizda, the bitch! You are pleasant, likes me ask? Suddenly she gave me strong slap in the face. I struck dumb, so the mouth occupied with adulating of my new acquaintance I mumbled: — Yes, it is pleasant, very much it is pleasant... — A lay down on a bed now. She pushed me, and took seat on my person. I was shocked with such turn of events and the strangest that to me it began it is pleasant. "Thrust the language to me into a pizda and lick everything there!" — the increased tone I ordered Marin. And here I felt very salty-soleny taste and me nearly pulled out. I lowed, began to choke and tried to be released — but it was cold to my attempts. I understood that it is more best pobystree to finish all it and began to lick her vagina with the trebled force. My language got inside, crawled outside, sucked her lump between lips (it seems to me, it was the clitoris). There passed about five minutes and this the alcoholic sharply got down from my face. — Everything, will be enough you, it is time to work as a dick also! The marine jumped on my dick as chicken flies up on a rural fence, to the current of second. Her hot vagina so clasped my stick as if it was a weightlifter, my a her — a weighty bar. She began to shout so as if she drove out of mind! I was even frightened that neighbors can hear and call cops. The marine jumped and coiled, shouted and used foul language. Never in life I felt such pleasure. Long I couldn't sustain and began to cum and groan in a step of this madwoman. — CUM IN ME MY SWEET, CUM! I AM ALL YOURS! It seemed, this moment lasted eternity. I poured out in it the seed and was surprised from where there is so much it. It flew, as from that beautiful fountain which costs in the center of our city. Her vagina published the last convulsions, she slipped ko to me, leaving seed traces for herself. The marine kissed me vzasos and fell asleep on my shoulder. At first I couldn't fall asleep. I lay, scrolled in the event head. Yes, well and day was... The marine woke me and told that I went home, so as ee the daughter will return soon and she should prepare for her to eat. She gently kissed me, seeing off for a threshold and told that I surely came back. Houses I told that I was late at friends, quickly ate and sat down to play at a computer till deep night, trying to drive away exciting thoughts of o events of today's day. dating site earn money date of thanksgiving 2022 site mapMain Page