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Hi everything: For a start I will warn that all names and the name of the cities I changed on own ingenuity other all clean the truth. Now not much about themselves call me Mikhail to me 22 years, a constitution at me thin, sense I didn't play sports when, the soccer isn't a lot of, the basketball isn't a lot of. I began to smoke and drink early alcohol, as they say bad girls like bad boys. At first we lived in uts. In the wooden house, well the kitchen garden soon under bothered Solntsevo and we moved to the city of sun. Strangely enough the wooden house from us was bought by family which my parents not badly knew, and I made friends with the youngest inhabitants of this family, called it Vova at that time to him there were 6 years and me 18. And frankly speaking to admit that I was on friendly terms with him not because I liked to be found with him but because exactly there I could drink beer, from him we frighten the brother, with his father to go fishing and smoke without disappearing from parents in a fencing, knowing that me no someone will be able to see and beat out to me teeth. Now it is a little about his family, I wouldn't tell that it was bad, well and get prettier it to call difficult, his elder brother constantly worked, it isn't clear where and it isn't clear someone, his mother was a nurse day through two, and the father went on seasonal earnings (someone isn't aware it is work as a shift method for a season that is for 6 — 8 months). His mother often drank and with they lacked money kind of, I don't say that I was from rich family but we had a prosperity always and on it sometimes I pulled out at parents from a purse 100, 500 rubles in hope that they won't notice, in the majority cases and was, well sometimes I received for it at full scale. .org Once as usual I decided to pull out at mother from a purse of rubles hundred, well having seen that less than 1000 in a purse of notes no, I took one thousand and went to uts. Solntsevo. Having arrived to the little friend I saw that his mother again well drank, we sat down to talk on a shop, and Vova rushed off behind bread as he was sent by his mother. As it appeared at that time they had tension with means and I had a large sum of money which I managed to exchange having bought a pack of cigarettes. Accidentally I dropped money from a pocket and the aunt Lena noticed them, at it even eyes lit up not much and I noticed it too. (t. Lena looked good for 38 years enough, despite the fact that it thumped on terrible. Long dark hair, a breast 3 sizes, wrinkles on the person). Well and so I return to a subject to a straight line, I don't know why but at that time I decided to play a game come what may, I asked her: Я: the aunt Lena, and want I to you money of ladies? r. Lena: Oh Mischa I can't take them so simply and borrow to me not conveniently, you after all don't work. Я: Well then if you don't want to occupy them, just you don't want to take, then there can be you them will earn? (my heart after this phrase was clogged as mad, and the head went around) r. Lena: And how you to me suggest to earn them? Я: I will tell everything to you now and I will show, go with me. I took her by hand and pulled for myself to the summer kitchen, she passed the first I came afterwards and closed densely a door. I sat down on an ottoman and it faced me, I asked t. Lena Я: how many it is necessary for you money? r. Lena: well at least there will be enough rubles 500 till Friday, and there salary will give. I got money and lectured 500 rubles hundred parts, with words these 200 rubles I to you from ladies if you remove the dressing gown, bare the breast, and you will allow me her to touch and to taste your nipples. Strangely enough t. Lena only smiled and told Vova arrived, give me these 200 rubles advance payments, I stretched money and it left, in about 5 minutes it entered again, having closed behind itself a door on a latch, got up before me and brushed away from itself a dressing gown, and later undid a bra and I saw that that wanted to see already long ago. She got up on knees and under crept to me, with words touch time I wanted, I touched at first one breast, then another, at first I licked one nipple, and then another. My dick was in full readiness and I don't know as at me escaped and I spoke what she would remove panties and laid down on an ottoman having spread the legs. Strangely enough she obeyed, t. Lena rose pulled together the panties, laid down on an ottoman having moved apart the legs and spoke well you wait? Give act I yours! I very quickly took off the jeans in the place with pants and my dick took off all in full readiness. I was accurately attached, and very slowly entered her bosom, there was so cool not that at little girls of my age, I began with slow movements and gradually began to accelerate, t. Lena began gently and in too time to breathe passionately, well probably not that I was strongly horney stronger me overcame fear that we will be able to be noticed, I was afraid of it and because of it at me it was impossible to terminate, t. Lena opposite terminated very quickly and violently, I took out the dick it told relax and lay down on an ottoman, I and made and here I just didn't expect she got up on knees and took my dick in the mouth and began to do it I was ready to begin to yell from pleasure. She so cool sucked and smacked the lips that I felt that I will terminate soon, and very violently. (at me I flew by instant thinking that if I tell the friends that they me when don't believe and on it I got into a pocket of the jeans which lay on an ottoman near me, got for phone, I had not fancy phone as now and ordinary Samsung a slider — at that time with the good cam. I accurately got him, switched off on him a sound and included video mode — cams to prove to friends what happened to me.) t. Lena continued to suck and I filmed it with the camera about what she didn't suspect, and here I understood that a couple of seconds more and I will terminate directly her in a mouth, I reported about it to her well she continued to suck my dick and here long-awaited process I began to stream her in a mouth, at first she swallowed, having taken couple of sips and after a cum began to leave her mouth and to flow down on a chin, she put out a dick with tala to pinch from him remained a cum, hands to collect a cum from the chin and to lick the fingers. When did she finish she Mischa to you asked it was pleasant? What I answered that very much! She got up was twisted not much and began to put on and to me ordered to put on trousers, later told and now pay, I stretched her 300 rubles, she silently took away them put on took a sigarette and left to smoke. I stopped the cam, put on and left afterwards, we long were silent and smoked then I told that to me it is time to go home to go, it told that it was only for the sake of the sonny Vova as he couldn't be fed and she loves the husband what I would keep the mouth shut and neither to someone nor what didn't speak, and later added and if will tell all the same no someone will believe you. On it the story the Dysfunctional family Part 1 comes to an end — I will write the second part if you want continuation simply cool. All thanks to all so far. dating site asia free date honey site mapMain Page