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- Did you sleep with women before Panov? - Elena Viktorovna brought me by a hand to the ottoman laid by a light cover. After we were washed with her under a shower in the bathroom, fragrant soap and shampoo, time for occupations love came. To stat we flowed with her both I saw as on a wide thigh of the chief of colony, the stream, love juice from her shaven pussy leaked. And my "girl" continually started up juice from excitement which flowed at me on a leg... - No, no that you, I in general am afraid to be engaged in it, Elena Viktorovna. - By the shivering voice I told a mentovka and on her happy eyes I understood that it is glad to my virginity in "pink" love. - Well it isn't necessary are afraid of Marin, on here have a smoke with it easier everything will pass. - The hostess of a zone, got from the bedside table standing near an ottoman, a usual cigarette with the filter lit and having dragged on producing fragrant smoke of hemp, gave her to me. - Be not afraid smoke, it is soft drug he weakens before sex. - I timidly took from her from hands the cigarette hammered with marijuana and also as well as she deeply dragged on. - Everything will be enough, for the first time and that you will begin to laugh to a stupor. - Elena Viktorovna took away from me, "jamb" and having extinguished a cigarette in an ashtray, dragged me on an ottoman. - Lick at me Marin, I all flow. - She laid down on a back and moved apart wide thighs, having presented to my look obscured by hemp the perineum. - Be not afraid of Marin, a kiss to me a pussy, I very much want it the darling. - The owner of colony, itself moved apart fingers, the full sexual sponges, having opened an entrance to a vagina and from under a skin hood at the top of her vagina, the clitoris head right there looked out. What he at her big I thought, laying down between legs of the wardress, having covered with small kisses, internal side of her white thighs. - Suck a clitoris, a clitoris Marina. - Mentovka herself took me for the head and tightened my lips to the shoot at the top of a vagina... After hemp, I had no fear and disgust for leysbisky sex, everything became somehow it don't care. And I resignedly took a head of her clitoris in a mouth and began to suck, women's flesh as could. - Aaaaa... oh.... aaaa. - Right there Elena Viktorovna raised a howl having clasped my head with hands, began to caress me on hair, continuously whining from pleasure and prompting to me as it is more best to suck at her a clitoris. - Language, press it language and suck. - Ооойййй.... ааааа.... оооооййй... The mentovka prompted to me through groans and I began to press a language tip, a head of her clitoris as she asked, to suck and drink juice from her pussy which exuded to me in a mouth. And he not opposite and on the contrary very tasty, I thought сося a clitoris at the chief of colony and exhausting allocations from her vagina. - Ооооййй.... ааааа.... ааааа... ааааа. - Elena Viktorovna painfully seized me by hair and having attracted my head to the pubis, began to cum, the stomach of the woman began to be reduced convulsively and portions of juice from a vagina directly flowed to me in a mouth. - Well Panov's good fellow, I thought I will die, so I cumed vpervy time. - The hostess of a zone, panted, lying in a raskoryachka on a back and its clitoris at the top of a vagina, there was as a bit a dick which is sucked round by my lips... - I want to terminate too. The pussy intolerably ached and scratched, after the first in my life, licking and sucking of female genitals. The same-sex love brought me stronger sex with the man, my body shivered as in fever that never happened to men well unless when I the fifteen-year-old girl, for the first time tried with the guy. Then yes shook me perhaps as now shakes. - I don't lick Panova at girls of a pussy. - Lick only at me, and I don't otlizyvat at "kovyryalok", understood? Elena Viktorovna looking at me, dirty I swore a mat with an umeshka looking at the zechka sitting near her. Nevertheless for her I was one of many camp "kovyryalok" which visited this intimate office on this ottoman. - On be wiped a proshmandovka, but at first me podotr. - The hostess of a zone, pulled out from under a pillow, a white rag and threw her to me. - Yes don't shiver you so Panova. - Also you will terminate now, let's me depart a little. - Here a snake blue-eyed, it is unmalicious I thought about the hostess of a zone, that she dirty called me a string of obscenities, I looked at her and admired naked beauty of this dissolute woman. She lay on a back still in a raskoryachka and smoked a cigarette. To her to this mentovka which had over me an absolute power was to spit that I sit near her, having densely squeezed legs and I suffer from the fact that, it was made horney but I didn't receive a discharge through her fault. I wanted to be caught up by a finger, in colony learned, lying at night after a release under a blanket, to satisfy itself. But Elena Viktorovna, painfully hit me on a hand. - Not to dare, now normally with me you will terminate Panov. The chief of colony got up from an ottoman and put forward a box in a bedside table where before I took a cigarette with hemp. - This I as the man will fuck you now, and to both of us it will be good. - Elena Viktorovna held in hand a mutual leysbiysky strap-on on thongs, one end of this sex toy was big centimeters 20 and thick, slightly bent at the basis. The head of a strap-on was red and it completely imitated a male genital, on color and a form even yachka were available for this miracle, covered with artificial light volosika. dating single mom horror stories today date gujarati site mapMain Page