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There came the summer though also cold in comparison with the last years, but all summer — girls became bare to pass, guys put on t-shirts with short sleeves... In the general — nothing usual. Unless that, except my plans... probably Napoleonic. I decided to combine stories - stories and real life. Also I will try to put a peculiar record — a competition. Every week an are pleasant to meet (to a regret as this week showed - it is not single acquaintance, an almost search, you won't come across successful yet) a certain type of women — me exclusively adult, mature, and yes to someone that it will seem strange — but elderly women too, and probably not absolutely from safe layers of society. And so far emotions and feelings which didn't cool down to make — the autobiographical story. I don't look for attempts to find the constant mistress, I don't look for sex certain. Skoree fleeting-razovye — a little single events, and time I am hidden incognito from my readers, I can without shame and zazreniya conscience to describe many moments which usually people hide. The first — The Seventh of June. In this interval I "came for the first hunting" In the first two days, I bypassed a walking step several yards next, looking round more — children and the truth played, with them there were as parents so both sisters and brothers. Classics it and in Africa classics, I bought an ice cream, a usual ice cream and having caught sight of the lonely woman, it is desirable plump (yes full girls will forgive me, but as practice shows — excess weight, often prevents girls to find to itself the man regular), and sat down nearby, ate an ice cream, pinching a bigger part. I will honestly tell, after time of the third I felt myself as the full idiot because no one of them tried neither to get acquainted, nor to start talking. It was necessary to show an initiative — there was the 2nd day, on this time having reached shop in the morning, and returning back, I saw on a shop of the neighboring house the woman — years 50, plump, but in a dress, with a typical female make-up — "search". As time what caused in me interest. Having sat down near I got into phone, at the same time digging in is mute — I had a spare option, the website of acquaintances where I sent banal "Hello" to women who on age suited me. — "Summer, a you in phone" — probably she didn't restrain the first since sitting opposite to her threw views to begin a conversation I constantly, raising eyes from phone on her. — "So there is nothing to do" — I smiled and tried as it is possible bezabotnee to communicate, however without forgetting to examine defiantly her legs, rising to knees above — so what she couldn't but obviously notice. — "Do you what so consider?" — quite logical question was from her party. — "Yes don't worry, not the maniac" — I translated all for fun, but held also was ready for sides if what to slip away — "nearby I live, just thought... here was also lost in contemplation" — "O than?" — "O summer... yes and it is pleasant to chat with the new person" — and having slightly hesitated I added — "Sasha by the way" — "Ksyusha" — our acquaintance took place, and I began to try to pull together distance, doing it is imperceptible. — "Do you what do to A here?" — silly there was a question therefore it was necessary explaining to add — "Well, in the plan summer, I to phone of wons, a you sit simply?" — "Air I breathe, to shop descended, home I don't want a, there it is stuffy" — "By the way, nothing that I on YOU?" — already the sort I lined wedges — "Well... simply postarshe it is a little of me" — "Yes nothing" — it threw a leg on a leg having smiled — "A little?... you flatter!" — "Ne lstyu... more definitely not to a lyyushch... "— I was never strong in inducement of similar words, but knew what is pleasant to girls when guys are so confused — "Well in the general, figure only" — "Correctly you tell age" — the praise was obviously from heart. The next time — we carried out literally stirring o than and about everything, having agreed in other to be crossed by evening during a week. She houses had a young daughter with the child, they lived in the 1.5 inch tubing, and in an occasion of guests and it wasn't worth thinking. Having taken phone I said goodbye to her, having embraced managed to give smacking kiss in a cheek. Risky step, but she told nothing an only smiled. Ksyusha the sort I was — as a contribution in buduyushchee. I don't doubt that I will manage to oversleep with her already through couple of appointments. No this day zanyatsya there was obviously nothing, and I having waited for evening I got out at last as began to darken on the street — time the tenth hour, and I wanted sex on the present, a not only because of my plans. — Purum-purum — I walked about on the darkening streets, and decided to make the simplest thing — bought couple of bottles of cheap vodka, couple of cans of beer, snack and having thrown them home, went for search of spare option. I know that after that as there will come the orgasm I will be itself skoree in disgusting mood, but — solved so solved. To find A already drunk woman, or drinking... The benefit of shops — pothouses isn't not enough, and having been arranged at our Red and White. Before closing of the whole two hours from which I staid nearly one and a half bepolezno somewhere about an hour. At last in the field of sight there was a lean, alcoholic of an obvious type, with the face which is spent on drink but quite tidy, having passed she by — I would direct behind her, but she came as time into shop, also I afterwards came. Hardly I managed to snatch a bag soka and to get up before her — differently the turn dividing us and time of work of the cashier — just would take away on the street her from under my nose. As it was expected she I took one and a half casting beers, a — having paid a bag soka without hurrying moved on an exit, expecting so far she will catch up and will overtake me — from what party she went, I perfectly saw. — "Do you note the girl?" — I smiled having turned the head, having heard steps and having seen it and defiantly looked on poltorashku clamped in hands. — "I note" — she began to smile, it was visible that pleasantly and slowed down a step — "A what, you want prisoyedenitsya?" It I was, a little unexpected question and it is clear, it is clear I in the head played absolutely other scenario of a conversation. — "A is possible?" — we as time curtailed for a corner, and the only thing that disturbed me — what none of acquaintances would come across to me a meeting. — "To the good person always mozhnooo" — she stretched this O a little, clearly behaving affectedly. — "A that during a holiday or an occasion?" — "Summer!" — the discouraging answer, well yes... it isn't necessary to find an occasion a lot of mind. — "Well then it is possible and prisoyedenitsya, I am the truth only with it "— I raised a package of juice — "somehow hardly the company new will understand, note that much?" — "Did you, yes I" — she seem ceased will stoop, and itself tried to make advances — "Yes still someone we will find" — "Ne it is necessary to look for" — I laughed and stopped — "Ne minds, I run to shop? that a... to celebrate for the account of the girl, it is ugly" Na a question — whether will wait here — she nodded and departed to the next bench having taken seat. Now time played on me — though and it wasn't worth being late whether it isn't enough, there will be still someone, and all plans on smarku. Sbegav in Dixie — standing nearby with Red and White, I took four more banks of beer, a vodka liter floor, again and skidav in a package hurried snack to the place of acquaintance. Stocks which houses, probably will remain on the following time. The lady expected me there, sitting and is already noticeable by slightly become empty bottle that it was put. "To you — ko to me?" — with the course I specified as only we got up. In the answer she only shook shoulders and again responsibility had to be taken on itself — "Well, went to you if nepomeshayet nobody to sit quietly, all already began, an is possible then ko for me" — after these words we moved, passed the house, and having stopped before the five-storey building she raised a hand with the bottle clamped in her on the level of the third floor. — "Wons there" — by the second hand, I supported it since she managed to take a sip so far we went couple more of drinks, and one time faltered though went surely. — "Let me help... whether you will fall a little" — I couldn't miss this chance and picked up her under a hand at once, so we also reached an entrance, she opened a door of the on-door speakerphone and having risen the CU - yknula to me. — "Don't rustle only more quietly" — I began to open a door. — "Em... why?" — I thought not at once why not to rustle if there is nobody?. — "Mother sleeps" — she already in a whisper added as only we came. Everything is clear — the two-room apartment which is smelling slightly of alcohol and cigarettes shabby things and it is visible that live at quite mediocre level. Having undressed I went following for it, and shuddered from a loud female voice. — "Tanya?!" — "Yes I-I" — answered my companion. — "Brought beer?" — judging by a voice, Tatyana had a hereditary alcoholism from mother. — "To you that! could lift an ass and itself to descend" — they exchanged words only on the increased tones. — "I grew up you, you clamped a?" — later couple of seconds the door was slightly opened, and almost Tatyana's copy if not to consider, its completeness — the kilogram 90 minding kilograms of the 50th daughter dressed in rastegnuty for a strange dressing gown, the huge looking-out breast in a brassiere and pants over which the outlined stomach roller hung leaned out from there. — "And yobarya brought still" — she grumbled having examined me and having passed by easily touched — "you drive everyones" — "To you kakoe business?" — it was visible that mother and the daughter often quarrel also abuse for them this habitual business. — "Went, she not otjeb ** ся not to pour yet" — Tanya nodded to me and having opened a door to the room — in which the twilight reigned, itself I went to kitchen. — "Give a mug where I to you will pour?" I silently passed, having been delighted that, so that in the room decently, it is tidied up, is the TV and in general — the ordinary apartment in appearance. On an extreme measure that could sort in darkness. By the way... into the account of darkness... having lit a small lamp, I saw old the USSR - ovskuyu a chandelier, and so far on kitchen there was abuse, easy-privychnaya for them, tightened up bulbs. In time I was in time since having turned off the last from three, I took seat on a bed. — "That turn on the light" — a slap a hand on the switch, and... nothing changed, only one bulb — most the last just flashed and fused, probably I as that crookedly unscrewed. — "Shit... "— Tanya swore and shouted mothers back — "Yes become silent you already, I to you cast, h*rl still it is necessary?" Afterwards cotton a door followed — and bubneniye from kitchen decreased almost before hum of a fly. — "Yes it is fine those, and without light it is possible, I took to have a bite here" — I tried to calm her, but Tanya probably easily passed from a condition of rage to tranquility. — "O, you are a good fellow though the truth put out an eye" — having clicked the lighter she lit a chair which I moved to a bed and I turned on the TV set. — "Spread give" — almost komando added and having reached a window under light of the TV I opened a window leaf. — "Shit, I forgot" — what, I understood in a minute when it having jumped out for a door returned with two circles, having lingered on kitchen again squabbling with mother. — "Yes not ebyot nobody here also you envy, you thump even for my account!!" — so rage she shouted and the next cotton of a door separated us from her mother. — "Here S*ka, eternally under skin will climb" — it flopped nearby and put on the stool which is reduced by half poltorashku — "Х*й you will have a rest with her" — "Ne awake Tan" — I laughed, encouraging her and pulled out together with classical snack — still and a beer jar — "I Know how to Lift to You Mood" — "You are a good fellow" — here shchelchek openers on bank, and to steam of drinks obviously raised her health — "Normally it" Still not normal! 0.33 costs almost as its one and a half liters casting! I took bank from her hands, and poured in a mug, poured the soka. — "Well, for acquaintance, I am Sasha by the way" — tasted a mug looking through edge at it — "tbe how many by the way?" — "Tanka" — it followed an example and tasted too, having drunk not less than a half — "43" How many to me, obviously didn't interest it — but snack interested, and she having grasped a stick of sausage sighed — "Shit, behind a knife on kitchen to go again, there this hysteric woman sits" — "Sidi here, I descend, on here you" — I got one more pooshchrayushchuyu a jar, than caused a grateful smile and a parting word — "Strongly don't stir with her, old already, will exorcise someone you want" Having taken so the third jar I moved on oshchup on kitchen — why the light wasn't turned on in the apartment, for me remained a riddle. Once you curtailed on kitchen, I saw that there on a stool her mother sat, looked at a gas komforku on which there was on fire an antediluvian iron teapot and leaned on a table an elbow. — "Che?... a... hi" — it having turned the head saw me and became puzzled a little — "Chyo, Tanka sent behind what that?" — "Tranquility... toolko tranquility, still karlson spoke, I behind a knife, to cut sausage" — I smiled and having stretched a hand with the clamped can added — "A it from me, be treated" — "From soul" — she became straight, and sat down from what sitting a stomach began to droop more obviously as also a breast — a dressing gown she so also didn't wrap up, and light from fire komforki was enough that blue wreaths the top hemisphere of a breast, and light pants rather obviously visible were visible at a certain foreshortening. — "Su*a she, doesn't appreciate mother" — she muttered having set aside bank, and having made a drink of a mug — "I gave birth to her, a she? The skank torn" — "I am Sasha... What do you swear that?" — Luda — it was developed ko to me, having moved apart legs and without caring o the external look at all — "yes got, thumps and thumps, you think for her account? Ha... on my pension!" With these words it knocked a fist on a table. — "A knife of wons in a box" — I stuck with a finger, and I obediently got, having reached stupid, and not time a fine-molded knife such degree any more that there was a small bend on an edge. — "She is bulked up now, to be cut down, a will poor-mouth in the morning money for treatment" — all bubnela her mother. — "Well, she lover probably... "— I clicked myself on a throat and specified — "A you don't go to bed? if to be cut down also the truth, to talk that there is nobody will be..." — "To be cut down, always so "— she firmly added, and I suddenly felt myself by the only thing sober in this apartment — her mother and itself was under degree — "you will find an entrance to the room itself, I good am always glad to the man" Afterwards followed steam of drinks, but I already with a knife moved to the room to Tatyana — and o of ambiguity of these words thought. — "Well you... you where so dooolgo" — Tanya managed not to touch two banks of beer, but pulled out a vodka bottle from a package, and reduced by half it to my return. How did manage? passed literally minutes 10 — 15. No the fact was on the person, an on Tatyana more precisely. A even more precisely on the fact that she clearly became tipsy. And having taken seat nearby, I fast cut thin rings sausage, and cheese and having dropped a knife pushed it under a bed a leg — from a sin far away what to expect from the drunk woman I didn't know. Giving a segment behind a sausage segment, I tried to make advances to her, but she also was so brought to standard, and almost one or one and a half hours of easy chatter later her began to drive. — "Hey, hey Tan don't sleep" — I shook her slightly, at that moment when she leaned to me on a shoulder. — "A... that... yes, it is necessary to lie down... I now... now... I won't fall asleep... "— mutter and again attempts to fall asleep on a shoulder. — "Well to sleep not dressed to you?" — in the answer muttering and attempts to lift up to myself a jacket which I apprehended as a signal. — "Let me help" — I pulled together from her a jacket, a she obediently raised hands, and started jeans. The fastener which is quite densely sitting on a flat stomach, a button... and under a sound of the undone fly I felt as it willy-nilly helps me. — "Give Tan, you will undress and you will go to bed... "— having pulled for edges джинс, she pomogya to me involuntarily raised a bottom, and jeans easily slid off, baring satin pants. Probably I achieved what wished, let and not such methods — having called her still time, I carried out by a palm between legs, rubbed, feeling as pizda already grows her hair, and she had a shave probably since about two weeks ago. — "Well... to a br... "— she at first waved away hands, and I having receded carefully began to smooth out her between legs, under pants I didn't climb, watching closely her person, and through small time she poshire placed legs. — "You... e... иб. bi... трх" — muffled that-to she muttered and I tried to delay from myself pants — I needed only to help her and pants soon prisoyedenilis to her jeans. Hardly hardly become wet... I rubbed with her minutes 10, thrusting fingers into a vagina, and listening approving postanyvaniya and movements until she at last was cut down finally, and it was necessary already with the tongue hanging out over her pubis — to allow to flow down to saliva on a vagina which I also smeared. Drunk in any, she lay at first bezchuvstvenno, a turned then on a side, having nearly clamped me a hand between legs and contracted as an embryo having tightened legs to the breast fitted in a brassiere. Quite conveniently for me — I lowered trousers and having pulled condom, predsmotritelno which carried with itself(himself), was stuck with the dick into her hole. — "Okh... eb*t "— I swore even — it obviously not giving birth, from very narrow pizdoy and to that dry — only lubricant from condom, helped me to enter it. Holding it with hands what it wouldn't move I netoropyas began to move, fucking it. Moving, I tried to accelerate — since blagodorya narrow pizdenke, approach of an orgasm was very fast, but suddenly felt changes. Having taken out a dick — I so I also thought... condom tore. — "Fie shit, all right... "— I swore and frowned — all not so, and not that... it is obviously necessary to be cooled. Having pulled together the elastic band remains, I pulled trousers already knowing that to do next — having taken a package and having put the remained more than a half of snack there, I went to the neighboring room, and carefully knocked. — Tstuts-Tstuts — in the answer silence and silence, and I knocked still time. — "Yes here I, come give" — behind me Tatyana's Mother appeared and I felt a smell of alcohol which amplified, probably was in kitchen and having heard knock went to look. — "Oh, hi People" — I turned and in every possible way smiling considered her — "doesn't mind" — "Of course isn't present" — having pushed a door, she came the first — almost the copy of that room, only the bed was outspread, the TV was less, and there was no smell of cigarettes. — "Chyo, was cut down?" — inconsiderately she intercepted a package and laid out is direct on a bed on the magazine all supplies — "I spoke to you" — "Well yes... "— I agreeing with her I sat down on edge of a bed, looking as it climbed everything, took seat so to rest a back against a wall and glancing at me, fingers took an entertainment in the TV. — "Chyo, fucked her?" — the impudence in the relation of her daughter struck, but the mat, however didn't cut hearing, a was in good voice obvious interest. — "Ne... she is thin, I love women pokrepche" is not the ambiguity, the direct speech any more, I understood what couldn't be lost and it will become worse not in any case. — "What the breast would be, legs, and in general... I am not a dog, on a bone I don't rush" — with each word I examined her very fixedly how rummaging around a body — "To you by the way not hot? simply it isn't clear... it seems in a dressing gown, an it seems you are also not clasped". — "Hot" — she picked up this hint and shaking by shoulders pulled to remove it — "Summer itself you see, an I am a woman hot, me even at night hot" — "Khm... "— I looked as she having got rid of a dressing gown, laid down in horizontal situation sideways on a pillow, the breast was given one nadruguyu by a one leg was under a corner to another. — "She won't wake up by the way?" — I nodded in side of the room of her daughter. — "Ne... a what, decided to fuck everything it?" — "Yes there will be no I her... to fuck... "— not got used uses foul language I muffled a voice — "I don't fuck drunk" — "A I drunk too" — she added and before than added that-to I interrupted — "Well you not in usmert, an in a measure drunk" — "And that... would fuck?" — she drove an index finger on a bed dividing me and her and looked to me in eyes. — "Well... if it is possible..." — "Someone disturbs you A?" — she squeezed the big breast through a brassiere — "I Am a Woman Lonely, Ebarey as at Tanki Is Not Present" She didn't manage to finish the phrase as I threw off from myself a t-shirt, and rastegnuv trousers threw off them on a floor together with pants. — "Long ago" — the approval and her pants which are pulled together with joint efforts was in good voice spread over my jeans. Luda moved apart legs — between legs full was full of curly-headed hair, had obviously a shave never, a having lifted up hands grasped a pillow. Long it wasn't necessary to wait — and having attached between legs, I carried out by the dick on a shaggy pubis of Mother Tatyana, and he slid off in her vagina — such not small as also she, but damp — in a moment the squelching sounds and cottons filled the room as also its pornographic postanyvaniya. If I entered her daughter, a dick hardly, then in Luda it entered as a pencil a bucket, nesmotrya on the standard sizes. No to her probably it brought pleasure — and she raised the thick legs — allowing me to support them, and postanyvaniya became louder as also what she collected by hands rumpling a sheet in a fist. — "Give... still" — she quickly reached an orgasm, began to shake and relaxed legs from what I was involuntarily removed and the dick with a wet squelch took off. Having attached obartno — I missed the mark, having carried out by a head of the dick on a pubis, but felt... an improbable high, from this friction... And having attached to her pizdyonke again, I time through time specially pulled out, feeling as the dick just rubs on her pubis. — "OOaa... "— I didn't begin to constrain myself, and too moaned, already just pressing a dick from above, and rubbing it on a hairy pubis — "Lyud... mother..." The next moment and the fountain of a cum — spittles beaten out I got it on a brassiere, a breast, a stomach and a pubis, and I holding for a head of the dick at a pubis and sexual lips, I looked as it flows down on her, gradually dripping on a bed. Having taken seat on a bum and privalilsya to a wall and hard I began to breathe, looking as Luda potters, erasing a hand a cum from a breast, and a stomach. — "Tanke not words only?" — I specified at her and carried out by a hand between the moved apart legs, razmazam fingers a cum on sexual lips. — "A that? Ne put it" — it extended legs, and turned on a side, a to me it was necessary to get on edge of a bed — "Yes inconveniently... I came to the daughter, a fucked mother" — I smiled looking as she pulled together a brassiere, and boobies freely hung. — "A Mother at her not the woman that whether?" — she raised a voice habitually, and I asked potishe, and she zaburchala — "Too the dick is necessary to me" — "Well, the main thing what wouldn't take offense" — I sighed and touched for a breast having squeezed Luda's nipples. — "Ne put her" — she repeated, and took the fingers bedaubed in a cum a piece of sausage — "It Would Want to Be Fucked, Long Ago I Came Crawling" — "A you wouldn't be minds?" — I was surprised to her frankness — "In sense?" — "Well... if I fuck her?" — "You want — fuck" — couple more of pieces departed her to a mouth — "I her pizde not the hostess" — "Well yes... you the hostess" — I pushed a hand to her between close thighs, and she obediently raised one leg, allowing to stroke herself there. Probably we too loudly spoke, but uncertain short steps, door cotton in a toilet began to be distributed, and... sounds which are made by the person, izryadko having touched. Having stood, I looked as Luda without taking a steam bath at all continues a late dinner, and soon heard a water sound — and wet a flop. — "You where... you che here" — the worn t-shirt thrown from above, neskryvayushchaya a vagina and the pussy beginning to acquire hair, wet legs and hair, and absolutely drunk look — such having pushed a door before us Tanya appeared. She wasn't confused at all by a look that I sat naked, her mother lay naked — the attention of bank of beer and snack attracted more, and reeling she approached, having just failed on a bed and having stretched a hand. — "This... shit" — eyes her began to be closed again and began to exhaust her in a dream. — "Goes pizdoy shines" — discontentedly Luda threw until I dragged completely on a bed her daughter. — "Maybe came how you also spoke?" — I laughed and Luda smiled in the answer. Having clapped on cheeks, I achieved only that Tanya stretched leg hands, without being confused in drunk waste of the nakedness at all. Looking at naked and dry Tatyana, I put a hand on a leg to Luda, and in it there was a reason — my dick stuck out as a mast again. As only I dragged the hand on a leg, to sexual Bays Lyudy, and felt that I they damp from a cum or from soka, decided to ask — "Listen, a... if to fuck mother and the daughter... it search will be? I just never had it..." — "I look I got up to that Tanku" — she was a little dissatisfied though she settled on a back having moved apart legs, an I was attached driving a head of the dick on her sexual lips. — "Nothing on her... on you" — in the proof to it, I put a dick one head, potrakhivaya at such speed. Where I read that that the main erogenous zones are the first to steam of centimeters of a vagina therefore I also tried at the same time massing a clitoris potrakhat it what it pobystree would terminate. No ten minutes of frictions later, already sweaty, I under wet cottons with might and main thrust a dick, having forgotten o to Tatyana, a Luda as could made upward movement to me the podgy basin. — "Lyud... stand... "— it was already shaken in orgasm convulsions, and now helped to reach to me. — "Give, Tanku... I want two" — I with a hoarse voice especially didn't think that I speak, but Luda both didn't oppose, and pulled the drunk Daughter for one leg. — "Fuck, I don't mind" — she sat down, having delayed her leg and having bent — in eyes the lust not smaller than at me shone, and I having pressed a dick to Tanya's hole pressed. Blagodorya to lubricant of her mother — the dick entered easily as a bullet, and Tanya having moaned moved. Well at last that! I recovered! Only late already — I shuddered, having bent over the woman, drunk in helplessness, and on so many the dick strongly put that even I shifted Tatyana. — "O... class... "— the hard hole a pleasant pulsation squeezed my dick, on an essence milking dry a cum, and having pulled out it — me it was possible with poomshchyyu hands only to squeeze out couple of drops. — "Forgive Lyud... "— I a little out of breath was, but it became a shame to me — "Simply... so only in stories read" — "Hammer" — she released the daughter's leg, and that having grumbled turned on a side, an itself settled having stretched legs and zaulybalasb — "Wasn't fucked already, so long ago what you in time" "to Kiss?... Why isn't present, it will be a good tick to look in guests if secures" — this thought forced me ulechsya and to imprint couple of kisses on legs — in lips pricked a little — all legs not absolutely smooth, and I moved between legs to the surprised Luda. — "It so... "— fingers I had to move apart edges of a pizda, and sexual lips dispersed baring a clitoris — which I here loudly kissed, squeezed teeth and licked her chink — "Someone that throws a coin, an I here... писю I kiss to return" After these words she began to smile together so me, and I having stretched edges of a vagina — again gave smacking kiss to her between legs. — "Only I wash you will kiss, or Tankinu too?" — in her voice I caught at last jealousy. — "Ne... I not on a garbage can found myself" — having shown one phrase all fastidiousness to a dissolute image of life of her daughter. I stayed with her till the morning almost, and Luda didn't refuse to me the third sex, with might and main enjoying the young dick at the age. No, in the summer enough early dawns and as only began to dawn, I began to gather. Agreed with Luda will meet as work will allow me - it is very convenient excuse for me since long term in a case of what allows to ignore women. Having gathered, I kissed on a cheek Luda at an entrance — she so and went — having thrown on the head with a body a dressing gown, and rushed off home — the benefit nearby. Having cleaned teeth, having rinsed a mouth with soap (!!) yes yes... and miramistinom, I washed also "Friend"... to risk catch what that I couldn't and didn't want. And having had breakfast so early, I settled to sleep. Na this week I managed to execute the standards established for themselves... even I think with surplus, o similar I could dream only on the Internet. dating sims on steam date javascript site mapMain Page