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Alyona Dast, as I christened the Vestal later, arrived to the secret apartment in half an hour after me. The red-haired Fury in the world looked not less effectively, than in the Temple of Seven Keys. The lower part of her magnificent body was dressed in light stockings, white panties under a beige skirt with flounces. Top — in a black polo-neck with a short sleeve and a high throat. Under streychy polo-necks perfectly hid a collar, chains on boobies, piercing. I lifted up a skirt behind, examined new economy as it sticks out of a bum thick sausage under fine fabric of panties, and came to an unfavourable conclusion: — About a skirt it is necessary to forget. If the dick falls out, problems you won't be gathered. — What dick? — Alyona, it seems, up to the end didn't understand what occurred. — Well this — I hardly extended a thick trunk which grew into a pubis even stronger. Then, having pulled in front a lock heart, extending a clitoris outside, I added: — It is necessary to remove from you all trinkets. We began to undo, break and have a bite the attributes of slavery imposed by the Veny Hole. The first the leather collar with a ring went to a recycle bin. Then I took nippers and have a bite red-hot rings in nipples. Ringlets were soldered for reliability. The nacreous brooch in a navel went there, to a basket. The ruby lock heart in a clitoris caused most of all concerns. After all he clung rigidly as a tick. A member snake almost I merged with flesh, I pressed from below. It was necessary to use a hacksaw which especially for such cases was stored in the apartment. To an imprisonment in the Temple I carefully was going to release slaves, expected that it is necessary to break locks. We fixed a ruby heart in a vice — Alyona had to stick out for this purpose a pubis, to undertake two hands the battery — and I got to laborious work. Nobody knew about the secret apartment, in days of old I possessed unlimited access to financial resources of Sect, and before exposure managed to copy couple of millionchik of euro for organizational needs. Sex parties for corporate clients demand money, I supervised them. "To go in hiding in the Robin" — such is there was our plan. — Go, please, to shop — I offered Alyona when vaginal personal belongings went to a recycle bin. We washed out a trunk under a warm water, he already showed sensitivity. — Perhaps itself you descend? — Alyona corrected a skirt, stockings, standing in front of the mirror. We fixed a dick by an adhesive tape on a belt. — What here now with it to do to me? — she with irritation inflated sponges, feeling the thick hose put on one side. I approached her behind, stunned with the capricious answer. — Get up on one leg — I told, having embraced Alyona for hips. — What for? — red I met me eyes in a mirror. She also didn't think to submit! — What for? — I repeated, recovering. — Why did you release me? — Well we now together — Alyona smiled as if the inevitable truth disappeared in this simple answer. — So, well — I sat down on a bed. New deal didn't go in in any way. — And what plans at you? — I asked, having thoughtfully looked at Alyona. — I don't know — she inflated sponges. — And you? I sat dumbfounded with strange behavior which didn't match neither slavery, nor with desire to dominate. What was it? Cooperation? — There is only one way to stop Dyrko and Klyuchnikov — I said slowly, chewing circumstances of a state of siege in which we came to be. After the months spent in an imprisonment I already didn't even doubt that there are no other ways of an exit and can't be. — What? — fondly Alyona asked. — A revolution — probably, on a face I had more pathos, than beliefs in the validity of a statement. — Slaves have to dump fetters and rise — I finished myself own disbelief. Alyona hemmed, on a children's face the virgin smile was formed: — And how you plan to make it? — she asked. — There is one way — having cunning blinked the eyes, I answered. The turquoise dependence of men during mating dance with alpha females pushed me on the interesting plan which is worth it to try. — We will create the pyramid — these words escaped at me with ominous intonation. Time spent in a cage hardened. "Don't wait for mercy!" — I thought, mentally addressing leaders of gang. — A hole and Key keepers have to be punished — I told aloud. ### I was looked for. Connected law enforcement agencies to active search. Soon after escape I saw on TV the photo: "The dangerous criminal is wanted, to call 102. Don't try to detain independently" — the colourful message said. In shop on an honor roll near identikits of real criminals my attractive face in color appeared. But someone pays attention to faces, studies identikits? Especially it is heavy to recognize in the overgrown bearded man former Dima Chernenko if his look is severe and uncompromising, not a match former cheerfulness and children's spontaneity looking from the photo hanging in the hall. I remained invisible, unknown, unattainable, unknown, and soon passions ceased. My photos disappeared from capital billboards, new ugolovnichka eclipsed glory of the runaway Key keeper turncoat, outdid feats, domestic squabbles and knifing. ### I missed Angela. The big girl who involved me in Vireksa network didn't shirk at work, plowed on Müller as mother Carla, all day long, that once a week to enjoy an intimate meeting with a droplet of my seed. Months of outpourings left liters of a magic potion capable to enslave not only the woman, but also the man in Sect. Angela went under supervision of the security guard souteneur, that followed the big girl everywhere, looked after a milk cow. But also these precautionary measures didn't save capital asset of Sect from write-off under the depreciation article. Once, in two months after escape, I contacted Enzhi again. ### The ladies' room of head office of Belselkhozbank has pleasant feature: spacious clean cabins are locked from within and connect small space under a partition. Below it is possible to transfer a toilet roll, a roll of money, a sanitary pad. Or love message. Angela changes clothes in a military way quickly, prepares herself for office debauchery: stockings, hairpins, the short fitting dress. Anal lubricant here. It doesn't carry panties not to waste precious time. Byustik is absent too and what for? Elastic bells jump out of a decollete on wave of the magic wand which is filled in for office work. On Enzhi there is nothing, except the black lasting dress, Chulkov with shooters, the varnished shoes on a hairpin. To steam of false attributes of comfortable existence decorate a neck and the bared hands: a necklace from pearls imitation, gold hours bracelets — a fake under expensive brand — that's all office regimentals of the worker of Vireks. Work in the field demands training, both moral, and physical. Not everyone will sustain ten anal a fucking sessions for the eight-hour working day. — I still was lucky — the big girl whispers, timidly squeezing knees. She is hot as chocolate, zatrakhanny completely middle managers. Müller leads the big girl in a string, the lock on a chubby vagina linked lips a death grip. Enzhi's anus is broken in the gentle hole leaking lubricant and a cum. The client beats with BDSM-shchitsu without condom. It is wanted by the Owner. That in Enzhi cumed without condom. The hot playing sphincter with love is sucked round by my dick in thirty seven. — As I miss you — I whisper to the big girl, taking wheaten falls of hair aside. — I too — purr Enzhi in reply. She can be understood: one drop of nicotine kills a horse, one drop of turquoise loads with languor for the whole week. I hollow the beauty in the anus squelching lubricant, I bring balls to boiling, non-return points when the soft bottom of Enzhi turns into gelatinous cake with a hole. There I merge loveful abstention. Months of the forced masturbation made of me the sex-machine, the automatic machine for regular milkings. This time I everything give Enzhi, all without the rest. She fights in a turquoise orgasm, slipping on a pipe on a toilet tank. The dick slowly leaves Enzhi duodenum, she is chock-full filled with drug. Enshi falls by a tiled floor, expression of a drunk allowance stiffened on a glass face. — Sorry, the babe — I squat near her. — I didn't want — I whisper, tenderly stroking Enzhi on a cheek. — I didn't keep. To inseminate Enzhi — such high. My dick sluggish sausage falls by a tile, balls as two dried apples, are rolled in колыхающейся to a ball sack, rub about a floor. I want to take Enzhi again and again. I want to break this damned lock to enjoy vanilla sex with the big girl. I want to inseminate at last her really. ### Alyona tested all bouquet of the fears and unpleasant feelings connected with existence of a snake in a groin. The first week she, as well as I in due time, tried to go to the doctor, to be examined, resolve an issue by surgical intervention. But my comments on relationship of flesh and blood, damped her ardor. It began to listen to own body. The tactile communications which arose in a tail stump between legs indicated germination of a snake body in nervous system. Every day the sensitivity of a new growth grew. — Do you think, I will have a dick? — Alyona frowned, running a hand over the smooth firm sausage put on one side around a pubis and a waist. — I think, you already have him — unlike Alyona, I amused hopes. Alyona didn't shine with mind. Hardly I graduated from school on the three, I flocked to the capital behind long ruble. Dolche of Vit. And here I found adventures on the already not virgin bum. I worked as the model, but even to twist a bottom in front of the cam brains are necessary. I got a job the consultant in cellular shop. Here mister Müller also found to the buddy — inconsolable to Vienna Dyrko — the new Vestal: — Such came and says: "What salary will suit you?" I say: "Five hundred for a start". It the average salary over the country, correctly I say? — I nod, Alyona continues: — He gets such a roll of money, counts five hundred. "Here — says, is your salary for the first week of training". Well I also agreed how the silly woman. If I know with what хернёй all this will end, I in life wouldn't agree to it. — And in the Temple what, treated you badly? — Well. People normal it seems — Alyona wrinkles a forehead, blows sponges in thoughtfulness. — Only the bum hurt all the time and пися. — Well now nothing hurts? — I try to encourage red. In my slave practice of such exhibits as it, it wasn't observed yet. All girls even in a zatrakhanny zombie state showed the bigger sharpness. — Even I don't know, what is more best — Alyona in embarrassment claps eyelashes. — There is a probability that the snake itself sometime will fall off — pass to own observations. — Mine, for example, already decreased on two centimeters. It's true. Right after postponement of egg I felt strange simplification as if the coffee tension beating with adrenaline since the beginning of snake temptation receded before slackness, accurate clarity of mind, a victory of prudent cunning over lewd dissoluteness. If to an otkladka of egg I wanted to cover all women in a row, without analysis to indulge in debauchery even with the most nevzrachnenky, then after an anal razrozhdeniye I wanted only one girl again. The only temptress who ensnared me Vireksa — incomparable Enzhi Lavrenkina. The big girl had such surname: Love-renkina. Except reduction of length of the dick in an eregirovanny state I began to notice that turquoise gets more and more light shade, and balls as though even slightly dried up and looked already not so fatly. Our secret meetings with Enzhi found slow regular character. I wanted to save the big girl from slavery once and for all, but I was afraid to give intentions, licked wounds, recovering. I hoped for the help red which every day gained inguinal strength. Day came, and red for the first time I urinated through a dick which managed to grow into a pubis rigidly. Now externally Alyona's body differed in nothing from the real men's advantage. The head had the same form, the bridle attracted a lace curtain which and so never rose. Besides, at Alyona balls were cut through. According to constraining laconic stories red in the beginning she groped two firm swellings under skin around a vagina, but didn't betray to it special value. Swellings grew and over time got an accurate form of balls. All metamorphoses in the Alyoniny groin proceeded extremely quickly. Didn't pass also two days that the red seductress didn't tell me about new observation. I knew where all this grows, but was afraid to speak. Under a neogenic male groin Alyona still remained innocent. The untouched virgin pleva closed an entrance to a vagina, and I wanted to believe that Alyona as a result is more the girl, than the man. But once Alyona sleeping in the neighboring room woke me the heart-rending shout similar to painful groan. ### The first orange beams of the sun ascending between high-storey buildings broken shadows light up a small room in which, except a single bed and a wardrobe, the bedside table and the spread-out ironing board settled down sideways. Alyona lies under a blanket, having curled up, having put out outside a children's face. The scared round eyes seldom clap, the stone look shudders, rises, meeting me by misunderstanding. — What happened? — with alarm I investigate suppressed expression on her face. In reply silence, Alyona is guilty looks away. — Speak, be not afraid — I soften a voice to cause trust. I squat nearby, I caress a finger on a cheek. — You can look what is there — red whispers. To her it is terrible, with shame cheeks blushed crimson, lips are involuntarily wrapped in a mouth. Alyona chews them, without noticing that she hurts herself. I at last understand what she means, slowly I raise the blanket which is so reliably wrapping up Alyona from all directions. What appears to my eyes doesn't give in to consent with canons of human nature. The thick men's body on thirty seven grew into Alyona's groin, he is lifted up, revealed in a head the lilac heart which became swollen on a trunk as dough. The dick shakes, two pink eggs, of the size of chicken, are clamped between legs of the yesterday's Vestal, squeezed out upward in the ball sack covered with pimples. Openwork white panties slipped on one side, the adhesive transparent tape dangles on a trunk — it held the member from unauthorized sorties. But the first that is evident — not the eregirovanny dick which is lifted up in a trunk on thirty seven, and plentiful spots of turquoise which soiled everything: blanket cover, sheet, pink pajamas of Alyona. — You what, masturbated? — I ask her the same heart-felt whisper. From confusion I leave a jaw. I meet green pupils of the witch. — No — she answers quietly with interrogative intonation. — Dreamed me — she again bashfully looks down, plays sponges. — What dreamed? — Well — Alyona hesitates as the daughter admitting to the father a fault. — That I had sex. — It is clear — I caress her on the head, I smile. — And you were a man? — No. — And what? — I fucked the man — she lifts up on me the squeezeed-out eyes, looks so as if she waits for my part for a sentence. — Where did you fuck him? — I constrain a smile not to burst out laughing. — Well it — she claps eyelashes again as every time when doesn't understand something. — In a bottom — says some lips, bashfully looking down in a floor. — And then you terminated? — Yes. — Well it is normal. These are wet dreams is called. Heard about it? — I heard. And the fact that fucked the man, nothing? — Men are pleasant to you. So everything is all right, sleep. Here everything will dry up, then we will change linen. I scolded Alyona on a cheek as I a kitten, and about myself thought that this kitten already shows tigerish manners and big adventures on bends of a men's polovozrelost to Alyona still are coming. ### I had money for escape, it is even more, than it is necessary for comfortable existence to a skonchaniye of times. We could disappear with Angela in the Pacific Ocean, on the remote island. To get kids, to live in fear, to suffer to death. "Punishment of Sect will overtake in any corner of the planet! — in despair I thought. — Where there are people, there are communications, so and slavery, obvious or hidden". — The power of the Key keeper is boundless. It everywhere where stick with a her — I heard artful admonition of Posner. It was carried by an echo in a head before going to bed. "But how to overthrow Dyrko and poplechnik, to force them to abdicate?" — I suffered a question. Nothing, except full exposure of Sect, destruction of all materials and knowledge, release of slaves, came to my mind. — The key is the Power. The power is also the Key — I remembered the words of a polkan of Homich. The criminal leader Ryzhenkov and a platoon of fighters musclemen leaned on the power of the Key, on temporal power. I didn't know how to arrive, and then ventured a new experiment. "Be that will be" — I thought. ### Angela received accurate instructions from Müller: not to touch protection. But fat tomcat to the big girl not the Owner. She entices the inexperienced swell in a cabin of a ladies' room, takes seat before him on hunkers. The security guard souteneur is frightened of non-compliance with the charter, but very much the temptation is high. The wheaten blonde radiates with a figure, kolysht boobs, ass hemispheres. He was tired to graze a cow, it is time also most to relax, give the saved-up capital, to deposit the first contribution to the account of Belselkhozbank. Droplets of the faded turquoise slowly get into consciousness, inexperienced, unaccustomed to slave games. The guy would also be glad to try and doesn't understand yet what needs to be done to please the big beauty. — And went to me after work? — languidly Angela whispers, having finished milking of a young ingenuous bull-calf. — Went — бодигард agrees at once. They arrive to the apartment which is specially rented for such a case. Angela brings the security guard-lyubovnichka up to date: — It is possible to connect you a little bit? And it isn't clear: whether the guy agrees because he wants whether because can't refuse. One thing is clear, Angela molds from him the slave. To arrival, our with Alyona, the security guard sits naked on a floor, is fastened for a collar to the battery, Handcuffs hold down wrists and ankles. — What is your name? — I begin cross-questioning. I astride sit on the chair turned by a back to the guy. The security guard gloomy turns away to a wall. — Get up. He sits, and I understand that the plan failed. — Ask him to get up — I ask Angela. "Perhaps she has over him the power?" — I think about myself. But the guy doesn't react to Angela's orders in any way. It seems that all games, preliminary caress which Angela held with him were vain. "The guy acted voluntarily!" — with horror I come to a conclusion. He isn't a slave to turquoise extract, he — the victim of circumstances. — And what now with him to do? — in embarrassment Angela asks. She hoped to help me with permission of a mystery of the turquoise insanity arising in group coitions of alpha females. I wave a hand, sighing. I leave, upset, on kitchen to have tea. Angela trudges for me, depressed not less mine. "To understand and forgive — I think about myself. — To forgive and release". — We — not sadists — I say thoughtfully after a while. We already almost stopped having tea. Enshi kisses calls for debauchery on a kitchen table. At this moment from the hall heart-felt shout sounds, and the rescue team in number of two lyubovnichok flies to the help. I the first find a show which throws me in shock. Alyona Dast left alone with herself with the slave on coercion, but not on calling, got on the poor fellow, the varnished nogtika seized his white shaggy back. Her bright mane of hair flies up on a back, boobs shake, jumping up the hardened nipples. On the reddened face wild expression of the tyrant stiffened. She wasn't even too lazy to get stuck to the guy of companies that didn't shout. All thirty seven centimeters of the dick which is filled in with steel fly with a huge speed in pale as the moon, the back of the guy. Alyona tears up the victim without condom, just recoups for the youth which is carried out without sex. Especially wild. Her balls fly up between buttocks, plop down in disproportionately small ball sack of the guy. He blinks from pain, lows in a scarf, being curved by the held-down body. In Alyona animal force on thirty seven horsepowers woke up. She forces as a real man, having pressed down the victim hips to a floor, two hands having pressed the face of the guy into linoleum. All this picture stiffens before our eyes in one-stage perception of the terrible truth: Alyona will give to any guy of odds. — Stop, enough! — I call a tigress for prudence. — I already almost finished here — the ginger devil mutters. And it is valid, at the next moment she impatiently throws back the head back, with viscous groan loudly sighs. The stick under it, the bough which grew into a groin is unnaturally displaced whether up, whether aside, twitches so rhythmically under the champing punchings of an anus. The guy under Alyona rattles, squeals a little a dairy pig. He groans greedily, at first is painful, but with each sound is more and more tender and more sweet as a tomcat, seized upon valerian. It is simple to guess his state also on the rolling-up pupils, and on confused breath. The guy stiffens in narcotic glass ecstasy. The Zatrakhanny look departs from under opened a century on two thousand yards, the body sinks, fails in the acquaintance to me a narcotic faint. Alyonina the elda with a soft "chpok" leaves the broken anus, the stream of turquoise directs from an anus on the guy's ball sack. We need a half an hour more to bring the new convert round, to achieve all recognitions and sincere desire to cooperate. To submit to any whims of the newly made Hostess — Alyona Dast. dating sim yandere date of birth calculator zodiac sign site mapMain Page