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The cutting ring rips up silence and instantly pulls out me the ice claws from sweet embraces of Morpheus in which I stayed, having a rest from tiresome business of service to two whimsical Hostesses generous on the inventive tortures and humiliations exhausting me so that under the end of "labour" day I fall on thin polovichok and I fail in a dream, hardly concerning rough fabric. And though she niskolechko doesn't save my body from the roughnesses pricking it, I not the princess on a pea any more long ago to notice similar petty inconveniences. The right, after "the educational procedures" to which I am subjected by my Sovereigns, my, turned into insensible jelly body doesn't turn the equal account any attention to ridges of a cement floor. I shudder as I from blow of a whip, and sharply jump to rush slomya the head through the crimson twilight of the room of punishments neighboring to my den and, having overcome a set of steps to reach a dwelling of my Goddesses located on the second floor of our immensity rolling in luxury of the mansion which since some time became me not just the house, a skoree the place of an imprisonment where I spend days, humouring whimsical Owners of mine always of a body, ready to the use. A once, still absolutely recently, everything was differently, and from college I came back home, a not to the cam of tortures. The itching siren causes spasms of animal horror in my exhausted and intimidated soul and I am a small, insignificant lump of the flesh shivering for horror I break as the sprinter stung to the back and on halfbent I rush in boudoirs of my impatient Hostesses. Nearly having hurt o head the low ceiling threatening to hammer me into the earth I badly thinking so a dream, fast I get out to the neighboring room filled the most various tools of tortures. In my den it is possible to go, having only bent in three deaths. It for that that I got used to a similar pose, but here I can straighten for a while a back, of course only till that time yet my Sovereigns aren't in the field of sight. They strictly watch that that I moved only so as if charged me on a smaller measure of kilograms with hundred. By me shelves on which with directly the maniacal accuracy spread out various devices for education of my disobedient buttocks rush. Brilliant silicone dildos, from a thin anal dildoe with which to me expanded an anus in that time when my sphincter still devstvenno was narrow and unapproachable to the huge black plug intertwined with small knots of veins on which I am stuck when I especially am guilty (well or when Hostesses have a mood to have a look at the slave writhing at each step going as if the cowboy after three weeks of a continuous gallop). From of an its type my anus contracts for fear, turning into a microscopic point, but together from subjects the throat is filled with viscous saliva of desire why I am executed again by contempt for the one someone I became. Just little dirty whore, at the same time and afraid of punishment and eager that she was flogged as follows. Stacks and lashes as if wait for a gun that they were taken in strong hand of skilled Madam and brought down on soft pliable flesh. I try not to fly on steel bends of devices on which my body recorded in the most improbable poses lows and groans under biting blows rozg. Before eyes pictures on which I, coiling as the animal who got to a trap, proceed saliva and a cum intertwined with cords and bridles and I writhe under blows of lashes, the heels which are ruthlessly pressing my balls and biting slaps of the palms tightened in the latex gloves burning my reddening buttocks uncontrollably rush. It is necessary not to allow these damned visions to make horney me! Ne was enough still to come running to Hostesses so the got-up dick! Such show, yes still and since morning they won't suffer. My dick has to hang a thin useless lace as an indicator of my pettiness and full insolvency as men. And believe O-o-o, THEY do for this purpose all possible. Wash powerlessly hanging chlenik it is possible to stick on sea knot or to suspend me for it to a ceiling, but to achieve a worthy erection and use on direct appointment, alas, it is already impossible. Te far times when I could squeeze the core standing a stake in a fist, frigging on busty maidens in a toilet sank into Leta. Also I am afraid irrevocably. However to be bent by an arch as the crane in kitchen made horney from dirty drizzles and an anticipation of vicious executions over itself it all is still capable. Everything, I have to hurry therefore, without spending time on potyagushki and looking at tools of tortures, I run up a ladder to the hall up. From there again upward on very tall, as if from Jacob's dream, to ladders into the Sky, in rooms of my Goddesses. I accelerate, I flow round turns of a corridor which ruthlessly wish to slow down my devout aspiration to reach Divine Bedchambers, before than from there the second call promising Punishment will be distributed. O yes to be late to Madam who, languidly stretching in a bed, expects the slave to a little finger, ready on wave, on her leg to prepare by the language a body of the wakening Goddesses ko for day full of pleasures, it is impossible for such obedient doggie as I. To be late ko to the second call means not simply to receive an additional portion rozg which quantity always depends only on mood of Hostesses, a something where more humiliating and sophisticated. Once I exhausted with evening tortures... sorry, Educational Occupations, so I weakened that limped to the bedroom to Hostesses at that moment when the hammer in a call dome already beat off the second time and eyes of Madam, it is bad having narrowed, were ready to incinerate me on the place. In the evening I beat and fucked in all openings in a current of many hours, a then two days kept in a box, having rolled up an adhesive tape in the hard cocoon which isn't allowing to move and a finger. In own excrements, occasionally dostavayemy from the crypt and beaten for entertainment of tireless Tormentors, I spent time in reflections of o the fact that such weak a body and spirit the boy it is never more best to upset the Sovereigns with delay to morning procedures any more. Since that time I beat speed records at a house distance "Polovichok the slave — the Master's Bed" and I pray that it is never more in life so to blunder. The most terrible for the slave hurrying on call of the Sovereigns, is that so far I rush on ladders, I won't be able to check in any way whether the second call was distributed or isn't present, is heard him only in my dwelling. Thick walls and favor in the cellar won't allow the itching crash of a call to break upward. Whether A therefore to me to have only to guess truly the Empress pressed the button of a buzzer or she just wanted to play a trick. To argue with Her it is useless, silly, yes and it is simply dangerous. Whether the insignificant slave dares to catch the Madam in a lie? Even if she also lay, it has no value, all words flying from her ruby lips the immutable truth and to doubt it very much and is very fraught. Especially if to consider severe temper of my Divine Torturers. Akh, yes, has to apologize to you. In turmoil of morning rise I absolutely forgot to be presented. Hurrying on bends of ladders in passing I hurry to correct this annoying and inexcusable oversight for which I, without any doubt, have to incur deserved punishment. Also I ask you, be not upset that you won't be able to carry out an execution independently. Be sure that it will be made for you my Furious Amazon which will only be glad to it to the occasion which is suddenly sprained up to a hand excess time to be trampled on me by the ostrenkimi heels. Let's place points over "and" that in the future not to get in a vice of misunderstanding so as I got in a cage of own perversity. Your obedient servant and the story-teller — humble Peter Kraus. Absolutely still young person. The dawn of gently trembling youthful time which I will spend not under windows of the favourite girl, an under bums of the mother and sister. Yes - yes they also are mine plenitelnitsami, and since some time I address them not differently as with the help of the diverse epithets which they force me to compose. No what o related bonds of the speech goes any more, therefore on kakoe I can't count long ago indulgence any more. From the dick of successful, respectable family I turned into the boy on pobegushkakh, actually deprived this membership (both in direct, and in figurative sense as you could guess because what dangles at me between legs it to suit only for that to urinate, but in any way not for the indication of men's force). At us quite unusual family it is necessary to notice. It seems to me that in such here externally safe family nests on the soil of satiation all earthly goods and there are gold balls concealing under the sparkling shell a rotten bouquet vsevozmozhneyshikh the perversions dazzling with refined sadistic originality. Here and our family swelling in prosperity didn't become an exception of this assumption. To long abstention sometime the end surely comes, an of attempt to bridle the intimate imaginations steadily suffer fiasco in the most fatal way. And, as it is known, secret, early or late to become obvious. Now I damn myself for the fact that I dared to demand from reality of that safety and accountability which I had in the intimate dreams. To misfortune I became the trigger hook which started the mechanism which so much time suppressed the movement of the dissolute gears. Well an is farther... I wasn't capable to stop it any more. The small snowball started at way, on a slope down, and I with the head was overflowed by a furious avalanche of a sexual discharge. Our social organism is made, first, the Divine Mother — on people, the approximate mummy blinding surrounding with the affected righteousness in not smaller degree, than beauty (which it is necessary to notice just exudes with devil emanations, forcing men to let dissatisfaction saliva to the expensive ties which are carefully tied by it their wives acquiring a fat and inattention). Mother is the head of the company which is engaged in release of cars of a class luxury. Chem-to these cars very much remind our two-storeyed country dwelling in which we together hide all small dirty sekretiki from eyes of ignorant and numbed inhabitants in the outdated morals. Telling the coffins painted well, an are created not less vicious affairs at all inside, than behind doors of our cottage. Mother extremely imperious and strong woman. The delightful body promising to any someone will see its naked, eternal languor on fire of unsatiable passion, it locks on strong bolts of buttons of strict business suits why to become similar to the snow queen which all be near other business - ladies seem ordinary-looking women, without the slightest concept o that charm which correctly chosen clothes can present. Her Dearest Child — my sister Erica. Erica is more senior than me for two years and as long as I could remember, in every possible way used the seniority thoroughly to mock at the younger brother. That more that she had everything that is necessary for this purpose. The inventive mind which was giving rise to motley forms of the entertainments humiliating me in which with pleasure took participation and her girlfriends who too were not away to scratch fists of o of the free boy for a beating. Force which thanks to trainings east single combats found really breaking penetrative ability allowed her to suppress without the slightest work all resistance from my party. And in additives ko to all it, beauty which in surplus got from mother. Very much nekhiloye inheritance I will report to you. Looking at her I proceeded from forbidden languor. Her grace, her predatory grace when it was selected to carry out on me the next "harmless draw" turned to me the head, breaking desire to fight. In a secret I wanted not to shout him with girlfriends at all to stop and stop the tortures humiliating my advantage, frenziedly to belittle a not to stop them. I was afraid to admit to myself similar inclination to the native sister, but looking at her stately figure exhaling directly royal greatness to me there was a wish to face her on knees and to catch her orders as the last drops of water in the middle of the boundless desert. I sank in her brown eyes, they, it seemed, dissolved my nature, without leaving also a hint on possible resistance them to charms. Erica was perfection and the stronger on her background my mediocrity which allowed her to use me as a toy appeared. About himself and there is nothing to tell-to. I have no outstanding advantages. Too for myself I won't remember any progress in study or sport. The only thing that distinguished me from the gray mass of similar to me dull teenagers, is secret passions which chafed my weak soul and forced to look for forbidden pleasures to satisfy the inclination burning me from within. On any of measures of all these narrow-minded, fiddleheaded and rude inhabitants, I am just little mean pervert. No you know, then to me was to spit simply on their plebeian opinion. I didn't suffer from it. Absolutely even on the contrary I was not their fields berry. The child from provided if not to tell rich family, I naturally had to have the defects beseeming my class. And if the pigheaded common people were amused primitive peretrakhom with the first got mare, I had to look for pleasures where as more the most sophisticated. It was a symbol of my dissimilarity on the others. I was as the hothouse rose blossoming in a garden of secrets and dreams, growing in darkness, in the distance from human eyes, fertilized by juice of night dreams. from desire the body will feel on itself burning blows of at all not imagined lash. Chtozh I received that I wanted. With surplus. Yes it that pressed me to a floor more reliably than a hydraulic press. I am the unique family flatterer despising, but together with that reveling now in already own poverty, creeping under legs of Goddesses and kissing heels of their divine shoes. Okh... all right, about me and my humiliations you still will manage to have heard plenty therefore we will leave my insignificant person on a floor where to her the place and we will pass more better to the reasons which as it seems to me, and made of me and of Erica of those someone we now also are. Slave and Hostess. We with Erica visit one and that college. Catholic college of a name of Great Saint Angela Blazhennoy. To raise this most prestigious private educational institution which though and to exude from each joint of marble plates with Christian virtue, doesn't avoid thus at all from parents the astronomical sums for training. The choice of the heavenly patron as is impossible transfers spirit of our college, his students and teaching structure more better. If you work to read compositions of this sacred, then first you can fall into confusion from hidden, an in places and extremely clear sexual implications which she for certain in the great piety took for religious ecstasies. The poor thing deprived of normal sex, вряд — whether could carry out a parallel so by the ecstatic convulsions and a banal orgasm. The atmosphere of college, however, promoted only that a little which of us could allow itself to consider the sexual party of life of people what-to normal. Chem-to that wouldn't deserve so furious censure so the party of teachers who literally proceeded saliva, convicting these sinful passions. However all this stream of condemnation and censure led only to the fact that we inflamed the attention on this forbidden fruit even more. A together with with soldier's discipline and echinoid mittens in which we were kept there led it to the fact that the children's minds clamped by severe discipline were forced to look for other types of pleasures which would help to get rid of wild tension. And considering that damnations of teachers flew in the basic to the address of "simple" sex, personally it in a final result led me to desire of his most perverted forms. O them-to was told nothing. A everything that isn't forbidden — is authorized. I was broken off between smiritelnoy a shirt of education and natural thirst of natural sexual desire which on fault of Puritan teachers accepted painfully perverted forms. Here so good intentions also bring in hands of fanatics ko to quite expected consequences. And children turn into hysterical, frigid neurotics not capable of a "normal" relationship with an opposite floor. Neither I, nor at Erica had no first love which is simply obliged to be a part of a youthful time. I, having quite cute, even slightly womanly appearance (which got again from mother for what to her huge thanks, if not this heritage, I am in general the empty place, a so, on — an extreme measure, I can brag of a lovely attractive face) even and o to the girl didn't think. From shyness, I couldn't move language when which-nibud of these beautiful beings began to be interested in me. In our college training was conducted separately therefore behind an exception of my sister to recognize poblizhe other girls I had no opportunity. From inexperience, I couldn't think in what way of a message of with them so that I was considered not by a rag under legs of the sister, a someone-to like the memorable boys playing in football team. Na these brawny, with very broad shoulders and with full lack of brains of guys of the girl hung as the grape clusters waiting when at last will break them. And let I hated them for their dullness and considered fiddleheaded plebeians, it as I understood later, there was only a protective reaction. A all talk of o of own uniqueness suited only for the return way home when in powerless rage, proceeding tears and snivels after the next mockery, I looked for justifications of the weakness. In total, they had everything, o what dreamed also I, while unsuccessful attempts to create the novel didn't force me to avert a look from "usual" and to turn him into the party "Forbidden". And in that time the still others "glued" girls without departing from cash desk, once he exorcized o to any nonsense from which at little girls for some reason the level of intelligence sharply decreased and they trudged for these rude fellows as sheep on slaughter, I could count only that I will be able to inhale a smell of buttocks of Erica and her girlfriends when they in the next time crush me fluttering as fish on a hook, but with the dick ready to break through both pants, and uniform shorts. I think that they didn't hesitate to dismiss about me at all rumors therefore that soon no one girl looked at me without contemptuous smile. A of o to start talking so me as to the person, a not as to a laying, couldn't be also speeches. To change in itself that-to, to go to what-nibud section to stop dismissing slobber and to become surer, was above my forces. I was, the graceful intellectual and considered sport occupation for common people, than and justified myself in the eyes, lying prostrate on the earth and considering shoes of the senior pupils who decided to scratch about me fists. So that girlfriends at me so never also appeared. To that mother would be not in delight from such change in my her obedient ox character. She preferred that I belonged only to her and didn't twist a nose on the parties in search of the next skirt. Therefore she tried to put some idea to me o of my full unfitness as men, every evening in time of a family tea drinking, assuring that not to covet such gruel one decent girl. Chtozh as I wouldn't refuse, it was the clean truth. Well what girl needs the guy whom all other representatives of a fine floor use how a sofa when viewing TV series? Obviously, only such which not away to use him so. What concerns Erica, the absence of the admirer at her was twice surprising, considering her tremendous external data. However exactly thanks to such perfect combination of mind, force and beauty, Erica remained absolutely indifferent to the guys who are putting out languages, the eyes burning from desire seeing-off her buttocks hidden under folds of a checkered short skirt when she with highly raised head went along a school corridor by equally inexpressive small fry who was timidly pressing close to walls. My excellently beautiful little sister literally reveled in the independence, preferring that boys were lovesick on her at distance and didn't drop saliva to her on knees. She got sadistic pleasure from the inaccessibility, not just refusing to numerous boyfriends, but trying to humiliate more feasibly them thus, in paints having depicted why such pettiness is unworthy her. A pettiness, fakto, she esteemed all having the permission, from her silent consent to rotate around the, only only deserving attention and admiration of the person. For certain her, the sexual energy which didn't find an exit held down by the various bans and decencies also helped her to try to obtain exclusive progress in study and sport. Otherwise, I am sure, wild sexual tension would break off her in down and ashes. A so, it belozubo the smiling photo decorated with itself all possible boards under the sign "Our Pride". I a similar discharge couldn't afford, whether in force natural weak character or simply because that I didn't want to destroy an image of fragile and vulnerable femininity which already began with such assiduity in itself(himself) to foster why unsatisfied desire became all more and more persuasive. So far, in the final account, didn't bring me into slave fetters. About the father I almost know nothing. Mother destroyed all traces of his existence, an answered all questions that this lewd cattle is unworthy even memoirs of o to itself. So we also live three together in magnificently arranged mansion surrounded with the blossoming greens which careful hands of the gardener turn into refined works of art. And all these fancy figures as if guards, protect our secrets which, be given by him to be exposed on a general review, would raze to the ground our, ground as if diamond to transparency of a tear, reputation it is model indicative family. In the morning mother brings us with the sister to college on smart black "Lexus" with tinted glasses, so that we with Erica when absolutely small "ugly faces" could bend the passerby with impunity. Already then we clearly saw a difference between "us" and these gloomy hard workers trudging in the stuffy offices that then and blood to squeeze out from working day, boring to nausea, the next pennies on existence. Now when I from the student turned into house servants toning is necessary more for that that me connected on hands and legs, rolling on a back seat it wasn't visible when mother brings me to houses of the girlfriends where I have an opportunity to show them amazing results of mother's training. We as if vampires, show the true essence only at night or in a gloom of densely curtained off rooms. Looking at our family nobody and I couldn't present to myself, than we are engaged how we come back home, to our magnificent Victorian den entangled as if by an ivy, a snare of forbidden passion from which no one of us is able to escape on will, to light of a wonderful routine of ordinary Puritan family, to Sunday visits of church and to corn flakes for breakfast, instead of daily executions and morning urine from shoes of the sadist of the sister any more. For all inhabitants who are exchanging bows with mother in polite greetings and coping questions o on duty health of dear kids, we — an example for imitation all other families which wellbeing isn't enough even presenting the children with luscious care of the mother — gooses, heating the offsprings in a drag-net of a strong cage from plumelets, comely on a look. No all is, of course, only ridiculous masks which only on magic don't crack on seams, considering as deeply we all rolled down in an abyss of vicious joys. It also didn't dream Dorian Gray. Just forced masquerade to be similar to other fellow citizens invested by high morals. At which, believe me on the word of skeletons in a case at all not less. And faces their such masks stretched in smiles, a knock over the stiffened plastic is sensitive, and the finger will fail in the decaying emptiness exuding with lust pus. No none of us will make it. We it is constrained we shake each other palms, a we think that they do by these palms them so far nobody sees? No aloud we exchange only nothing not meaning frazochkami, keeping rules of a game which violate and you will be left on burning a moralism fire here. A you can and for itself someone-nibud to drag away. Therefore all we are only the speaking dummies in usual life. Mother going ahead, precisely the ice breaker breaking ice of the plebeian crowd going towards, nearby — her Dearest Child, having highly hitched up the wonderful nose, chirps that-to o the infinite progress and I, Unloved and All the Despised child trudging in a tail with the lowered head, and the look concentrated on the varnished backs and high heels of black shoes of my Secret Sovereigns. Directly a brood of happy ducklings, so the mummy, come for walk during a week-end. No it, of course, only kazhimost. Na business Mother is Amazon a Winner, a her Dearest Child — Madam Mladshenkaya, my ambitious sister... Unloved and All the Despised child is I. Once Peter Kraus. Now toilet laying and flatterer ordinary. We have not an ordinary family. And I am not an ordinary child. I don't tyrannize mother uncontrollable behavior, I don't come home after eleven, I don't get the sister of glue chewing gum in her curls shining gold. Instead of all it I kiss him buttocks and I set up the when "dicks" of family want to take a fun. All other parents would sell soul for that to learn a way with which help it would be possible to force them eternally shouting and rushing as mad, children to go on a string. However having learned, they in horror would burst in the toshnotnymi, convicting unacceptable behavior okhami and would remain further the losers incapable who are bent under an impact of impudent offsprings to take off blinders so stupid short-sighted a peephole. Chtozh, let sit in a shell of the sanctimonious ignorance further, being afraid to put out a nose in the world of forbidden desires burning with passion. To taste which, they will never have neither imagination, nor courage. Those someone having disdained fear, to decide to rush in a chasm are waited by falling which is indistinguishable from flight. dating sim on xbox date calculator depo site mapMain Page