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Shortly I trenknut a call. Mike went to open and in a minute returned to the living room, embracing the slender dark-haired girl in white, fitting elastic balls of her breasts, the t-shirt and a jeans skirt opening her slender, suntanned legs to the most appetizing buttocks. - Get acquainted, friends. My cousin Jennifer. Jenn, it is love of all my life Jessica and her brother Christopher, in combination an object of love of Suzy. - I am very glad to get acquainted. Jannie, Jessica and Chris kissed each other. - We are glad to a meeting too, – Jessica smiled. – Welcome to our company. Chris seated the girl on a small sofa near Suzy, gave a glass with orange juice. - You, probably, want to drink after the journey. - Yes, thanks, – Jannie leaned back on a sofa, having thrown a leg on a leg, and brought a glass to a mouth. Mike looked at her and with astonishment raised eyebrows. - What I see, Jenn. Did you decide to do so distant travel without panties? Impresses! - I am yet not so brave, Mike, – Jennifer admitted. From desire to immediately straighten out a skirt her only the full senselessness of attempt to close something the fabric piece which is hardly exceeding the size of her buttocks held. - I left the house quite dressed. But I was so concerned by our forthcoming meeting that I didn't manage to think of it how between legs it became wet. And if to consider that I thought of it almost all road … Generally, the last had to go out of the bus. I was afraid that even the skirt was wet through. Fortunately, it was, but panties had to be sent in the next toilet to a bag, and to remain most in such look. Jennifer for a second raised a skirt, showing to Mike and Chris the, the covered with nothing, charming pussy. Suzy burst out laughing and tenderly stroked the girl on a smooth hip. - And how at you there took place the conversation with the guy? - Everything is remarkable, Sue. – Cheerfully I flashed Jenn's eyes. – Alexander is very glad that my friends helped me to decide, at last. And still he is very happy that I went to you. He considers that our meeting will help me to become more courageous and relaxed. Alexander very much liked your company, and he hopes that you will admit us to the club or you will come to visit us. We even made the photos for your collection. Jenn pulled out several pictures from a handbag and passed them round. - And how Alexander treated that he became not the first? – Mike took an interest. - Well - at, – Jennifer confusedly hesitated, – generally, he found a hole in which to him nobody was. - Did you try in buttocks? – Jessica became interested. – And how to you for the first time? It was very sick? - It wasn't sick at all. – It is proud Jenn smiled. – Alexander took several dildos of different thickness and accurately developed my opening. So when he put in me the … it was only pleasant to me. - Here! – Jessica Negoduyushche pointed to Mike with Chris. – You study lewd males as the gentleman has to arrive. You pulled our buttocks to yourself on dicks without any preparation. I to me to the back long couldn't forget the first calling of Chris. Jess unzipped shorts and shifted them down, opening hands access to the pussy. - Tell, Jenn. - When Alex offered me, – having slightly reddened, began Jannie, – I at first was frightened that will be sick. But he told that he will take care of everything, and I decided. Alex brought me into the room and began to undress. He did it slowly, caressed and kissed me everything, and I was so made horney that even on hips flowed. Then he removed from me panties, and I remained absolutely naked. Alex laid me on a bed buttocks up. Under my stomach he put a pillow that the buttocks were higher, and began to caress and kiss my buttocks and an opening between them. Then he took the smallest, the dildo is slightly thicker than a pencil and I began to enter him into me. First it was unpleasant to me, but Alex continued to caress me, and I gradually got used. When the hole extended, Alex took the simulator more thickly, then still. Gradually I liked to be pleasant that in my buttocks something slides. Therefore I rose from a pillow and got up dog-fashion that more better to feel it. Between legs at me it became wet again. Then Alex took the simulator thickness about the real dick, entered a toy to me into the back, and the dick entered the pussy. It was so pleasant. I before anything similar … Jannie took breath and stroked the boobies which strained under a t-shirt. - I began to be stuck on these dicks, meeting requirements of Alex's movements. My peshcherka was already almost ready to give juice when Alexander left it and entered other opening. When in my buttocks there was the real, living dick, it became so pleasant to me that I right there terminated. But my desire wasn't gone. Alex moved inside, and I wanted still. I was put on a dick on the balls, twirled by the back, in a peshcherka everything contracted in sweet spasms. I don't know how many times I terminated, but from the pussy flowed so that hips were wet almost to knees. At last, Alex spread me as could deeply, then stiffened, and then in me the stream of his cum rushed. At once it was splashed out on buttocks and when Alex took out, and I became straight, from the hole opened still just a stream began to flow. But Alex didn't release me to be washed, even didn't allow to be wiped because his piston came to readiness again. He bent me again and inserted the piece into buttocks. The opening still remained open, and there was a lot of lubricant so the dick entered at all length there at once. Alex moved in me as the car, in buttocks squelched. I put fingers in the peshcherka. There it was wet and slippery so that walls weren't felt, but I cumed again. At me legs already shivered and darkened in eyes. I failed on a pillow, and here Alex once again shot at me. It was the fantasy. I coiled on a bed, and cried so that, has to be, notified all neighbors on the high. When I got out of a bed, it turned out that I have even knees in cocktail from a cum and my juice, and in buttocks there was so many cream of Alex that on the way to a shower it was necessary to close a hole a palm, otherwise would dig a floor. Jannie became silent and for a second closed eyes, being sent to the power of sweet memoirs. But at this moment she felt that her horney pussy allocated the next portion of juice, and the treacherous stream flows outside, soiling a skirt. Jenn densely shifted legs in hopeless attempt to hold juice in itself. Her movement remained noticed. Sue's palm quickly slipped on Jannie's leg and dexterously entered between hips, touching the pussy. - Jenn, even the jean skirt long won't sustain such pressure. – Suzy burst out laughing. – Remove. She two instant movements threw off from herself a T-shirt and a skirt, having thrown them on the middle of the room. - Boys! Girls were tired of waiting for you. The company followed her example and, having left clothes lots on a floor, went to the bedroom. There Jessica ordered to get up to Mike and Chris nearby, and Jennifer put before them, giving the girl's body to their lewd hands. Jess and Suzy kneeled near Jannie and began to suck at the guys. Mike and Chris kissed lips, cheeks, eyes, shoulders, Jenn's breasts, and hands them caressed her stomach, hips, the pussy, buttocks. Jannie, being burned with desire, I moved towards to their hands, but Mike with Chris didn't hurry to satisfy her, giving only superficial caress. At last, Jenn begged: - Guys, I can't any more. - I too, – exhaled Jessica. Suzy let out Chris, and he led Jannie on a bed, and Mike directly on a floor bended over Jessica and quickly entered her. - At - and - ah-yyu! – Jess screamed, being very much stuck on Mike. That, holding the girl by hips, I began to move quickly and strongly in her. Jennifer laid down on a bed waiting for Christopher. But Chris didn't enter her, and having kneelt over Jannie's stomach began to move the dick between her breasts, hands pressing them to the core. Jenn felt magic feeling. The dick, hot, slippery from lubricant, rubbed against her breast, forcing Jennifer's body to tremble in a sweet spasm of pleasure. Chris was at the peak of pleasure too. He for the first time fucked a maiden breast. The sizes of busts of Sue and Jessica allowed to drive only him on nipples so far. Boobies of Jannie gently and densely covered his piston, the hardened nipples puffed up under fingers. The girl shuddered under it, often and falteringly breathing. Both promptly flew to an orgasm. They reached peak at the same time. Jenn was curved, having nearly thrown off Chris from herself. Spasms of a rough orgasm shook her, forcing a peshcherka to throw up everything new portions of liquid. Chris's cum was splashed out in a depression in the ground between boobies, began to flow on a neck, splashes got Jennifer on shoulders and a chin. Chris began to roar and stuck lips into a pink, intense nipple. The girl cried, was killed under him and sprawled on a bed in full exhaustion. She lay, having closed eyes, not moving, small and often breathing. From the excited peshcherka, boundaries of the spread legs, the juice stream slowly followed. Chris was tumbled down near Jenn, exhausted too. Having understood that Jennifer and Chris temporarily bowled off, Suzy kneeled near Jessica, waiting for the turn. It wasn't necessary to wait long. Jessica got nervous under Mike's dick, the zaskrebla fingers a floor and slid off a core, being extended on a carpet. Mike right there turned and filled, lewdly substituted, Suzy's peshcherka. Sue moved slightly forward and, having reached a mouth of a perineum of Jessica, began to pinch her juice. Jess loudly moaned. Mike increased speed, Suzy's uvula worked more and more quickly. Jessica raised the back, coiling under language of the girlfriend. Christopher went down from a bed. A hand he encouraged, already becoming straight dick. - You in time, guy. – Mike croaked, slipping out Suzy. Having quickly risen to the feet, he saw that Jennifer looks at him, lying on one side and having leaned on an elbow. Mike stepped to her and sent the toy to Jannie to a mouth. He exploded, hardly Jannie began to suck. Mike terminated violently, but Jennifer managed to swallow everything, without having released his dick. Having milked dry Mike's trunk to a last straw, she took him a hand and began to drive him on nipples, groaning from pleasure. On a floor Suzy already coiled under powerful pushes of Chris. His core completed not finished by Mike. Peshcherka of Sue proceeded juice. Jessica who terminated under Sue's uvula the second time lay near them, panting and carelessly caressing a finger the clitoris. The excited Sue's breath, her heatedly the contracting peshcherka quickly brought Chris to the finish. He hardly waited until Suzy's buttocks tremble in a sweet spasm, and, having understood that she already terminated, hasty took out. Sue quickly turned over on a back, meeting his stream. Her stomach, hips, hair on a pubis blossomed white drops. Chris kneeled before her, and his dick began to lick Suzy gently, fingers caressing balls. Jennifer looked at them, heatedly breathing. Feeling that Mike's core begins to come to life in her hands, she pulled him in a mouth and began to suck and caress language the hardening toy. When the dick came to readiness, Jenn crafty looked at the boy. - My turn! There already all to smoke. Mike pulled her from a bed. - We will go to that room. I wanted to try on a table long ago. Having embraced, they left the bedroom. Jessica followed them. In the room Mike laid Jennifer a back on a table so that the buttocks were almost given, put her legs to himself on shoulders and began to drive the dick on a clitoris, teasing the girl. Jennifer got nervous under his caress, trying to creep on a toy. - Mike, well don't torment me. I want! Well, please. Ah! Mike to the full entered her, having strongly pressed to himself Jenn's hips. Having slightly bent over her, he quickly and strongly moved in her peshcherka, getting so deeply that sometimes I touched a uterus. Jannie under force of his blows even couldn't respond to movements but only, having strong caught palms a table, she groaned, choking with pleasure. Jessica, meanwhile, got under a table and, having kneelt, the Undershirt began fingers and a uvula to caress balls. From this additional caress Mike began to roar and rushed even quicker. Jennifer began to shout. She convulsively twitched under Mike. From her pussy, one by one, viscous sticky drops followed, soiling a table and being broken on Jessica's face. Attracted with noise, the bedroom left Suzy and Chris. - Cool. – I whispered Sue on an ear to Christopher. – You have to try so too. She kneeled and began to encourage skillfully tired guy's core, alternately caressing him hands and lips. Mike continued. He moved quicker and quicker. Peshcherka Jannie who still almost isn't developed densely covered his piston. The pleasure waves running on walls teased the inflamed dick. And still dexterous fingers Jess on balls. Mike was brought so that hardly I understood that he does. He moved, moved, moved. Quicker, quicker, quicker … Jennifer didn't shout any more but only she shuddered under his powerful pushes, falteringly breathing. She didn't see what occurs around, didn't feel Mike's hands on the hips and a breast. Only the tireless piston over and over again piercing her treasury, giving which is nearly passing into pain, sweet. The remains of consciousness of Mike were hardly enough for in time to take out. Expecting it, Jessica right there sent a toy to herself to a mouth. But Mike didn't pay attention any more where there is his dick. He almost didn't understand in whose mouth cums, didn't notice that Jess, without having sustained a pressure, released a dick from a mouth and milks dry him a hand, and drops fly on her breast and a stomach, flowing down on, overgrown light hairs, a pubis. At last, Mike could perceive surrounding. Jannie not movably lay, having closed eyes. From a chink between her divorced legs the viscous stream of juice slowly followed. Chris approached to replace Mike. He accepted Jennifer's legs to himself on shoulders and began to tease with a finger her clitoris slightly. The girl poorly shuddered in reply. She yet not absolutely recovered and badly understood someone and as disposes of her body. Having understood her state, Chris accurately entered and began to slide, slowly, in her dense walls, continuing to caress a thumb a clitoris. Gradually excitement captured Jennifer. She the hand pressed Chris's hand to the pussy and began to move towards to his movements. Then Jannie opened eyes and saw that any more not Mike, but Chris seizes her. She smiled to the guy and moved lips as if kissing. Having understood that Jannie is ready for bigger, Chris took away a hand from a clitoris, having provided Jannie most to caress the pussy, took her both hands for boobies and began to increase speed, getting more and stronger and more and more deeply. Here Jannie felt touch of someone's uvula caressing a part of the pussy, closest to buttocks. This is Suzy, having replaced Jessica under a table, I began to caress at the same time the girl and, sliding in her gentle gate, Christopher's core. Chris and Jennifer absolutely became stupid from it. Having grabbed hands, they at mad speed moved towards each other. Jen felt in a peshcherka, except the member Christopher, also Sue's finger teasing her walls. It is delightful! Jen stood in a sweet spasm that in a moment again to leave herself towards to Chris's movements. Now Jannie felt as Suzy's finger wet from juice and lubricant slipped out a peshcherka and began smoothly, but surely to expand other her opening, plunging into him is deeper and deeper. Jennifer continued to meet Chris, Sue's finger slid in a step to movements of the guy, forcing Jenn to shudder with pleasure at each push. The next stream of juice began to flow from the girl outside again. Suzy smiled and called. - Chris, other door is already ready. Chris inclined Jennifer's legs, having almost pressed her knees to a breast. Now the buttocks of the girl appeared to available Chris. Suzy was taken a hand by the dick and sent him to Jannie's back. The core entered the hard opening waiting for caress. Jenn moaned. Suzy was inclined over her and began a uvula to caress her nipples, and fingers got into the peshcherka squelching, proceeding hot juice. Jennifer powerlessly leaned back back, allowing friends to dispose of her body sovereignly. Sue's fingers teased a horney clitoris, again gently caressed damp walls of a peshcherka, and in buttocks is unceasing Chris's express rushed to the finish. Jannie choked with pleasure, scratching fingers a table surface. Suzy bowled off the first. She came off Jenn and, having put hand fingers to herself in the pussy, furiously pushed them, having had a snack on a lip and having closed eyes. - About - about - oh! – She moaned, shuddering all over. At this moment Chris and Jessica reached top too. Shuddering in Jenn's buttocks, Chris's dick shot the cum fountain. In reply Jannie cried and was killed in an orgasm spasm. Her legs slipped out Chris's hands, and she powerlessly sprawled on a table, loudly and panting. Christopher hard sat down on a floor. Suzy approached him and gave a hand. Chris pulled Sue's fingers smeared with juice in a mouth and began to lick them gently. Suzy crafty looked at him: - And what about one more time? - Sue, pardon! – Chris begged. – I terminated almost without interruption just three times. Let's have a rest though a little. - Mike, – Jessica rested a forefinger against the boy's dick, – you lose to Chris three – two therefore to follow juice to you. - I will obey, madam. – Mike nestled lips to Jessica's breast and, having easily risen, moved on kitchen. - Jannie, will be enough to roll on a table, we will go to a sofa. – Suzy helped the girl to get up. - I will soil. – Jannie was confused. – From me flows on both sides. - Then sit down on knees to Chris. Jennifer settled at the boy on a lap, one hand having embraced him for a neck, and another gently stroking his tired body. Having drunk up juice, Jessica critically inspected guys. - Mike is already vigorous, and Chris isn't. – She commented. – Well, I suggest to play well rested Chris. - How it? – I didn't understand Suzy. - Mike will enter each of us in turn and to do, say, ten movements. That on someone he will terminate, will get Chris. The rest tired Mike and two vibrators. - Great! – Jennifer burst out laughing. Girls, having kneelt and having turned to Mike appetizing buttocks, were located a row on a sofa. Mike approached standing with the Region of Dzhessike and the dick entered the pussy into her who is obligingly set up. - One, two, three … – chorus considered Sue and Jennifer, – … ten! Mike got over to Sue standing in the middle. - … Ten! Mike's core filled Jennifer's peshcherka. Again ten. Again Jessica is stuck on the piston the Undershirt. First girls giggled, playfully pushing and kissing the next owner of a toy, but, gradually, excitement began to cover them, peshcherka were humidified with lubricant. The piston the Undershirt flew on all depth, met by groan of pleasure already at once and left after the tenth movement, seen off by even more lingering groan of disappointment. Lips of the waiting girls were weaved in gentle kisses, and hands reached for the excited pussies. The first under the dick Jessica overdrove buttocks. The sticky stream of juice spread from her peshcherka on hips. Following Jannie began to flow. Suzy reached peak of the last, but so violently that in eyes darkened. She again properly felt Mike in herself only a circle through two. Mike was provoked too by the pipettes of little girls waiting, proceeding juice. He already forced itself to leave on the tenth push the next damp, hot chink, and right there the dick between the following pair of slender legs hasty pushed. His trunk strained, ready to shoot. Now, it is a little more … - … nine, ten. - Devil! I wasn't in time. – Mike hasty put the end in the next peshcherka. - One, two, three … - About - about - oh! Mike pulled out a dick outside and the fan of white splashes filled in a back and Jennifer's buttocks. The girl was curved in a delightful rush, then turned to Mike and gently licked his toy. - You presented me a prize. Thanks. Chris approached and embraced Jannie, helping that to get up from a sofa. - Your flower, lady. – He said, playfully resting a dick against Jennifer's stomach. That, having bent, loudly I kissed a dickhead and crafty I looked at Chris. - I think, till the morning we won't join the company? - You can not doubt. – He smiled. Having embraced, the couple went to Sue's room. The remained little girls carried out them by jaundiced eyes. - Here so. To beginners happiness, and to us with you vibrators. – Sadly Jessica poditozhit. - Well, not everything is so sad, Jess. – Mike stroked the girlfriend on a hip. – Someone after all remained with you. - Do you want to tell, you still will be able? – It is interested Sue looked at him. - Well, not absolutely I am hopeless. – Mike grinned. – In the presence of time and with your help … - Then went. – Impatiently Jessica pulled him to the bedroom. Soon lips, uvulas and fingers of girls gently slid on a body, Mike lying on a bed. Mike had a rest, slightly stroking coming to him hand of charm of girlfriends. His dick continuously wandered from one charming mouth in another. To a lip calling, damp from lubricant of the Bay Syyu and Dzhessiki, their firm pink nipples serially nestled. From Suzy's room shrieks and Jennifer's groans began to reach. - Awkward silence was broken only by groans and a scratch of a bed. – I commented on Sue. Friends burst out laughing. Sounds from the neighboring room continued to reach, but Mike's core, повинуясь to hot caress of girlfriends, came to combat readiness, and became the company not before extraneous noise. Late morning Mike, having got over through the sleeping little girls, hardly rearranging legs, I trudged on kitchen. There in prostration over a cup of coffee Chris sat. Under his eyes distinct blue circles were seen. - Interestingly, Mike, I look also disgustingly, how are you? – he took an interest instead of a greeting - I Think and. – Mike muttered. – Coffee still is? - In a coffee pot. Only pour. Legs hurt me, and hands shiver. - Similarly. – Mike filled a cup. – Great Jenn took off you. How many times you are her? - Four. However, on the last calling she already requested mercy, and I had most to help itself to terminate. And Jennifer was chopped off, hardly I took out. And I fell asleep with the spread legs. Even, when I to her poured out the last portion on lips, didn't move. And you as? - As much. Only I had to divide for two. So mercy I requested, and girls still together were a little tickled. - You know, Mike, – Chris, having grinned, I raised a cup, – we just should invite Alexander to the following big collecting. Otherwise we with you will kick the bucket. Having burst out laughing, children shifted cups. - For the new clubman! dating sim meme date ideas indianapolis site mapMain Page