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Hello! I am called Alexander. To me 35. My stories share on: fantasy and real. Studying questions of sex as very much I love this business, me especially, the subject "sex with ladies for forty" is interesting. By the way, mine "a model row", a more precisely, posluzhnoy the list from 18 and, a limit — 62 years to the woman. So, I received many responses and requests to write o of my situation with the aunt to "private message", I will surely lay out the story, just the aunt comes again in August and I would like to complement him with the last events. As I wrote in the past — I like well-groomed beautiful women at age. I want to offer you the history where and as I find cool ladies "for forty". Several years ago I opened for myself just a well of this smart sex. I go to theater, to tell so "to hunt" and always there many lonely, "hungry" lean girls of the years from 45 to 59 which are accurately made up, dressed: shoes, heels, stockings, decollete; simply — lovely sight! You approach to one such — lonely and you say: — Excuse please, a how to find the dress circle? — also you look at her ALL — on legs, a breast, hands, in eyes. Works in 90%! She greedy looks A at you and answers: — O! Young person, to you here! — and so sexually shows the handle, nails in manicure, fingers in multiple jewelry. A then "you catch" it in an interval and you invite in buffet, to discuss theatrical action, there a glass of wine, a then you say that you can bring her to the house. My statistics such is: in the foyer I approach three-chetyryom chosen persons, then these four in an interval and in buffet, an is farther in dependence with someone "I promoted" to the moment — to bring to the house. From four — one always goes! Then I bring A. While we go, I speak much — O MYSELF! I tell that without girl that all young women silly, nothing turns out bla bla bla that I read much, I love painting, the museums, here — a pier, I decided to go to theater — to vanish. I ask nothing! Then, when she goes out of the car, usually I ask to go somehow to the museum. Every second gives phone! It isn't necessary to see off in any case!!! A it is necessary to call in about ten days! It is already fulfilled! If earlier, then see obvious interest and "come off". Na the second meeting needs surely to praise much! ABSOLUTELY FOR EVERYTHING: for taste in clothes that a pier these young people understand nothing now, for a manner to speak, for a manner to go, for her what-to acts which o she will tell you, etc. To especially emphasize her beautiful HANDS (it for them "a litmus piece of paper" of their real age) and eyes. I usually still add about beautiful legs. A of one — I so wanted her that I just didn't sustain and told: — Forgive me, but you such cool! You have such legs that only because of it, it is already possible to fall in love with you! It was during a lunch. A she to me in the answer: — Хм... Frankly... I to you am old enough to be the mother! I thought that I will fail through the earth that everything was gone that all works — I spoiled. I bore any nonsense. Further, to the current of day, I told o what it is necessary — only not o for it. A in the evening when I wanted to bring it home, she asked: — I still "cool" for you? After what we went to her, a ko to me. I didn't regret!... and she, by the way, too! The most interesting that such sort sex — becomes regular with the partner. We are with her and continued to be engaged in love. With "theater-goers" in any case it is impossible to speak — "sex"!!! Only — "love"! T. e. psychology such is: it type such super that at you directly "roof" went also you type as in the girl, "fell in love" with her. Sounds moronically, but it works! Following technology: the first sex, really has to look as "love" (flowers, champagne, beautiful words, kisses and caress), then is accurate — in a missionary pose and all! ANY "give the bitch from above", "suck" or "get up dog-fashion", etc. I in general — pretend to be that very modest small, like I am confused a few, and all it. Any sharp movements! A here on the second sex — she you, as a horse vyebet! I when this my passion arrived ko to me for the second time, say: — To open for you champagne? A she to me actually from a threshold, says: — Kakoe champagne?! Adult people! I through all city behind it passed! Vividly in a bed! A then — me, began to learn how to be engaged in love both from above and behind, etc. Women "for forty" — surprising creations! Believe if you want to receive GREAT sex with the yearned adult woman — all it, costs that! I very much experimented much and chose for myself more-menee working-menee model of behavior and image. No that to understand it, it is necessary to understand in the beginning someone is such — "theater-goers". The theater-goer — pleasant appearance, the woman at age from 42 to 59 years (my calibration), "in juice ", looking after herself, WITHOUT the DROOPED BREAST AND KRYVY LEGS (I sleep only with beautiful elderly women — don't confuse so old women)!! Loving theaters, the museums, in the general, art in whole. As the rule, in a divorce or... in the general — living one. Has the daughter or the son living, somewhere, and seldom visiting her since are busy with the family problems. Ladies of this age are very unique the fact that they have the put Soviet mentality: nobility, stateliness, respect for the woman, etiquette, etc., but all it is diluted with the Russian reality of "sexual revolution". Very rough "mix" turns out. T. e. it seems as they already on "decline", but decided "to try" for themselves a little bigger. Ne persons interested to leave beauty, attention of a men's half. It sounds roughly, but these are true motives of their behavior, desires in life, in that number and — BEDS. The woman — she is also the woman! When I understood it, picked up to them such type of the image which gives result — we will consider: Approximately on 10 visits of theater, I give a ride to 8 girls home — 7 of them on the following time go so me to the museum, cinema, and 5 of them, in a result I put in a bed! It turns out, every second visit of theater, comes to an end with blooming great sex which becomes regular!!! Of course, it is impossible to dump and the saved-up practice, but the main thing to choose safe model of behavior, an of the practician to collect! Someone "YOU" are: You — the intelligent young person, with the Highest education, interested, of course, in painting, art (couple of books will need to be read, but remember — all works will pay off!!), lived several years with the girl who from you left (not you her, a she you!!) therefore you — are unfortunate, you don't see the future (— don't change the main thing), etc. — but it everything obvious things. A now, o less obvious: Your mother is very busy to help (I say that mine — the chief accountant of several firms), the father is busy with a too. The KEY — to say more o to mother! Of course, it isn't necessary to turn a meeting into moaning, you have to be rather cheerful and successful on life in whole, HE NEEDS to LOAD her IT! She has to feel that you — THE ONE someone estimated her MIND — at the first turn someone understands her with someone she can be uttered. No to designate your "problem", it is necessary for the lady. Very thin mechanism works. I don't understand as, but my "trophies" become very tender, was even so that one gently kissed me on a cheek so words: — "My sonny", your second "mummy" understands you! A in the evening — I kissed it on lips, an in several days — rumpled her a breast, through couple of days I already at home at myself pulled together with a from her pants, she the truth resisted a little, but I told her that "there" everything very much hurts since sex wasn't "hundred years" any more, a she wildly makes horney me. Also I asked — directly so and I asked: — Anna, well I understand everything, but I am a man after all! You kiss me! I react — an everything hurts now inside! I am not guilty that you are so beautiful, I "lose" in places the head. Shakes me when you are near! Only one time! Please! Na that she told that she the decent woman bla-bla-blav this moment I gently kissed her and pulled together pants already finally. She told: — Well — also I went to a shower. After it we met several months. THE MAIN THING GOVERNED: Be able it is banal — to TALK!!! When already much each other you tell o, to appear a trust thread — it will be rather simple to ask! And to you — ALL WILL GIVE!!! Of course, not in the middle of the street it should be done, an after all to bring or create to the lady a certain zone of comfort, and everything will turn out! Now I have several constant "theater-goers" with whom at me sex of times or two in a week: Inga — 47 years, Nadezhda — 52 years, Polina Sergeyevna — 58 years (she loves on a name - a middle name) and Elizabeth — 62 years (recent is for me exotic). Polina Sergeyevna, deserves separate attention since in her case transformation and the family "withdrawal pains" of this lady to transition "for line" therefore that she at all wasn't going to sleep so me — on a cut is observed!! If with others more-menee everything was clear — that it is only time question, then with this is everything much more difficult. She had morals framework, she couldn't surpass them. She categorically said to me: — Alexander, I am not going to sleep with you, just with you it is interesting to me — there is o what to talk. Running forward, I will tell that we only met the first several months her just coffee to drink once a week, to take a walk, chat — literally on couple of hours. You ask me: on horse-radish I needed all it? I will answer: First: it was 57 also it, for that moment, the biggest age of the partner which I had to that, but externally she looks about ten years younger, a "gets" it. Secondly: very well-groomed, suntanned so the rising breast, rather high, so slender legs and wide hips. Carries panties in a type of lacy shorts. I call such women "lean kobylki". In such, the temperament is felt. Thirdly: she me it is simply unreal makes horney!! A began all the next image: After 2014 New Year, on winter holidays I went to theater how always to look after the new woman, years for forty five. Poshatavshis in a lobby, nearby from a female toilet, there was a lady, on a look — years 48 (then I already learned that to her 57!). In an evening dress on shoulder straps with a big cut on a back, a decollete and a long section along a leg. She stood, having slightly set aside a long leg forward, trying to push a foot in a shoe that opened a leg from a hip completely. The body is suntanned, and it gave to legs in black tights special charm. Open shoes and nacreous pedicure. The dark hair which are beautifully combed to top, were pinned up by gilded butterflies, the tail a cascade fell down a wave on the bared thin shoulders. The pleasant person with the expressed lines of wide cheekbones and sponges, in pink lipstick. Big almond-shaped brown eyes, with densely made up eyelashes. Thin nose. And main thing! Rather large breast and wide hips! Such — Gillie Johnson! Such, on my "department"! Her thin hands were occupied since she held a bag, probably with boots, a handbag and a short fur coat thrown through a hand. No she persistently tried to hook beautiful fingers of a leg the left shoe. Right — it was already put on, but it isn't clasped. I approached her and told: — Excuse, allow you to help? She looked at me and allowed to take a short fur coat and a bag. I took. She sat down, and it is easy one hand buttoned both shoes. From above, I appreciated her buffers!! — Thanks, to you! — she smiled to me. — I ask forgiveness, don't prompt how to me to find the dress circle? I today one... And that-to I can't with be guided — and, I stretched her the ticket. — Of course! Taaak — she pulled. — O, clearly! To you so me. No at first I need to hand over things in clothes. I waited for her. Then, taking place in a door, she told me that to her to the right, a me — on the left. I told: "Thanks!" — also I smiled. We — dispersed. Vo interval time, I accurately watched her. She went to buffet. I was quickly attached in turn behind it. — Again, you? — I joyfully "was surprised". — Cool performance! — O, yes! Theater for me — my outlet! — having deeply sighed, all volume breast, she told. Having thrown by several more impressions, our turn approached. It bought a glass of champagne and caviar sandwich. I took juice and such sandwich. — Juice? Laudable! — she noticed. — You as my mother. Always rejoices when I at a table, pour to myself not cognac, a juice — I joked. — Well, I just am driving. Having still joked a little, we were invited to the hall. When everything ended and all began to leave, I did in time that in pass again to face her. — Go — I smiled to her. — Go, it is upset — she answered. — Always I am upset when it is necessary to leave. We reached clothes. I on-dzhentelmenski, helped her to put on what I received several more praises and a lovely smile in the answer for. When she put on, on legs boots, on hairpins, extending the fingers in kapron — at me stood, as at a horse! I WANTED THIS BITCH!! Coming to the street, I asked: — Excuse, I... an as you on a name - a middle name?. — Polina Sergeyevna — she quickly answered. — Very pleasantly, a me — Alexander. Polina Sergeyevna, I can't but suggest you to bring. — No, be not troubled, you and so gave all evening me, thanks! We said goodbye, I wished her wonderful evening. She, clinking heels, I went further. I, having quickly estimated on what stop she moved, having dropped in in a car, I went there. Having taxied up, to crowd. Having gone out of the car, having bypassed it, I gallantly opened a passenger door. — Polina Sergeyevna, I won't forgive myself if I leave you here — at a stop! Sit down! — lovely I smiled. Probably, the fact that I am not afraid of a lot of the people standing nearby saved her from possible fears. She laughed: — All right! We will go! So, we began to meet... On proshestvii several ineffectual months. I undertook the wild plan. I took week of a holiday and I went to Cyprus with... Polina Sergeyevna!! The purpose was one to be with it in one number! A more precisely: to spend night and not one — with it, in the small closed space! Since to that, we together didn't spend the night. Yes — she was at me the house, but all my attempts to leave her for the night — didn't crown success: at her always were under evening of the reason to leave. Na this stage we were with her just good friends. ... We met at the airport. She put on super (Polina Sergeyevna always put on well). The skirt is slightly higher than knees. An undershirt with a big cut which fitted her buffers and open shoes since she always had a pedicure at the highest level. Having arrived to Larnaca, we by bus were taken to Limassol, a final point of our way. We arrived already late, actually at once it was necessary to lay down to sleep. Beds in our number was two — separate. Having washed by the first, I laid down and burned with desire to see her half-naked... but leaving and having slightly opened a door shower, she asked to switch off light. I was full of grief. When she laid down. I still long couldn't fall asleep. After all in couple meters from me the woman who very much even in my taste lies!! To Na Street the lamp and when eyes got used to darkness burned, details of her smart body became visible to me. It was in an easy dressing gown and lay on a back, and the silhouette of her breast which large spheres — held apart a dressing gown was distinctly visible to me, a one leg lay over a blanket. Below at me everything burned, and the dick stood a cudgel! I didn't sustain and slowly made several masturbating movements, through several approaches — I removed the raging tension! In the morning she, having covered with a blanket, I waited until I am washed and will put on, and I asked me to expect her in bar of hotel. I had to obey. There I took a mojito and began to wait for her. When she left — I was stupefied. Polina Sergeyevna was in a bathing suit, the wrapped-up transparent veil, yes — she knew to herself the price! We went to the beach. Having occupied the town far away from all, we settled on sun beds. I looked only at her! I was the not, would RAPE her there — on this sun bed!! Having lain down some time, I told: — Polina Sergeyevna, can, you will pound me cream, a that I will burn down now and tomorrow, and the next days — you will sit without me here. — Give, I will pound — she squeezed out cream on a palm. Her hot hands began to slide on my back and shoulders. It was for the first time when she so frankly concerned me. Then, through some time, I asked: — You though and with smart suntan, but the drop of cream can won't prevent also you? She tarried, but then agreed. I sat down at her behind a back, squeezed out cream and began to rub carefully it in her gentle, well-groomed skin: in the beginning a back, then shoulders, then a neck, having slightly bent her the head back side of a palm forward, then again a back, sides — in the beginning at hips, then — is closer to her milkings. Suddenly, one hand as it is accidental, I slipped slightly forward, I came fingers under a bathing suit brassiere, having passed up to a breast and having hooked on a nipple. He was big and firm!!! A breast soft and gentle. The movement was lightning, but quite sufficient to feel all charm of this kobylki. My dick almost rested it against a back. I quickly apologized. She — told nothing. Then, I didn't touch her in general. We went on couple of local excursions. Na the fourth day we bathed in the pool of our hotel, I "cared" that we drank Martini and a mojito much. Polina was for the first time well become tipsy! About this day, she didn't allow herself so much alcohol. The resort No — is the resort! Floating by, several time a shoulder, I touched her almost flat tummy. Yes and in general, I enough concerned her in the pool much. After what she told that she wants to have a rest and went to number. I remained to swim for a while still. In an hour I came to number too. Polina Sergeyevna lay on a bed on a stomach in the dressing gown through which looked through her lacy panties. Further — on legs, the blanket was thrown. She dozed. I couldn't find to myself the place, went on tiptoes there-syuda: on a balcony which door was open, again to the room. I so wanted to be fucked! That decided at last, and quietly I sat down on her bed. Nothing occurred. I gently carried out by a hand on her buttocks. Again anything. Again I carried out. And again — anything. I lifted up a dressing gown hem, having bared a bum, and began to mass it easily. To stroke hips. Polina Sergeyevna lay without having stirred. Of course, she didn't sleep!! Just in a different way she couldn't tell me, or suggest to be engaged frankly in love. I removed a blanket and accurately began to drive a hand on one leg, then on another, is closer and closer to a perineum. Then, very gently I concerned her between legs. Polina Sergeyevna only brought down breath, but remained in that pose. I a finger hooked on her panties, slightly pulled and shifted sideways. The bound together sexual lips which are slightly covered with rare hairs formed a long crack. Holding panties — other free fingers, I moved apart sexual lips and saw red pulp. My dick, in all tore apart to me shorts. I very slowly pulled together from her pants, stroking her on a back, moved apart slightly more widely than a leg and slightly, without leaning strongly, laid down on her from above, having started a hand under her breast. She slightly rose, having allowed me to grasp completely strong her — the firm nipple rested to me against a palm. I moistened the second hand with saliva and, having greased a dick, moved on her crack. She in hips and a stomach strained, but lay obediently. So I was given the 57-miletny woman with the settled moral principles and the Soviet education who has already very long period, there was no sexual relationship. I pressed the hot dick to her vagina, then — the second hand took for the second breast. My heart without restraint beat! I squeezed her buffers and slowly, but strongly pulled Polina on myself. My dick strainedly entered her a pizda and I at once as the boy — TERMINATED!!! It I had no many years any more!! I couple more of times, strongly squeezing, for boobs, I pulled her on myself while the dick continued to pour out a seed. And on it my sex ended. I got up and went to a shower. Then I went to bar and I stayed there till the night. When returned, Polina Sergeyevna already slept. I, silently, laid down and with big work — fell asleep. Na the next morning I couldn't recognize "girlfriend", she preferred to remain in a bed, and I went to beach one. Polina Sergeyevna spent this day in number. Having returned to evening, I brought her wine and told: — Polina Sergeyevna, madly it was pleasant to me! You are super!! It was visible that she was tormented by heavy thoughts, she so answered nothing. To discharge a situation, I invited it to walk along the sea. She told that she will put on now and to go down ko to me. We went silently, Polina was puzzled all evening. In number, she any, sat on the bed. I sat down nearby. — Alexander, why to you it? — suddenly she began. — In what such unhealthy interest to the elderly lady? I noticed that she is not so elderly. Also I told about my communication so the aunt. It was the only woman who knows the truth. She listened without interrupting. Then I asked: — I to you — remind her? — No, just now I am pulled on "on-starshe" also by everything — can do nothing with it that it is stronger than me. There came the nervous silence. — Rubbish, your aunt! — suddenly sharply Polina Sergeyevna said. — And there is a lot of at you, such how I? — she specified. — You — one! You see, how at me yesterday... — I used a situation of yesterday's "failure". — And it will help you "to get rid" of her psychologically? — I think, yes — I convinced her. — It is clear... but know, it isn't pleasant to me at all! Absolutely! Even I don't know as far as I will be enough... You the good guy it is visible at once, I am very grateful to you for your relation ko me — I will try to help you. More so far I didn't stick to her. Through couple of days we returned. Also parted on houses. Through couple of weeks I called her. Met, took a walk, then arrived ko to me. She was dressed in a dress slightly below than knees. Her legs are dressed in thin black tights, she always carried such. After an easy dessert. I took ee for a hand and brought to a bed. After sex, she silently got up, put on and left. Now, I just fuck Polina Sergeyevna, holding her by wide hips or by shoulders. She everything can't get used yet that already long ago I passed the moral border. Each time when we at her or at me, she with work overcomes this side again and again. No in a result it is silent, it is obediently given. It is possible to put it on a bed, to move apart legs, to undo a blouse, to rumple boobies, and now — already without what-libo shyness — to fuck. Vo she never watches sex time to me in eyes — turns away. Somehow we spoke about it, but she told that she is not in the plate that such feeling as as if is engaged in love with the son. Again we meet, again I pull together tights, pants, silently, widely I move apart legs and I rape her. She turns away a face... So at us several months lasted. Polina doesn't shout and doesn't cum. Just allows to fuck himself, then, without looking at me, goes to a shower, puts on and leaves, or sometimes says: — Will you bring me? While we go, looks in a side window and is silent. My brain always looks for the decision, I feel sorry for her and I looked for a way to make happy Polina, though somehow — to thank. Since it is the only woman who fucks so me — only for the sake of me! When others — for! Yes, I, of course, gave her a certain warmth of communication, it to me is not time spoke. No for me it was insufficiently, there was a wish to give her more... I usually last not more than for 30 minutes of active sex. And I decided to prolong the sexual act with Polina Sergeyevna. In one of our meetings while we walked, I took an interest in her health. Also it was very much satisfied with the positive answer. Having arrived home, I accepted treasured tabletochku. The dick inflated as valenok Ya brought Polina to a bed, she as usually laid down. Having taken off tights with panties and, having until red mashed her a breast, I as if a wild boar — tore up her pizda of minutes 40. Being all wet, at me forces already came to an end. A in about 10 minutes, Polina Sergeyevna hard and often began to breathe, turning away the head in one party, in another. Still — such loading! Then, unexpectedly loudly having sobbed, she, having densely clasped me with the strong legs, having linked them behind my back, I squeezed me. I sharply stopped, having been frightened that to her it became bad, but Polina Sergeyevna — powerful pushes of legs on herself, pressing me, continued already itself — having made several breakthroughs. I terminated directly in her here. Shook her, she very strongly squeezed me legs; to me was to pant. The shivering hand she began to rumple to herself a breast and, constraining groan, deeply and intensively breathed a nose, periodically hoarsely sobbing. Later, she uncoupled legs and moved apart knees, letting out me from the trap. Having passed in a shower, she long time didn't leave. ... All road we were silent, a when approached her house, it told: — Alexander, I am grateful to you for everything! No we won't see each other more!... Ne I want to be such rubbish as your aunt! Thanks for everything, a main that was allowed to feel to me — the woman! Also I left. In a week I called it — it dumped me. While I was busy with the other passions — all time, thoughts, came back to Polina. Passed even days 10 — again I dumped. We met only, 2 months later. I took her and told that to me it is bad and that she is necessary to me. Through for a long time painful pause — it agreed to meet. Polina Sergeyevna was more beautiful, than usually, in her almond-shaped brown eyes the spark shone. — What at you there? — she began to be anxious. I told honestly: — Polina Sergeyevna, went ko to me? I very much missed! — No! One business to go to the victim, an another — on pleasure! It will be already debauchery! — Well! We will just drink tea, and all! — You know me if I told — means told! — All right — she agreed. And we went ko to me. I think, she knew, than everything will end!! Ne could not know! Houses we really drank tea, I drank a treasured tablet (that you will make, for the sake of the girlfriend). I began to stick to her. — No, Sasha, it isn't necessary, you promised! — Polina Sergeyevna, you at me one! One time! More you won't see me! I give a word! She seriously looked at me, got up because of a table and went to a shower. Later, having come to the bedroom, submissively, I laid down on a bed. I still time enjoyed this kobylkoy! Qualitatively podrav her about an hour, she so, having turned away, often I began to breathe and, having gruffishly moaned, strong I clasped me with legs. Powerful pushes, itself setting the necessary speed, cuming — I began to shake, most strongly turning away in the party from me the face. My dick, all still stood — a bottle, I took it for ankles closer to ступням, bent her beautiful, suntanned legs in knees, having as much as possible parted them. So — strong holding 58-miletny Polina Sergeyevna by legs — roughly I RAPED her even minutes 15. It was obvious that it wasn't pleasant to her, and to steam of times she tried to escape — but it didn't turn out. Her large breasts, with the sticking-out big nipples, intensively waved, and she had to cover them with the hands bashfully. She strained legs again and tried to escape or, on an extreme measure, to cramp them together. Holding for ankles her bent legs in the divorced state as at a frog, I pressed her a foot to the sides and I increased speed. Continuing to RAPE her — in this dissolute pose!! — Z-ZA THAT SO?! — she cried out. YES! I WANTED THIS ELDERLY BITCH — POLINA SERGEYEVNA! I ruthlessly fucked her! After what — I, filled in with her a full vagina of a cum. Having released her, she again, hiding the look, I rose and, holding with a palm the pizda, having hung, I ran in a shower. Then she, hasty dressed panties, a dress, on naked legs — shoes, having taken away tights in a handbag, and so words that she doesn't need to be seen off — left. When I called her in the evening. She removed a tube and sadly told: — Sorry, Sasha, but I more so can't... So far we to this time — didn't see her. I hope that with Polina Sergeyevna, my friendship will continue... Though, I think that I made a mistake, having managed with it it is cruel. It, really wanted to help me... What conclusions can be drawn and that needs to be understood: 1. Any woman needs to concern, be not to touched sometimes, a to concern, they all — kinestetiki. 2. It is obligatory to allow to touch himself, not obligatory hands, it is possible just as accidentally, to lean a body, etc. No she has to understand that she is WANTED! 3. Be patient. 4. Catch "signals"! Read "between lines" and you surely define the return communication, that moment when — "allowed" you!! 5. When resolve", for the first and second times don't fuck her as the whore (she you then otdolbit), belong with respect! Elderly ladies are very vulnerable! 6. Admire her. Say that it at you for the first time that you just in "space"! In exchange you receive betrayed — adult "girlfriend" who he will be compliant to execute your most intimate imaginations. 7. In advance study plans of theaters of your city on the websites to be guided with the closed eyes. So there, it will be necessary to work and to think quickly, a not to think "where there is a buffet?". 8. Always take the ticket in the dress circle, it is quickly possible to leave it to buffet, a toilet and to come back. 9. Surely read Balzac. Theater-goers are women modest, but if you untwist them on sex — they from you won't get down then!! I hope, you will be helped by my recommendations about stay and inducement, elderly ladies in a bed! A I will be engaged in the new passion so far — Elizabeth! Good luck on "hunting"! dating sim background music date paste site mapMain Page