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- Dima, hi! How are you? - Hi, Lera! Perfectly, how are you? Any news? - Too it is good. To me here work in Moscow was offered. Here I won't be solved in any way. Terribly somehow one to go to unfamiliar and others city. So far offer a trial period for 3 months. Can try after all? Will you to me, just in case, help to accustom to the city? With Leroy I was the sign on correspondence nearly 2 years. She from Krasnodar. Once I even met her at a rock festival on the bank of the Sea of Azov. We with her spent cool day there and could get acquainted in the real world. She for me was such pen friend with whom it was possible to share any secrets and we shared all with her. She knew everything about my secret desires of women's domination and own feminization and, it seems, it was pleasant to her and even got. Somehow Lera wrote: "It is so unusual - to communicate with the guy who wants to be a girl, but it is pleasant to me". - Yes, about what a conversation. And you know that? You can live at me. I rent year good apartment, however, it one-room, but we will think up something. - Em … and what we will think up? Quite courageous offer. - Well, there is it. Well, I can spend the night in kitchen, for example. - Listen, Dim, and you still wish to find to yourself the girl who will be your madam and feminizes you? - Well, it wouldn't be bad. And to what you asked such question now? - I thought here, you know, you very much about it told me what really it became interesting to me to try. Therefore wrote to you. To be honest, I had no objection to pass a trial period on work, and to stop at you and to live these 3 months as your madam as you call it. Well? Do you agree? I already suspected that Lera will hint at it, but didn't trust in it up to the end. I was even made horney. Having collected the thoughts in a heap, I wrote: - Lira, you don't joke? - I am not present, and you didn't joke about the desires earlier? - No, just unexpectedly, never I thought that you really will want it. I agree. - Well and it is good. We still chatted, within several days settled details of her stay in Moscow and conditions of our cohabitation. In two weeks I already went by the car to the station to meet Lera. The train was late for an hour. I expected Lera at the beginning of the platform. Having seen on the platform beautifully walking girl, with a fair hair, long to shoulders, with blue eyes, regular features, in a plain, but nice summer dress, I was taken aback and not at once could recognize in this beautiful girl the girlfriend by correspondence. At a rock festival she was remembered to me absolutely another. - Dima! Dimka, hi! - Lira as I am glad you to see. Was tired? - Yes, trains after all tire me. - Well, we will go home. Already in the car, on the way home, we got to talking. The lira told about the future work in one of large banks. For her it was the chance and she was proud of it. - Well, Dima, is ready to changes in the life? - You about the fact that you are my madam now? - Yes, about it. To be honest, not so much madam I want to be, and it is rather to be just main in our couple where you will be my obedient girlfriend, - Lera reddened and lovely began to smile. - Yes, two weeks I morally prepared for it. - You remember about our arrangement that in your apartment I main and you for me not the guy, but the girl. - Yes, of course I remember. - Well. Here we will also look. Soon we already drove up to my house, and in a few minutes I closed an entrance door of the apartment. - Here we and houses, - I told. The lira was undressed and passed to the room. I dragged her suitcase after her. Having examined the room, she sat down on edge of a bed and with a smile looked at me. I attentively looked at her. "My God, what she beautiful" - involuntarily I examined her from legs to the head, detaining a look on her fine legs. She, without ceasing to look in my face, I rose from a bed and I went to me. Having approached almost closely, so, that I could feel contact of her breasts, she ran the left hand over my right leg towards my dick and squeezed the palm. - Uuuu, Dimka, as you are horney. I forced to get up your friend? - Ddda, ah, Lera, indeed. The girl slightly inclined the head and brought the lips to my ear and whispered: - I feel how you are horney as you looked at me at the station and glanced in the car, and now, literally stuck into me with own eyes. Tell honestly, you want to fuck me directly here? - Yes, Lera, I want you, you are beautiful, I want you. - Seriously? Mm what you are a rascal. It was heavy to me to constrain itself, I was so horney that seized Lera with the hands and began to direct her towards a bed. I began to kiss her on cheeks, gradually passing to lips. Having already tumbled down her on a bed, kissing passionately gentle lips of my guest, Lera slightly pushed away me and told: - Dilobe, I only after the journey. Let's me take a shower, and we will continue. - Oh and, of course. Your towel already weighs. The lira got up, opened the suitcase, got from it a small bag and was behind a bathroom door. And I remained to lie on a bed. I thought only of Leray and absolutely forgot about our special arrangements. Perhaps, she apprehended it how addition to sex? Well, maybe, it even to the best. I was so lucky, before with girls it was so not lucky, were, of course, but just sex, but I to them didn't feel such passion as at present. Oh, quicker it would leave a shower. In 10 minutes the bathroom left Lera. She was wrapped up in a pink towel as in an evening dress. - Well, was tired of waiting? Go itself to a shower, and I will prepare so far. - Yes, of course, I in a trice. - Give - give, Dimka. Leave a shower – don't put on, - she winked. I rushed off in a shower. I was quickly soaped and carefully washed the perineum. It was quickly rubbed off by the blue towel and I left it in the bathroom. Nearly I forgot to clean teeth, after all I like to be clean everywhere. And slowly, measuredly I went stark naked to the room where Lera had to wait for me. And here I enter the room, on a bed in beautiful lace dark blue lingerie Lera lies and with a smile looks at me. I stop at edge of a bed and I stand to the utmost, my dick got up and looked directly at the girl. The lira got out of a bed again and approached me, also ran a hand and grabbed my dick with a hand. My breath became frequent. I felt her breath by the person. The lira hands let know that I spread legs a little and slightly departed from a bed. She squated, and my dick was practically near her mouth. I rolled up eyes in a blowjob anticipation. I felt the dick already warmly of her breath. Literally in a second Lera sharply got up, and I didn't manage to open eyes as was hit blow by her knee to himself in a groin. From sharp pain and surprise I fell on knees. - оохх, Handrail, you that? - And you thought, Dimochka that you will seize the moment, and the beautiful girl just like that will begin to live at you and to entertain you? I saw such look at men already earlier. On you it is visible at once that you want, lewd all of you, only at everyone on the it turns out to fool girls. - No, you that, I didn't want to fool you or something bad to make. - Yes, and why you let loose hands at once, I didn't manage to enter your apartment? I tried to get up from knees, pain slightly quieted down, but, having raised the head and having begun to rise, Lera struck the second blow, and I fell again, having rested hands against a floor … - Aakhkhkh and what are you doing? - To sit someone allowed to get up? - Well, well, let's talk. - And I already speak. If you forgot, then I agreed to arrive to you because you aren't a man and me would be absolutely normal to lodge with you, as with the girlfriend who you, in fact, were to me on correspondence all these two years. - Yes, I remember. - To be silent. You the right weren't let speak. And so. On arrival that I see – the next cable which wants to fuck me. Slightly I to him gave a reason, so he forgot about everything and began to touch me. And here I understood that to girlfriends to us with you so far early, but nothing. I can rent other apartment and we will forget about each other or we agree about everything and we live by those rules about which we with you corresponded and once dreamed together. Well, so, that? - Yes, Lera, I don't refuse and agree. In total in force. Sorry, I can not so you understood, thought, maybe, you want sex now and so on, but were mistaken. - Of course, you were mistaken, my friend. Well, as far as I remember that you had no bolbasting in a taboo, we can consider that your dedication of lower took place. - Yes, it is good. Just unexpectedly. I can get up, эм, Madam? - Yes, get up. Also it isn't necessary to call me madam, somehow vulgarly. It is enough to address me on formal terms while I don't consider you the girlfriend. Still to bring up and bring up you. Something I got hungry, and you didn't even suggest me to eat, and at once wanted to fuck. Eh, what bad manners, - here Lera's tone was slightly softened. - Oh, really, I made a small lunch, it at me in the refrigerator here. We will go, we will eat, I got hungry too. - We won't go, and I invite you to eat, - with a smile the girl spoke. Having put on in house clothes, we with Leroy sat down at a table. - And here it is lovely, you did repair? - No, generally owners made such repair, I arranged only a little and issued in the taste. - Did you buy an air bed? - Yes, as well as agreed. - She is located on kitchen? - Of course, if slightly to move a table to a wall, then it is quiet. It is single. - It is good. And a bed at you good. It was pleasant to lie down on it after the long road, - the girl slightly became thoughtful, - Dim, at you everything is all right? - You about what? - I didn't go too far? Not strongly I you? - It seems not, now even I don't feel though reminiscence remained. No, I didn't bend, likely I am guilty. - Yes, I am guilty. You know, and it very strongly made horney me. When I provoked you, hoped that you will stop, well it seems as for decency, but isn't present. And I began to enjoy. And it was pleasant to me. You would see yourself, hi-hi. By the way, and how many your dick? - 15 cm - Mmm, well he standard, not such and small as you described him. And the blow to balls quickly cooled it. Strange, I saw video where from blows the erection only became stronger. - When you expect it, and you is really unexpected therefore I got to state of shock. - And I am able to do it, to shock people. Well, everything will be good, and maybe won't be. We will look. - That is, we will look? - You want to become a girl and now I intend to realize your dream, I already most can't wait. - Em, what you are going to do? - Oho, as you were frightened. Not, don't worry, I won't castrate you. Simply, I think that realization of your desire will leave a mark on you, and you won't be already a man in the true sense of the word. - I don't know, probably, same a game of illusions. - We will also look at this. One business of imagination, and another matter reality. Here you want sex with me now? – The lira gently looked at me, - Yes be not afraid, just tell that you think? - To be honest, that I want, but I am afraid that you again to me will cut on balls. - Yes, and correctly you think. If you to me get now, then you will receive blows more feasibly. Here, and it only the beginning, you understand? Now you are already careful. And present that if all girls in attempts of guys would allow to drag them in a bed him on balls. I think that desire to stick disappeared, but sex would be still zhelanny, but was more replaced, for example, with masturbation. - You can and I am right … - Here I speak about it. Always there are consequences. The lira was always an interesting interlocutor that and attracted me in communication with her. But now, real-life communication and in such circumstances, was fantastic, but also quite mysterious. I couldn't understand real thoughts of Lera and it frightened me a little. The rest of day passed in dismantling of a suitcase and, Lera's arrangement in the new house. Everything was excellent, the only thing that the girl periodically corrected my words that I treated her on "you". She obviously liked such valid address. I invited her to a dinner in restaurant which near the house. There we went on foot. Evening was warm and windless. - Eh, it is good on the street. They say that the summer will be very warm. - Yes, Dim, and Moscow the beautiful city that didn't speak. What plans for tomorrow? What you usually are engaged on Sunday in? - Usually I play a computer, sometimes I ride a bike. Stupidly I play the fool. - It is clear. I have no special plans too. Give tomorrow you to me will show round the city? - The excellent offer, with pleasure. - And also, at the same time, I suggest to do some shopping and to buy you a women's clothing. - Clothes? And, well, already you want to begin? - And we, it seems, already began, - Lera burst out laughing, - tomorrow on a minimum. We will buy you panties for daily carrying and a women's house clothing. The dinner passed in restaurant perfectly. We lovely talked, knew each other better, but stuck to etiquette, even Lera stopped a hint on familiarity. On the way home, we returned to our main topic of conversation. - Dima, and you thought about a woman's name? - Well, especially I didn't think. - Do you want that I you called by a woman's name? - I don't know, maybe, though it will be very strange. - I here also think, got used to call you Dima and I will be. - I don't mind. - Well, here and perfectly. Houses, I laid Leray a bed in the room, and to myself inflated an air mattress in kitchen. It long prepared for sleeping in the bathroom. I, frankly speaking, was already tired of waiting. At last, she left the bathroom. I went straight to the bathroom and began to close behind myself a door when Lera stopped me. - Hey, Dina, and you someone allowed to go to the bathroom? - It is necessary for me, I can go? - If it is necessary, then go, of course, but don't lock a door, I to you don't allow to be locked. - Never? Even, when it is necessary for me in a toilet? - Yes, never. You personal space can have no house. An exception, only a toilet more. - Well. I didn't begin to lock a door, hoped that Lera will go to the room. But, as soon as I approached a toilet bowl to pee as she entered. - Dyne, you what, forgot? Girls don't pisat standing. You have to pull together from yourself panties and sit down on a toilet bowl, - Lera leaned against a threshold of a door and attentively watched me. I opened a toilet bowl cover, lowered from myself trousers, and then and pants and sat down. This situation strongly made horney me moreover I looked at the girl and my dick became just a stake. I tried to direct hands him down and to celebrate need, but the erection killed this desire. Such movements could lead me to an orgasm quicker. The lira began to smile. - I watch that it is difficult to girl to cope with the klitorok. And how to us to be? Well, Dean, give with him be played, and that you won't be able to fall asleep. - Do you suggest me to jerk off? - Obedient girls are played, but don't jerk off. Well, you are a disabled girl and you have nuances. I want that you wound off toilet paper and applied it to the dick and nadrochit in it. I, silently, nodded. From excitement and sense of shame of a thought at me scattered. I crumpled paper and put it in the left hand, and right the horney dick began to nadrachivat. In several seconds I felt approach of an orgasm and brought paper to the dick and cast out the cum in her. - Oh, what good fellow, our Dina, - maliciously spoke Lera. Euphoria from an orgasm passed, and the dick began to become slowly soft and to decrease in sizes. I threw paper with a cum into a toilet bowl. Again a wish arose in a toilet. - Everything, prevents you to write nothing now? - He-he, no, now everything is good. - The clear head, give, make it. I released the dick, it hung, and I began to write. Having finished, I on a habit pulled hands to it to stir up. - Dyne, no, you that? Take a piece of paper and get wet. I made as Lera ordered to me. I got up, I closed a cover of a toilet bowl and I lowered water. After that I washed hands and I went to a shower. When I left the bathroom, the door to the room was closed. I especially for her made the lock that she could be locked quietly in the room, and I couldn't disturb her. I went to the Novaya Gazeta the bedroom. And the first day, my new life ended. At night I slept restlessly – constantly woke up. Thoughts were different. But at daybreak it was succeeded to fall asleep. Nevertheless, I woke up quite fresh and in good mood. At once, on a habit I passed to the bathroom. After I washed, I looked for hours, - time was without five eleven. It decided to be knocked quietly to Leray to the room. Rat-tat. - Hey, Dimka, pass, be not afraid. I opened a door which wasn't locked any more, came into the room and saw Lera who is already dressed in sports pants and doing "bridge". - Oh, you don't forget about charging? - Of course, this the most important, besides allows to behave in a tone. And you do exercises? - Well, sometimes, frankly speaking. - It is clear, it is clear. Not especially you are on friendly terms with sport. - Yes, can, looking at you, I will take care of the own life too? - Can't, and precisely, - Lera got up from a floor, became straight and attentively looked directly to me in eyes, - Listen and what you to me on "you" someone resolved? - Oh, forgive. - Yes nothing, you know Dim, tell honestly, you like to communicate so to me on "you"? - To be honest, that not really. Somehow affectedly it turns out. - Just about, and me it somehow not to liking. Somewhere that warmth with which we with you communicated on network got to. And still, the name this foolish, Dina, can you and you will remain Dima? Well all the same you the girl won't be able to become full. - I don't mind, Lera. To me it will even be so simpler. I, honestly, also didn't think of a woman's name. I am brought by the feminization fact for the purpose of, so to say, humiliation me and underlining of my situation, saying that. - That you aren't a man - Yes, - here I absolutely was embarrassed. Somehow in reality it is difficult to speak about it, besides the beautiful girl. Though we with Leroy decided to return to a usual format of communication without the address on "you" and without woman's name, in her voice and a manner there was already that border which I can't cross. - Dim, and that there with a breakfast? Will you make a tasty breakfast to the madam? – In the opinion of Lera there was some sparkle. - Yes, of course, about what a conversation. Do you love fried eggs? - Likely, except fried eggs you will also not make anything, the truth? - Well, you offend, but I will precisely make fried eggs tasty, - it was necessary to get out to me. - All right, it is pleasant to me. Also I counted on her. I was already going to go on kitchen, but at this moment Lera continued a conversation. - Dim, and tell still – you wrote now sitting how and it is necessary to you? - Yes, of course, - I decided to tell lies, itself I don't know why. - Don't lie to me, tell more better the truth, - with hardly noticeable note of discontent the girl answered. - Ler, to be honest, that I somehow didn't think and forgot about it. - I and understood. Well you know that you messed up and has to be punished? - Yes, madam, of course, - here at once it became interesting to me that waits for me. - Did you two times mess up? And the second jamb is much more serious than the first. - Two times? You about what? - And you didn't understand? The first time when it was forgotten about the one someone you are is, and the second time you told lies to me. - yes, - I only shook the head. It is necessary, everything considers. It began to make horney me. - You will receive both punishments right now. Get up near me and put legs slightly more widely than shoulders and a little them bend. What, again? She was going to give me on balls again? Though it also made horney me, but it was a little terrible and there was no wish. - What stiffened, Dim? And you thought that I will strap you? No, well you decided that you can it being necessary to write as the man though I deprived of you this right. I will beat this place, - and Lera very pleasant smiled. I made as Lera ordered. Well, this time I at least already knew what waits for me. The lira approached, lowered the hands to me on shoulders and quite strongly struck with the knee to me in a groin. I thought that I strewed sparks from eyes. Itself didn't notice how it appeared on a lap, and my head was held by gentle hands of Lerina. Having slightly departed from blow, Lera the hands raised my head and ours eyes met her. She with tenderness looked at me, even smiled. To me it became so good though in a groin everything hurt that smiled to her. And here she with scope gave me strong slap in the face, so, that I from surprise and from pain was nearly pushed to the floor, was kept by the left hand about a floor, and right grabbed a cheek at once. I didn't manage to tell also words. - Here, Dimochka, you also received the two punishments. Will be to you a small lesson. And now, I want that you flirted for me. Follow me. The lira went to the bathroom. I got up and followed for her. - No, Dima, creep for me on a lap. I crept on a lap to the bathroom. The cheek burned, and in a groin pain almost abated. The lira stood opposite to a mirror. Having waited until I crawl to her legs, it began to say: - So, I want in a toilet, and you will serve me. Open a cover of a toilet bowl and lower from me trousers and panties. I right there forgot about the cheek and all attention was riveted on beautiful buttocks of Lera. After opened a toilet bowl cover, I with pleasure at first pulled together from it sports panties, under them there were pleasant blue panties. I slowly lowered also them. The lira sat down on a toilet bowl, a hand подтя нув me to the place, between her legs and I attentively looked at her, and she at me. The girl lovely smiled, and murmur under her was heard. - A dilobe, take a little piece of paper and get wet me there. I was already burned with excitement, my hands shivered. I accurately carried out by a piece of paper on Lera's perineum then she got up, I to her back put on panties and trousers, closed a cover of a toilet bowl and pressed washout. - What good you, Dima. And now you can go and make for us a breakfast. I, as promised, made tasty fried eggs with tomatoes and cheese. I made strong morning coffee. Lira, having stopped washing, I came into the room to change clothes. I blew off the bed and set the table. We sat down to breakfast. Awkward silence by the first was broken by me. - Lira, everything is all right? You, some thoughtful sit. - It seems yes. Just somehow everything is unusual. I never so behaved with guys. And here I do it with you. I don't know whether it is correct. - Stop what you do it? - Well, all this. You represent, I really wanted to hit you today, and is more feasible. This, it seems, not normal desire. Dima, and doesn't seem to you it is strange? Well, how to you it in general? Really it is pleasant to you? - I think that everything that the guy with the girl together do – it is normal. And it was my desire. Yes, of course, in dreams it isn't so sick, but it brings me and I wouldn't like to stop. - Strange you. Tell why you have such desires? - We, it seems, in correspondence communicated on this subject? - One business correspondence, another matter – a live conversation. Did you have girls? Here you definitely didn't tell about them. I said that just with them it wasn't lucky. Well, so, that? - Girls were, but nothing serious. A relationship wasn't glued. Few times it was succeeded to get acquainted on the Internet, but after several weeks we dispersed, they found someone another. And, of course, there was a holiday romance couple. - And you wanted a serious relationship? - Honestly, I didn't think. I wanted a stable relationship with one girl that we had a regular sex. And as sex was very seldom, and often there was a wish, and excessive hobby of a porn and masturbation came. Over time, the subject of women's domination in which lower sex is forbidden began to make horney me and there is his feminization, well I already told it to you and more than once. - Yes, I remember. And if you found such girl with whom you would have a regular sex, those the subject of women's domination would be all the same interesting? - Oh, I don't know, Lera. Probably, or perhaps is also not present. - Did you have a sex long ago? - Almost a year ago, when I had a rest in Egypt. - Yes, he at you precisely rare guest. - And what about you, Ler? You more about the boyfriends didn't tell me since you left Max three months ago. - And what interests you? Do I have a young man? Or how long I fucked? – The lira, coquettishly looked at me. - That and another if, of course, it is not a secret. - What questions, immodest at you? Well, at us with you secrets becomes less, with such rates, - Lera began to smile, - in addition, we are it seems with you as girlfriends, well now and have to share the sekretika. I had no guy since then, but sex few times happened, but I don't want to remember it. No, there nothing of that kind, simply, that man was married, but he very charming was. To me, it is a little a shame. So that, here so. - It is clear, - I noticed that Lera stopped having breakfast, - Still what-nibdu? Coffee? Buterbrodik? - Oh, no, thanks. It was very tasty. Perhaps we will go for a walk already? There is a wish to see the center of Moscow somewhat quicker. Weather this Sunday was amazing. The spring, at last, became the full hostess. We walked on Red Square, then went on the embankment towards the park of Culture. I and Lera were in excellent mood, drank a tasty cappuccino with caramel, ate the real Moscow ice cream and sat in a shadow of Neskuchny Garden. From outside we looked as carefree young couple of lovers. At some moments I took in hand Lera's hands when there was an opportunity even her embraced. I did it involuntarily, just pulled me to her. It seems, I began to fall in love with her. The lira, of course, noticed all this, but didn't resist. Likely, it and I forgot about our arrangements, to us it became just unimportant. We cheerfully spent time. And here, having had dinner in one of cafe, we went on the park towards the subway. Having waited when people aren't near, I embraced Lera and kissed her on a mouth. She answered my kiss. It was the most wonderful kiss in my life. It wasn't взазос, I just caressed her lips the lips, her hands twisted my neck, I drove the hands on her back and a waist. I was in the seventh heaven. Our bodies adjoined and, of course, my erection had to be felt by her. After a while Lera's hand walked on my perineum. We stopped kissing and continued a way in an embrace. - Dima, what today wonderful day and what you arranged great walk to me. - It to you thanks, Lera. So we reached the subway. By it we reached back our area. On the intercepting parking we took away my car. - Dim, you remember, we wanted to stop by at shop of underwear today? - And, precisely, absolutely also I forgot. - Do you know, there is something? - We can look in the nearest shopping center, here only, - I in confusion became silent. - Just? - I, honestly, hesitate to go to women's shop and to buy linen. - Yes, you said that you for this reason, couldn't even order it on online store. Nothing, I can buy on the taste to you panties. To start a feature 3, different styles. Only give a money, and I descend. We zarulit in shopping center. I released Lera on shops, it was necessary for her and for itself to buy something, and itself went for products. Approximately through an hour and a half we with her met at the car. - Everything, I bought you several couples of panties. Simple, for daily carrying. - Thanks, - I confusedly answered. We spent evening behind friendly chat and preparation for labor everyday life. We stopped washing my new underwear, and me Lera asked to shave all hair in my perineum. - And still, Dim, next week register in an epilation. The girl shouldn't go with hairy legs. During the next working days, I and Lera got used to new living together and доверя between us there was more and more. I endured a painful epilation and now everywhere was gladenky. On Sunday Lera bought me the female panties intended for daily carrying. They very much were pleasant to me and on Wednesday I for the first time went for work in female panties. They were nice on the touch, but it was necessary to get used to them - after all in them there was not a lot of place and in case of an erection the dick at once got out of them. Besides, I was very horney all these days, and I received the last orgasm only on Saturday. At my place now there was no opportunity to retire and there were certain rules which I didn't want to violate and such state to me it was pleasant. - Yes, Dimka, seems to me that you should return after all a woman's name, and your shoot constantly reminds that of itself, can so he will be measured with the fact that he doesn't prove any more that you are a man? - Lera when she saw my erection at the time of disguise spoke. - As you will wish! - I answered and excitement became even stronger. - I so wish, Dinochka, - Lera laughed and I approached me. She embraced me, kissed on a mouth and got a hand to me into panties and grabbed my got-up dick. - What bad girl, - Lera whispered to me in an ear, - girls should have no erection, at least without my permission. - Sorry, but I can't do anything, I am very horney and to be honest, I very much want to remove stress, - uncertain голосм I spoke, hard coping with the excitement and desire. - Do you want to remove stress? - I continued to whisper gently Ler gradually nadrachivy my dick. She corrected panties so that my dick appeared in panties again. Fabric of panties began to rub my head and it wasn't really pleasant. To me it was very close in them. On the one hand my excitement amplified and I felt approach of an orgasm, on the other hand panties brought pain directly in the dickhead. I felt Lera's body, her hands, felt her breath and heat. From strong excitement and pleasure of the beginning I turn the head and here, I could terminate already soon. At some point Lera sharply stopped nadrachivat to me and departed from me. I looked at her. The dick was ready to burst from tension, but at least one small influence was necessary. I muddy eyes vzgyalnut on Lera, she stood and mysteriously looked at me. I felt her look which switched from my eyes to my dick and back. My God, what she is beautiful. Everything proceeded literally some moments. I caught Lera's eye and unexpectedly for myself terminated. I terminated directly in panties, and I felt how the warm cum impregnates fabric and heat extends on all perineum. - Oh, our girl damp became seems, - Lera playfully spoke. Later, at supper, having shared all news in a day, Lera started a conversation concerning a fidelity belt. In the same evening, we chose model which was pleasant to us on responses and on appearance and ordered it. Promised to bring on Saturday. Gradually life got better. The lira even more often named me Dina and addressed in a feminine gender. In day 15 minutes of personal time in the bathroom when I could be locked were allotted to me. I already got used to celebrate small need sitting and to wash in the presence of Lera. To itself it especially didn't admit me yet, only sometimes it asked to rub it a back in the bathroom. We with Leroy decided to devote Saturday besides to shopping gradually to update my clothes a women's clothing and linen. In plans there was a purchase of female panties that finally to replace with them my linen and also house clothes and a pajamas. On the way back, we stopped by at pickup location of the sex shop to take away my belt of fidelity. Wasn't suffered to arrive home any more. - Well that Dina, is ready? - I asked me Ler when I left a shower. - Yes, it is ready. - Go here. The lira lay on a bed in the room, and near her already unpacked plastic settlement of fidelity lay. It consisted of two parts - a ring (them in a set was a little) and a cover on a dick. - How you think what ring we will try first of all? - Lera asked, having taken an average by the size a ring. - Give it, and there we will already look. - And I so think. I took a ring. It seemed to me quite small. According to the instruction, it needed to be put on as follows: at first to push in it balls, and later, having bent a neerogirovanny dick, to push through him after balls in a ring. From the first, of course, nothing turned out. The erection came and didn't want to fall down, and with the got-up dick you shouldn't put on a belt of fidelity and to try. - I think that nothing will turn out, Dina. Well, you should allow to jerk off. - by a cheerful voice I progvorit Ler, - here to you a napkin, give, only quicker, to me your dick in this new feature isn't suffered to see. I didn't need a lot of time. The lira always made horney me, and masturbation напртив the beautiful girl with guarantee led to a fast orgasm. Literally in a minute I terminated. - Here, and now, let's try once again. After my dick became soft, I managed to push it and balls in a ring. The ring fitted a dick and a ball sack quite tightly. - Хм, Dina, we even uagadat with a size, it seems. It was necessary to put on a cover a dick further, to push it in puzzles in a ring both to insert a larva of the lock and to turn a key. It isn't difficult any more. In several moments I turned a key and pulled out it from the lock. The belt of fidelity was put on. The lira snatched out keys from a fidelity belt at me from hands. - It now mine, - having laughed the girl told. I stood naked, in the middle of the room, in a fidelity belt. It was strange feeling. I didn't feel pain or still something, only slight discomfort. - Dyne, as well as agreed, the first month you get used to it. We will gradually increase time of carrying while you aren't ready to constant carrying. - Yes, Lera. - To you as in him? - Well. - I began to feel excitement. And Lera with curiosity approached me and drove hands at me between legs. Excitement accrued and began to feel that the dick wants to get up, but plastic captivity constrains him. Strangely enough, but now I felt hardness somewhere slightly below than the basis of the dick. The dick tried to get up unsuccessfully, he began to be curved and strong tension between my balls and a ring appeared. In two hours we removed him. Next day, I put on a fidelity belt already three times for 2, 3 and 4 hours respectively. So, there passed the first week of my new life and process of feminization gained steam. I went always in female panties now, smoothly everywhere was shaved and also, began to be accustomed to wearing a belt of fidelity. There were days. The lira gradually accustomed on a training and also already got used to the new house. We with her were on one wave. Often together walked, at cinema, in cafe. Houses together watched movies, prepared and helped each other. But every day it was harder and harder for me is in her society as I fell in love with this girl more and stronger. - Dyne, you what today such silent? Well? Today Friday, ahead days off. Do you remember, we you go to theater tomorrow? - Yes, I remember, – with some grief I answered. - Well, and what you long? - Yes I don't long. - Well, I see, tell it like it is, Dinochka, isn't pleasant to me when you are sad. I didn't know what is with me. More precisely, in me there was huge desire to approach at this moment and to kiss Lera, to embrace her and to begin to caress her legs, a breast, I very much wanted to possess it. - Lira, you understand, I don't know how to tell it, but I love you very much. The lira with astonishment looked at me, reddened a little and smiled. - Yes, Dina, I love you very much too, you are my little rascal, - Lera laughed, but on her tone I understood that she took my words very seriously. We were in the room. I sat in a chair and read the book while Lera began a conversation. She squated crosslegged on a bed and examined some magazine. There was an evening, it was outside the window dark and silent. Long, without movements, without uniform sound we looked each other fool in the face. I couldn't come off her look. Her blue eyes, appear, looked directly to me in soul, causing not slykhanny awe. The first time, for all these days that we lived together, I had such strong feelings. I don't know, my 10-day full abstention can and affected, but I didn't want to think so. In me everything began to boil, between legs became terribly uncomfortable, the dick tried to escape from plastic captivity. No, me it wasn't sore, and the feeling of tension there very much was pleasant to me. Soon, I decided to act. "And for what I, actually, wait?" - I thought. Having risen about a chair, at the same time having dropped the book, I approached Lera's bed and sat down near her. She didn't move, and continued to look at me attentively. I felt her fresh smell, felt her breath. Her lips looked so tempting that demented me. I embraced Lera and passionately began to kiss her. She answered my kiss, her hands laid down to me on a neck. In several seconds I tumbled down her on a bed. The passion and desires overcame us. The lira took off from me a t-shirt, and later and house trousers, I remained in some pants because of which the case of my belt of fidelity was looked through. I didn't pay attention that the dick so began to stick into a belt design that it began to bring me a certain pain any more. Without having become puzzled, I pulled together a part of clothes from Lera – her topic and shorts. On her there was no brassiere and to me opened there is nothing not a comparable show of an elastic breast of the young girl. I clung to the right breast the lips and began to caress it passionately. Lera's groans were heard. She already pulled together from me pants and drove a hand on the case of my belt of fidelity. Soon I began to caress her second breast, Lera held me by the head. In a few minutes she brought up me to herself and we began to kiss passionately. Meanwhile, I pulled together from her panties. - I want you, - I spoke on the girl's ear. - Yes, darling and, I too, want that you made to me pleasantly. The lira hands let know to me that I fell below on her body. I carried out by the uvula and lips from her chin to a pubis. - A dinight, I want that you to me made pleasantly – and Lera hands sent my head to herself between legs. Not transferred feeling when you directly utykatsya by a nose in gentle, pink, is damp a bosom of the young girl. I never caressed before girls the language. I tried to do everything gently. I felt how her clitoris as her perineum bulks up becomes even more damp. Her groans gave me such joy that it is simple not to express in words. I licked, sucked, drove language around and sometimes tried to put it as it is possible more deeply. I understood that entering language into her vagina, I don't give special joy of Leray, but gently caressing him her clitoris, threw her into ecstasies. The body of the young girl was bent, her hands strongly pressed me, released and drove just on a neck and the head. So, proceeded, likely minutes 30 or 40. At some point groans began to amplify, in a perineum of the girl reductions became frequent, and the girl's hands so strongly pressed me to a vagina that to me even opportunities it wasn't normal to breathe. On Lera's body the spasm ran and soon she relaxed and released me. - A dinight, you the sweetheart is simple. I rose to her face and kissed it. I expected continuation, there was a strong wish that Lera got a key from a belt of fidelity and I opened him, but the girl just lay and had a rest. I laid down near her and we embraced, I hoped for continuation. - Oh, you likely too want to derive pleasure? – having stroked my dick in a fidelity belt, Lera spoke. - Yes, Lera, very much I want! - Do you want me? - Yes! - Here you are a minx, you want that I released your dick and allowed them to fuck yourself? – fervently I continued to make horney me Ler. - Yes, very much I want, I want to have with you sex long ago and to fuck you. – vigorously I spoke. At the very same time I received the strongest slap in the face. - Yes, as you dare to tell me it? – the girl burst out laughing. I was very strongly confused, and to me it was really sore. Dinned in the ears. I lay, held the reddened cheek a palm. I didn't know what to answer, but it very strongly made horney me and to the dick it became even more sore in the captivity. - Oh, as your shoot suffers in this cage. You know, you now very strongly pleased me and very well played with my clitoris. Now I will allow you to play with the. – The lira turned over, got into a bedside table and pulled out also her a key. She bent down to my perineum and opened the lock on a fidelity belt. - Everything, you can remove and play with the pisyun now. Only quickly. I long couldn't take off a fidelity belt as right after the lock opened and the cover ceased to hold a ring, the dick was instantly poured by blood and filled all space. The lira with interest watched my tortures. - Dean, can pour lubricant to you there? - Yes, I think, something will help. The girl got intimate lubricant from the bedside table again. By means of her I managed to be released from plastic captivity. For the first time, for many days, I enjoyed freedom and an erection. I always liked feeling of excitement when your advantage firm and you oshchuat pleasant languor in the bottom of a stomach. The lira stretched legs. - I to you allow to jerk off and terminate on my legs, but with one condition? - What? - You will have to pinch everything for yourself. - Yes, of course. I pristritsya, being kneeling, directly opposite to Lera. My dick was exactly over the girl's stupnyam. Holy Christ, what excellent legs at her. Long, smooth, equal, well-groomed. They were so seductive. I slowly nadrachivat the dick, deriving a lot of pleasure from each movement. The lira attentively looked at me, constantly transferring the view from my eyes of my dick. I felt an orgasm pribliyezheniye. When once again I faced the look Lera's look I terminated. There was many cum, I don't even remember that at me it was so much, but I also didn't abstain earlier so many days in a row. I filled in with the seed all top parts the girl's foot, and a part of splashes reached even her breast. - Oho, well you are a rascal, I obkonchat me all. Give correct all situation. - Yes, Lera, of course. I was under an orgasm impression. It was very strong, and I wanted nothing, and there was only a wish to lie. I hardly forced itself to pinch everything and the more so to swallow the cum. Yes, and at cinema it seems pleasantly and excitingly … From that evening, oral service of Lera became for me a duty. Usually it occurred in the morning in the bathroom and in the evening already in her bed. I liked this occupation. The lira began to receive orgasms regularly. My equipment of a cunnilingus grew. And here I began to receive orgasms much less often. On average, we came to 1 orgasm in 2 weeks. It troubled me, but nevertheless with Leroy we reached compromise – I could take off sometimes for the night a fidelity belt, Lera trusted me and allowed to enjoy a morning erection, and sometimes and in the evenings I was free from a fidelity belt, but here was forbidden to touch a dick to me. But, few times I broke and such ease was excluded and I began to go and sleep in a fidelity belt constantly. dating shows for over 50 date zero site mapMain Page